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USA manufacturer database

Are you looking for information on USA manufacturers. Then check out the previews of data we have available in our database. Price is only 250 euros
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Previews of data we have available:

City: St Louis
Category: Workholding Products
Carr Lane Roemheld Mfg Co is a joint venture that unites the Old World
craftsmanship of Römheld GmbH, top German workholding manufacturer, with Carr
Lane Mfg Co America's premier tooling supplier. Since 1982, Carr Lane Roemheld
has supplied all of North America with engineered hydraulic clamping and quick
tool change systems -- backed by responsive service and technical support --
under the Swiftsure and Hilma brand names.

Used primarily in the automotive, aerospace and appliance markets, Carr Lane
Roemheld products present a variety of high-quality machine tool accessories and
workholders that increase manufacturing productivity. Close cooperation in
design, engineering and manufacturing between the venture companies results in
continuous development and improvement of the expanding product selection.

We invite you to contact us with any questions about your applications. We
welcome the opportunity to help you manufacture in the most productive way
possible -- with Swiftsure and Hilma, the world's most dependable and complete
power workholding and quick tool change lines.

City: Lakewood
Category: Arc-Lamp Power Supplies
In the early 1990s, Carsan Engineering changed its emphasis from the system
level to the component level. Carsan Engineering developed high-voltage power
supplies to drive arc lamps, in which it had many years of experience. Arc lamps
are key components used in the field of illumination. They are used in medical
and industrial endoscopy for fiber optic illumination. The entertainment field
uses arc lamps for illuminating lighted fiber optic signs, and for projecting
film or video images onto large display screens. Arc lamps are also useful for
their ultraviolet and infrared irradiance in applications such as spot curing,
micro lithography, metrology, and thermal annealing applications. Carsan
Engineering currently manufactures a wide variety of OEM arc-lamp power supplies
that are being used in several products worldwide for the markets mentioned
above. Recently, Carsan Engineering has refocused some of its attention back at
the system level.

Carsan offers its customers a partner with high quality, cost-effective custom
designs and high volume manufacturing capability. Carsan's significant
experience in arc-lamp power supply technology and visualization systems has
distinguished it as a world leader in the fiber optic illumination industry.

Carsan Engineering Inc is headquartered in the beautiful foothils of the Rocky
Mountains in Golden, Colorado. The research and development center and primary
manufacturing facility at Carsan is located at its headquarters. Carsan
Engineering has a strategic partnership with a global manufacturer, which
provides high volume power supply production to ensure sustained growth and
continued cost competitiveness.

City: City of Industry
Category: Packaging & Test Products
Carsem is a leading provider of turnkey packaging and test services to the
semiconductor industry, and offers one of the widest range package & test
portfolios in the world. Founded in 1972, Carsem is among the most experienced
companies in our industry and is recognized as one of the largest in unit volume
production. We have over 9,000 employees and ship in excess of 100 million units
each week and more than 65% of this volume is shipped as fully tested product.
Carsem is a member of one of South East Asia's most successful corporations, the
Hong Leong Group Malaysia, who views semiconductors as a core business.

We have three high technology factories. Two are located in Ipoh, Malaysia, and
a new third factory is located in Suzhou, China. The two factories in Malaysia,
Carsem - M Site and Carsem - S Site, are 10 miles (16Km) apart. Ipoh is a 90
minute drive from Penang and 2.5 hours from Kuala Lumpur. The factories are
supported by extensive R&D and failure analysis staff and incorporate highly
sophisticated, "state of the art" automated equipment, ensuring quality products
which meet the exacting standards of all the automotive, telecom, computer and
consumer goods industries. Both factories maintain world-class quality standards
having achieved ISO/TS 16949, SAC Level 1, ISO-9001, ISO-14001, QS-9000
certifications and comply to the Sony Green Partner Program. They are supported
with a global network of sales and technical support offices.

City: Indianapolis
Category: Contract Manufacturing, Emergency Sirens, Switch
From our beginning nearly 60 years ago to this day, Carson Manufacturing Co Inc
has worked endlessly pushing the far reaches of technology to design innovative
solutions that exceed the needs of our customers. We first got started when
founder Harold Carson designed, patented and began manufacturing a new variable
speed motor control for the HVAC industry. That design later lead to the
development of our current line of rotary switches. Over the years, our teams of
engineers have designed and patented several other technically advanced
components used in products including transformers, electronic voting machines,
high fidelity sound systems, electronic sirens, A/V programmers and remote air
control systems.

Carson entered the emergency vehicle products market after the completion of a
new state-of-the-art 47,000 sq. ft. facility in 1972. At that time, Jerry Smith
the inventor of the original electronic siren came to Carson to develop a new
line of sirens. His rugged, reliable designs laid the foundation for the SA
siren line, the premium siren amplifier that all others are measured against. At
Carson, we have built upon that groundwork through continuous development and by
pushing the envelope of technology to find new ways of making our sirens
stronger, longer lasting and more effective.

Carson has built an international reputation for excellence in designing and
manufacturing durable electro-mechanical components with each product that comes
off the line. Our high quality standards as well as the extra effort and pride
of each Carson employee helps us further our reputation. At Carson, our history
of customer-focused innovation is the key to our success today and tomorrow.

City: Placentia
Category: Printed Circuit Boards
Founded in 1989, Cartel Electronics has grown to become a market leader in the
manufacture of quick-turn printed circuit boards. Located in Placentia,
California-only a few miles from the Orange County Airport-Cartel Electronics
operates an 18,000 square foot facility with multiple shifts working around the
clock to meet today's short, but critical time-to-market manufacturing demands.

City: Bolton
Category: Precision Potentiometers
Carter Manufacturing Corporation will meet your demanding requirements for
high-quality, custom-designed potentiometers. We specialize in supplying current
technology for our own designs and for designs no longer supported by other
firms. Our sales, engineering, production and quality assurance team will work
closely with your project group to meet performance, quality and delivery
requirements in a cost-effective manner. Our objective is to become a valuable
member of your supply chain.

We have over 8,000 potentiometer designs in our library, produced to meet a wide
spectrum of applications for customers in many industries. Although Carter
produces only to order, our Computer Aided Design capability can provide new
designs within two weeks for your review and approval. For many requirements, we
can modify existing designs to meet new specifications. Prototypes, depending
upon complexity, can be produced in a matter of weeks for your evaluation.

City: Warren
Category: Motors
Carter Motor Company was founded in 1932 by Alva (Nick) Carter and remained in
the family until 1986 when Robert F. and Dolores K. Schnoes purchased the
business and move it to a new 33,000 square foot facility located on 5 acres in
Warren, Illinois. Under their ongoing leadership, Carter Motor Company has
introduced new motor offerings and increased technical and manufacturing
support. Their goal for Carter Motor Company is nothing less than zero defects
in the quality of our motors and in our service. Robert and Dolores personally
stand behind this commitment to quality. Equally important, each employee in our
company is committed to this in writing.

Now after more than 70 years of leading edge service, manufacturers of
industrial equipment the world over specify Carter as their choice of power.
They rely on the experience, integrity, and knowledge acquired in the
manufacturing of high quality rotary equipment. For value, performance, and
dependability - specify Carter.

City: Irvine
Category: Instrumentation
Genomic Solutions, a Harvard Bioscience company, develops, manufactures, and
sells instrumentation, software, and consumables used to determine the activity
level of genes, that can isolate, identify and characterize proteins, and to
dispense small volumes of biologically important materials. The company's
products and systems, marketed under GeneMachines™ Genomic Systems, Investigator
™ Proteomic System, and Cartesian™ Dispensing Systems, enable researchers to
perform complex, high volume experiments at a lower cost and in less time than
traditional techniques. As a result, Genomic Solutions products and systems
facilitate rapid and less expensive drug discovery.

City: Bend
Category: Acoustic Control Products
Cascade Audio Engineering is in the business of developing innovative acoustic
control products for both the mobile and home audio industries. We believe in
bringing to market products that lead the industry and do not fall into that "me
too!" category. Our V-blok line of acoustic products sets industry standards for
both performance and value. Cascade Audio Engineering offers state of the art
solutions to all of your noise and vibration problems. We have the capabilities
of supplying a unique selection of high quality materials that are lighter, more
effective and easier to install than anything in the industry. From viscoelastic
polymer vibration dampers to composite low frequency barrier materials, CAE has
a product that can handle your worst noise nightmare.

City: Portland
Category: Flexible Woven Wire Fabric
Cascade Coil Drapery Inc of Portland, Oregon, manufactures flexible woven wire
fabric for window treatments, ceilings, wall coverings, space dividers,
fireplace screens, animal containment and more.

We have assisted thousands of customers by providing creative design solutions.
At the core of our organizations the sincere desire to promote and encourage new

Quality and attention to detail complement the service that customers have come
to expect and enjoy from Cascade Coil.

City: Beaverton
Category: Wafer Probing Solutions
Cascade Microtech Inc is a worldwide leader in advanced wafer probing solutions
for the precise electrical measurement and test of integrated circuits (ICs).
Our wafer probing solutions provide connectivity between testers and ICs in
wafer form.

ICs are ubiquitous in equipment for computing, communications, consumer
electronics, automotive, and military applications, such as your cell phone,
PDA, or computer. The rapid evolution of IC complexity and cost requires
increasingly precise and productive tools to develop and manufacture these
devices. Cascade's solutions have accelerated the development of these ICs and
their interconnects.

Cascade's probing solutions and probe cards perform the precise electrical
metrology required to develop new processes and reduce design times and
production costs. We also provide electrical metrology solutions for other small
structures such as IC packages, circuit boards and modules, MEMs, biological
structures, and electro-optic devices.

City: Portland
Category: Custom Molded Rubber Products
From heavy industrial parts weighing a half ton or more, to high volume consumer
parts weighing only ounces, Cascade Rubber Products makes them all. We can meet
your rubber molded needs in our facility located in Portland, Oregon, one of the
most important ports on the Pacific Rim. Cascade Rubber is family business
started in 1974, giving us thirty years of experience in forming customer
relationships that last.

Our success is based on our service and our people. Many of our customers have
been with us since the beginning. With our unique collection of highly skilled
craftsman, we rarely encounter a problem we can't solve. We get to know our
customers from engineering to purchasing, working closely from concept to mold
design and into production.

Over the years with our customers, we find increasingly effective ways to work
together. As customers share their goals with us, we help them look for more
efficient and economical methods. Often our customers find the need to
subcontract work to us. In our opinion there is no greater trust than being
asked to subcontract where the identity of a customer's customer is revealed. To
all our existing customers we say thank you for the trust, and to new customers
we assure them they will discover their trust is well placed.

City: Portland
Category: Real-Time Software
Casco Development's mission is to be the premiere provider of real-time software
solutions that optimize shop floor production efficiency by managing labor,
machines and orders.

Casco Development Inc is comprised of a group of dedicated professionals working
together to develop best-of-breed data collection and reporting systems. Our
home office and training facilities overlook our namesake, Casco Bay in
Portland, Maine, USA. Since 1984, we have been on the forefront of manufacturing
data collection technology and are proud to have worked with hundreds of
companies including Fortune 500 firms. From the beginning we recognized the
potential to build a system that not only tracked work in process, time &
attendance and labor, but also integrated these components to create a highly
specialized tool for factory supervisors. Now they can improve their workflow
and profits and their workers can readily have access to the information they
need to do their job better.

City: Ramsey
Category: Cases
We have the experience, skill and technology to provide single source service
for quality cases in any quantity. Our facilities manufacture cases in a variety
of materials including plastic, metal and wood with or without foam interiors.
Processes include fabricating, injection and blow molding, rotational molding,
stamping, thermoforming, cutting, bending and assembly.

Our goal is to provide you with the very best case solution. Enjoy our Website
and contact us to discuss your next case requirements.

City: Ellsworth
Category: Linear Control Valves
Cashco's emphasis is best stated by our principle: "Innovative Solutions". The
keystone of this commitment is to deliver quality products in a time frame to
meet your needs. This is made possible because of continued commitment in
providing state-of-the-artmachining centers and business systems to support the
market needs in a cost-effective manner.

Cashco's engineers are the best in the business. They can help you solve a wide
range of application problems. We manufacture self contained, pilot operated,
and dome loaded regulators for various applications.

Ranging in size from 1/4" to 6" in size; and Cv ranges from .05 to 540. Models
are available for cryogenics, O2 service, pharmaceutical, steam, corrosive
fluids, high purity applications.

We also manufacture throttling, rotary, and linear control valves for pneumatic
or electric actuation in sizes from 1/2" to 12", andCv ranges .1 to 8455. Models
are available to handle slurries, cryogenic services, corrosive fluids, and the
reduction of fugitive emissions. The Cashco management team's primary goal is
customer satisfaction. This is accomplished by developing employeeinvolvement in
all processes to assure product quality. It is through this effort, Cashco
produces quality products with a return ratenext to zero. Cashco is an ISO 9001
registered company, ensuring every effort is given to maintain the highest level
of quality.

City: Dover
Category: Consumer Electronic Products
Casio Computer Co Ltd is one of the leading consumer electronics companies in
the world. Since its establishment in 1957, Casio has been active in the
development of electronic calculators, timepieces, musical instruments, LCD TVs,
pagers and other communications devices. Casio's corporate activities are guided
by the motto "Creativity and Contribution."

Casio Inc Dover NJ is the US subsidiary of Casio Computer Co Ltd Tokyo Japan.
Casio Inc with sales over $450 million, markets calculators watches, business
organizers, musical keyboards, audio and video products, toys, electronic cash
registers, digital imaging products and other consumer electronic products.

City: Chatsworth
Category: Crystal & Precision Optical Products
Casix and OCLI, both acquired by JDSU in 2000, are now teamed together to offer
you increased focus on your crystal and optics needs. Casix continues to offer a
wide array of Crystal, Precision Optics, and Solid State Diode Pumped (DPSS)
Laser products and now has the added support of Optical Coating Laboratory Inc.
with over 50 years of coating and optics experience.

We at Casix, founded in 1992 as one of the foremost crystal growers in the
world, have renewed our commitment to provide our customers with the highest
quality crystal and precision optics products at extremely competitive prices.
We are dedicated to giving you the excellent customer service that you deserve.
Our quality policy, "We have one standard, Excellence", is at the heart of our
ISO certified quality program. We realize that quality and service are what keep
our customers satisfied and returning year after year.

Customers ultimately judge the performance of a company. We can only attract and
retain our customers by being the best. Only by seeking to develop long term
relationships with our customers and meeting their needs with quality
engineering, manufacturing and customer service will we reach our standards of
excellence as a global supplier of optical products.

City: Pomona
Category: Industrial Infrared Ovens & Heaters
Casso-Solar has over 45 years of experience in designing and manufacturing
industrial infrared ovens, heaters and heat processing systems.

With a team of application and design engineers, Casso-Solar works closely with
customers to ensure a head start towards success. By serving multiple
industries, concepts created for one industry can often be applied as a new
approach to another.

At Casso-Solar we are proud of our combination of diverse experience, innovative
designs and after sales service that provide our customers with a competitive

City: Erlanger
Category: Safety Products
Castell was founded by an innovative engineer to protect fellow workers from the
hazards of their workplace. Today, we continue that tradition by facing, with
our customers, the technical challenges encountered in a wide range of

City: Garden Grove
Category: Casters & Wheels
Caster Technology's vision is to become the largest distributor of casters and
wheels in the United States. This will be accomplished through a company wide
commitment to providing the best quality products and service in our industry.
The company will employ, compensate, motivate, train and manage employees
committed to excellence. Individual employee development will be the corner
stone of our internal quality commitment. The tasks our employees perform will
be done in the spirit of team work where constant process and personal
improvement will be the goal for all actions.

World Class at Caster Technology means exceptional performance by: its
employees, new products, continuous improvement, the best facilities and
equipment, passion for the customer, a clear cut strategy, planning and
controls, performance measures to measure success and an open environment where
ideas are shared and respect is pervasive.

Total Customer Service at Caster Technology means trained professionals
providing the customer with the right product at the right price, on time, 100%
of the time.

City: Wayne
Category: Lubricants
Castrol is widely acknowledged as the world's leading specialist provider of
lubricant solutions.

Charles Cheers Wakefield, who founded our company way back in 1899, passionately
believed in working alongside his customers to develop the right products and
services. He had the foresight to recognise that prosperity for both parties
would be best achieved in partnership. This philosophy remains as successful and
as relevant to us at Castrol today as it was then.

City: Somerset
Category: Valves, Fittings, Tubing & Flanges
World Wide Metric is a leader in the wholesale distribution of valves, fittings,
tubing and flanges and carries the largest inventory of metric products in North
America. WWM links the East and the West by consolidating the supply of products
and technologies of the European, Far Eastern and American marine and industrial
markets by anticipating the market trends, research and product development,
direct factory representation with a network of manufacturers and wholesalers
around the world.

Stocking a comprehensive inventory in four regional facilities with our
corporate headquarters in Somerset, New Jersey USA, World Wide Metric utilizes
cutting edge technology to communicate and manage our distribution centers, thus
giving our customers the dependability and reliability for their urgent and
scheduled maintenance requirements with the most sophisticated supply chain in
the industry. Our material handling and logistics department coordinates the
delivery of your goods on your timetable to anywhere in the world.

City: Colorado Springs
Category: Computers Systems & Integrated Peripherals
DRS Tactical Systems is a world leader in high-performance, ultra-rugged
computer systems and integrated peripheral products. Designed to go where other
systems dare not, our computers, servers, flat panel displays and other products
support ground force modernization and C4ISR applications for land, sea and air
operations across a variety of platforms. What's more, our solutions are
battle-proven, ensuring war fighters have digital technology they can count on -
even in the most extreme conditions.

City: Tucson
Category: Electronic Imaging Products
Catalina Scientific Corp (CSC) is a software developer, dealer and
manufacturer's representative for many of the highest performance CCD camera
companies. We supply imaging systems ranging from 16-bit dynamic range, cooled,
slow-scan CCD cameras to 10-bit dynamic range 256 x 256 pixel CCD cameras
operating at 1 million frames/sec.

City: San Jose
Category: Computer Hardware & Software Products
Catalyst Enterprises products serve a wide range of technology developers
throughout the world, ranging from emerging high technology companies, to the
world's largest computer hardware and software manufacturers. Any company
developing products for Serial ATA (SATA), Serial Attached SCSI (SAS), PCI
Express, Universal Serial Bus (USB), PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect),
and PCI-X can benefit from Catalyst products. Potential users of Catalyst
Enterprises Inc. include software developers, computer manufacturers, peripheral
manufacturers, value-added resellers, system integrators, storage product
developers, networking companies, and even component manufacturers such as
semi-conductor companies.

Founded in March 1992 as a privately held corporation, Catalyst's mission is to
help produce better, more reliable products, and reduce their time to market. To
support these goals, our Development and Production tools combine superior core
capabilities with a great number of added tools and features than competing
solutions. Catalyst Enterprises is highly committed to supporting our customer's
efforts to improve the quality of their designs, help them get products to
market quickly, and to comply with all industry standards.

City: Milwaukee
Category: Software Products
Catalyst International delivers software and solutions that enable companies to
optimize the performance of their enterprise supply chains. Catalyst is the only
resource that combines 25 years of industry leadership in warehouse and
logistics software development with an in-depth understanding of ERP systems.
With the advent of RFID, Catalyst has taken a leadership position by
establishing an RFID implementation practice to assist customers in the
planning, installation and deployment of mission critical integrated RFID
Solutions. These solutions deliver compliance while establishing a foundation
for long-term value. Catalyst has provided successful SCE solutions for
customers around the world, including Boeing, Brown Forman, Office Max,
Panasonic, Rayovac, Reebok, Subaru, and The Home Depot. It is headquartered in
Milwaukee, WI and has offices or representatives in the UK, Mexico and South

City: Sunnyvale
Category: Telecommunication & Networking Products
Founded in 1985, Catalyst Semiconductor is headquartered in Sunnyvale,
California. The Company is a developer and marketer of programmable products
used in telecommunications, networking systems, computation, automotive,
industrial and consumer markets. The Company designs and markets a broad range
of programmable products including Flash Memories, Parallel and Serial EEPROMS
with I2C, SPI and Microwire interfaces, NVRAMS, Digitally Programmable
Potentiometers, Microcontroller Supervisory circuits and other programmable
Mixed Signal products.

Typical applications for the Company's products include optical networks,
modems, wireless LANs, network cards, PC BIOS, DIMM moducles, cellular
telephones, digital satellite box receivers, set-top boxes and Internet routers.

Catalyst's Quality Management System is ISO 9001 certified. Click here for
additional ISO 9001 & Quality System information.

City: Santa Clara
Category: Test Equipment
LeCroy is a leading provider of test equipment solutions that enable companies
across a wide range of industries to design and test electronic devices of all
types. Since our founding in 1964, we have focused on creating test equipment
that improves productivity by helping engineers to resolve design issues faster
and more effectively. Our reputation for innovation and excellence is based on
LeCroy's successful track record of leveraging technologies to address new
business opportunities and challenges. As the market becomes more competitive
and technology more complex, LeCroy is responding with test instruments that
significantly reduce the time required to simulate and validate new designs,
develop prototypes, to test devices prior to market introduction and to validate
product performance in manufacturing at high throughput rates.

City: Peoria
Category: Construction & Mining Equipment
For more than 75 years, Caterpillar Inc has been building the world's
infrastructure, and in partnership with Caterpillar dealers, is driving positive
and sustainable change on every continent.

A Fortune 100 company, Caterpillar is the world's leading manufacturer of
construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines and industrial
gas turbines. The company is a technology leader in construction,
transportation, mining, forestry, energy, logistics, electronics, financing and
electric power generation.

In 2003, Caterpillar posted sales and revenues of $22.76 billion and a profit of
$1.1 billion. Approximately half of all sales were to customers outside of the
United States, maintaining Caterpillar's position as a global supplier and
leading U.S. exporter.

Caterpillar products and components are manufactured in 50 U.S. facilities and
in 65 other locations in 23 countries around the globe.

City: Kingston
Category: Interconnect Products
Caton Connector was co-founded in 1973 by Louis G Galambos, P.E. After a
distinguished career which began in the U.S. Navy, then as an educator and as an
engineer working in high voltage technology, Mr Galambos focused his attention
on high voltage connectors and cable assemblies.

Caton Connector specializes in the development and manufacture of both standard
and custom corona-free high voltage connectors and cable assemblies for military
and commercial applications.

City: Minneapolis
Category: High Pressure Pumps
Cat Pumps is an innovative manufacturer of triplex, reciprocating piston and
plunger pumps designed for heavy-duty industrial applications. Our primary
objective is manufacturing the highest quality high-pressure pumps and custom
engineered power units with matching system accessories. We strive to make your
experience with Cat Pumps a positive one with limited downtime, maximum return
on your investment and technical support, whenever you need it.

We started in 1968 with a determination that pumps should last longer and
require less maintenance. These concepts have formed the basis for our
commitment to quality, both in product and service.

Prior to 1968, the existing pumps for industrial cleaning and car wash
applications delivered very short life and very high operating costs. They could
not meet the demands of these applications without constant breakdowns and
frequent replacement, greatly reducing the growth potential for these markets.

City: Sharpsville
Category: Portable Industrial Radio Remote Control
Anywhere the operator of a machine can be moved to a safer, more efficient
location, Portable Radio Remote Controls have helped prevent serious injury
while increasing efficiency and productivity for many Industries.
Cattron-Theimeg Inc is leading the way with technological innovation, experience
and quality backed by an unparalleled worldwide service organization. Most
applications are built around one of our Core Products. For specialized
applications, we have engineered our core systems with specific features to meet
these requirements.

City: Plano
Category: Software Products
Caver-Morehead Systems Inc is a computerized maintenance management system
(CMMS) software developer and engineering firm that sells and services its
software programs to contractual clients. We can be your first and only stop on
the way to a successful, cost-effective maintenance management implementation.

City: Statesville
Category: Power Supply Systems
Cavotec is the name of a group of companies serving the

City: New York
Category: Organic & Synthetic Chemicals
CBC (America) Corp is a wholly owned subsidiary of CBC Co Ltd and part of a
global network of Import Export, Trading and Distribution companies,
strategically located through out the world. We are the largest organization
among other CBC sister companies and involved in the production of organic and
synthetic chemicals, CCTV security products, multimedia computer peripherals,
commercial floor coverings, plastics and resins. With sales and distributions
centers in New York and California, we are able to meet the needs of the North,
South and Central American markets.

City: Fond du Lac
Category: Adhesive Products
Converting/Biophile Labs is the company to turn to, no matter what your
diecutting, assembly and converting needs are. While we specialize in research
and design of adhesive products, we also have expertise in the entire production

From R&D to production, assembly, packaging and sterilization, you get the
responsiveness that you want, the confidentiality you demand and the quality
that you need.

City: Rancho Santa Margarita
Category: Control Valve Solutions
As the world's leading provider of severe service control valve solutions, CCI
develops, designs, and manufactures a wide range of valves for use in the power
industry, oil and gas industry, and pulp and paper plants worldwide. Since 1967,
the company has forged a proven track record for solving customers' valve
application problems with its unique DRAG® technology.

The strategic acquisition of Sulzer's valve and control systems in 1997 and
Sweden-based BTG Valves in 2001 enhanced CCI's position as the market leader.
This growth also allows the company to further its commitment to meet customers'
performance needs on a global level with increased cost savings and shorter lead

With graduate engineers composing over 35% of its workforce, CCI utilizes its
resources not only in design engineering and technical support, but also in
sales, project management, quality assurance, procurement, and manufacturing.
The company's modern and efficient facilities in California, Switzerland,
Sweden, Austria, Japan, and South Korea create global manufacturing and service
locations to serve every customer's needs. Sales representatives and CCI's
technical staff are eager to offer expert help with your specific applications.

City: Santa Ana
Category: Conformal Coating Removal Workstations
CCRCo products are used worldwide in electronic repair when the removal of
conformal coating is required. All branches of the US military use our conformal
coating removal workstations in their repair depots. The cost of using CCRCo
workstations save you $$$ because we are the only manufacturer who supplies
systems where our cutting media is reusable.

Besides being the world's leading suppliers of Conformal Coating Removal
Workstations, we have taken our expertise one step farther, and now offer a
Conformal Coating Removal Service. So now, if you have an engineering change
that requires that coating be removed from just a few components- or an entire
board-you have a cost effective, safe alternative to performing this function
in-house. Or course, we remove all types of coatings, including Acrylic, Epoxy,
Parylene, Silicone and Urethane.

City: St Waltham
Category: Lighting Products
CCS was established in 1993, in the ancient city of Kyoto, the home to many
growing global venture companies. Having launched itself as a developer of
machine vision systems, a field in which I excelled, the company realized in the
course of technological development that the key technology to machine vision
lies in illumination for ensuring consistent imaging, that is, lighting
technology. Our focus on the potential of LED lights and pursuit of lighting
technologies have enabled us to take great strides, becoming the leading company
in the industrial LED lights sector.

CCS offers lighting solutions, which are essentially proposals of optimal
illuminators for objects for inspection ("works") in all shapes and colors,
tailored to imaging purposes. Its advanced lighting technologies enable imaging
optimization, and form the know-how exclusive to CCS, which cannot be reproduced
by others even if they managed to make similar illuminators. That's why we are
the leading company in the world. We intend to contribute to society broadly, by
applying and developing this know-how to various production and quality control

City: Ventura
Category: Static Control Products
Here we specialize in producing workable answers to your most difficult
challenges for controlling static electricity and particulate in a wide range of
industries, utilizing the industries top manufacturers in their individual

City: Lafayette
Category: Cable & Connectors
In June of 2004, CCX relocated to a brand new, corporate owned, thirty-thousand
sq. ft. manufacturing, marketing, and distribution center, located in Lafayette,
Colorado. The additional space created by building this facility allows us
produce and stock a greater amount of product - giving our customers an even
higher level of service, expanded capabilities, and unlimited geographic reach.

City: Deerfield
Category: Advanced Control Systems
For more than 34 years, CDA InterCorp has been the leader in the design and
manufacture of highly engineered, extremely reliable, Controllable Drive
Actuators for technologically advanced control systems. Continued business
growth has required CDA to triple its size since our founding. Our current
facility, in Deerfield, Florida, is a modern climate-controlled work area
ideally equipped to support the production of CDA InterCorp's full line of

City: Yorba Linda
Category: Wireless Mobile Computing Systems
CDCE designs, supplies, installs and integrates enterprise-level Wireless Mobile
Computing systems.

By integrating wireless technologies with rugged notebooks, handheld devices,
existing infrastructure and data services, CDCE has created a unique mobile
solution that increases field productivity, improves customer satisfaction and
reduces overall operational costs. We manage all aspects of wireless deployment
from planning through to successful implementation and we provide a single point
of contact to service all your wireless computing needs.

While Corporate America has seen unprecedented growth and advancements in
wireless technology, organizations have been slow to adopt this new capability.
More than twenty million mobile service workers in the United States still rely
on pens, clipboards, pagers and cellular phones to service customers-often
recording customer requests and information in the field, then traveling back to
the office at the end of the day to seek answers or transfer information to
their computer systems. CDCE has created a unique Mobile Deployment System that
brings the latest technology advancements to America's mobile workforce by
optimizing wireless carrier services with corporate infrastructure and field
worker platform devices. Our suite of mobile wireless and Internet-based
products and services enhances field-to-office communications, automates and
streamlines processes and eliminates paperwork and lost work orders-all with a
six to 12 month return on investment.

City: Cleveland
Category: RF Test Equipment & Components
Coaxial Dynamics, located in Middleburg Hts., Ohio, USA, has been a leading
manufacturer of precision equipment for the measurement and termination of RF
power for over 30 years. Our equipment is used by engineers and technicians in a
wide variety of applications throughout the world.

All of us at Coaxial Dynamics have an on-going commitment to provide our
customers with the highest quality and most reliable products in the

You - our customer - are the most important asset to us. We give you our pledge
to fulfill the trust you have placed in us through your continuing support. We
are confident that together we can meet the challenges and demands tomorrow may

City: Humble
Category: Seals & Packing Products
Welcome to CDI Polytek, a leading designer and manufacturer of quality,
high-performance seals and packing. Whether you desire a custom-made product
tailored to your needs or one of our existing field-tested designs, you'll enjoy
a versatile, long-lasting product that offers less downtime and maintenance.
Fewer headaches. And distinct cost savings.

CDI is more than a market leader in seal and packing technology. We're also a
single source for all your sealing requirements. A think tank of engineers that
thrives on solving the most complex problems. And a service-oriented company
committed to providing fast turnaround and responsive assistance.

For 28 years, we've earned our reputation in the oilfield services industry by
delivering products that perform in hostile and diverse environments. And now,
by leveraging our experience, innovative designs and improved materials - from
rubber to plastics to metal - we've developed solutions that can satisfy the
demands of virtually every industry. Whether you face strict emissions
standards, harsh media or high-pressure applications. For us, the more daunting
the environment the better. And we are eager to meet your challenges.

City: Boulder
Category: Optical Components
CDM Optics Inc was founded in 1996 by W. T. Cathey, Edward Dowski, and RC
Mercure Jr to commercialize the Wavefront Coding™ technology invented by Cathey
and Dowski while at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

CDM was formed to apply the technology developed by Cathey and Dowski to enhance
the performance of conventional optical systems. CDM Optics, Inc is the
exclusive licensee of this technology from the University Technology
Corporation, an affiliate of the University of Colorado.

CDM applies this technology to help its customers solve their imaging problems.
We specialize in providing optical components and signal processing based on the
technology, and the licensing of this technology. CDM also offers prototype and
component design consulting services that supplement customers' capabilities.

City: Plano
Category: Printed Circuit Boards
CDS Inc is a leader in providing high-quality, quick-turn printed circuit board
design, fabrication and assembly services for the electronics industry.

City: Tucson
Category: Power Conversion & Storage
C&D Technologies Inc is a technology company that produces and markets systems
for the power conversion and storage of electrical power, including industrial
batteries and electronics. This specialized focus has established the company as
a leading and valued supplier of products in three major categories - reserve
power systems, electronic power supplies and material handling systems. C&D's
success in these key markets has been supported by dedication to customer

Approximately 70 percent of the company's current sales are reserve power
systems supplied to leading operators of telecommunications, data transmission,
infrastructure computer systems and utilities to enable them to maintain
critical operations during power outages.

City: Livonia
Category: Ultrasonic Detection Devices
Inventron has been manufacturing ultrasonic detection devices since 1969, and
the current line of ultrasonic devices reflects that experience.Inventron offers
the largest selection of standard and special ultrasonic transducers in the
industry. Every transducer manufactured employs some means of temperature
compensation, resulting in a high level of accuracy over a wide range of
operating conditions.The 9140 Controller is an extremely versatile, user
friendly device which is keypad programmable to meet individual customer needs.
Options available include up to 13 individually programmable relay set points,
automatic pump alternation, RS-232 serial communications, differential level and
submerged flow monitoring, and datalogging of up to 64,000 individual points,
and much more.

City: City of Industry
Category: Computer Chassis
In-Win Development Inc an ISO 9001 manufacturer of professional computer
chassis, power supplies and digital storage devices, is the leading provider of
enclosure solutions to system integrators worldwide. Founded in 1986, In-Win
provides high quality chassis that conform tvo all safety regulations, as well
as unsurpassed customer service.

City: Salt Lake City
Category: Connectivity Products
I-O Corporation provides host connectivity solutions for IBM Midrange and
Mainframe systems. Our product designs include economically priced print
servers, display stations and data stream conversion devices. With over 750,000
enterprise connectivity solutions installed in more than 30 countries, I-O
Corporation's reputation for product reliability and customer support is
recognized world-wide.

City: Santa Ana
Category: Digital Media Storage & Interconnect Products
I/O Interconnect is a premiere source for digital media storage and interconnect
solutions.Since 1986, I/O Interconnect has serviced a wide variety of customers
by providing premium quality products. The company has demonstrated leadership
in design and development of its flash media and digital media storage
technologies, products and components and thru its vertically integrated
manufacturing process, I/O Interconnect offers its customers with the highest
quality products at very competitive prices.I/O Interconnect maintains its
worldwide presence with offices in United States, Europe, China and Taiwan. This
allows I/O Interconnect to extend it's services closer to customers. I/O
Interconnect is an active member of many technical and marketing associations
and organizations, giving I/O Interconnect the ability to offer products that
meet or exceed current industry standards and requirements.

City: Oak Park
Category: Electronic Display Component Products
IOMaster manufactures and distributes Electronic Display Components for a
variety of displays and signage. We also manufacture and distribute Backlight
Inverters which are drop in replacement units for Landmark and Endicott Research

City: Roy
Category: Data Storage & Data Protection Products
Iomega Corporation provides easy-to-use, high value data storage and data
protection solutions to help people protect, secure, capture and share their
digital information.

City: Duncan
Category: Coatings & Coating Equipment
Ionbond is the innovative, high-quality provider of advanced coatings and
coating equipment. Our aim is to build up the service and equipment business
with maximum effort and commitment in the next years.Our broad product range,
offered through specialized centers for coating of components, cutting, stamping
and forming tools, decorative applications and medical instruments, will enable
us to offer our customers all the advantages of a global player while
maintaining the local contact which is so important.Our mission is to know and
understand our customers needs better than our competitors and to deliver
exceptional value to every customer.By the end of October, with the successful
merger of Bodycote Coating Technology and Ionbond, an important milestone has
been reached in the strategic alignment of both companies. We are one step
closer to our vision of being the global, innovative quality leader for
sophisticated coatings and coating technologies. We are pleased with the
collaboration our companies enjoy and hope to be able to further deepen our
relationships in the future in order to exceed your expectations.

City: Watertown
Category: Measuring Instruments
GE Analytical Instruments (formerly Ionics Instruments) is the world's leading
manufacturer of the Sievers brand instruments, used for measure total organic
carbon (TOC) in water.For Environmental Protection and Process control
applications, the company is offering the Leakwise brand Oil on Water Detection
and Monitoring systems.The Leakwise systems are installed in a variety of
industries including: Petroleum Tank Farms and Pipe-Lines, Oil Refineries, Hydro
and Fossil Power Generation, Power Distribution, on and Off-Shore Oil Terminals,
Sea Water Desalination Plants Etc.

City: Windsor Locks
Category: Static Charge Controls
Founded in 1978, Ion Systems Inc (Ion), is a privately held company that has
always achieved unparalleled success as a technology leader in its field.
Initial ionization products were designed for commercial and consumer markets
that focused primarily on air quality issues. These products included small
personal ionizers. Early success in industrial applications fueled the growth of
ultra clean ionization from which Ion builds its technical leadership. Its close
association with the ion research laboratory at the University of California,
Berkeley, substantiates ion's dedication to technology advancement.

City: Waltham
Category: Infrared Wavelength Controls
Ion Optics is the world leader in IR spectral tuning technology. Current
products based on the control of emission, absorption, and reflection from
surfaces include the industry standard pulsIR™ family of IR sources. Soon, IOI
will introduce products based on breakthrough photonic crystal technology,
including the tunIR™ family of tuned sources and the markIR™ family of markers
and beacons. Implemented into the SensorChip™ family of IR gas sensors, this
technology will enable highly accurate IR gas sensors at mass market pricing.

City: Atkinson
Category: Current Monitors and High Voltage Pulse Generators
Since 1972, IPC has built high quality, dependable products. Our versatility and
attention to quality have made us a leading supplier of Current Monitors and
High Voltage Pulse Generators. In addition to standard and specialty monitors,
we provide cost-effective, timely solutions for unusual applications.

City: Riverside
Category: Software Products
I/O Software Inc is a privately held software company headquartered in
Arlington, Virginia. For over ten years, I/O Software has been a leading and
independent technology provider for clients within the information security
industry. True to its 'honest broker' status, I/O Software's security products
are designed to interface with a wide range of user authentication technologies
including biometrics, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), and tokens.In May 2000,
I/O Software and Microsoft signed an agreement to integrate I/O Software's
Biometric Application Program Interface (BAPI) and other core technologies into
future versions of the Windows operating system. As a result of this agreement,
I/O Software is in the unique position to provide software, services, and
solutions that are forward compatible with Microsoft's future Windows products,
establishing a solid standard for the authentication industry.

City: Saint Paul
Category: Software Products
Iota Development Corporation is a software-consulting firm located in Saint
Paul, Minnesota. We have been providing high quality software consulting,
training, and programming services since 1983. We strive to build lasting
relationships with every customer by providing superior service.

City: Cleveland
Category: Data Acquisition & Instrumentation
IOtech Inc based in the Cleveland, Ohio suburb of Bedford Heights, designs and
manufactures PC-based data acquisition and measurement instrumentation. Our
products are used in a wide variety of test applications, and serve a diverse
set of industries including automotive, aerospace, chemical, communication,
electronics, and many others. Engineers, scientists, and technicians are among
the users of IOtech products, in applications ranging from research and product
development, to production monitoring and quality control.IOtech began business
in 1985 and from the very beginning we have marketed and sold products
throughout the world via a strong network of technical sales offices. In many
cases, these offices also represent manufacturers of sensors that are compatible
with IOtech equipment. We also work with a network of systems integrators who
customize our products with hardware and software to address unique
applications. In addition to our sales partners throughout the world, we also
have sales and support engineers located outside of our Cleveland headquarters,
including in California, Michigan, and Maryland, as well as in Europe.

City: Niagara Falls
Category: Heat Exchangers
Manufacturers of heat exchangers, sheet metal and powder coating.

City: Billerica
Category: Vision Appliances, Machines & Systems
IPD is a Dalsa Coreco group, dedicated to helping manufacturers ensure product
quality by providing innovative, demystified machine vision solutions. Our
mission is to make the benefits of machine vision technology available to all
users. Backed by more than 25 years experience and thousands of installations
worldwide, we understand the problems you face and the importance of choosing
the right supplier to solve them. At ipd, your application is our priority. Our
engineers and global distribution centers are ready to put vision to work for
you.Machine vision has always been considered complex and expensive. The
experience of the factory floor worker has been that you have to spend a lot of
money and time to achieve the outcome that you require. Many vendors promote
products that can do everything. Since these products include numerous features
and capabilities that you may or may not need, expensive consultants or
extensive training are often required to customize them to your specific vision

City: Pittsburgh
Category: Magnetic Sweepers & Brooms
Manufacturers of the industry leading TMRS Magnetic Sweepers and Brooms. Prevent
FOD (foreign object damage), injuries and flat tires by removing hazardous tramp
metal from airport runways, terminals, service areas, construction sites,
parking lots, manufacturing facilities, roadways, and more. For long lasting,
trouble free performance, look no further. We build the most durable magnetic
sweeper bar available.

City: Englewood
Category: Integrated Piping Systems
Over the past five decades, IPEX has built a leading track record working with
all kinds of thermoplastics. Today, you can benefit from our integrated piping
systems, manufactured from a diverse range of materials including PVC, CPVC,
ABS, PP, FR-PVDF, PEX and PE, as well as innovative plastic/metal
composites.With IPEX's integrated system advantage, you can be confident that
all the components you need will deliver the consistency and reliability you
expect, and with maximum uptime, no matter what your application.

City: Bradenton
Category: Plastic & Paper Packaging Products
Intertape Polymer Group Inc (IPG) is an acknowledged leader in the packaging
industry. Leveraging its advanced manufacturing technologies, extensive R&D
capabilities and a comprehensive strategic acquisition program, the Company
believes it has assembled the broadest and deepest range of products in the
industry.IPG is widely recognized for its development and manufacture of
specialized polyolefin plastic and paper-based packaging products, as well as
complementary packaging systems for industrial and retail use. Additionally, IPG
is a woven and flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) manufacturer. Its
performance products, including tapes and cloths, are designed for demanding
aerospace, automotive and industrial applications and are sold to a broad range
of industrial/specialty distributors, retail stores and large end-users in
diverse industries.

City: Ann Arbor
Category: Robotic Products
Manufacturers of intelligent peripherals fo robots.

City: Compton
Category: Industrial Adhesives & Solvent Cements
For more than four decades, IPS Corporation has been the industry leader in the
development and application of Weld-On solvent cements for joining plastic pipes
& fittings and Weld-On industrial adhesives and solvent cements for joining
plastic to plastic and to dissimilar materials. Water-Tite is also the industry
leader in providing plastic plumbing and roofing products for use in new
construction and in service & repair.

City: Rockford
Category: Thermal Processing Equipment And Systems
Ipsen International, the world's leading manufacturer of thermal processing
equipment and systems, owes its start to a broken pottery kiln. In 1948, Harold
Ipsen and his wife, Lori, owned a decorative pottery business. When their kiln
failed, Harold, who had earned an engineering degree from Brown and was also a
heat treater, decided to build his own furnace. Because Harold Ipsen
incorporated features into his kiln that enabled its performance to surpass
anyone's expectations, he thought he could adapt it to meet the special
requirements of heat-treating steel.

City: Alpharetta
Category: Electronic Contract Manufacturing
IPTE is a market leader in the development of turnkey automation systems for the
production, testing and treatment of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and for final
assembly and final test. The company offers an integrated portfolio for
manufacturing completely automated and integrated production and test equipment.
It's contract manufacturing arm handles PCB assembly, off the shelf cabling and
product assembly.

City: Bethlehem
Category: Electronic & Optoelectronic Products
IQE PLc was formed in May 1999 by the merger of two leading wafer foundries;
each with a proven track record in the supply of high quality electronic and opt
electronic materials produced using MBE and MOCVD platforms. We believe that the
expertise and experience across a diverse range of materials available from IQE
is unparalleled within the compound semiconductor industry.

City: San Diego
Category: Analytical Instrumentation
IQ Scientific Instruments Inc manufactures analytical instrumentation and
silicon-based ISFET (ion sensitive field effect transistor) sensors. The company
is active in continued research and development of silicon-based sensors.

City: Rio Rancho
Category: Wire & Cable
IR Cables Inc is a New Mexico-based company run by an experienced,
knowledgeable, hands-on ownership team marketing tailor-made cables across 19
states in the southeast and southwest. iR Cables, Inc. has immediate access to
the products and expertise of LEONI - a world leader in wire and cable
manufacturing with more than 21,000 employees worldwide and annual revenue of
more than $1.3 billion.Established in 2002, IR Cables Inc focuses mainly on the
increasingly important market niche of fully customized cable solutions - cables
designed and built to precise customer needs, resulting in higher reliability,
longer lifetime and better cost efficiency.We center on tailor-made cables
because in a growing number of situations, they are simply the best value for
money. Custom cables by Leoni are not just for big jobs or big customers any
more. They can be purchased in quantities as small as 300 feet. A dedicated
Leoni production facility - Leoni Elocab Ltd., based in Kitchener, Ontario,
Canada - can turnaround an order from design through final product delivery in
as little as three weeks.

City: Niles
Category: Calibration Instruments
Manufacturers of calibration instruments, infrared temperature sensors,
non-contact, process controllers, thermal imagers, etc.

City: Sturbridge
Category: Fiber Lasers & Fiber Amplifiers
IPG is the world's leading developer and manufacturer of unique line of high
power and high performance fiber lasers and fiber amplifiers for industrial,
communications, medical, scientific, test & measurement and other commercial
applications.IPG's proprietary technology, materials science expertise and
vertically integrated manufacturing operations enable IPG to meet customer
demands for cost-effective and reliable active fiber devices, with a wide range
of power and wavelength choices.

City: Moorestown
Category: Authentication Products
Iridian Technologies Inc of Moorestown, NJ leads the world in research,
development and marketing of authentication technologies based on iris
recognition - the most accurate biometric identifier. Holder of U.S. and
international patents on the core concepts and technologies behind iris
recognition, Iridian offers the enabling technology to achieve unparalleled
security for large-scale ID applications, physical facilities, information
networks and electronic transactions.

City: Ashland
Category: Precision Metering Pumps
Our mission is to provide users in diverse industries the benefits of positive
displacement sealless metering pump technologyOur design team has over 25 years
of extensive experience in providing precision metering pumps and subsystems for
applications in many process industries.In addition to our standard line of In
Barrel Metering Pumps (IBMP), Iris offers Design and engineering capabilities,
which allow users to customize these Versatile IBMP pumps to meet specific

City: Lawrence
Category: Analytical Equipment
The pursuit of superior performance infuses every IRIS activity. We excel at
meeting challenging commitments even as we achieve total customer satisfaction.
We demonstrate leadership by advancing new technologies, innovative
manufacturing techniques, enhanced customer service, inspired management, and
the application of best practices throughout our organization. Each of us leads
through our individual contributions to IRIS' core purpose. We demonstrate
individual leadership through a positive approach to every task, a "can-do"
spirit, and a restless determination to continually improve upon our personal
bests. We aggressively pursue new business, determined to add value for our
customers with ingenuity, determination and a positive attitude. We utilize our
ability to combine strength with speed in responding enthusiastically to every
new opportunity and every new challenge.

City: Somerville
Category: Robotic Products
iRobot is dedicated to creating realistic robotic solutions to real-world
problems. Our robots are not far-flung, far-off science fiction, but Robots for
the Real World. They are practical, reliable, innovative products that
effectively answer users' needs with creative engineering and design. iRobot
produces products to get the job done today.

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