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USA manufacturer database

Are you looking for information on USA manufacturers. Then check out the previews of data we have available in our database. Price is only 250 euros
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Previews of data we have available:

City: New Castle
Category: Air Doors
Berner International Corporation, manufacturer of air doors/air curtains and
related equipment, is dedicated to listening to and solving customer's problems
by designing and manufacturing the highest quality products and providing the
best service in the industry.

City: Westfield
Category: Miniature & Micro-Optics
Bern Optics Inc was founded in 1989, is fully integrated to convert raw glass
into high precision, exotically coated optical components, from prototype to
volume production. We specialize in making some of the smallest lenses and
prisms in the world. As one of the premier independent manufacturers of
precision optics, Bern Optics Inc has consistently remained in the forefront of
micro-optics fabrication.

City: Buffalo Grove
Category: Machining Tools
Bertsche Engineering Corp estabilished in 1972 is a designer and builder of high
performance standard and custom machining tools, automatic tool changers and

Since 1992 Bertsche Engineering has pioneered the cevelopment of very high feed
rate long bed travelling column-machining centers. Available as vetical spindle,
as horizontal spindle and as 5 axis machines they feature very long travels in
X, very high spindle rpm, feed and rapid rates and high acceleration all
necessary components for high feedrate machining.

City: South Beloit
Category: HSS Taps, Drils, End Mills
Besly Products Corporation is a manufacturer of high quality HSS taps, drills,
end mills and gages used world wide in the metal working industry. The company
employs about 225 people and has been in business in the Beloit, Wisconsin area
for more than 120 years.

Besly Products Corporation started as Charles H Besly Company in August, 1875;
it was re-organized as Besly-Welles Corporation in 1952. The company was
purchased by Bendix Corporation in 1965, which made it a division (Industrial
Tools) in 1968. In September, 1984, James A Deeds, purchased the company and has
continued the manufacturing and distribution of quality cutting tools - Standard
and Special High Speed Steel Taps, Drills, Reamers, End Mills, as well as
Carbide Tipped and other cutting tools.

City: W Warwick
Category: Precision Optics
BES Optics Inc was established in 1989 manufacturing mostly commercial and some
limited precision optics. Since 1993 we have been moving towards mostly high
precision work developing new procedures and techniques that would continually
narrow the gap between the speed and efficiency of commercial processes and the
long time consuming ones involved in that of high precision optics.

The result is that although we can be competitive in most commercial or
precision areas, our specialty is in high precision flat Optics (typical windows
are less than tenth wave in flatness and transmission with parallelism of less
than 2 seconds) in which we feel we can be more than competitive in a worldwide
marketplace where the cost of labor is often a small fraction of ours.

City: Brunswick
Category: Bulk Processing Equipment
Best Inc is a diversified manufacturer of vibratory bulk process equipment
designed and built to customer needs and specifications, as well as providing a
complete line of air and electric vibrators for all types of industry.
Headquartered in Brunswick, OH (south of Cleveland), the product line is sold in
the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and around the globe.

City: Portland
Category: Electronic Access Systems
Manufacturers of commercial security systems, provider for door locking and
hardware, electronic access systems.

City: Chatsworth
Category: Data Communication Products
Best Data is a leading developer and manufacturer of data communication products
and is an emerging company in the fast-paced environment of broadband
technologies. Best Data is a well-known brand for modems in the consumer arena;
with its successful Smart One product line including over 20 million modems sold
and established quality brand recognition with the consumer.

Best Data is showcasing a new line of Smart One products, including a variety of
Cable and DSL modems and Wireless products for today's broadband consumer. Best
Data has already established a reputation as a leading manufacturer for modems
in the consumer arena and the company is now bringing that reputation in the
retail market to a distribution strategy that includes making broadband products
available for retail purchase.

The company's strategy is to bring the latest technology to customers at the
best value and Best Data is forming unique partnerships with the cable industry
as well as utilizing Best Data's established network of retail store partners to
bring high-speed Internet access to the consumer. Best Data sells its products
worldwide through retail stores, catalogues and direct sales to OEM customers.

City: Placentia
Category: OEM Remote Control
Bestec Co is part of a team of divisions that with combined capabilities the
following technologies in Korea.

City: Fairfield
Category: Vacuum Pumps & Vacuum Gages
If you are using light bulb, computer, cosmetic, sunglasses, wireless phone, air
conditioning or refrigerator in your home, car or office, you are very close to
our company because they are probably made of our vacuum products.

Bestech Industry in New Jersey was established 1999 to facilitate the expansion
of vacuum product sales and service into the North and South American Market.

We are rapidly expanding our distribution network and customers base throughout
the USA and Canada.

We are the manufacturer and supplier of vacuum pumps and equipments. We supplied
our products to major companies over the past 20 years. These include in Boeing,
NASA, G.M., Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Philips, Praxair, Samsung, Hyundai, LG,
Daewoo, McQuay, Government-operated Enterprise, many Colleges and Universities.
We have been given excellent ratings in quality, design, and performance.

City: Santa Ana
Category: Lighting Products
Best manufactures commercial, industrial, and residential lighting products.
Best takes pride in their many innovative designs and the choices offered.

Exit and emergency fixtures for almost any application range from basic
incandescent to Best's state of the art energy saving LED units. Check out these
units starting with the self-contained, economical "R" series to the industrial
grade, remote capable "DXR" series.

City: Menlo
Category: Protective Equipments
For more than 50 years, Best® Manufacturing has led the personal protective
equipment industry through a rich tradition of hand protection firsts. Best® was
the first glove maker to produce a wrinkled-finish coated work glove with our
Nitty Gritty® in the 60s and 70s. In the 70s and 80s, we help transform chemical
hand protection as the innovator of PVC classics such as the industry's all-time
best seller, the Black Knight®. And we revolutionized the exam glove market in
the 90s as the first company to deliver a latex alternative with the
introduction of the revolutionary N-DEX®, the world's first disposable nitrile
exam glove. That heritage continues to this day with firsts like the N-DEX®
Free, the world's only disposable nitrile glove free of chemical accelerators
commonly associated with Type IV dermatitis and rashes.

City: Houston
Category: Flow Control Products
Best Swivel Joints has served the petroleum industry for over 35 years with the
highest quality flow control products available.

Best products are in service around the world and we continue to produce and
develop products to satisfy the petroleum industry's demand for improved safety
and dependability.

In addition, through its acquisition of the POPI ball valve line in 1998 and its
acquisition of the Christy "Gator" compressor line in 2004, Best now offers its
customers a wide range of products for the oil and gas industry.

City: Greenland
Category: Miniature Pneumatic Fittings
Beswick Engineering is a family owned business that is willing to go the extra
mile to provide excellent customer service. Beswick employs degreed Applications
Engineers that are ready to answer technical questions and help customers in a
variety of ways.

The unique advantages of Beswick products are the result of careful attention to
fundamental engineering design concepts. All employees are committed to the
design and manufacture of innovative products that will provide superior value
to our customers.

City: Dublin
Category: Electron Beam Accelerators
Titan Beta (Beta) designs and manufactures electron beam accelerators for a wide
range of applications. Radio Frequency (RF) linear accelerators have been
provided for industrial applications including the Titan Scan medical product
sterilization facilities. Other industrial applications for these linear
accelerators include medical waste sterilization, materials processing and food
disinfestation and preservation. Beta also designs state-of-the-art linear
accelerator systems for the scientific community for basic research. Most
recently, construction was completed on a $12M turn-key 550MeV electron and
positron linear accelerator system for subatomic particle research in Italy.
Beta also provided a 200 MeV linear accelerator as the injector for a
synchrotron ring as part of a national synchrotron light source program.

City: Bridgewater
Category: Power Products
Beta Dyne Inc is a designer and manufacturer of power products and specializes
in DC/DC Converters, Function Generators, Ring Generators and Switching
Regulators. The hallmark of our products include Low Noise, High Voltage, and
High Power Density. We offer a comprehensive product line with over 600 models
and have developed over 100 additional Custom Products. With a technology-driven
focus, we strive to improve the performance and value of our products by
continually advancing the art of circuit design.

Beta Dyne was established in April of 1999 and is incorporated in the state of
Delaware. Company headquarters-where Engineering, Manufacturing, Operations,
Sales and Marketing are housed-is located in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Only
ISO-9000 certified manufacturing facilities are approved for production
assembly. These facilities are selected in the U.S. and abroad under strict
audits by Beta Dyne and its customers when requested. All products are designed
and prototyped in our local Bridgewater laboratory under stringent guidelines
for design criteria. Meticulous attention is given to design margin, long life,
and manufacturing ease. Our current design patent status is testimony to these
disciplines. This provides our customers with the greatest value and the most
reliable products available anywhere in the world.

City: Dayton
Category: Precision Measurement & Control Systems
At Beta Laser Mike, we provide integrated systems using a wide range of
measurement gauges, controllers and sensors designed to improve product quality
and reduce manufacturing costs. Our non-contact gauging systems provide both
in-process dimensional monitoring and control and sample inspection of products
such as cable, wire, monofilament, plastics, hose, tubing and fiber optics.

City: St Louis
Category: Automated Industrial Controls
Beta Raven was created by the 1984 merge of two companies with extensive
experience in process automation-Raven Industries Inc of Sioux Falls, SD and
Beta Corporation of St Louis, MO.

Raven Industries installed the first solid-state batch controller in the feed
industry in 1966, then introduced the first computerized batching system to the
feed industry in 1969.

Beta Raven offers over 30 years of cutting-edge development in process
automation, scale manufacturing, and liquid control. Our innovation and robust
systems help us continue to set the pace for industrial automation in the feed
mill, bakery, tortilla, and premix industries. In addition to our superior
products, our excellent customer service is what makes Beta Raven a company you
want as your automation partner.

City: Bohemia
Category: Transformers
Beta Transformer Technology Corporation is the leader in state-of-the-art,
custom military, commercial and space-level magnetic components. Founded in 1979
to meet the growing need for transformers, inductors and bridging transformers,
Beta developed high quality, miniaturized precision Scott-T, 1553 interface,
Fibre Channel and reference transformers for data conversion applications. These
early technological developments laid the foundation for Beta's leading edge
capabilities of today. Beta products are used in a host of key applications such
as the F-18 fighter, C-17 transport, the M1A2 tank, and Boeing's 747, 757 and
777 aircraft and the JDAM program. Beta's MIL-STD-1553 interface transformers,
available in custom or standard configurations, accurately process sinusoidal or
trapezoidal waveforms specified by MIL-STD-1553 A/B and McDonnell Douglas'
A-3818, A-5690, A-5232 and A-4905 protocols. In addition, our Fibre Channel
transformers are an excellent choice for your high-speed data applications.
Beta's epoxy-cased, hermetically sealed, pulse transformers can be found in
space station Alpha. In addition, a large selection of Scott-T transformers are
available for small signal, low power applications in sizes suitable for hybrid
packages or for large signal power drivers up to 100 VA for shipboard torque
receiver systems. Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is another exciting aspect of
Beta's technological capabilities. This entails mounting transformers, along
with other surface mount components, onto boards. Pitches, as small as .015"
centers, are achieved using a stencil printer, automated surface mount
assembler, and convection reflow oven. Beta's broad line of standard industry
designs can satisfy almost all application requirements,

City: Hauppauge
Category: Precision Potentiometers
Betatronix Inc is a privately owned company that was incorporated in New York
State in 1966. At present, we employ 80 people and are housed in a modern,
10,000 square foot building in Hauppauge, New York. Betatronix is a manufacturer
of Precision Potentiometers which are custom designed for each customer and
their specific application. Betatronix builds "exotic" potentiometers and
specializes in miniaturized packaging of potentiometers with other components.
We successfully meet specifications that other manufacturers claim are
impossible, including tighter accuracies, unique packaging, reduced size,
operation in extreme environments, and extended life. Our achievements have been
unsurpassed and have earned Betatronix the reputation as being the most
technically capable precision potentiometer manufacturer in the country.

Our principal product is Molded Conductive Plastic Potentiometers. We do,
however, continue to manufacture wire-wound potentiometers to service those
customers who still use them and would be without a source if we dropped our
wire-wound line.

Our business today is primarily military, accounting for approximately 75% of
our total sales. Our military business is varied and our customer list includes
most of the major aerospace manufacturers in the country.

City: Greenfield
Category: Industrial Spray & Fog Nozzle
In all areas of nozzle engineering, manufacturing, and application, Bete is a
pioneer. Ever since 1950 when John BETE invented the spiral (corkscrew) nozzle,
our innovations have gone into deep sea, deep space and everywhere in between.

In 1993, we were the first spray nozzle company to have its quality management
system registered to ISO 9001. In 2003, we became the first spray nozzle company
in the world with a quality management system registered to the demanding ISO
9001:2000 standard. [In-house investment casting foundry]

In-house investment casting foundry Bete makes over 20,000 different nozzles. We
pioneered the use of Teflon® (PTFE) and titanium for nozzles, and we're the only
nozzle manufacturer with a complete in-house investment casting foundry. The
majority of our products are specially engineered for our customers, and nearly
one third of our business is international.

City: Cerritos
Category: RFIC's
Dr Daniel Kang founded BethelTronix Inc (BTI) in 1990. BTI began as an IC design
and development house for leading communication device manufacturers and
research and development firms. The majority of initial contracts for wireless
communication devices originated from customers in the Asia / Pacific region.
Recently, BTI began to design its own standard IC products to more aggressively
pursue the hot and growing wireless market.

Based on his high tech engineering experience from Texas Instruments, General
Electric, Motorola and Gigabit Logic, Dr. Kang and a group of talented and
ambitious engineers derived new concepts for high integration circuits using
standard silicon processes. Their innovative design approach had the potential
to reduce the size and cost of RFICs beyond what the industry had previously
seen. The team of engineering professionals working with Dr Kang has now grown
to 40, with a current total of 50 associates at BTI. The result of BTI's focus
on building engineering talent has resulted in the development of more than 150
RF and analog cells, which are the building blocks for RF products.

City: Delavan
Category: Automated Assembly Equipment
Better By Design is an automation equipment manufacturer with expertise in leak
testing, vision inspection, part presence and verification, welding and
assembly, dispensing and filling, battery packs and tab welding and ultrasonic
and laser welding. Our state-of-the-art facility is located in south-central
Wisconsin and serves a diverse customer base throughout North America. All
equipment is designed, built and debugged within our facility.

City: Baltimore
Category: Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment
Best aqueous parts washers and degreasers available on the market today.

Our parts washers and parts degreasers are used in virtually every sector of the
economy, including aerospace, automobile manufacturing, and FDA venues.

Better Engineering's line of industrial parts washers includes spray washers,
immersion parts cleaning systems, and ultrasonic parts washing machinery.

City: Scottsdale
Category: Computer Connectivity Products
Since 1990, BOScom (previously known as B.O.S. - Better On-line Solutions, now
the name of BOScom's parent company) has been creating innovative and powerful
solutions for seamless integration of PCs and LANs into the midrange host
environment. The Company designs, develops, manufactures, markets and supports
superior products that provide efficient solutions to PC connectivity challenges
in the AS/400 environment. Realizing the changing role of the AS/400 in today's
workplace, the company's mission is to provide AS/400 and SYS/3x users with
technologically advanced and cost-efficient solutions for connectivity between
the AS/400 system and PCs and LANs, whether local or remote.

BOScom sells and supports its products worldwide through a network of
subsidiaries, distributors, and value-added resellers (VARs). The company's
distribution network continues to grow as the demand for AS/400 connectivity
products expands. BOS's experienced and knowledgeable customer support staff are
dedicated to providing the strongest support, in the most timely and courteous

City: Waller
Category: Actuators & Controls
Bettis' roots go back to 1929 when it was established as an oilfield supply
house and manufacturer's representative. The company later evolved into a
manufacturing organization, becoming a pioneer in the valve actuation business.
Today, Bettis is the world's leading independent manufacturer of pneumatic and
hydraulic valve actuators. Bettis products are used in almost every energy
related industry including on and offshore oil and gas transmission,
petrochemical and petroleum refining. Other significant markets include
chemical, power industry including nuclear, pulp and paper, food and beverage,
pharmaceutical, textile and water systems. The company has potential in
virtually any market where valves are operated automatically.

The company headquarters in Waller, Texas (near Houston) houses more than
145,000 square feet of covered manufacturing, research, engineering and office
facilities. Bettis UK Ltd serves the European market with a 70,000 square foot
manufacturing facility.

Since Bettis' inception, it has continuously expanded both its physical capacity
and its product lines. Its growth has come, in part, from the acquisition of
some of the world's most reputable actuator manufacturers with a myriad of
offerings and specialties. As a result of these acquisitions, Bettis now
operates plants worldwide coupled with a global sales and distribution network
unmatched in the industry.

City: Warren
Category: Pneumatic Valves & Lighting Systems
Our Corporate Headquarters are located in Warren, Pennsylvania USA. Located here
since 1901 this facility has seen 7 major expansions and grown to occupy 255,000
square feet on over 15 acres of land. Housing our manufacturing, engineering,
purchasing, sales and other business functions, it is here that we design and
produce high quality components such as valves, manlids and pressure/vacuum
relief valves for highway cargo tanks and various other industrial applications.

Our Lamp Plant, also located in Warren, Pennsylvania, houses our lighting
division's manufacturing operations. This facility built in 1956, has seen 4
expansions and is where we manufacture safety lamps and lighting systems
together with accessories for the trucking industry.

City: Waukesha
Category: Workplace Seating
Bevco Ergonomic Seating, headquartered in Waukesha, Wisconsin, has been
manufacturing rugged and dependable workplace seating for 50 years. Bevco
products offer the latest in advanced ergonomic features with an industrial
strength design.

Bevco is well known for its continuing commitment to ergonomic engineering,
quality products and great customer service. Recognizing the strong benefits of
ergonomic design, it's complete line of seating has been created to improve
physical comfort, health and productivity of workers.

Bevco offers ten unique product series for industrial, ESD, cleanroom,
healthcare, laboratory and office applications. The company also offers expert
application assistance to help customers identify the best seating models for
their specific needs.

City: Livonia
Category: Industrial Spray Nozzle
Bex is a leader in industrial spray nozzle and tank mixing eductor technology.

Typical nozzle applications include parts cleaning, food processing, cooling,
misting, dust control, phosphating, rinsing, and chemical processes, to name
just a few.

Educators are used to enhance circulation in a wide variety of re-circulating
process tanks.

City: Farmingdale
Category: Audio Products
Since 1924 beyerdynamic has remained a German family owned company with a
commitment to continuous research and innovative developments for the audio
market. All over the world beyerdynamic is known for the use of the latest
technologies and a high quality standard - Made in Germany.

City: Vergennes
Category: Fuel & Utility Systems
Goodrich Fuel & Utility Systems is a leading producer of fuel measurement, fuel
management, health and usage management (HUMS), proximity sensing, fire
protection and actuation systems.

For more than sixty years, Goodrich Fuel & Utility Systems has been the premier
provider of affordable, reliable and technically creative solutions for the
commercial, military, regional, space and missile markets.Goodrich's industry
leadership began with the introduction of capacitance fuel gauging in 1945. Our
product has been installed on more than 50,000 aircraft, ranging from commercial
transports and commuters to military bombers, tactical fighters, combat
helicopters, missiles and every manned space vehicle since Apollo.

City: Spokane
Category: OEM Printers/Plotters
Started in 1974 as an outgrowth of a special project, B-G Instruments (BGI)
began by designing and building a particle counter. The counter required a hard
copy printout for display of collected data and archival purposes. Not finding a
printing device either small, or quiet enough to incorporate into this
equipment, John Baum and Donald Grove designed one. The first initials of their
last names form the logo for the company.

Their first printer/plotter, a DP101, is still being manufactured and serviced
for several of our original customers.

B-G Instruments incorporated in 1979 and moved its manufacturing and sales
facilities to Washington State about the same time. While John and Don retired
from the company, their desire for the highest quality, longest lived and most
dependable printer on the market remains the company's core goal. BGI
specializes in manufactruring printers for Original Equipment Manufactures

City: Fallbrook
Category: Tranformers & Inductors
BG Laboratories has been in the transformer business for almost 30 years. We
have come a long way! We like to think that it is a direct consequence of
supplying those things every customer wants in a transformer house engineering
excellence, low price, and fast delivery.

BG Laboratories has a long standing reputation for quality and service to its
customers and to that end, our courteous sales staff will assist you during all
stages of your order and are always available to answer your questions.

City: Hawthorne
Category: Electronic Equipment
BGW Systems Inc is a highly successful California corporation engaged in the
business of designing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing high quality
electronic equipment. BGW has built a strong reputation for building the most
rugged, reliable and long lasting products in the industry. BGW's product line
includes Audio Power Amplifiers for professional, industrial, commercial,
theater and cinema markets, Racks and Rack Mount Accessory Products,
Self-powered Subwoofer Systems, Rack Mount Computer Systems, in addition to
Custom and OEM products.

During the period from 1968 to mid-1972 the company was engaged in extensive
research and development activities. It was during this period that the company
developed its first product. At present, the company produces four lines of
power amplifiers; the "Professional Series", "Performance Series", "Grand
Touring Series", and the BGW "Millennium Series".

In July 1974, BGW Systems was chosen by Universal Studios to supply power
amplifiers for use in movie theaters worldwide. These amplifiers were an
integral part of Universal's Sensurroundú sound system featured in "Earthquake",
"Midway", and "Rollercoaster". During that period, thousands of BGW Models 750
and 750A's were purchased by Universal. And, most are still being used today in
Universal Studios' theme parks.

The company's manufacturing facilities are clean and modern. The Sheet Metal
facility is truly State of the Art. The 35 ton computer numerical controlled
Turret Punch Press fabricates all panels, chassis and brackets. Bending
operations are performed on two Press Brakes--one with numerical control back
gauge (one axis); the other has two axes numerical control back gauge. Shearing
operations utilize a six foot State of the Art Shear with a computerized gauging
system. Graining operations are performed on a special time-saver graining
machine. A CNC Machining Center allows fabrication of the balance of metal
components and heat sinks. Having this complete facility gives the company the
ability to develop new products quickly and to produce high quality packaging
for all products.

City: Garden City
Category: Electronic Systems
BEL was born to meet the growing needs of Indian Defence services for electronic
systems. Employing the best engineering talent available in the country, BEL has
progressed manufacturing state-of-the-art products in the field of Defence
Electronics like Communications including encryption, Radars and strategic

Over the years, BEL has diversified to meet the needs of civilian customers as
well and has provided products and network solutions on turnkey basis to
customers in India and abroad.

City: Burnside
Category: Transformers, Inductors, Filters
We are a medium size manufacturer of transformers, inductors, filters and
related assemblies. Our headquarters facility is located in Burnsville, MN and
our engineering/manufacturing facility is in Marshall, MN. We also manufacture
products in Mexico and China. BH customers are located in North America, Europe
and Asia.

Our product focus is on high frequency devices, within the range of 20KHz to
1GHz. When needed, we can supply low frequency products for those customers who
want one source for their magnetic needs.

BH management and employees are committed to the team concept of total quality.
Our U.S. manufacturing workforce, in Marshall, Minnesota, is organized into
about 10 production teams. This is also an ISO 9001:2000 certified facility.
Traditional quality assurance methods are supplemented by statistical analysis
and a formal system of tracking process quality trends. A formal system of
defect analysis and corrective action is in use. All employees are dedicated to
the concept of continuous improvement.

City: Newark
Category: Precision Fixtures
B-H-J Products has been manufacturing quality equipment for the racing and
engine rebuilding industry for over a quarter of a century.

Our Honing Plates and other specialty fixtures and tools can be found in the
premier racing engine shops throughout the world.

Our Harmonic Dampers have been second to none since manufacturing began in 1986.

City: San Marcos
Category: Extrusion Tooling
B&H Tool supplies quality engineered crossheads, in-line heads, tips, dies,
accessories and spare parts.

City: Beaverton
Category: Audio Electronics
We specialize in creating and manufacturing the finest audio electronics for
commercial markets. We are an internationally recognized leader in our field
headquartered in the Portland, Oregon area.

You may have never seen BIAMP products, but you have probably heard them
delivering, enhancing and managing the sound in airports, courtrooms, theaters,
universities, corporate boardrooms or other public venues.

We pride ourselves on rethinking what is possible. Throughout our rich history,
the company has continuously reshaped technology in creative ways to build truly
innovative audio products. With imaginative engineering, savvy insights into the
marketplace and users' needs, we have led the professional audio electronics
industry into new directions.

City: Holtsville
Category: Analytical Instruments
Brookhaven Instruments Corporation designs, manufactures, and sells quality
analytical instruments used in research, development, process and quality

We have been selling instruments since 1976. Instrument designs started when we
were postdoctoral students in the late 1960's.

City: Highland Heights
Category: Wire & Cable
General Cable - one company with the broadest product and global reach in the
wire and cable industry. It's a new power, built upon diverse resources that are
ready to serve a global market. It's about new ideas sketched on all four
hemispheres. And it's about the world . . . connected.

Serving commercial, industrial, utility, telecommunications, OEM,
military/government, retail, electrical, and communications distributor
customers worldwide, General Cable, and our 5,900 associates conduct business in
28 manufacturing locations in 8 countries, with sales representation around the
globe. The Power of One can offer a world presence in tune with our customers'
ever-changing sets of needs.

With superior engineering and manufacturing operations, industry-leading
logistics capabilities, the broadest product range in the industry, and a strong
group of associates seamlessly teaming to satisfy customers worldwide, there's
no question that General Cable--The Power of One--will become the premier wire
and cable company in the world!

City: Burbank
Category: Ore Cushers
As a manufacturer of laboratory sized ore crushers, Bico Incorporated has been
in business since 1888. We pride ourselves on exceptional products and customer
service, and our reputation reflects our dedication.

Our machines are built to withstand the rigors of everyday use, yet are priced
to accommodate nearly every budget.

City: Canaan
Category: Solenoids & Transformers
Bicron was established in 1964 and is specialized in the design and manufacture
of standard and custom solenoids, transformers, current sensors, specialty
magnetics and assemblies incorporating these components.

At Bicron we continuously strive for customer satisfaction in every product we
manufacture. This is a commitment not only by our top management, but also by
every level of our product development, product delivery and customer service

City: Pleasanton
Category: Automation Machinery
We design and build custom automation machinery used in industrial manufacturing
facilities. Big Bear Automation is a full service house, offering capital
equipment build from concept through to install and service. Our equipment is
installed and in production all over the World. Additionally, we supply a
product line of microplate orbital shakers used in biotechnology and genomics

Our senior staff has decades of engineering management and automation
development experience in many industries, including semiconductor, hard disk
drives, disk media, biotechnology and foods. We use dozens of various other
experts in the fields of mechanical engineering, programming, kinematics and
material sciences.

Our supply chain fab partner provides machining and assembly operations in low
cost Mexico, offering you further substantial discounts on elegant, complex
automation. All testing, programming and buyoff occurs in Silicon Valley here in
the San Francisco Bay Area, where we have access to specialized robotics
technicians and similar talent.

City: Spring Lake
Category: Quick Release Pins
Sky-Loc? Rapid Release Pins (also known as Quick Release Pins or Ball Lock Pins)
have a wide range of uses for both fastening and locating operations. They
operate on a locking ball principle assuring secure and safe fastening. These
positive locking pins will not release until the button on the handle is
depressed. Once the button is depressed, the balls retract into the pin allowing
the pin to be removed from the hole. Because they are positive locking, they can
replace traditional fasteners such as cotter pins, nuts and bolts, hitch pins,
etc? in many applications. They also allow the user to remove the pin without
the use of tools, saving you time and lost parts. This makes them ideal for
quick change operations and fieldwork. These patented pins are manufactured to
the highest quality standards. They are centerless ground to give you superior
tolerances. The consistent, defect-free ball retention assures that pins will
hold up to the job.

City: Owensboro
Category: Rubber & Gasket Fabrication
Big River Rubber & Gasket Co Inc is an industrial distributor of elastomeric,
polymeric, and related MRO supplies. Major products include hose, couplings,
plastics, packings, safety products, V-Belts, belting, and gaskets.

Established in 1978, in Owensboro, KY, on the KY-IN border, Big River has had
consistent growth because of its adaptability and flexibility as a supplier with
on-time quality shipment to meet customer requirements.

Staffed by dedicated and knowledgeable personnel, Big River prides itself with
shipping on-time, correct material.

City: Bozeman
Category: Laser Products
Big Sky Laser Technologies is dedicated to the design and

City: Bennington
Category: Lubrication Systems
Bijur was founded in 1923 by Joseph Bijur to produce centralized chassis
lubrication systems for automobiles. The early success of these products led the
company to develop a line of manual and automatic lubricators for industrial
production machinery.

Today Bijur Lubricating Corporation has earned an international reputation as a
leader in the development and supply of all types of centralized lubrication
products and flow control devices to dispense oil and grease lubricants.

Various national and multinational industrial manufacturers have adopted Bijur
lubrication systems. Principal industries include, machine tools, textile
machinery, printing and packaging machines, food and beverage, material handling
equipment and automotive.

City: Anoka
Category: Machining Services
My name is Bill Bune. I started my business in 1971 as a motorcycle accessory
retail sales facility. The company, formerly Trackstar Enterprises, soon began
motorcycle and snowmobile engine work, tuneup and maintenance. By 1979 we had
grown to occupy two buildings which made way for a full engine machine shop and
a retail / repair store. In 1989, the name and the retail / repair facility were
sold. The machine shop evolved into Bill Bune Enterprises.

At the present time Bill Bune Enterprises works with over 125 dealers and
thousands of retail customers in 39 states and 4 foreign countries. Our business
involves the small engine market from 50cc scooters to six cylinder outboards.
We provide machining and rebuilding services for snowmobiles, motorcycles, ATV,
utility engines and all types of personal watercraft, including outboard marine
engines. We have also moved into the retail market for all of your engine needs
and more.

City: Brookeville
Category: Magnetometer
Billingsley Magnetics is the world leader in fluxgate magnetometer technology.
Our staff has vast magnetic instrumentation engineering experience. Our areas of
expertise include the design, development and manufacture of high-reliability,
low noise fluxgate magnetometers for space applications; ultra miniature, high
temperature (200 °C) magnetometers; low noise gradiometers; calibration systems
and design and development of custom applications for microprocessor based
controllers and data systems.

Billingsley Magnetics is committed to performing the research and development
necessary to push the state of the art in triaxial fluxgate magnetometer design
for sensitivity, stability and low noise performance.

City: Meadville
Category: Pressure & Flow Control Devices
Generant is a leading designer and manufacturer of pressure and flow control
devices. For over 75 years our reputation has been synonymous with innovative
and advanced design, applications engineering expertise, quality manufacturing
and unparalleled service.

Generant actively seeks the challenge involved with the development, design and
in-house manufacturing of Custom Design Solutions, that will create value for
our customers. We invite you to learn more about our quality products, our
capabilities and our commitment to excellence.

City: Garfield
Category: Conveyor Systems
For over 40 years, Bilt-Rite has been designing, engineering and manufacturing
one of the most outstanding lines of standard and customized conveyors and
conveyor systems. There's a Bilt-Rite Conveyor system to suit almost every
application. We take great pride in our customer list which reflects this wide

Our experts can custom design a complete conveyor or multi-conveyor system to
meet your needs and maximize the efficiency of your operation.

Bilt-Rite Conveyors have proven their quality and durability under the most
demanding conditions. All of our belt conveyors, chain conveyors and other
conveyor systems are sold nationally through a carefully selected network of
material handling equipment dealers and other original equipment manufacturers.

City: Melrose Park
Category: Tool Holders
Bilz Tool Company is a global leader in Quick Change tool holders for the
metalworking industry. Bilz has manufacturing , sales and server facilities
throughout the industrial world in over 33 countries.

Bilz is an ISO 9000 registered company and is a world leader in innovative tool
holder products for holding drills, taps, reamers and end mills. There are Bilz
products used in every powertrain manufacturing plant in the world.

City: Monee
Category: Air Cylinder
Bimba Manufacturing Company was founded in 1957 when Charles Bimba invented an
inexpensive, non-repairable, stainless steel body air cylinder to replace small
bore repairable cylinders. The product has since become an industry standard and
Bimba remains the leading manufacturer of this type of cylinder.

City: Spartanburg
Category: Level Control Indicators
Bindicator manufactures a complete line of level control instrumentation
including vibration/tuning fork, hydrostatic, diaphragm, paddlewheel, weight and
cable, microwave/radar, capacitance/RF, non-contact ultrasonic, load cell and
Phase TrackingTM technologies.

City: Glendale Heights
Category: Spray Gun
It all started in the basement of Marshall Field & Company in 1892, when Joseph
Binks figured out how to spray the walls instead of brushing them, and saved a
lot of time. Soon he used his invention to rescue the opening of the 1893
Columbian Exposition: Just days before the opening, nine of ten exhibit
buildings stood unpainted, but Binks saved the day.

City: Maple City
Category: Data Communication Systems
Binsfeld Engineering Inc specializes in rotating-to-stationary data
communication systems. Using digital instrumentation technologies transmitted
via non-contact inductive couplings or radio frequency devices, our transmitters
provide accurate and reliable signals from rotating sensors.

With solid engineering designs as our foundation, we adhere to strict
manufacturing processes, incorporating years of experience and methodical
testing to assure our final products perform flawlessly for our customers.

City: King Of Prussia
Category: Wastewater Treatment Processes
BioChem Technology is a consulting scientific and engineering firm that
specializes in the monitoring, optimization and control of wastewater treatment
processes. Without equal in the industry, BioChem Technology's scientists and
engineers possess the experience and technical expertise required to fully
optimize a wastewater treatment plant's maximum capacity, allowing you to get
the most out of your existing infrastructure.By combining high-level
consultation services with a suite of proprietary monitoring technologies,
BioChem's experts can show plant owners and operators how to meet increasingly
stringent effluent standards, reduce operating costs, and increase the volume of
wastewater flow treated-without major capital expenditures. Optimizing the
treatment process in your existing facility is far cheaper than new
construction. We provide the technical consultation you need to exploit your
plant to its full potential!

City: Terre Haute
Category: Polymeric Materials
Established in 1990, BioChrom Labs Inc Indiana, USA, is dedicated to developing
and manufacturing polymeric materials using patentable and proprietary
technologies. Hydrocell HPLC Columns and packing materials are specifically
designed for the fast separation and analysis of proteins, polypeptides,
polynucleotides, oligonucleotides, small drugs and organic compounds.

Unlike the conventional silica based HPLC Columns, these polymeric columns offer
high speed, high resolution and efficiency. They are chemically resistant, and
can be operated continuously at a wide pH range of 1 to 14. These columns can be
cleaned up with 1 M NaOH, 1 M HCl solution or organic solvents.

City: Westbrook
Category: Viscometers
Biode Inc designs and manufactures viscometers which employ acoustic sensing
technology to provide both sampled and embedded real-time measurements for
on-line and in-line process control.

City: Waterville
Category: Ergonomic Furniture
Continuous product research and development assures we are always there to meet
the changing needs of our customers. And our commitment to quality is backed by
up-front, nothing-to-hide warranties and attentive customer service.

We understand furniture design is a personal business. Our deep knowledge of
ergonomic science allows us to create products that assure user and product
interact in harmony - increasing comfort, productivity and accordingly, positive
bottom-line results.

If you have a need for high quality, comfortable seating or efficient and
durable tables, we have a solution to meet and exceed your expectations. Contact
our family of distributors, dealers and customer service representatives today
to learn more about how BioFit can help you succeed.

City: Miramar
Category: Fingerprint Biometric Products
BioLink, a leading security technology provider, develops, manufactures, and
markets advanced fingerprint biometric products. The company's solutions form
the core of biometric authentication solutions for logical access, including
computers, networks, and web-based resources, physical access, and large-scale
civil identification and law enforcement applications.

BioLink offers a comprehensive suite of products using proprietary fingerprint
scanning, image processing, one-to-many identification and one-to-one
verification algorithm technology that address many of today's security
challenges in a significantly more robust and cost-effective manner than
existing solutions.

City: Newport Beach
Category: Medical Diagnostic Products
Biomerica Diagnostics develops, manufactures, and sells advanced medical
diagnostic products designed to detect certain medical conditions and diseases
in the areas of cancer, cardiology, fertility, gastroenterology, diabetes,
allergy and infectious diseases.

Since 1971, our diagnostic test kits have been used by hospitals and in
physicians offices worldwide for the early detection and monitoring of chronic

Clinical laboratories and medical researchers use our test products to analyze
blood or urine from patients in the diagnosis of various diseases and other
medical complications, or to measure the level of specific hormones, antibodies,
antigens or other substances which may exist in the human body in extremely
small concentrations.

City: Round Rock
Category: Biometric Products
Biometric Access Company (BAC?) is a systems integration and software/hardware
development company that provides total system solutions based on our
market-leading biometric products. We deliver cost-effective, easy-to-use finger
image authentication products wherever identity verification is necessary or
beneficial. BAC's mission is to provide the best price/performance solutions in
the biometric industry.

Ronald R Smith and John Shepard founded BAC in May of 1996. Armed with many
years of training and experience in related industries, they saw an opportunity
to meet critical business and societal needs by offering highly effective, low
cost biometric solutions. It was apparent that BAC had the potential to become a
dominant presence in an industry that would grow very rapidly over the next

Today BAC is a successful, growing organization that is recognized as an
industry leader. Our award-winning SecureTouch® product line includes a variety
of solutions targeted at (but not limited to) the retail, healthcare and
computer/network security industries. BAC is a privately funded company located
in the Austin suburb of Round Rock, Texas.

City: Baltimore
Category: Fingerprint Identification System Modules
Biometric Associates Inc (BAI) is a leading developer and marketer of embeddable
fingerprint sensing modules used to assure user identity when establishing
secure communication access to computer applications. BAI products provide
protected storage and portability of sensitive personal data such as medical and
bank records. BAI is privately held and is headquartered in the Washington DC

City: Westlake Village
Category: Imaging Solutions
Biomorphic Microsystems is the leader in innovative imaging solutions for the
demanding Cell Phone and PDA market. Our cutting-edge technology, personal
service, and packaging expertise has made Biomorphic the solution to beat in
this highly competitive fast-evolving marketplace.

Our 8910 sensor (1.3MP YUV) is already being sucessfully integrated into
hi-performance socket type modules. At just 8x8x7mm, we are at forefront of
space-saving miniature packaging for cameraphones.

City: North Liberty
Category: Bio-Medical Contract Manufacturing
Bio-Research Products Inc was founded in 1975 by Dr Bryce Cunningham, has
specialized in the isolation, purification and characterization of enzymes and
proteins. The company is recognized as the world's leading producer of wheat
germ phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase (PEPC). Now the company is also involved in
biomedical contract manufacturing of finished goods as well as raw material

City: Placitas
Category: Light Healing Technology Products
BioScan Inc was founded in 1989 by Nadine Donahue, currently the company's
Chairman of the Board. The privately held company was incorporated in 1993.
Since inception, BioScan Inc has been at the forefront of LED technology,
continually refining and advancing the core diagnostic and therapeutic
technologies behind its products. Today, BioScan has over five thousand
satisfied horse owners who have successfully used BioScan products to improve
the health, performance and happiness of their horses.

City: Bethlehem
Category: Environmental Products
Since 1984, Bioscience Inc has been committed to providing innovative products
and services for environmentally sound and efficient treatment of wastewater,
wastewater sludge, contaminated soils, and bio treatment for aquaculture and
agriculture. Bioscience Inc. offers you the best in bio treatment, analysis
services and support..

City: Rockville
Category: Environmental Sampling Products
Our products are used in all areas of the public and

City: Sherman Oaks
Category: Fingerprint Identification Products
Bioscrypt Inc is a leading provider of advanced fingerprint technology,
providing the essential final link for strong authentication by verifying who
you say you are, instead of "what you have" or "what you know". The company's
advanced fingerprint technology offers customers a wide range of biometric
options for making access to facilities, equipment and information simpler and
more secure.

Bioscrypt offers four solutions: finished readers for facility access, embedded
solutions for biometric integration, information security for identity
management and technology licensing of our patented, award-winning algorithm
Bioscrypt Core, the decision making engine for all our fingerprint products.

City: Novato
Category: Oligonucleotide Probe Tools
Since the early 80s, innovators at Biosearch have been creating oligonucleotide
probe tools to accelerate the discovery and application of genomic information.
Our demonstrated expertise in the design and manufacture of fluorogenic probes
and reagents for DNA synthesis is complemented by our unmatched selection of
fluorescence-quenched probe capabilities.

Recently, we developed a group of proprietary dyes for fluorescence quenching
called Black Hole Quencher? (BHQ? dyes) which allow the design of simpler, more
effective probes. Additionally, BHQ probes facilitate multiplexing of 3 or more
probes in a single assay.

Our extensive line of specialty amidites and supports are a priority at
Biosearch. We manufacture the dyes and many of the raw materials we use, such as
our extensive line of high quality specialty amidites and supports. Our history
with instrumentation has enabled development of our own synthesis and
purification robots.

City: Butler
Category: Automated Control Systems
We began in 1977 as Computer Control Corporation, custom-designing OEM automated
control systems that included temperature, motor, and flow control elements. We
soon progressed to constant flow sampling equipment, providing industrial
hygienists and environmental scientists with portable, flexible sampling
systems. One such system, the Sentry II sequential tube sampler, is now in its
seventh generation.

In 1991, we formed Bios International to better establish a name within these
markets. That year we launched our first primary gas flow calibrator, the DryCal
DC-1. This ±1% instrument quickly became the industry standard for dry, low-cost
flow calibration, prompting the addition two years later of its companion
product, the DC-2, which offered users the option of standardized readings.

Already a leading manufacturer of precision flow measurement systems, in 1995 we
opted to expand our air sampling line with the powerful Surveyor, ideal for
rapid, short-term task sampling or long-duration ambient air assessment. Always
looking for new opportunities, in 1998 we took advantage of existing technology
to create the next generation of DryCal, the DC-Lite. Operating on the same
principle of the original calibrators, the Lite was repackaged into a compact,
lighter model, providing better accuracy and increased reproducibility at a
lower cost.

City: San Diego
Category: Scientific Instruments
Biospherical Instruments Inc a research-oriented company that designs and
manufactures scientific instrumentation for environmental monitoring. We invite
you to take a look around our site, and then contact us with any questions
and/or comments!

City: Middletown
Category: Calibration Systems
At Biosystems, we pride ourselves on our high level of personal support. We
recognize that in our business, quality support is as important to you as the
products we offer. Our staff is friendly and expedient in all aspects of
business because we really care about our customers. We recognize that in every
business relationship at Biosystems, people's lives may be at stake. We give
each caller our complete focus to ensure that their workplace will be safe and
their instrumentation will be reliable.

City: Denvill
Category: Pharmaceuticals & Diagnostic
Biotest AG, an international pharmaceutical and diagnostics company, has
acquired considerable expertise in the provision of services to the medical
profession in its 50-year history. The company specialises in human blood
products and the protection of human life and property against pathogenic or
polluting agents. All company activities are focussed around the individual as
donor, doctor and patient.

City: Elk Grove
Category: Industrial Safety Systems
Bircher America Inc based in Elk Grove Village, IL, was established in 1995 as
the U.S. subsidiary of Bircher AG, Beringen, Switzerland. Founded as a Sales and
Technical Support Organization, Bircher America has since grown into a
Manufacturing Organization. Together with its network of distributors, Bircher
America provides sales and application support throughout North America.

The merger of Bircher AG and Reglomat AG, another Swiss company, into Bircher -
Reglomat AG, has considerably expanded the product offering available from
Bircher America Inc.

Bircher AG and Reglomat AG, both ISO 9001 certified companies, have in their own
right continuously been at the forefront in providing sensing devices for
passenger safety on doors in public transportation equipment, operator safety in
machinery and robot applications, and safety for pedestrians and vehicles
passing through all kinds of automatic doors and gates. With its subsidiaries in
Germany, Malaysia and the United States, Bircher - Reglomat AG continues to be a
global leader in these fields.

City: Cleveland
Category: RF Measurement & Management
Bird Technologies Group consists of Bird Electronic Corporation, Bird Service
Center and TX RX Systems Inc.

Bird Technologies Group provides simple solutions to our customers and markets.
We service the semiconductor, public safety, wireless, broadcast, government and
military organizations. Our products are simple, accurate and reliable.

Our customers can't resist our ability to design custom and standard solutions
for R.F. Applications! Bird Electronic Corporation is a leader in design
innovation and manufacturer of Instrumentation, Resistive Devices, Components
and Test Systems for RF Applications.

City: Waltham
Category: Precision Micr-Drilled Inserts & Components
As technology demands precision and smaller tolerances, engineers are turning to
Bird Precision micro-drilled inserts, fittings, and filter components. We offer
a high-value solution in nozzle, restrictor and orifice applications, all
designed with Bird Precision accuracy.

If you're involved in product design and production, you're always on the
lookout for ways to improve the manufacture, performance and quality of your
products. Now is the time to investigate the wide range of accuracy and
workmanship Bird Precision supplies for micro miniature components and
assemblies.Join us as one of our valued customers. We will work together to
improve your product through a mutual exchange of ideas, services and quality.

City: East Lyme
Category: Flexible Heating Elements
Birk Manufacturing Inc has been in business since 1988 designing and
manufacturing flexible heater assemblies for many applications. These
applications include medical equipment, semi-conductor manufacturing, HVAC,
instrumentation, photo and x-ray development, laminators, security equipment,
and the railroad industry to mention a few.

Flexible Heaters can be manufactured in different insulating materials and
conductors can be made of either resistance wire or etched foil, which each have
properties useful for specific applications. We offer our customers free
application engineering to design the proper heat and control system for their

City: Birmingham
Category: Fasteners
The mission of Birmingham Fastener Inc is to provide all of our customers with
quality products and superior service in both distribution and manufactured
fastener products.

City: Troy
Category: Hydraulic Products
Birmingham Hydraulic's products and innovations have brought hydraulics to
higher standards.

Since 1958 our commitment to quality, superior designs, and leadingtechnological
manufacturing capabilities has enabled BirminghamHydraulics to be the manifold
manufacturer of choice!

Birmingham Hydraulics Inc is prepared to fulfill your manifoldingneeds.

City: Pico Rivera
Category: Capacitors
Bishop Electronics was founded by William Bishop and James Bowman in 1977.

We manufacture film capacitors out of the following dielectrics: Mylar,
Polycarbonate, and Polypropylene. We manufacture Standard Catalog product as
well as custom product per customer request.

Our Special Prodcuts Group, located in Tuscon, Arizona, produces the following
Capacitor configurations : Bathtub, Double Roll Seam, Molded Tubular Hermetic,
Ceramic Tubular, Preformed Case, Welded Case, CPVC Tubular, Regular Tubular, and
Rectangular Tubular.

City: Pittsburg
Category: Guided Motion Controls
Since the invention of our ground breaking DualVee® guide wheel technology,
Bishop-Wisecarver Corporation has pioneered solutions that offer "Motion without
limits?." Available for linear, rotary, or curved track applications, BWC's
rugged yet cost effective guided motion solutions provide performance advantages
unmatched by other antifriction guide technologies. Guided motion solutions from
BWC are limited only by your imagination.

BWC is unique in the field of guided motion with the focus being on one
technology - guide wheel technology. Pioneered and perfected by BWC over a 30
Year period, guide wheel-based solutions offer advantages over alternative guide

City: Elgin
Category: Power Transmission & Motion Control
We appreciate your interest in our company and the innovative lines of
Industrial/Commercial motors and gearmotors designed and produced by our fine
team of associates at Bison.

Bison has distinguished itself as a manufacturer with a strong engineering
tradition who provides substantial added value in the power transmission and
motion control products it brings to market. Our robust, durable products have
found a home in some of industry's most demanding applications, supported by our
Robusticity? quality/design philosophy. About 20% of our production are
proprietary custom designs and many of our standard units are modified to meet
application requirements, so please let us know your needs. Our website is
designed to assist you in arriving at a product that matches your

City: Dallas
Category: Graphics Processor
Colour displays, multimedia features, games and advanced software applications
have already made their way into mobile devices. Today's semiconductor and
mobile phone manufacturers face the challenge of designing products in which the
visual experience truly lives up to consumer expectations.

To help the industry tackle this challenge, Bitboys has created a series of high
performance graphics processors that cover the entire range of graphics
acceleration requirements of mobile phones and other wireless or embedded

Incorporating a dedicated graphics processor in a handheld environment stands to
dramatically improve the graphics capability of the product. Applications can
include enhanced user interfaces that are easier and more fun to use;
next-generation mobile games; maps and navigation and entertaining graphics
content such as screensavers that will drive consumer demand for new, more
sophisticated wireless devices.

City: Fullerton
Category: Electronic Components
BI Technologies has been an innovator and leader in electronic components for 50
years. We have evolved and changed, in name and in form, while retaining our
innovative spirit.

Today our product line encompasses trimming potentiometers, precision
potentiometers, position sensors, turns counting dials, resistor and resistor
networks, integrated passive networks, transformers and inductors, hybrid and
power hybrid microcircuits, and custom integration of these technologies.

We manufacture products on three continents and service customers globally from
nine direct sales offices and over 200 representative and distributor offices.

City: Woburn
Category: Camera Interface Products
Established in 1993, BitFlow is a Massachusetts-based producer of analog,
digital and Camera Link camera interface products for the imaging industry. The
company ships thousands of interface boards to OEM, military, R&D, and
educational customers every year. BitFlow's products are made available and
supported by an extensive U.S. and international distribution network.By
understanding the requirements of our customers, BitFlow's products meet the
demands of applications that rely on the desktop computer for their image
processing needs. These requirements include but are not

City: Fremont
Category: Solid State Disks
Bitmicro® Networks Inc a privately held California corporation, is a pioneer in
high performance, flash-based solid state disks (SSDs) and storage management
technologies. Bitmicro brings a new dimension to the networked world by
delivering a product that becomes the heartbeat of the computing environment.
Bitmicro's flagship product is the E-Disk® flash SSD, a component-level storage
and data retrieval solution. With each intense beat, the E-Disk flash SSD pumps
data at unsurpassed speeds while increasing the health of the network.

City: Sudbury
Category: Non-Isolated Devices
Manufacturers of solid-state, 3 terminal, normally closed (NC), non-isolated

City: Concord
Category: DSP Board-level Solutions
BittWare Inc a privately held C-Corp. founded in 1989, designs and manufactures
DSP board-level solutions based on Analog Devices SHARC® technology.
Headquartered in Concord, NH with engineering and sales offices in Leesburg, VA
and Phoenix, AZ, BittWare has experienced continuous sales growth and has a
customer base of over 200 active customers.

In 2004, BittWare opened its BittWare UK branch, with its acquisition of EZ-DSP,
Ltd., a privately held company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Acquiring one
of the leading software developers for Analog Devices' TigerSHARC® processors
strengthened BittWare's position as a market-leading producer of COTS embedded
computing solutions based on TigerSHARC technology for the military/defense,
government, and commercial markets.

Since its inception, BittWare has had a strategic relationship with Analog
Devices, basing its products exclusively on Analog Devices SHARC technology. The
company offers a wide range of standard or tailored DSP hardware and software
solutions that enable OEMs to quickly and cost-effectively get their products to

City: Irvine
Category: Packaging & Assembly Products
To be a recognized global leader in product innovation with quality
manufacturing, responsive service and effective long-range planning, while
enhancing value for its customers, creating opportunity for its business
partners and providing an environment of personal and professional growth for
its employees.

Above is the Bivar Corporate Mission Statement. Over the past few years there
has been an ongoing transformation of Bivar to what we believe will be a more
valuable industry supplier. This metamorphosis required us to redefine what is
our mission. The words were carefully selected focusing on key core values held
dearly at Bivar.

A recognized global leader; Bivar's sales network has spread to every continent
around the globe.

Product innovation with quality manufacturing, responsive service and effective
long-range planning: Innovation is what sets us apart from the rest but the
highest levels of support over the long haul must also be maintained.

City: Fremont
Category: Interconnect Products
BizLink's vertically integrated business processes combine the cost benefits of
an efficient, high-volume global contract manufacturer with the early design-in
capability of a world-class Silicon Valley based engineering consultant. This
integration enables us to quickly custom design and mass-produce cables, wire
harnesses, fiber optic patch cords and power cords to our business partners'
exact specifications.

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