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USA manufacturer database

Are you looking for information on USA manufacturers. Then check out the previews of data we have available in our database. Price is only 250 euros
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Previews of data we have available:

City: Santa Clara
Category: Computing & Networking Products
Since 1989, ASA Computers Inc has been assisting individuals, companies, and
organizations with their computing and networking requirements. Through various
iterations of hardware and software flavors, we have been partnering with our
clients in keeping their computing environment current in a cost-effective
manner. Starting off as a simple system-integration Company, ASA Computers now
provides full solutions including 'ISP packages', servers for '.com' Companies,
computing environments for schools and research organizations, RAID and NAS
set-ups, network installation, help-desk support, and much more.

Despite many changes in the field of computers, ASA Computers Inc has maintained
its belief in the open architecture and multi-OS support. This has allowed us to
offer a wide range of solutions based on various platforms like Intel x86, and
Alpha. The open architecture allows us to configure systems using
industry-standard components that help an easy/cost-effective upgrade path and
lets us custom-configure systems exactly to our client's needs. There are many
Operating Systems in existence today. ASA Computers has been following and
keeping up with the *BSD, Linux, MS Windows, and Solaris Operating System
environments since their very inception. We test for system compatibilities with
the help of the various communities and do our own testing in our lab.

City: Malden
Category: Thermoplastics
Asahi/America Inc ("Asahi") is a diversified ISO9001 certified manufacturer and
distributor of corrosion-resistant fluid flow products. These include a wide
variety of thermoplastic valves, actuators, flow meters, tubing systems, and
single and double containment piping systems. These products are used for the
control, transmission, and containment of corrosive fluids and high-purity
liquids, certain flammable gases, and compressed air.

Asahi helped pioneer the market for thermoplastic valves in the United States
and Latin America, during a time when there was no viable alternative to metal
for piping systems. Asahi began by distributing valves and piping products from
a Japanese company known as Asahi Organic Chemical Company ("AOC"). Through
increased distributor and end user education and experience, thermoplastics have
grown steadily in acceptance. While Asahi still imports a number of products
from AOC, the actuators, flow meters, and certain valves are currently
manufactured at the 100,000 square foot headquarters in Malden, Massachusetts.

City: New York
Category: Material Science Products
Asahi Kasei Corporation, with consolidated sales of US$10 billion, provides
innovative solutions based in chemistry and materials science to a diverse range
of markets including fibers, chemicals, consumer products, housing,
construction, electronics, and health care. On October 1, 2003, all core
operations were transferred to seven wholly owned constituent corporations as
autonomous operating business units. Asahi Kasei Corporation, as the parent
company, functions as a holding company for group operations. An Independent
Businesses Group not included in the constituent corporations provides group

City: Three Bridges
Category: Heat Exchangers
Established in 1980, ASA Hydraulik is a manufacturer and producer of superior
oil coolers / air coolers, heat exchangers and accessories for hydraulic
purposes. ASA Hydraulik is known worldwide and offers each customer technical
assistance to select the best cooler for the job. We work hard to meet the
demand of your most difficult applications. We maintain a large inventory for
quick shipments on standard hydraulic products.

We at ASA Hydraulik value a long lasting relationship with our customers and we
work together to satisfy your needs.

City: San Jose
Category: Networking Products
Asante Technologies Inc is committed to providing customer- driven, technically
innovative networking solutions that are designed and priced to meet
performance, value, and reliability requirements for small-medium businesses

Asante's IntraCore and Friendly net product families offer companies a full
breadth of products--from the edge to the core of their networks.

The story of Asante Technologies started in 1988 with a couple of men, brimming
with ideas and technology that could change the world. Focused on a specific
untapped service, Asante achieved success through its Ethernet networking
solutions, with products such as switches, hubs, and adapter cards. Asante broke
even after a mere 18 months and an outlay of only $1 million.

City: Ann Arbor
Category: Plastics & Metals
Established in 1996, ASAP Source, A Division of LTEK Industries Inc is a family
owned and operated retail / wholesale distributor of raw materials (plastic &
metal: non-ferrous & ferrous), serving the North American Market. We cater to
machinists, handymen, hobbyists, artists, architects, general contractors,
homeowners, universities, students and the like. Our inventory includes a wide
variety of Aluminum, Steel and Plastics, brass, bronze, copper, cast iron,
stainless steel, tool steel (shapes include; angle, bar, channel, half-round,
hex, I-beam, round, rectangle / flat, solid square, sheet / plate, tube & pipe,
tee and zee).

Additionally, we offer precision machining services through our parent company
LTEK Industries, Inc. For more than a decade LTEK Industries has specialized in
prototyping and short run production for various applications.

We are proud of our reputation for quality, timely delivery and for putting our
customers first in every area of our operations. We feel that these attributes
are major contributors to our success .

City: Fremont
Category: Semiconductor Assembly
ASAT Holdings Limited is a global provider of semiconductor assembly, test and
package design services. With 15 years of experience, the Company offers a
definitive selection of semiconductor packages and world-class manufacturing
lines. ASAT's advanced package portfolio includes standard and high thermal
performance ball grid arrays, leadless plastic chip carriers, thin array plastic
packages, system-in- package and flip chip. The Company has operations in the
United States, Asia and Europe. ASAT Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of ASAT
Holdings Limited and the exclusive representative of services in North America.

City: Ogallala
Category: Film Capacitors
American ShiZuki Corporation manufactures film capacitors to fit your
specifications. For over 50 years, we have been providing the finest solutions
available in the capacitor industry. Application engineering and designing
capacitors to your specific requirements is our strength.

Manufacturers of Metallized Film and Film/Foil Capacitors in Polypropylene,
Polycarbonate and Polyester for various Electronic Applications. Oil Filled, Box
Motor Run and Ballast Capacitors for AC Applications. Lead Styles Include:
Axial, Radial and Quick Connect Terminals. Other services include contract
assemblies, printed circuit board assemblies, RC networks and Test Lab Services.

City: Burlington
Category: Motion Tracking Devices
Ascension Technology Corporation makes magnetic, optical and inertial
motion-tracking devices for 3D computer graphics interaction, animation and
medical imaging. If you need to quickly and accurately track the motion of
humans, handheld objects or even medical instruments, you've come to the right
place. We have 14 unique tracking solutions available to meet varied
requirements. Both 6DOF and 3DOF trackers are available to simultaneously
determine the precise location of one or more sensors in 3D space.

City: Akron
Category: Plastic Compounds & Resins
A Schulman is a leading international supplier of high- performance plastic
compounds and resins, which are used as raw materials in a variety of markets.
The Company's principal product lines consist of proprietary and
custom-formulated engineered plastic compounds, color concentrates and additives
that improve the appearance and performance of plastics in a number of
specialized applications. A. Schulman has technology centers in North America
and Europe devoted to new product development and color research. The Company's
manufacturing facilities have their own product testing and quality control
laboratories to ensure timely delivery of high-quality products to A. Schulman's
global customer base.

Headquartered in Akron, Ohio, A. Schulman employs approximately 2,400 employees
and has 12 manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe, Mexico and the
Asia-Pacific region. A. Schulman stock is quoted through the Nasdaq National
Market System (Symbol: SHLM).

City: Hamel
Category: Solder Paste
ASC International helps electronics manufacturers worldwide improve their
production yield and profits. Using our portfolio of optical-based solder paste
measurement systems, Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) systems, process control
tools and production equipment, we work closely with our customers to develop
and implement yield improvement strategies that work... guaranteed. "

The circuit board assembly industry is becoming more competitive, while board
configurations are becoming more complex and component sizes are decreasing.
Investing in solder paste inspection will allow you to control you solder paste
printing process more closely, thereby decreasing the amount of re-work,
resulting in an increase in productivity and profitability.

City: Florham Park
Category: Power & Fluid Control
ASCO(r) offers a broad range of industry leading products for Electrical Power
Control, Fluid Control and Fluid Power applications. With its headquarters
located in Florham Park, New Jersey, U.S.A., products are manufactured in a
number of countries and marketed through a network of direct sales offices,
technically oriented representatives, and distributors throughout the world.

As the world leader in emergency and standby power transfer solutions, ASCO
keeps your power on. ASCO, Automatic Transfer Switches and Power Systems
safeguard data and telecommunications networks, industrial process and critical
installations from health care facilities to financial transaction centers.

City: Florham Park
Category: Emerson Industrial Automation
Asco is the worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of quality solenoid
valves. Asco products are designed to control the flow of air, gas, water, oil,
steam. Our heritage of innovation has resulted in an extensive line of Asco
products that range from two position on/off valves to entire flow control
solutions designed to meet requirements of thousands of customers.

City: Huntington Beach
Category: power Conversion Equipment
ASEA Power Systems designs and manufactures power conversion equipment - phase,
voltage, and frequency - for marine, military, and commercial applications.

ASEA Power Systems manufactures a comprehensive line of compact, light weight
shore power converters and line voltage regulators that have been specifically
designed for the motor and sail yacht industries.

A shore power converter should be an essential power distribution tool for every
vessel ranging from 45 foot sportfishers to 300+ foot megayachts. This is
especially true with the increased use of yacht transport services between the
US and foreign ports.

City: Marlboro
Category: Integrated Automation
MCT is a leading supplier of integrated automation solutions for the global
semiconductor test and assembly industry. MCT offers complete and comprehensive
equipment automation solutions for the test, laser mark handling equipment, mark
inspect, singulation, sort, and packaging for shipment portions of the back-end
of the semiconductor manufacturing process that significantly improve our
customers' productivity, yield and throughput. Our solutions include our series
of integrated Smart Solutions, automated test handlers, factory automation
software and equipment integration services.

City: Cleveland
Category: Light Assembly
We're a leading supplier of products for light assembly. Our extensive product
line includes torque-controlled electric screwdrivers, automation products,
production aides, inspection & testing and other complimentary products for
light assembly. With 20 years experience our in-house and field experts welcome
the opportunity to solve all your assembly challenges!

City: Lafayette
Category: Precision Injection Molding & Tooling
Our Ash Industries team, founded in 1991, has carefully invested our talents and
focused on our customers to become a leader in the rapid mold making and
thermoplastic injection molding industry. We have developed processes to replace
less reliable prototype injection molds with competitively priced hardened
molds. Our engineering knowledge, patience, technical expertise, and desire to
please clients has led to consistent innovation. Ash Industries offers a new
perspective on a project, part, assembly, or product line in order to expedite
production while carefully controlling costs.

At Ash Industries our list of projects spans a wide variety from medical
surgical devices to structural components for laser light shows. All of the
project engineers we work with have one thing in common, they are seeking
solutions to production questions. Customers also benefit from Ash's
implementation of JIT and TOC programs to limit inventories for production runs
of ten million assemblies to a thousand custom parts.

City: Rochester
Category: Performance Motors, Fans & Blowers
Ashland Electric Products Inc Rochester, NH was presented a Gold Award by Rear
Admiral Stone for on time deliveries and perfect quality of its products
procured by DSCR, Defense Supply Center Richmond, Virginia. The Gold Award
covers the firm's perfect performance on military contracts spanning a two year
period. Ashland designs and manufactures high performance/high reliability
electric motors, fans and blowers at its facility in Rochester. Ashland's
products are used in the Patriot Missile launch system, the Black Hawk
helicopter and many other demanding military weapon systems.

City: Covington
Category: Innovative Products for Transportation, Construction
Ashland is a transportation construction, chemical, and petroleum company
providing innovative products, services and solutions. A Fortune 500 company, we
have sales and operations throughout the United States and in more than 120
countries around the world. Our operations include four wholly owned divisions:
Ashland Paving And Construction (APAC(r)), Ashland Distribution, Ashland
Specialty Chemical and Valvoline. In addition, we own 38 percent of Marathon
Ashland Petroleum LLc, the nation's fifth largest refiner and marketer of
petroleum products. We've come a long way since we started in 1924 as a regional
petroleum refiner. Despite our growth, and thanks to our vision, we have a
strong sense of who we are, and an unyielding commitment to how we want to
practice business.

City: Sunnyvale
Category: Embedded Software Development Tools
Ashling Microsystems Limited, founded in 1982, is a privately held international
Embedded Software Development Tools company.

Through its close cooperation with leading Semiconductor vendors Ashling is now
a world leader in the Embedded Software development tools market. Ashling's
Semiconductor partners include ARC, ARM, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Infineon, MIPS,
Freescale (Motorola), NEC, Oki, Philips and Toshiba.

City: Winchester
Category: Metal, Plastic & Hybrid Conveyor Belts
Ashworth is one of the top conveyor belt manufacturers in the world, because we
build our business around your needs. Whether your application is food
processing, industrial, transportation, or technology, Ashworth has a conveyor
belting system to improve your yield - and help your business thrive.

City: North Hollywood
Category: RF Power Transistors & Microwave Diodes
Advanced Semiconductor Inc (ASI) manufactures RF power transistors and microwave
diodes. We are an ISO 9001 registered company and specialize in manufacturing
obsolete and hard-to-find components for both replacement purposes and new
designs. Our line of RF power transistors primarily replaces those from
Motorola, Philips, and SGS Thomson. Our line of microwave diodes primarily
replaces those from HP, M/A-COM, Alpha, and Loral/Frequency sources.

Advanced Semiconductor Inc was founded in 1979, and has offices in the United
Kingdom, France, India, and Egypt. Our customers run the gamut from governments
and major corporations to medium and small businesses located throughout the
world. Advanced Semiconductor has a fundamental commitment to customer service
and will always do our best to ensure that your needs are met.

City: El Sobrante
Category: Fluid Handling Components
ASI manufactures a broad range of instruments and components for High Pressure
Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). While some of our products may appear rather
routine at first glance, ASI instruments and components incorporate technology
which is totally unique in the industry. The approach to product development at
ASI has always been to "build a better mouse trap" to solve some of the most
vexing problems that chromatographers face. Our solutions include; ASI
Self-priming Check Valves, HyperShear(tm) Static and Dynamic Mixers, and fluid
resistor based QuickSplit(tm) Fixed and Adjustable Flow Splitters. Whatever the
product, the final test is customer satisfaction, so we go to great lengths to
insure all ASI products work as advertised.

City: Millersville
Category: Automated Chemistry Systems
AutoChem is part of Mettler-Toledo International Inc a billion dollar, global
corporation whose heritage can be traced back to 1945 when Erhard Mettler
started his own precision engineering company close to Lake Zurich. Now a
publicly-quoted corporation, Mettler-Toledo comprises a number of operating
divisions which, together, provide a broad range of measurement solutions across
a wide variety of sectors, including industrial, laboratory, process and retail.

The AutoChem Business Unit is dedicated to the chemical compound discovery and
process development sector. It was formed as a result of the acquisition by
Mettler-Toledo of ASI Applied Systems, Bohdan Automation, Berger and Lasentec,
all based in the USA, plus Myriad in the UK and FlexiLab of France. The products
manufactured by each of these highly-regarded companies complemented, not only
one another, but also those developed by Mettler-Toledo's own Lab Division based
in Switzerand.

City: Carlisle
Category: Interconnect, Interface & Sensing Products
Automation Systems Interconnect Inc (ASI) is a manufacturer and supplier of
interconnect and interface products that have been designed for industrial
control equipment and systems. Our goal is to provide our customers with
innovative interconnect systems based on quality, technology and speed. Our
management team has a combined experience of over 50 years in the design,
manufacture, sales, marketing and service of connector and interface products.
The suppliers that we have partnered with provide us with world class,
innovative and high quality products that meet international standards.

ASI has the ability to supply individual components and devices as listed on our
website, or to design and assemble complete interconnect and interface systems
to meet the exact needs of a customers' application. Complete DIN rail terminal
block assemblies, modified standard interface modules, kitted cable assemblies
and modules, in addition to customer-specific custom interface modules, are just
a few of the products and services that we can provide.

City: San Jose
Category: Discrete Graphics Controllers
In 1998, Chips and Technologies was purchased by Intel for their leading flat
panel controller technology. In January 2000, Asiliant licensed the rights from
Intel Corporation to continue to manufacturer and sell the Chips and
Technologies family of components.

Located in Silicon Valley, Asiliant Technologies was founded by a group of
former Chips and Technologies employees having a combined 50+ years of
experience with the Chips products, suppliers, distributors, and customers. We
are offering the industry standard Flat Panel/CRT controller family that has
become so popular in the embedded marketplace.

City: Milwaukee
Category: Hig Performance Doors
ASI Technologies remains the leading worldwide innovator in custom door design
and performance, responding to market demands and customer satisfaction. Our
door systems are specifically designed for the pharmaceutical, food and
beverage, municipal, government and industrial markets. Offering the widest
range of styles and sizes, ASI is known as the manufacturer of choice now and
into the future.

City: Horsham
Category: Small Electric Vehicles
ASI's product developments include drive systems for wheelchairs, electric
scooters, floor care machinery, X-ray tables, and door openers to name a few.
These systems include motors, gearing, differentials, electromechanical brakes,
and electrical harnessing. These products are configured as transaxles, parallel
axis and right angle gear motors. We manufacture right angle systems using worm
or Cylkro(r) gears.

City: Nogales
Category: Electronic Components
ASJ Group manufactures and distributes quality resistors and other essential
electronic components to support local and international customers from diverse
market segments. Founded in January 14, 1980 and based in Singapore, ASJ has an
extensive international network with presence in Asia, Europe, USA and Mexico.

ASJ was listed on the Stock Exchange of Singapore Dealing and Automated
Quotation System ("SESDAQ") in January 1997, making us the first resistor
manufacturer to be listed on the Singapore bourse. In 2002, ASJ was listed on
Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange.

City: La Verne
Category: Broadband & Wireless Products
Askey Computer Corporation was established in Taipei, Taiwan in 1989. The
company is now engaged in the design, marketing, manufacturing, distribution and
after sales services of broadband and wireless products for ODM/OEM customers

With fast business growth and continuous progress in new product development,
Askey has become the world's leading manufacturer of cable modems, ADSL modems,
wireless LAN products, analog modems and combo cards for computers,
telecommunications, networking and other communication industries.

City: Andover
Category: Temperature Calibration & Metrology
ASL supplies a broad range of temperature and electrical measuring products.
These superb instruments are among the world's best, and can be found in
national and industrial laboratories around the world.

City: Tempe
Category: Semiconductor Products
ASML is a world leader in the manufacture of advanced technology systems for the
semiconductor industry. The company offers an integrated portfolio for
manufacturing complex integrated circuits.

ASML designs, develops, integrates, markets and services advanced systems used
by customers - the major global semiconductor manufacturers - to create chips
that power a wide array of electronic, communications and information technology

With every generation, the complexity of producing integrated circuits with more
functionality increases. Semiconductor manufacturers need partners that provide
technology and complete process solutions. ASML is committed to providing
customers with leading edge technology that is production-ready at the earliest
possible date. ASML technology is supported by process solutions, enabling
customers to gain and sustain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

City: Wheat Ridge
Category: Computing Products
Aspen Systems is an established, privately-held, two time Inc. 500 (1998, 1988)
corporation that designs, manufactures, and services high-performance technical
computing products such as Beowulf clusters, enterprise servers and RAID storage
systems. For over 20 years, our first class technical support and
state-of-the-art products have allowed us to create and support the
high-performance solutions our customers demand.

Aspen Systems specializes in a wide array of custom Linux, Unix and Windows
computing solutions for the most demanding applications, with a focus on
leading-edge supercomputing technology. Our expertise encompasses a variety of
high-performance technical computing disciplines which serve the needs of
advanced technical computing users and corporations. Aspen Systems' products and
solutions are used to support the most demanding research and development
applications in areas such as weather & ecosystem modeling, mathematics,
physics, bio- tech, chemistry, financial modeling and geophysical research.

City: Cambridge
Category: Integrated Software
AspenTech is the leading supplier of integrated software and solutions that
enable process manufacturers to automate and optimize their plants and extended
supply chains while enabling eBusiness. With deep process knowledge,
best-in-class technology, and strategic alliances with leading business and
technology partners, AspenTech offers the industry's broadest family of
scaleable solutions allowing our customers to be successful in the Internet

City: Atlanta
Category: Polycom Installed Voice Products
ASPI Digital Inc provides complete, reliable DSP audio solutions in a proactive
manner. Our acceleratated time-to-market methodolgies have assisted companies
like Wired Inc, Datapoint Corporation and

City: Rancho Cucamonga
Category: Air Showers & Pass Thrus
ASPT has been in the cleanroom equipment manufacturing business since 1980. ASPT
designs and builds standard size Air Showers and Pass Thrus, as well as custom
built models to fit your specific requirements. Our staff would be happy to
assist you in design requirements and information. ASPT also has a nationwide
network of Representatives that can assist you on a local level.

City: Alpharetta
Category: Electronic Products
Assembléon develops, assembles, markets and distributes a diverse range of
Surface Mount Technology (SMT) placement equipment and provides a broad range of
related services. Assembléon, - formerly know as Philips Electronic
Manufacturing Technology (EMT) -, is a 100% subsidiary of Royal Philips

Assembléon ranks among the leaders in the design and manufacture of
surface-mount pick-and-place equipment for the global electronics industry.

City: Clawson
Category: Soldering Tools & Equipment
Assembly Technologies International (ATI) is the exclusive manufacturer of
American Beauty Soldering Equipment. American Beauty Soldering Tools have been
satisfying customers in every field of work, for over 100 years. In the early
1900's a customer was so impressed with the soldering iron he had purchased that
he declared the product to be "a true American Beauty". The name stuck and the
unparalleled reliability of our line of soldering products has since withstood
the test of time.

Our current family of employees is dedicated to upholding this fine tradition. A
trained quality inspector examines each tool before it leaves the factory. A
veteran product specialist is on hand to offer advice on specific applications.
Each manufacturing associate is cross- trained on the assembly of every American
Beauty product. Our customer service representatives work tirelessly to create
and keep satisfied customers.

City: Tempe
Category: Electronic Components
Manufacturers of electronic components viz., cables & adapters, connectors, heat
sinks & fans, digitus accessories, etc.

City: Ayer
Category: Test Chambers & Temperature Simulation Equipment
Since 1959, Associated Environmental Systems has manufactured a broad line of
standard and customized simulation chambers for a wide variety of uses. Devoted
to the highest standards, we can proudly point to our past and present
accomplishments, and eagerly look toward our promising future.

Located in Ayer, MA, our large facility is equipped with the latest equipment to
ensure strict quality assurance measures. Associated Environmental Systems is
led by an aggressive engineering team who along with our professional employees
are responsible for a continuance of product excellence. Our extensive selection
of standard chambers meet both national and international approvals. Also, many
chambers are customized to customer specifications.

City: Abingdon
Category: Boards & Tools
Manufacturers of FPGA development boards & tools.

City: Lake Forest
Category: Hipot Testers
From our humble beginnings back in 1936, as a repair company servicing panel
meters and instruments, Associated Research soon became a manufacturer, when
founder James Inman designed the Vibrotest. The Vibrotest was the first battery
operated insulation resistance tester ever created and became standard issue on
all U.S. Navy ships during WWII. This was the first of what would become many
firsts for AR.

With the increase of electrical products during the post-war economic boom, AR
was again on the leading edge, this time with a Hipot Tester. Hipot testing
indeed became the company's forte.

Over the years AR has continued to innovate and develop more advanced product
lines in the Electrical Safety Compliance industry from basic entry-level manual
Hipot and Ground Bond testers to fully-automated multi-function systems designed
to meet the requirements of such agencies as UL, TÜV, CSA, IEC, VDE, BSI and the
European Norms. These electrical safety compliance testing instruments will
perform AC Hipot, DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance, Ground Bond, Line Leakage and
Functional Run testing. Also available are accessory items such as switching
matrices, probes and automation interfaces including IEEE-488 (GPIB), RS-232 or
a printer controller.

City: Farmington
Category: Precision Springs
Associated Spring is the largest manufacturer of precision springs in North
America and one of the largest in the world. Associated Spring produces
virtually every type of precision spring, from battery contacts and inductors
for electronics and instruments to large heavy-duty springs for machinery.

Nearly all of Associated Spring's products, which are manufactured in plants on
four continents, are highly engineered custom solutions, with order sizes from
just a few units to several million. These products involve metal of many types
and are purchased primarily by durable goods manufacturers in industries such as
transportation, telecommunications, electronics, home appliances and farm

Associated Spring also manufactures nitrogen gas cylinders and manifold systems
used to precisely control stamping presses in metal forming industries.
Associated Spring participates in NASCO, a joint venture with NHK Spring Co.,
Ltd. of Japan, a leading manufacturer of springs.

City: Clark
Category: Automated & Manual Valves
Assured Automation is a leading provider of automated valves and flow components
for industrial process control applications. For over 20 years we have been
providing state of the art automation to a diverse clientele ranging from small
equipment manufacturers to the Fortune 500 Manufacturing, Chemical and
Pharmaceutical Companies.

Our product line consists of a complete offering of standardized automated valve
assemblies with a variety of commonly used accessory items. In addition, we
offer complete valves where we supply special automated valve assemblies
designed around your specified products or your particular applications. Full
design capabilities are offered including AutoCAD, Solidworks or other commonly
used design and drawing programs.

City: Danvers
Category: Cartridge & Component Mechanical Seals
AST manufactures a complete line of cartridge and component mechanical seals for
process pumps. The AST 70 single cartridge seal has become the standard for
harsh applications. The AST 80 dual cartridge seal incorporates liquid shear
pumping to remove heat from the seal faces, and can be operated with a
pressurized barrier or non-pressurized buffer fluid system. All AST seals are
field-rebuildable, giving pump users control over their schedule and budget.

City: Montville
Category: Ball Bearing, Bushing, Rod End
AST Bearings is a leading high quality ball bearing, bushing, rod end, and
custom cost-efficient sub-assembly supplier. Supplying the world with high
quality ball bearing products for nearly 40 years. AST maintains an extensive
inventory containing superior products, complete technical laboratory services,
custom re-lubrication services and an engineering department to assist with
unique custom designs.

City: Carlsbad
Category: Power Supplies
Astec Power is a worldwide and leading supplier of standard, modified standard,
custom AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies from 1 watt to 18,000 watts. A wholly
owned subsidiary of Emerson (EMR:NYSE), the firm is headquartered in San Diego,
California and is dedicated to advanced research and development, followed by
sophisticated manufacturing automation and in-process testing to deliver power
system solutions. Astec Power has design and production operations on three
continents to best serve its international customer base with quality products
that are reliable, delivered on-time and competitively priced.

City: White Hall
Category: Special Machnies
Manufacturers & innovative designers of special machines viz.,
straight-thru-in-line wire drawing, in-line drawing comparison, bar shades &
draw-straighten & cut-to-length, rod pull pointers, power de coiling, etc.

City: Pasadena
Category: Mission Critical Applications
Astera develops sophisticated, mission-critical applications for the mortgage
industry. The company's powerful new secondary marketing tool, Astera Secondary
Manager(tm), enables mortgage companies to substantially increase profits and
enhance productivity. Astera Secondary Manager delivers rapid ROI in both hard
and soft costs by automating loan pooling optimization and best execution

City: Westwood
Category: Antennas
Founded in 1955, by Dr Thomas, at the request of the United States Air Force,
Department of Scientific Research. Designed and built the first tele metering
and beacon antennas for re-entry vehicles withstanding the high temperatures of

City: Orange
Category: Industrial & Laboratory Sensors
Manufacturers of customized pH ORP and Ion selective industrial and laboratory

City: Billerica
Category: Novel Surface Technologies & Coatings
AST Products Inc was founded in 1989 to develop novel surface technologies and
coatings. Initially a research based organization, AST now offers a line of
patented and proprietary coatings for the medical device and specialty materials
industries. It also provides specially engineered plasma reactors and analysis
equipment that facilitate the application of their advanced coatings. Housed in
a 23,000 sf, ISO 9001;2000 registered, GMP compliant facility complete with
Class 10,000 and Class 100,000 cleanrooms, advanced analytical and research
labs, and a state of the art machine shop, AST can offer contract coating
services to companies that require the highest degree of quality from its

City: Taunton
Category: Power Products
Founded in 1994 by power product specialists, Astrodyne is dedicated to the
design, manufacturing, technical support, and delivery of innovative and cost
effective power solutions for worldwide applications. Our product line consists
of over 1800 different AC/DC switching power supplies and DC/DC converters used
in industrial controls, telecom systems, medical instrumentation, and data
acquisition applications. Our commitment to quality and customer service enables
us to provide a wide variety of customers with reliable standard and
custom-configured products that meet their performance and cost objectives.

City: Warren
Category: RF & Microwave Components
Since its inception in 1961 Astrolab Inc has been dedicated to providing the
quality, reliability and innovation necessary to satisfy the industry's growing
need for state-of-the-art RF/microwave components. A history of significant
contributions to the military, space, commercial and other electronic industries
is the result of this dedication.

Our thorough understanding of application requirements and the ability to
design, manufacture and deliver quality products on time and on target have made
Astrolab an acknowledged leader in the microwave industry. Astrolab considers
its products precision components rather than mere connecting devices. It was
precisely this alternative concept over the "insignificant device" that
propelled Astrolab to the creation of new products including 90° Sweep
Connectors, Hermetic Connectors and Adaptors, Coaxial to Waveguide Adaptors,
Phase Shifters, astro-cobra- flex Convoluted Semi-rigid Cables, Flat Response
Delay Lines, Quick Disconnect Waveguide Clamps, High Temperature Dielectric
Beads for 3.5mm and 7mm Connectors, ever-flex, the "Three Million Flex Cable"
and the patented minibend(r), mini141(r) and microbend(tm) Cable Assemblies.

City: Carson City
Category: Motion Controls
Astromec is a leading designer and manufacturer of a wide variety of custom
fractional horsepower DC, PMDC and BLDC motors, and other motion control
products. We design these motor products to solve the challenging problems you
face. Got a great idea and need a great motor product but can't find one
off-the-shelf? Use a custom designed product from Astromec to make your idea

City: West Warwick
Category: Color Label Printing Systems
Astro-Med Inc is a leading manufacturer of color label printing systems, Life
Sciences Instrumentation, and specialty data acquisition systems for
cross-industrial, inter-global applications. Founded in 1969 with a core
technology in data recording, Astro-Med has grown by focusing its product
development on emerging applications with a view to future market positioning.

Astro-Med is a growth-oriented Company that believes in vigorous new product
development, in high-quality products, and in total customer satisfaction.
Astro-Med's corporate vision statement commits it to enhancing shareholder value
through the application of its technology for product and market development.

The corporation comprises three distinct product groups, as seen on our home
page, related by a common technological ancestry and by the continuous
interchange of skills and experience. These product families are known as
QuickLabel Systems, Test and Measurement, and Grass- Telefactor.

City: Milwakee
Category: Military & Commercial Electronics
Astronautics Corporation of America was estabilished in 1959 ans is a world
leader in the design, development and manufacture of military and commercial
electronics for air, space, land and sea applications. Its products are used
throughout the world in a wide range of military and commercial applicaitons for
ground, sea and aerospace. More than 100,000 aircrafts use Astrnautics flight
instruments, displays, computers and components.

City: Irvine
Category: Power Products
Manufacturers of power products viz., switching power supplies, custom base
station switching power supplies, etc.

City: Buffalo
Category: Lighting & Electronic Systems
Astronics is a leader in advanced, high-performance lighting and electronics
systems for the global aerospace industry. We have evolved from a components
supplier to a principal designer and manufacturer of external, cockpit and cabin
lighting systems. We are unique in our ability to address the complete lighting
needs of an aircraft for the three major aircraft markets: the military,
commercial transport and business jet markets. Astronics provides its products
to major aircraft manufacturers, avionics companies and operators around the

City: Irving
Category: Electrical Power Appratus
Manufacturers of electrical power products.

City: Beaverton
Category: Connector Assembly & Tools
We are continually updating and adding to our product lines to meet the
demanding complexities of today's market. Our engineering department is
outfitted with the latest in computer aided design systems. Our manufacturing
facilities utilize state of the art computer numeric control machining centers
that enable us to precisely produce more sophisticated tooling while holding
ever tightening tolerances.

City: Mesa
Category: Aerospace Machining
Astrotronics Inc will deliver reliable, quality parts and services to its
customers, on time and at a competitive price. The company will promote an
environment in which all personnel have the opportunity to offer ideas for
continual process improvement with active top management support and customer

City: Irving
Category: Precision WaterJet & Abrasive Waterject Products
AST Waterjet Inc offers precision waterjet and abrasive waterjet cutting
services. Founded in 1993, we are dedicated to producing quality parts in a
timely manner.

City: Carlsbad
Category: Fluid Dispensing Equipment
Asymtek supplies award-winning automated fluid dispensing systems that are
focused on advanced technology applications in a wide range of industries. These
include semiconductor packaging, printed circuit board assembly, flat panel
display assembly, electronic component assembly, medical/biotech product
assembly, and other assembly processes. With over 20 years of experience,
Asymtek is committed to providing innovative dispensing solutions and the best
support to customers worldwide.

City: Fremont
Category: Automation Solutions
Asyst Technologies Inc founded in 1984, provides automation solutions optimized
for the needs of our global customers in the semiconductor, flat panel display,
and related industries. As the most experienced fab automation company, we are
dedicated to helping our customers gain competitive advantage through the
intelligent application of our wide range of productivity- and yield-boosting

City: Albuquerque
Category: Precision Measurement, Sensing & Controls
ATA is a precision measurement, sensing and control company that offers services
and products to government and commercial customers. In its 29-year history, ATA
has provided large-scale experiment support to government sponsored advanced
technology and demonstration programs. It is also an active member in the
scientific community, with hundreds of presentations and publications over the
past two decades. ATA's awards include the SPIE Technology Award, Air Force
Phillips Laboratory Achievement Award, SBA Prime Contractor of the year, USAF
Small Business R&D Contractor, and SBA Administrator's Award for Excellence,
among others.

City: Huntington Station
Category: RF & Microwave Components
ATC designs, develops, manufactures and markets Multilayer Capacitors, Single
Layer Capacitors, Resistor Products, Inductors, Custom Thin Film Products and
LTCC Products for RF, microwave and millimeter-wave applications. Our products
are primarily focused on the wireless communications infrastructure, fiber
optic, medical electronics, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, defense,
aerospace, and satellite communications markets. For over thirty-five years we
have been "The Engineer's Choice".

Customer interface is administered by our own personnel and independent sales
representatives. American Technical Ceramics is headquartered in Huntington
Station, New York and has an Advanced Technology Center in Jacksonville,
Florida. This is the center of excellence for our traditional product lines and
the development and manufacturing facilities for Thin Film and Resistor

City: Leesburg
Category: Automatic Timing & Controls
Manufacturers of automatic timers & controls.

City: Indianapolis
Category: Test & Measurement Products
ATC Inc has offered our customers high quality, innovative and affordable Test &
Measurement products for more than 15 years.

City: Newark
Category: Hardware for Boxes,Cases
Atco Products was established in 1938 as a manufacturer of hardware for boxes,
cases, binders, and luggage. Today, Atco is one of few surviving domestic
manufacturers serving these industries. Our longevity is the result of quality
products, on-time delivery, fair prices, and dedication to customer service.

Atco's capabilities are extensive and include Stamping, Tool & Die Design and
Construction, Assembly, and Wire EDM Services.

Atco's customers span the globe and range from major international conglomerates
to small mom and pop shops.

City: Stafford
Category: Parts, Assemblies & Systems
Atec engineers and custom manufactures a broad spectrum of parts, assemblies and
systems. The company performs engineering and project services, manufactures
electronics and information control systems - complementing precision to heavy
mechanical machining and fabrication. Atec provides design, prototyping, repair,
field service, construction management and build-to-print efforts.

City: Concord
Category: Air Management Devices
ATECS LLc manufactures air management devices for cleanrooms and other
controlled environments. Many ATECS devices have a patented orifice
configuration ensuring linear air flow. The damper product line consists of:
Floor, Wall and Ceiling Filter Dampers to ensure parallel flow in class 1 to 100
rooms. With them, accurate, repeatable and consistent air flow is fast and easy
to regulate and maintain. ATECS' other products for controlled environments are:
Specialty Louvers, Diffusers, Flex Duct Quick Connect Couplings, Exhaust Control
Systems for aggressive air streams and custom engineered air stream devices.
ATECS L.L.C. has been manufacturing controlled environment air management
products for four years and the newest products were introduced in 1998.

City: Pompano Beach
Category: Test Products
ATE FixtureFab has been offering our quality products and services for over 30
years! We have a dedicated team of employees providing a complete range of
products and services to support the ATE industry.

ATE FixtureFab & Programming offers the Ultimate "turnkey solution". ATE
FixtureFab & Programming offers BOTH Fixture\hardware and Programming/software.

We provide quality custom designed products with a reasonable delivery at a
reasonable cost on any and all machine and custom design needs our customers may

We have an extensive Quality Control system within our company which includes an
automatic wire verification machine, as well as for fixture only projects we
actually place your fixture on our tester head and check for shorts, contact,
testjet or any additional internal wiring.

City: Tustin
Category: Computer Accessories & Cable Assemblies
Manufacturers of computer accessories and cable assemblies.

City: Milford
Category: Electronic Assembly Products
Atek Systems represents manufacturers that provide systems and products for
companies manufacturing electronic assemblies.

City: San Jose
Category: Semiconductor
Atelic Systems Inc is a semiconductor company that provides high quality, cost
effective DSP and mixed signal IC solutions for the telecommunication and
networking equipment manufacturers. The company is located in the heart of
Silicon Valley and bases it's strength on its mixed signal design capability and
the founders' extensive experience in DSP ICs and analog circuit designs,
including algorithms and firmware development. Atelic Systems unique products
are based on the company's proprietary DSP cores, analog front end ADC and DAC
converters, and various DSP algorithms.

City: Miami
Category: Antennas
Antenna World is expanding the line-up again with several new items to serve the
XM Satellite Radio Subscribers. In February we started making cables and cable
assemblies. Soon we will have a new XM antenna for trucks and another for marine
plus the hot selling magnetic pucks.

City: Kittery
Category: Test Programs
ATE PC Product Services Inc ("APPS") was founded in October 1990 by Edward L.
Woods. As a company we offer complete third party support for all Teradyne
Z-series ATE systems. We have been providing benchmark quality documentation,
applications support, test programs and test fixtures for companies throughout
North America since 1983.

A program written by APPS goes beyond the standard in-circuit test coverage out
of the program generator. We have developed a pre-processor to the Z18xx program
generator that compensates for program generator deficiencies and improves long
term in-circuit test stability. Also, advanced applications techniques,
mixed-mode, long-hand, block functional and cluster tests will be used whenever
practical to obtain higher accuracies and increased test coverage.

City: Canton
Category: Industrial Quality Control Products
We design and produce the most user friendly, fastest and most reliable
instruments on the market, thus ensuring that our customers can focus on
manufacturing higher quality products faster and cheaper.

City: Lincolnwood
Category: Precision Compnents
ATF has steadily enhanced its manufacturing capabilities, building a reputation
for innovative products, superior quality, highly capable processes and best
in-class customer service.

Today, ATF is a leader in the design and manufacture of tight-tolerance metal
components, assemblies and engineered fasteners.

City: Phoenix
Category: Semiconductor Test Equipment
ATFab locates and sells pre-owned semiconductor test systems. Our efforts are
focused on Advantest, Agilent (Hewlett Packard), Ando, Credence, LTX, Megatest,
MOSAID, Teradyne, Schlumberger, and SZ systems.

City: Harbor City
Category: Magnetic Media Products
Athana International Inc: We supply a full range of Magnetic Media Products,
Computer Accessories, Compact Disk, Rigid Disk (Disk Pack and Disk Cartridge)
Products. Duplicators, Degaussers, Certifiers and Media Testing and Processing
Equipment is also part of our offering. On the Service side we offer Duplication
and Replication Service for Diskettes and Recordable Compact Disks, Media
Services including data recovery, cleaning, erasing, degaussing, testing and

City: Plymouth Meeting
Category: Temperature Controls Instrumentation
Located in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, USA, Athena Controls Inc designs and
manufactures digital and analog temperature control instrumentation for
applications in the process industries worldwide, ranging from plastics and
packaging to food and pharmaceuticals.

Athena offers temperature control solutions in three major areas of the

City: Farmington Hills
Category: Digital Electronic Hardware Modules
Founded in 1997, Analog Technologies Inc (ATI), specializes in R&D and
production of analog and digital electronic hardware modules, sub-systems, and
systems. Components include: TEC (Thermo-Electric Cooler) controllers, heater
controllers, diode laser drivers, LED drivers, and photodetector amplifiers.
Sub-systems include: laser/TEC controllers and laser/heater controllers. Systems
include laser diode burn-in solutions. ATI also creates computer and embedded
software programs for detection and analysis of optical and electronic signals.
Our ability to deliver innovative, quick, on time and low cost results has led
to several significant projects as well as many smaller ones. ATI has years of
experience in design and development of special analog electronic circuits and
systems. We typically provide our customers with prototypes, Alpha sets, Beta
sets and final products. Numerous patents have been filed and granted based on
our novel designs in electronics, mechanics and optics.

City: Horsham
Category: Broadcast Audio/Studio Equipment
ATI has long been recognized as a manufacturer of high quality broadcast
audio/studio equipment. In recent years, ATI has expanded its business base from
exclusively broadcast to also include sound reinforcement and professional sound
applications. ATI currently has over 70,000 pieces of equipment in use
worldwide. Some of the recognized users are the United Nations Headquarters in
NYC, Voice of America Worldwide, the Architect of the Capital (which services
the United States Senate, House of Representatives, and the White House),
federal and state agencies, IBM, AT&T, CBS, ABC, NBC and affiliates, cable
companies such as HBO, CNN and ESPN, independent TV and Radio stations
worldwide, production studios, theme parks and sports stadiums, Disney World,
Universal Studios and Warner Communications, along with many others.

City: Birmingham
Category: Logistics & Assembly Systems
Siemens Logistics and Assembly Systems, the leading name in material handling
automation, postal automation and electronics assembly systems, has but one
goal: to increase our customers' life cycle return. >From design and engineering
to installation and maintenance support, we partner with customers to provide
them with the innovations they need to succeed.

Using the knowledge base of our customers and 11,000 employees worldwide, we
bring innovations from concept to reality with each project.

City: Zanesville
Category: Fluid Controls
Internormen Technology GmbH is a leading global manufacturer of high quality
hydraulic and lubrication filters, oil service equipment and analysis products.

Internormen Technology GmbH is committed to promptly supplying and servicing our
customers with quality filtration products . The target of the company is the
manufacturing and distribution of hydraulic and lubrication filters, oil
contamination control systems, as well as accessories.

Since 1972 Internormen Technology GmbH has developed over 3000 different filter
element types with corresponding housings and components.

The Internormen Technology GmbH line of filtration products encompasses in-line
pressure filters for up to 415 bar, tank-mounted return, duplex, suction and
special filters such as stainless steel housing and battery filters.

City: Apex
Category: Industrial Automation
ATI Industrial Automation is a leading engineering-based world developer of
robotic end effectors, including Automatic Tool Changers, Multi-axis
Force/Torque Sensing Systems, Robotic Deburring Tools, Robotic Collision Sensor
Devices and Compliance Devices. Our products are found in thousands of
successful applications around the world.

Since 1989 our team of mechanical, electrical and software engineers has been
developing cost-effective, state of the art products and solutions to improve
manufacturing productivity.

Our mission is to provide customers with high-quality robotic peripheral
devices, tooling and sensors that enhance customer profitability by increasing
the effectiveness, flexibility and safety of their automation applications. We
accomplish this through continuous improvement of existing products, product
customization and new product innovation.

City: Warren
Category: Electro-mechanical Products
ATI Systems is a registered small business and global supplier of standardized
electro-mechanical products, turnkey assemblies, diagnostic and product test
systems. As a total system integrator, our systems, products and services have
been integrated installed, commissioned and maintained in a wide range of client
and industry. With its dedication, diversity and experience, ATI Systems
delivers the highest quality products, large and small systems, and specialized
quality and product management equipment to your specified location.

City: Wall
Category: Drive Systems
Excellent solutions in the field of mechanical engineering have a long tradition
in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. Atlanta can look back upon more than 70 years of
progress and innovation in the field of power transmission engineering. Since
its founding in 1929, the company has undergone a continuous and steady upswing.
Today the knowledge and experience of more than 200 employees working in the
Atlanta factories in Bietighiem-Bissingen guarantee further development and

Production Machines employing the most modern control systems and systematically
updated software enable the consequent translation of engineering concepts into
functional series products.

City: Kennesaw
Category: Garment Racks
Atlanta Rail & Conveyor offers a full-line of rolling garment-racks, including
Z-racks, H-racks and several specialty garment racks. These industrial-strength
racks are designed to withstand many years of commercial use.

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