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USA manufacturer database

Are you looking for information on USA manufacturers. Then check out the previews of data we have available in our database. Price is only 250 euros
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Previews of data we have available:

City: Garfield
Category: RF & Microwave Filters and Assemblies
Since its founding in 1990, Anatech Electronics has responded to the many
changes in the RF and Microwave marketplace. Our most recent products include
diplexers, dual-band diplexers and bandpass filters for the wireless industry.
Our Slimline product line consists of miniature filters, rugged, and built to
meet stringent military or commercial specifications. Selected models can be
taped and reeled.

Extensive experience, ongoing product development, unique design techniques, and
our commitment to customer satisfaction, have made Anatech Electronics one of
the leading manufacturer of RF and Microwave filters.

Anatech Electronics capabilities extend to technologies such as LC, Helical,
Combline, Interdigital and Coaxial filters, which can be connectorized, PC mount
or surface mount, in the 10KHz to 18GHz frequency range. Our quality programs
comply with MIL-I-45208A and are modeled after ISO-9000 to ensure the highest
quality in Anatech Electronics products.

City: Denver
Category: Thin Film Deposition
Anatech's mission is to provide technical solutions for surface engineering

Anatech delivers high value added thin film deposition services, and equipment
that cleans at a molecular level, modifies surfaces, etches and deposits thin

The company works to deliver consistent value to customers, employees and
suppliers that meet or exceed their expectations.

Anatech was founded in 1981 and serves over 4,000 customers. Its thin film
coating division is headquartered in North Carolina, and its equipment division
is headquartered in California.

City: Farmington Hills
Category: Computer Numerical Controls
ANCA was founded in 1974 by Pat McCluskey and Pat Boland in Melbourne,
Australia, where the company still has its headquarters. Although the two
engineers had different backgrounds - one academic and one technical and trade -
their skills and experience were complementary and they were like-minded in
their drive to produce world class Computer Numerical Controls.

In the early 1980s ANCA expanded by applying its high level engineering and
mathematical skills used in programming, to develop complete machine tools. The
company developed sophisticated CNC tool grinding machines by combining leading
edge technology with operating simplicity.

The decision to extend its operations launched the company into a major growth
phase which involved the construction of a sophisticated machine tool factory
and the employment of highly skilled and specialised staff. Continued growth has
been matched by investment in factory equipment, research and development and a
sales support infrastructure.

City: Melrose Park
Category: High Quality Fasteners
Anchor Bolt and Screw is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of
high quality fasteners. For over 50 years, Anchor Bolt and Screw has been
designing, manufacturing, and supplying you with all your fastener needs.

City: Bay Village
Category: Brass & Bronze Ingot
At Concast, we can trace our roots back to 1891, when we began production of
brass and bronze ingot in Pittsburgh, PA. Since 1960, Concast has been producing
continuous cast products. Forty five years of history have led to today's high
standard of excellence. Our experienced and knowledgeable team continually
refines the process, always pushing toward even greater improvements.

In Mars, Pennsylvania, Concast has been producing copper alloys in bar and tube
form since 1989. In 1995, the company acquired the Birmingham Ohio facility and
expanded its product line to include Aluminum Bronze and Manganese Bronze.
Concast is an industry leader as a single-source supplier, offering both Leaded
Bronze and Aluminum Bronze products to our customers.

City: Cincinnati
Category: Hydraulic Flange Fittings
Anchor Fluid Power manufactures a complete line of SAE hydraulic flange fittings
that provide leak-free connections for hydraulic hose, pipe & tube assemblies.
Our flanges meet or exceed requirements of ISO 6162 / SAE J518. This connection
features the static face seal incorporated into the mounting surface of the
flange fitting, using a 90 durometer o-ring as the joint seal. The flange
fitting is held in place with four high- strength grade 8 bolts. Since the
tightening torque requirements on the four mounting bolts are relatively low,
assembly & disassembly is simple, requiring only the use of small wrenches. This
is an added benefit when connections are made in tight, compact,
difficult-to-reach spaces. This connection provides secure, safe sealing of
hydraulic lines up to 6000 psi (code 62) continuous working pressure in even the
most severe applications.

City: Tampa
Category: Threaded Inserts
Manufacturer of high performance threaded inserts for the plastics industry.

City: Eden Prairie
Category: Integrated Storage
QLogic Corporation (Nasdaq:QLGC) simplifies the process of networking storage
for OEMs, resellers and system integrators. With the vision of a SAN in every
business, QLogic produces the controller chips, host bus adapters (HBAs), fabric
switches and management software that are the backbone of storage networks for
most Global 2000 corporations. The company serves customers with solutions based
on all storage network technologies including SCSI, Internet SCSI (iSCSI) and
Fibre Channel.

City: Cotati
Category: Marine Grade ELectrical Wire
Ancor Marine is the oldest, largest and best known Marine Grade(tm) electrical
wire company in North America. No one produces a better Marine Grade(tm) wire at
any price. Our wire is the finest Marine Grade(tm) wire available. All our
products meet national and international wire standards. Ancor's full line of UL
approved Marine Grade(tm) wire meets Coast Guard Subchapter T, Lloyds, and ABYC
standards. Other wire companies supply tinned, non-tinned and automotive grade
wire to the marine industry, creating confusion in the minds of some customers
as to what they are buying.

City: Williston
Category: Vacuum Components
A&N Corporation has been a manufacturer of high vacuum components since 1965.
Founded by Norman Vaudreuil in Massachusetts, the business moved to Florida in
1976. David Vaudreuil, President, has been actively involved for 25 years, and
the line continues with his sons, Daniel Vaudreuil, General Manager; Jeff
Vaudreuil, Director of Sales and Marketing; and Glenn Vaudreuil, Corporate

A&N Corporation employs more than 100 workers, all dedicated towards the goal of
producing excellent quality vacuum flanges, fittings, feedthroughs and valves.
A&N Corporation has a network of independent sales agents and distributors
throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

City: Menlo Park
Category: Channel Analyzers
Ancot was founded in 1987 by our president, Jan Dedek, to provide SCSI test and
development equipment to the microelectronics industry. By 1989, Ancot had
gained its industry leading reputation by providing the most accurate and easy
to use SCSI bus analysis tools then available. Since then, Ancot's products have
evolved, keeping pace with the growth and changes of the SCSI bus protocol. In
1994, Ancot shipped the industry's first Fibre Channel analyzer, and continues
development of both SCSI and Fibre Channel products. These solutions are in use
at companies all around the world. Combining leading edge SCSI and Fibre Channel
technologies, Ancot now offers the most complete line of analyzer and extender
solutions in the industry.

City: Wanamassa
Category: Electromechanical Motion Control Products
Andantex USA Inc is located in Wanamassa NJ. Sales, Engineering, and technical
support are all located here. The company provides unique gearboxes for use on
industrial machinery. Services include application engineering for standard
products, customized designs, manufacturing, assembly and after-market sales
support and service for all products.

The Andantex product line consists of the widest variety of industrial
Differentials in the world, as well as High-Precision Servo-Reducers,
Right-Angle Drives, Mechanical Speed Control Drives, Linear Axis Drives, and
Merobel Electromagnetic Particle Brake, Clutches and Torque Limiters. These
products, combined with technical expertise, offer machine design engineers a
wide variety of solutions to mechanical drive-train problems.

City: Cleveland
Category: Capacitance Bridges & Standards
Manufacturers of the world's most accurate capacitance bridges and standards.

City: Smyrna
Category: Analytical Instruments
Thermo is the world leader in analytical instruments. Our instrument solutions
enable our customers to make the world a healthier, cleaner and safer place. Our
Life and Laboratory Sciences business provides analytical instruments,
scientific equipment, services, and software solutions for life science, drug
discovery, clinical, environmental, and industrial laboratories. Our Measurement
and Control business provides analytical instruments used in a variety of
manufacturing processes and in-the-field applications including those associated
with safety and homeland security. Based near Boston, Thermo has revenues of
over $2 billion, and employs 10,000 people in 30 countries.

City: Hoffman Estates
Category: Quality Control Solutions
Anderson Controls Inc provides Innovative Solutions to Quality Control concerns
from Manufactures.

Committed to providing outstanding Customer Service, Installation, Products, and
Product support to Manufactures. Customer dealing with Metal forming, Assembly,
and other quality control concerns.

City: Fraser
Category: Cold Forming Technologies
Anderson-Cook has become the world leader in spline rolling machines and tools.
We provide unsurpassed quality products and services to domestic and
international automotive and powertrain manufacturers. Our customers range from
large Fortune 500 manufacturers to small independent machine shops. Regardless
of the size of your company, Anderson-Cook is ready to provide state-of-the-art
expertise and products to help meet your Spline-rolling requirements. We don't
just sell machines and tools, we provide solutions.

City: Hollidaysburg
Category: Custom Crystals & Crystal Oscillators
Anderson Electronics is your best source for all of your quartz crystals needs.
Whether you require precision crystals, such as doubly rotated crystals (SC, IT,
FC) or low phase noise units, or have a need for a more standard frequency
control device, Anderson Electronics can reliably provide a quality crystal unit
to meet your requirements. This, combined with our superior customer service and
delivery capability, provides the source you need and should expect.

A manufacturer of quartz crystals for close to fifty years, Anderson Electronics
has served a world-wide market in the telecommunications, frequency control,
telemetry, medical, instrumentation, avionics, and communications industries
from its headquarters located in Hollidaysburg, PA. Custom crystal needs are
designed and manufactured at a competitive price. With the ability to cut and
lap quartz on site, quick delivery is a standard part of the product.

City: Wheatridge
Category: Replacement Orifices & Gas-Fired Conversion
The gas industry has been served by Anderson & Forrester since 1928, supplying
quality fittings, gauging drills, broaches, reamers, special tools and
conversion fittings to simplify the serviceperson's task.

Anderson & Forrester is The One Source for top quality replacement orifices and
conversion fittings for gas-fired appliances. Our symbol of quality and service
is known throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia.

City: Stafford
Category: Pressure & Safety Relief Valves
Anderson Greenwood and Crosby are the world's premier manufacturers of pressure
relief valves, tank blanketing products and instrumentation valves and

Anderson Greenwood began as an airplane manufacturer in 1947, when the first
AG-14 plane was produced. The Korean War stopped airplane production, and
Anderson Greenwood utilized its engineering capabilities in subcontracting work
for various airframe companies. They eventually set aside a valve design group
to develop new valve ideas.

In 1954, their research and inventiveness resulted in the development of the
first soft-seated safety-relief valves and hand valves. By 1957, Anderson
Greenwood had developed the first line of pilot operated valves, the Model 23.
Since then, Anderson Greenwood has become the premier pilot-operated safety
relief valve company in the world.

City: Princeton
Category: Mining Products
Manufacturers of battery capacity & hour meters, connectors, cable clamps,
charger key, dust covers, polycarbonate & metal handles, reducing bushings,
terminal protection, etc.

City: Sterling
Category: Power Connectors
Anderson Power Products(r) (APP) is an industry leader in the design and
manufacture of high power interconnects and accessories. Founded in 1877, APP
manufactured products to support the Mining and Railway Industries. Today, as a
result of innovative design and development, APP has evolved into a valued
supplier for a wide variety of markets including Back-up Power, Telecom/Datacom,
and the Material Handling Industries.

Anderson Power Products(r) maintains design, customer support, and manufacturing
facilities in Sterling, MA, USA, Fermoy Ireland and China. An ISO 9001-2000
certified company, APP has established a reputation for high quality products,
on-time deliveries, and excellent customer service. APP draws on over 120 years
experience in designing and manufacturing versatile high power, hot-pluggable,
interconnect products. As a result of modern manufacturing techniques and
rigorous quality control measures, APP assures that our customers receive the
quality products they deserve. In addition, APP has assembled a worldwide group
of Sales Representatives and Distributors to help support our customers in their
own locale.

City: Jamestown
Category: Pneumatic Push
Anderson Precision manufactures a variety of pneumatic push in cartridge implant
assemblies for automotive air suspension systems, heavy vehicle air systems, and
industrial applications.

Anderson Precision also manufactures a wide line of precision turned (screw
machine) metal parts for a variety of industries including; electric motor,
appliance, automotive, vending, heavy truck and HVAC.

City: Milwaukie
Category: Formed Metal Products
AQS manufactures all types of formed metal products. We specialize in precision
helical springs (compression, extension and torsion ) but also produce light
metal stampings, linkage large rods and small wire forms.

AQS is ISO9002 certified and will provide you with quality manuals or other
materials upon request. We intend to be QS9000 certified by August 2001.

AQS produces parts for a wide variety of industries, such as
Automotive/trucking, aerospace, electronics, computer printers/peripherals,
instruments, sporting goods and more.

AQS produces parts from a wide variety of material alloys. AQS will direct you
to the most available materials and sources suitable for your products
environment whether it is high temperature, corrosive environments or a
combination of these or other factors.

City: Anderson
Category: Special Machinery
ATE began to build & assemble special machinery in the 1960's. We began to
produce major pieces of equipment for manufacturs of consumer products. Our
ability to provide customers with exceptional quality & service allowed us to
continually grow in size and capabilities. We expanded our facilities in 1968,
1978, 1979, 1986, 1992, and 1996.

During the last ten years, we have continued to make important strategic changes
to our business. In 1991, we purchased the Astro Broach product line so that we
could integrate high speed broaching operations into our custom manufacturing

ATE was chosen by Stein Atkinson Stordy Ltd. of Wolverhampton, U.K. as their
Manufacturing Service Partner in 1998. SAS is a worldwide leader in Thermal
Processing Equipment. They serve the Glass, Steel, & Aluminum industries,
specializing in all types of Ovens, Furnaces, Lehrs, & related thermal
processing equipment. They also provide metal finishing equipment, degreasers,
and coil coating equipment. We are proud of our alliance with SAS, and would be
glad to tell you more!

City: Chandler
Category: Mixed-Signal Semiconductor
Andigilog provides state-of-the-art, cost effective, analog and mixed-signal
semiconductor solutions utilizing proven CMOS technology and manufacturing
expertise. Andigilog offers the highest level of accuracy enabling new
innovations as well as improved systems cost, quality and reliability in end
customer applications such as cell phones, computers, industrial automation and
other systems.

City: San Jose
Category: Fiber Test Equipments
Ando Electric Co Ltd and Yokogawa Electric Corporation have merged, and the
following product categories have been transferred from Ando to Yokogawa.

Optical fiber test equipment Optical measuring instruments Wireless
communications equipment

City: Lincoln
Category: IC Sockets, Interconnects
Andon is your connection to greater value - a leading manufacturer of IC
sockets, interconnects and loose terminal products for the computer,
telecommunications, medical and military markets.

City: S Windsor
Category: Scientific Imaging & Spectroscopy
Andor Technology is a leader in scientific imaging and spectroscopy. The company
develops and manufactures products that support global customers. Using Andor
products these customers can break new ground by performing experiments that
were previously considered impossible. Independently conducted customer research
confirms that Andor's low light solutions are considered world beating.

Established in 1989, Andor's Corporate Headquarters are in Belfast, Northern
Ireland. Operating in a global market, Andor's US Headquarters opened in
Connecticut in 1997, with regional sales offices in Atlanta, Boston, Northern
California, San Diego, and St. Louis. The most recently established office,
opened in August 2000, is Andor Japan, based in Tokyo, to handle the company's
Asia / Pacific Operations.

City: Salem
Category: Optical Fibers & Optical Coatings
Andover Corporation is a recognized world leader in the manufacture of
high-quality optical filters and coatings. We manufacture a broad array of
standard and custom components including image-quality, narrowband, broadband,
and space-qualified filters.

City: Andover
Category: Building Automation
A new and powerful force in the building automation industry, Tour Andover
Controls combines the strengths of Andover Controls and TAC - two industry
leaders with over 100 years of combined experience. We bring to the market one
of the most integrated, innovative and globally supported building automation
solutions, backed by Schneider Electric, the world's leading specialist in power
and control.

City: Melville
Category: Hardware & Software Microphone Technologies
Andrea Electronics is a leading developer of hardware and software microphone
technologies which optimize the performance of voice user interfaces for
automotive telematics systems and auto PCs, personal digital assistants,
Internet appliances and Internet telephony, voice- enabled web browsing, desktop
dictation and videoconferencing applications.

Andrea Electronics believes that it possesses both the technological and
engineering capability to deliver truly innovative audio input solutions at a
cost-competitive price, a capability that it believes serves to set the Company
apart from its competition. Perhaps most important, Andrea Electronics possesses
the unique ability to embed, scale or customize these unique microphone
solutions for various environments and/or hardware platforms. In addition to its
digital audio software, the Company also offers a complete line of Active Noise
Cancellation (ANC) and Noise Canceling (NC) PC headsets for voice applications
in which a headset is desired, such as with wearable PCs and in call center

City: Orland Park
Category: RF Systems & Solutions
Andrew Corporation is a global designer, manufacturer, and supplier of
communications equipment, services, and systems. Andrew products and expertise
are found in communications systems throughout the world, including wireless and
distributed communications, land mobile radio, cellular and personal
communications, broadcast, radar, and navigation.

City: Vineland
Category: Precision Glass Products
At Andrews, we take you from concept, through fabrication, to prototype and
finished product. Starting with your design specifications, our engineering and
manufacturing personnel work closely with you to select the right processes and
materials to ensure that your precision fabricated component meets your
requirements. Drawing on our engineering know-how and problem solving
experience, we avoid problems in the design and development stages. Adhering to
strict control procedures at every step of the manufacturing process, we can
assure that tight tolerances will be maintained in the initial run and will be
repeated run-to run-to run.

City: Chesterfield
Category: Healthcare Products
It is the mission of Angelica to be value-driven and customer-focused, with the
ultimate goal of providing superior long-term earnings for our shareholders.
Healthcare is our primary industry target and our first responsibility is to the
healthcare professionals who use our products and services.

At Angelica we are "In touch with healthcare value", where our Textile Services
segment "Delivers linen management solutions everyday".

We believe in the establishment of a strong, effective and efficient supply
chain where our associates work cooperatively with our vendors to provide
quality products and services to our customers in a friendly, timely and
satisfactory manner.

We will accomplish our mission with high integrity, honesty and sensitivity to
all major stakeholders - associates, customers, shareholders, and the public.

City: Philadelphia
Category: Electrical & Lighting Products
Angelo is one of the world's leading marketers of quality decorative electrical
and lighting products, including light bulbs, lighting fixtures, and specialty
lighting accessories. Angelo provides products to the residential and commercial
markets through hardware, home center and electrical distributor channels.

City: Garden Grove
Category: Intelligent Machines & Robots
Manufacturers of Intelligent Machines and Robots. Intelligent controllers are
offered as well. Product catagories include: Military Robots, Technology
Education Robots, and Industrial Robotics.

City: Lomita
Category: RF Products & Peripherals
We manufacture linear Radio Frequency (RF) products and peripherals for
communications. We specialize in preamplifiers, receiver front end filtering and
receiver multi-couplers for virtually any communications application. Our
speciality is high dynamic range, low noise figure receiver front ends to help
you solve your communications problems.

We manufacture primarily for use below 2.5 GHz and offer from component level to
complete receiver front end packages. We have been doing so for over twenty five
years now and have supplied R&D and production

City: Duquesne
Category: Profiled Magnets & Water-Cooling Technology
Angstrom Sciences Inc was founded in 1988 by its president, Mark Bernick, to
supply advanced magnetrons and refined materials for the plasma vapor deposition
of high quality thin films.

Thanks to the superior performance of our patented profiled magnets and
water-cooling technology, market acceptance of our products has led to
consistent growth.

The company is privately held, employs 25 highly skilled specialists, and is
headquartered in a free-standing, 18,000-square-foot facility outside of
Pittsburgh, PA, with representatives throughout the United States and
distributors around the world.

City: Miramar
Category: CNC & DRO Systems
Anilam's pioneering history of innovation and leadership in the metalworking
industry began in the late 1960's when the company became the first to offer an
affordable digital readout package for knee-type milling machines. Anilam
entered the field of numerical control in 1976 by introducing the MDI-200, its
first control. It was one of the first that could be programmed directly at the
machine tool. It was soon followed by our first conversational control (1979).
In 1984, we were again among the first to introduce a control with a CRT, the
Crusader M. Anilam introduced the first control with a PC-based hardware
platform in early 1990. Today, ANILAM's hardware platforms are further enhanced
by the PC/DSP dual processor concept.

City: Santa Clara
Category: Integrated Motor Control
Animatics is the pioneer and recognized leader of integrated motion control. The
SmartMotor(tm) is an integrated motor by Animatics. Designed by the industry
leader, the Smart Motor is highly integrated control and is just one of the
innovative motion control products by Animatics.

The SmartMotor is a complete, compact and user-friendly integrated control
system that features a brushless DC servo motor, motion controller, encoder and

City: Bradenton
Category: Peristalic Pumps
Anko Products Inc is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of
contamination-proof peristaltic pumps (tubing pumps) and fractional horsepower

City: Ann Arbor
Category: Industrial Hardware Solutions
Welcome to Ann Arbor Technologies Since its founding in 1988, Ann Arbor
Technologies (AAT) has been focused on providing quality industrial hardware
solutions for the marketplace. By offering a variety of industrial workstations,
industrial PCs, industrial panel PCs and industrial monitors incorporating flat
panel display technology, Ann Arbor Technologies' solutions are built around the
newest technology at competitive prices. These rugged PCs and rugged computers
can also extend beyond the factory floor.

City: Scottsdale
Category: Switching Power Supply
Anoma Corporation is a worldwide leading manufacturer of standard, modified
standard, custom AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies. Headquartered in Taiwan, Anoma
has design and production operations on three continents.

City: Shirley
Category: Precision Motion Control Solutions
Rockwell Automation is a leading industrial automation company focused to be the
most valued global provider of power, control and information solutions. With a
focus on automation solutions that help customers meet productivity objectives,
the company brings together leading brands in industrial automation, including
Dodge(r) mechanical power transmission products, Reliance Electric(tm) motors
and drives, Allen-Bradley(r) controls and engineered services and Rockwell
Software(r) factory management software. Global technical and customer service
is an integral part of Rockwell Automation, with nearly 5,600 distributors,
system integrators and agents serving customers in 80 countries.

Our Complete Automation solutions include specialty products designed for
industry-specific applications. Anorad precision motion products combine
state-of-the-art positioning technologies and over 30 years of experience to
deliver high performance and custom engineered precision motion solutions. Entek
brand integrated condition monitoring equipment proactively identifies minute
changes in machine condition to prevent problems before they become apparent.
Propack Data brand products in conjunction with Rockwell Automation products
provide one of the world's most extensive offerings of Enterprise Production
Management (EPM) systems for the life sciences industry.

City: Richardson
Category: Test & Measurement Solutions
Anritsu Company is the North American subsidiary of Anritsu Corporation based in
Atsugi, Japan. Anritsu has been recognized as a leading provider of
communications solutions for more than 100 years. Anritsu has become a global
leader in the telecommunications, optical and wireless industries by providing
diverse product offerings ranging from test and measurement solutions to
high-speed devices and components for use in R&D, production, and maintenance.

Equally diverse are the types of markets served by Anritsu. The corporation is
comprised of strategic business divisions, including Information and
Communications, Test and Measurement, Components and Devices, and Industrial
Automation. Each business division has the autonomy to operate as individual
units and the solidarity to use complementary technologies in product
development. The result is a fast response to customer needs while maintaining
focus on designing "Intelligent Solutions" for future standards. For example,
Measurement Solutions, which is the largest of the divisions, is committed to
developing test and measurement solutions for all existing and emerging wireless
communications devices and networks, especially 2.5G and 3G formats. Anritsu
provides solutions that cover the full range of testing everything from the
components in handsets, to /installation of base stations, and deployment and
maintenance of the wireless infrastructure. Anritsu Measurement Solutions also
provides components and test instrumentation for the optical and digital
communications markets.

City: East Hanover
Category: Steam Turbines, Generators & Gas Turbines
We are a global power generation player with an extensive offering of products
and services.

With more than a hundred years of power generation experience and an installed
capacity exceeding 153,000 MW in over 75 countries, our major strengths are our
global scope, a full service organisation and a flexible approach to power

Ansaldo Energia covers the entire power generation spectrum with a combination
of plant engineering, manufacturing and service activities. We design, build and
supply the full range of plant solutions on different types of packages:
turnkey, engineered and individual components, that can be tailored to meet the
specific clients requirements.

We offer a comprehensive range of lifecycle services addressed to building,
supporting and protecting the power generation investments of customers and
partners, from concept to decommissioning. Services cover all aspects of power
plants, including planning, financing, engineering, construction, operation,
maintenance, revamping and rehabilitation.

City: Red Bank
Category: Protective Gloves & Clothing
Ansell Healthcare is the world's largest manufacturer of protective gloves and
clothing. Headquartered in Red Bank, New Jersey, Ansell is a world leader in the
development, design, manufacture and marketing of protective gloves and

City: Elk Grove Village
Category: Centrifugal Pumps
Ansimag produces magnetically driven non-metallic centrifugal pumps.
Exceptionally innovative, the Ansimag Pump Family features a remarkably simple

All wetted parts are non-metallic to handle a wide range of corrosives and
solvents up to 250F (121C) without corrosion. An innovative rear casing
generates no eddy currents thus eliminating heat generation and energy costs.

City: Pittsburgh
Category: Simulation Software
Ansoft provides technology companies worldwide with industry-leading simulation
software that dramatically streamlines the design of electronic products through
more efficient design and evaluation of electrical products. Whether you are
designing cellular phones, communication systems, broadband components,
integrated circuits (ICs), printed circuit boards (PCBs), automotive electronic
systems, or power electronics, Ansoft can assist you in getting your products to
market sooner. Our software is sold and supported worldwide, with offices
located throughout North America, Asia, and Europe.

City: Halfway
Category: Ultrasonic Maintenance Tool
We are a small, closely-held corporation that has been building quality
ultrasonic detectors since 1963. We have seen competitors come and go. We opened
our doors in 1963 as Techsonics Inc. We were one of the first of the ultrasonic
leak detection and malfunction location tool manufacturers. Our headquarters
moved to Oregon in 1980 which required changing our name to Ansonics, Inc. We
value our employees and organized our operation so the company can be located
where the employees want to live; some in Oregon, some in New Mexico.

City: Marinette
Category: Fire Suppression Products
Ansul(r) is a premium brand of Tyco Fire & Security's fire suppression business
unit. The full line of Ansul special hazard fire protection products includes
fire extinguishers and hand line units; pre-engineered restaurant, vehicle, and
industrial systems; sophisticated fire detection/suppression systems and a
complete line of dry chemical, foam, and gaseous extinguishing agents.

City: Campbell
Category: Storage Area Networking & System Enhancement Hardware
Antares Microsystems is a leading manufacturer of Storage Area Networking and
system enhancement hardware for high-end computers running Solaris, Linux, and
Windows NT.

The company currently manufactures and supports over thirty different PCI-bus
and SBus plug-in boards for Solaris, Linux, and Windows NT systems. Product
lines including storage area network hardware, local & wide-area network
interface cards, disk & tape controllers, graphics accelerators, sound cards and
more are sold through a worldwide network of value-added resellers and

City: Torrance
Category: Satellite Communication Equipment
Antcom Corporation is a satellite communication company whose expertise
comprises of the design, development, manufacturing and testing of antenna and
microwave products for space, ground, and avionics telecommunications. Having
capabilities to produce a majority of antenna and microwave products, as well as
one-of-a-kind antenna design and analysis software, Antcom has also been an
innovator in the development and manufacturing of the antenna near-field test

Our products are wide range. The variety of antenna products include
satellite-borne, ground-based, GPS, avionics, and fixed/mobile wireless
antennas. Microwave device products consist of wide-band power dividers, beam
forming networks, filters, and low noise amplifiers. Antenna test instruments
equipment systems cover planar, spherical and cylindrical near-field
measurements. Our products also encompass antenna design and analysis software.

Antcom Corporation provides technical consulting, proposal writing, research
products and engineering contracts. Service is rendered in the analysis and
modeling of electromagnetic wave propagation and scattering problems, as well as
near-field antenna measurement and diagnosis services. Antenna education courses
and training sessions are also available. Having a technical team with strong
theoretical background and profound hands-on flight hardware experience, our
products and services are rather unique.

City: Walnut
Category: Single Board Computers
ANT Computer Inc was established in 1980, specializing in the manufacturing of
Single Board Computers & IPC. We challenge the future technology with the
spirits of honesty, aggressiveness and reliability in this professionally
advanced computer field. We dedicate ourselves to the manufacturing of high
quality products aimed at top performance and reliable service. With many years
of experience and technological knowledge, we've achieved competitiveness in the
international markets including European giants such as Germany, Japan, and also
the U.S. We also engage in non-pollution and power-saving research, a safer and
more efficient industry and keeping the planet clean for generations to come.

City: Fremont
Category: High Performance Computer Components
Welcome to, global home of the leading brand of high performance
computer components for the PC upgrade and do-it- yourself (DIY) markets.

City: Houston
Category: Custom Gas Chromatographs
Antek Instruments, a Roper Industries, Inc. company, was founded in 1967 as a
manufacturer's representative. Developing a pattern that would carry us into the
new millennium, we began listening and responding to customer needs by designing
and manufacturing custom gas chromatographs in 1968. In 1975 we developed a
chemiluminescent detection method for the analysis of chemically bound nitrogen.

City: Rockford
Category: Base Station Antennas
When Amphenol Antel was founded in 1979, our primary goal was to offer the most
reliable, best performing antenna products in the industry. With our unique,
rugged design carried over from our broadcast roots, we quickly accomplished
that goal and proved to the industry that antenna performance and durability
contribute significantly to the quality of wireless network performance.

Today, with numerous antenna innovations and patents, one of the most
comprehensive lines of products in the industry, and a professional staff
committed to the highest in customer satisfaction, we continue to prove that
Amphenol Antel antennas are the choice for excellence in wireless performance.

City: Glendale Heights
Category: Antenna & Accesories
Antenex(r) Inc designs and manufactures antenna and accessory products to
exacting electrical and mechanical specifications for critical applications in
Defense, Public Safety, Transportation, Satellite, and Medical communications.

We offer a catalog of top quality mobile, portable and base antenna products
which utilize our latest patented technologies, lean manufacturing techniques,
custom automation and vertical integration. These products are widely used in
wireless voice & data, security, military, asset tracking, two-way radio, public
safety, and other mission critical applications. Many of our patented
technologies offer solutions unavailable from other antenna manufacturers.

City: Eden
Category: Antennas
Antenna Mast Inc (AMI) continues to lead the industry in the manufacture and
design of portable multi-purpose mast systems. Our mast system is rooted in the
commercial broadcast industry in North Carolina and Virginia, where in 1992 the
initial prototypes of the MobileMast were developed to assist small radio and
television broadcasting services that covered sports and news events. Since
then, AMI has expanded its markets to include numerous users from the
government, military, and commercial sectors, as well as individual users.

AMI recognizes and meets each customer's unique requirements. The company
maintains an experienced team of engineers who work closely with each customer
to assist in developing that customer's mast system solution. Our founder,
Charles Stone, worked closely with US Special Forces units from 1997-1999 to
develop a mast system that met the strict height, weight, and strength
requirements of these units. His commitment to excellence during years of
intense prototyping led him to develop the MobileMast as the "mast of choice"
for these highly specialized units.

City: Beltsville
Category: Antennas
In 1963, Antenna Research Associates, Inc. (ARA) started as an engineering and
product development company with an initial focus to develop extremely broadband
and electrically small antennas for SIGINT and COMINT applications. Our focus in
the field of electromagnetics and broadband antennas led to the development of
individually calibrated antennas and test equipment for TEMPEST and EMC testing.
From antennas, electromagnetics and EMC testing, the company expanded its role
into RF subsystems for communication and ECM/ECCM applications.

City: Cleveland
Category: Antennas
Andrew Corporation is a global designer, manufacturer, and supplier of
communications equipment, services, and systems. Andrew products and expertise
are found in communications systems throughout the world, including wireless and
distributed communications, land mobile radio, cellular and personal
communications, broadcast, radar, and navigation.

City: Pittsburg
Category: Thermal Properties Analyzers
Anter Corporation manufactures thermal properties analyzers to measure thermal
expansion and shrinkage, thermal conductivity and resistivity, thermal
diffusivity and specific heat capacity of a wide range of materials. You can
view our various dilatometers, thermal conductivity meters, and Laser Flash
thermal diffusivity systems by clicking on the menu to the left. These
thermophysical properties measuring instruments are used in research,
development, education, process, and quality control applications. This site
lists the most frequently used models from a diverse line of standard and custom
devices, as well as information on our thermal testing services and other useful

City: Sherman Oaks
Category: Electronic Products
Antona designs and markets electronic products for the industrial control
market. In addition to RS422/RS232 adapters, we stock a variety of prototyping
and test adapters to accommodate wire-wrapping of surface mount devices. Antona
also designs and manufactures ISA/PCI cards for the PC, and STD Bus compatible
circuit boards for industrial control and monitoring.

City: Shelton
Category: Batteries
At Anton/Bauer, we know what every real professional knows, that every shot is a
once in a lifetime opportunity, that real technology means features and benefits
that make a shoot better and easier, that the best equipment is backed by real
warranties, and that fast professional service & support are as important to a
business as the product itself.

City: Carol Stream
Category: Electronic Controls
A J Antunes & Co is a prominent manufacturing company that distributes products
all over the world. The company headquarters is located in Carol Stream, IL, a
suburb of Chicago in the US. In business since 1955, the company is privately
held and family run. A J Antunes & Co. divisions include; Antunes Foodservice
Equipment which manufactures products for the foodservice industry including the
Roundup(tm) brand of commercial countertop cooking equipment, Antunes Controls
which manufactures OEM electronic controls and air and gas pressure switches,
and the newest division; Antunes Filtration Technologies which manufactures
filtration products that remove particulates, bacteria, and viruses from water.

City: Round Rock
Category: Remote Monitoring Control Systems
Antx Inc based in Austin, TX, is a leading supplier of systems for remote asset
monitoring, control, data logging and automatic alarm notification throughout
the world. Our products are designed and manufactured to perform at the highest
levels of reliability in the most demanding industrial and commercial markets.

City: Hudson
Category: Vacuum System Components offers you a Full Range of Vacuum System Components, from Suction Cups
and Vacuum Cups, Air, Mechanical and Electric Vacuum Pumps and Vacuum
Generators, Vacuum Gauges, and Ergonomic Vacuum Lifters, to complete Vacuum
Lifting Systems. We are the leading American manufacturer of Vacuum Material
Handling Equipment, Vacuum Lifters and Vacuum Robotic Components. We make our
equipment, not to be confused with resellers on the web who do not design or
build what they sell.

City: Hawthorne
Category: Advanced Optical Systems
Anvik Corporation is an emerging growth company engaged in the design,
development, and manufacturing of advanced optical systems and equipment for
diverse microelectronics, optoelectronics, microsystems, and biotechnology
applications. Systems currently offered include large-area lithography,
via-generation, and materials-processing systems for high-throughput production
of flat-panel displays, multilayer circuits, optoelectronic systems, printed
circuit boards, microsystems, flexible circuits, and biomolecular arrays. The
Company's mission is to become a leading commercial supplier of such machines.

City: Mountain View
Category: Ultrasonic Bonders
Manufcturers of ultrasonic bonders, precision cameras, test equipment, etc.

City: San Jose
Category: PC Compnents & Peripherals
AOpen continues as the company of choice for PC components and peripherals in
the distribution channel. We are an established market leader, from motherboards
to monitors, to multimedia add-on cards, and more. We offer the most extensive
PC product line in the industry. With AOpen products you are guaranteed the
latest in technology development at competitive prices. And because AOpen
controls design and manufacturing, from the drawing board to the finished
product, the quality of that product is ensured.

City: Milwaukee
Category: Electric Motor
Manufacturers of electric motor & water heater.

City: Eatontown
Category: Non-Silicone & Silicone Thermal Greases
AOS Thermal Compounds offers the widest selection of non- silicone and silicone
thermal greases available in the market. Since developing AOS Heat Sink
Compound, the first Non-Silicone thermal grease, AOS has continued to expand its
product line with advanced new formulas.

City: San Jose
Category: Memory Modules
Apacer was founded in 1997. Just two years later, Dataquest ranked the company
as the fourth-largest third-party manufacturer in the highly competitive global
memory module market. To achieve this ranking, Apacer had to demonstrate an
unrivaled commitment to quality and earn the trust and business of several of
the world's most prestigious IT brands. Today, Apacer is much more than the
memory solution pioneer of five years ago. Having gradually evolved its product
line from a range of memory modules and flash cards and modules and expanded its
worldwide presence, Apacer is now a global digital storage provider offering a
complete range of digital imaging storage device.

City: Cedar Rapids
Category: Hose & Belting Products
Apache Hose & Belting is widely recognized across the US for the variety and
quality of our hose and belting, custom fabrications, industrial services and
retail products. Our 5 centrally located service centers positioned throughout
the Midwest give us ready access to the heartland and both coasts.

Apache specializes in the fabrication and distribution of conveyor belting and
hose products for applications as diverse as agriculture, milling, construction,
mining manufacturing and retail sales. Products include flat and custom
configured conveyor belting, belt fasteners and conveyor accessories, custom die
and waterjet cut rubber parts, and a wide selection of hose, couplings, and

Belt services include on-site splicing/vulcanizing, field installation and
training of conveyor belts, and conveyor components replacement. Complete belt
system audits give you detailed reports of system performance and needs. Hose
Services included on-site testing with mobile hose test unit, repair and
re-certification of hose assemblies, coupling of new hose assemblies and hose
systems audits.

City: Kirkland
Category: Custom Battery Packs
APak Batteries offers a complete source of high quality value-added custom
battery systems, from design to prototyping to manufacturing. Our specialty is
custom-designed battery packs that meet stringent quality and performance

We go beyond designing and manufacturing the custom battery packs our clients
rely on for perfecting their products and applications. We strive to provide
legendary service - a commitment that requires us to listen closely to and meet
our clients' specific needs. We take pride in delivering products with a short
lead time, on schedule, and on budget. Most importantly, our products are
guaranteed to perform.

City: Blaine
Category: Fiber Optic Communications
APA Enterprises Inc manufactures and markets advanced products for the fiber
optic communications, optoelectronics and laser industries, including Dense
Wavelength Division Multiplexer (DWDM), ultraviolet (UV) detectors, Nitride
epitaxial layers and custom optics. Established in 1979, the company has focused
on leading edge research in sophisticated optoelectronic and optical system

City: Santa Ana
Category: Power Conversion Equipment
Advanced Power & Controls, LLc(tm) manufactures and supplies Power Conversion
Equipment meeting the needs of the planet. We provide low cost Industrial
Computer Power Supplies, Frequency Converters, Programmable AC & DC Sources,
Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Power Conditioners, Hipot Testers and more...

We welcome you to our site, and thank you for choosing Advanced Power & Controls
to provide the right solution to your power needs!

City: West Kingston
Category: Power Protection Network
When APC began selling power protection equipment, networking was in its
infancy. Most computer users were still transferring data on the 'sneaker net'
using 512k floppy disks. As networking began to evolve, users began to use
linked PCs to share files and print documents, which gradually increased the
importance of the computers and equipment upon which these tasks were
transacted. Still, the number of people protecting the hardware and data with
UPSs was small.

Initially, the motivation for using APC's products was to protect the hardware
itself. As more and more data was passed across networks, our customers began
recognizing the importance and value of the data on their servers and PCs; they
quickly began protecting this data as well. As the value of data grew
exponentially, the importance of protecting the availability of the network
reached critical mass. A growing number of customers cannot tolerate any
downtime in their networks.

City: Mackeyville
Category: Piezo Electric Ceramics
APC International Ltd is a global manufacturer and supplier of high quality
piezoelectric ceramics and piezoelectric products for customers in a wide range
of industries: aerospace, automotive, consumer, engineering and design,
industrial, manufacturing, medical products, military, and others.

City: Portland
Category: Physical Layer Switches
Apcon Inc is a leading provider of intelligent Physical Layer Switches for Fibre
Channel, Ethernet and SONET. With more than 10 years of experience in providing
SCSI switching and bus extension technologies, Apcon has successfully
implemented switching solutions at more than a thousand organizations worldwide,
including industry leaders such as Cisco, IBM, McData, INRANGE, JNI, Lockheed
Martin, QLogic, Raytheon, and Sun Microsystems.

City: Windham
Category: Power Converters
American Power Design (APD) is a leading supplier of high voltage DC to DC
converters. Our product offering is from 0.5 to 200 watts with outputs to
8000Vdc. All products are designed such that our customers can select the output
voltage of their choice at no additional cost.

We offer a full range of solutions to your power requirements including fully
customized assemblies.

APD has the expertise and technology that afford you the most cost effective
solution to your needs. Our rapid turn-around time will assist in getting your
product to market in minimum time.

City: Key Largo
Category: Packaging Technologies
Automated Production Equipment (A.P.E.) was founded in 1968, introducing rework
and repair equipment to a growing worldwide electronics community. Now some 30
years later, the industry has changed beyond recognition, with denser packaging
technologies that require convection rework techniques as precise and with a
similar degree of control as the original production method.

A.P.E. has continued to lead the way in designing innovative rework and repair
systems to meet these demands and was the first company to recognize the
necessity of cost effective Low Temperature Hot Air solutions for the new
BGA/CSP/SMT Packages.

City: Wakefield
Category: Professional Switches & Membranes
Apem is one of the world's largest manufacturers of professional switches and
switch panels. With subsidiaries, agents and distributors in numerous countries,
Apem achieves 67 % of its turnover from export markets.

Apem designs, develops, manufactures and sells professional switch products to
customers in such dynamic markets as electronics, telecommunications,
automotive, instrumentation, medical electronics and the computer industry. The
APEM group employs more than one thousand employees. The Company, listed on the
secondary market of the Paris Stock Exchange, supplies more than 20.000
customers world-wide.

City: Warren
Category: Machining Products
We are highly experienced in analyzing the machining needs of your part and
recommending the proper system.

We do the job. We have our own machining facility as well as in house design and
assembly to ensure control over the entire manufacturing process.

We are continually focused on customer service, quality and on-time delivery.

City: City Of Industry
Category: PC Enclosures & Power Supplies
Apex specializes in PC enclosures and power supplies. Although it was
established just a few years ago, Apex has emerged as a top tier supplier to the
Build-Your-Own (BYO) white box market, shipping over 5 million units of
enclosure and power supply worldwide in 2000. Selling under its brand name
"Super Case", Apex provides high quality products at extremely competitive
prices. Utilizing its superior mechanical engineering and tooling technology,
Apex has been able to deliver products with quality, consistence and innovation.
In addition to its impressive and deep off-the-shelf product line, Apex offers
many different bezel and chassis designs to customers in different markets.

City: Redmond
Category: Switching & Connectivity Products
Avocent (NASDAQ: AVCT) is the leading worldwide supplier of KVM (keyboard, video
and mouse) switching and connectivity solutions that provide IT managers with
access and control of multiple servers and network data center devices. Avocent
was formed in 2000 from the merger of the world's two largest KVM manufacturers;
Apex and Cybex Computer Products Corporation. Avocent KVM solutions are
distributed by the world's largest server manufacturers and installed in Fortune
100 companies around the world.

KVM switching systems provide access and control of multiple racks of servers
from a single console, as well as control from remote locations. These switches
eliminate extra keyboards, monitors and mice and allow businesses to save
critical space in their data centers.

City: Holly Springs
Category: Sampling Equipment
Welcome to Apex Instruments Inc your solution for source sampling equipment.We
have been a world leader in the manufacture and development of emission
measurement sampling equipment since 1988. We carry a full line of equipment and
supplies for the measurement of particulate and gaseous pollutants from
stationary sources.

City: Farmington
Category: Precision Machining
Apex Machine Tool Company Inc located in the Farmington Industrial Park,
Farmington, CT, was founded in 1944. Today we occupy a modern 44,000 square
foot, climate-controlled facility. Fully staffed to meet your needs, Apex is
acknowledged as one of the finest and largest design and manufacturing shops in
the United States. We specialize in design and/or manufacture of highly
sophisticated fixtures, precision gages, close tolerance plastic injection
molds, precision component molds for composite parts and specialized machinery.

A unique combination of the industry's most skilled toolmakers and machinists
and leading edge technology has enabled Apex to provide exacting quality to
customers who require tolerances to +/- .0001 in.. Consequently, we supply a
diverse clientele with the most complex and most accurately manufactured
prototype and production tools, molds, component parts, composite tooling, and
gages available today.

City: Tucson
Category: Industrial Controls, Test & measurement
Apex Microtechnology is a world-wide industry innovator in power analog. Apex
defines power analog in terms of product solutions that deliver output currents
above 1 amp or operate on voltage supplies greater than 100 volts. Our growth as
a global leader in the power analog field is a reputation we've proudly
developed over two decades of designing a multitude of product "firsts".

v Apex's wide range of product solutions provides a clear illustration of the
company's ability to combine extensive power analog expertise with a vision for
developing technologies. This approach to product design enables Apex to provide
our customers with solutions that deliver high performance at a cost-effective

The Apex mix of high power products currently focuses on three analog

City: Ronkonkoma
Category: DSP-based Intelligent Boards & Instruments
North Atlantic Industries (NAI) designs and manufactures I/O (Input/Output)
Boards, Power Supplies, and Motion Simulation and Measurement Instruments for
the Defense and Aerospace Industries. We have established our reputation over
the last 40 years as a provider of high quality COTS (Commercial Off-the-Shelf)
and Custom products in Commercial, Extended Temperature, and Full-Military

NAI is focused on delivering innovation, quality, and superior value for our
customers. We do not force-fit a standard solution into a customer's
application. We work closely with our customers to understand their
requirements, and tailor our products as required to meet unique customer needs.
Our solution may take the form of a standard product, a modified standard
product, or full-custom product. Many of our products are still in the field and
fully supported after 20-plus years.

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