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USA manufacturer database

Are you looking for information on USA manufacturers. Then check out the previews of data we have available in our database. Price is only 250 euros
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Previews of data we have available:

City: Bridgewater
Category: Photoelectric Products
Since its founding in 1953, Hamamatsu Photonics has consistently pursued the
development and manufacture of photoelectric devices and their applied
instruments. Meanwhile, we have watched the demand for photonics technology that
grows larger in various fields with each passing day. This fact clearly shows us
the critical need for Research to create New Knowledge that reveals directions
to which we should commit our research efforts. To reach out to these new
directions we founded the Central Research Laboratory in February 1990 and
poured our efforts into basic and applied research in photonics technology.
Here, we perform applied research into various fields such as optical
communications, optical measurement, optical information processing, energy,
mind/brain science, medical research, biology, space research, astronomy,
oceanography and agriculture . Yet we do not neglect basic research, probing
into many as yet unexplored areas such as what is the Fundamental nature of
light and clarifying the mechanism resulting in Interactions between light and
matter. These areas are too big for one company to tackle alone. So we are
utilizing joint research with domestic or overseas research organizations, and
contract research, and assessing the results to make even further contributions
to expanding the frontiers of photonics technology.

City: Danbury
Category: Laser Alignment Technology
A worldwide leader in laser alignment technology for over 35 years, we design,
manufacture, sell and service a wide range of systems to satisfy virtually any
alignment application. Our patented Triple Scan® technology utilizes
continuously rotating laser planes that are the most accurate in the world. All
of our systems are renown for their simplicity and ability to align machines
faster than any other method.

City: Palo Alto
Category: Sensors
CyberOptics Semiconductor combines laser- and vision-based technologies to
deliver compelling solutions that boost yields and increase throughput in the
semiconductor market. Industry leading product lines include WaferSense? Auto
Leveling Sensors, wafer mapping sensors and Imagenation frame grabbers.
WaferSense? Auto Leveling Sensor (ALS) is a vacuum compatible, wireless,
wafer-like device that can be placed in cassettes, FOUPs, on end effectors,
aligners and in process chambers to ensure all fab stations are level and
coplanar. It reduces total cost of ownership by enabling fast and accurate tool
setup and maintenance because there s no invasive alteration to process

City: Oceanside
Category: Measuring Instruments
Subsequently Hameg rapidly made a good name for innovative oscilloscope type
series, which excelled in reliability and workmanship at a hitherto unknown
rate. These took root in the market, last but not least due to an excellent
price-performance ratio.Nowadays Hameg is well established as developer and
manufacturer of outstanding measuring instruments for science, industry and
education. Hameg, headquartered in Mainhausen (Rhine-Main-Area), has since gone
global. Product development and production are centralized in Germany
(Mainhausen and Münchenbernsdorf) and France utilizing a global network of
service- and distribution partners, who provide service and support for our
customers on site.

City: Hamilton
Category: Industrial Casters
Hamilton Casters, we've been manufacturing industrial casters, wheels, and
platform trucks in Hamilton, Ohio since 1907. Our long-standing focus on quality
and exceptional service has granted Hamilton a well-deserved reputation for
being "the best in the industry". Find out what's New at Hamilton Casters such
as our new Forged Steel Pneumatic Casters, or our new High Capacity XC70D Wheel
Series, as well as a 60,000 lb. capacity Heavy Duty Trailer built for a Defense

City: Windsor Locks
Category: Aerospace and Industrial Products
Hamilton Sundstrand, a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation, is among
the largest global suppliers of technologically advanced aerospace and
industrial products. Headquartered in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, U.S.A., our
values, operating principles, vision and priorities are expressed in the
Hamilton Sundstrand Senior Staff Compact.Our company designs and manufactures
aerospace systems for commercial, regional, corporate and military aircraft, and
is a major supplier for international space programs. Industrial products serve
industries ranging from hydrocarbon, chemical and food processing to
construction and mining.

City: Lake Mills
Category: Sensor Products
Hamlin Electronics was formed in 1949 and has been a Key Automotive Group
affiliate since April 2003. Today it employs around 1,000 people worldwide with
manufacturing facilities in the UK, USA and Mexico, producing position and
movement sensor solutions for its many automotive, industrial and consumer
product customers. The company also has European and North American engineering
facilities and a global sales network.For many years Hamlin has been
acknowledged as a world leading reed switch manufacturer. In 2003 Hamlin signed
an agreement with industry leading Swiss, programmable Hall sensing element
manufacturer, Micronas. The agreement gives Hamlin unique level of access to
Micronas products, engineering and support to aid the implementation of Hall
effect technology in to many of its automotive and industrial custom sensor
solutions as well as a range of catalogue products.

City: Cheektowaga
Category: Tool and Die Maker
Hammond Manufacturing traces it's roots back to a small basement shop set-up
during the years of the First World War by Oliver S. Hammond - tool & die maker
by day and amateur inventor by night. (Yep...Fred's dad!!! For those who knew
him - famous radio amateur VE3HC) the company became O.S. Hammond & Son and soon
included sons Len, Roy, Ken and Fred. Later Oliver's first "shop" was a 20 by 30
foot facility behind the family home. A boiler that burned just about anything
powered the shop. The steam from the boiler powered a small steam engine, which
turned the main shaft and pulleys. Remember, there was no electricity service
yet! Steam power, human power, light of day or lantern was a fact of life! 1920
- The company began to build early radio sets, just as the first radio stations
began to spring to life one by one around the United States. Starting out with a
single tube radio (link here to a local 1923 Guelph, Ontario newspaper article)
and progressing to 5 and finally 6 tube models in 1926.

City: Allenstown
Category: Data Acquisition Products
Hampshire Vanguard Technology Associates Inc (HVTA) was founded in early 1998
with the goal of providing first-class technical services in the Public Safety,
Defense and Homeland Security markets. In addition, HVTA has invested in the
advanced development of distributed data acquisition technology for use in
networked data acquisition systems, including wireless position location
systems. Key technology areas include novel transducer interconnects, embedded
digital signal processing, solid-state memory, networking capability and
advanced packaging.The founder of HVTA is Mr. Thomas Hardy, who holds BS and MS
degrees in electrical engineering, and is a licensed professional engineer.

City: Laguna Niguel
Category: Research Tools
Hampton Research was founded in 1991 by University of California researcher who
wanted well, faster, and more convenient tools for protein crystallization. Over
the years, the company has become the world-leading supplier of crystallization
research tools and is highly regarded for novel, high quality kits, reagents,
plasticware, and related supplies.

City: Chesterfield
Category: Industrial Automation Products
Effective Industrial Automation and Manufacturing Management can dramatically
impact your bottom line. The proof is in the results.The professionals here at
Hampton Tilley are experts in Industrial Automation, Manufacturing Execution
Systems, Electrical Engineering & Design, and full Turn Key Solutions.

City: Chino
Category: Rubber Products
Hanaco is a top quality manufacturer of rubber elastomer keypads. In a world
"exploding" with high tech devices, Hanaco's products become more in-demand
almost on a daily basis.

City: Niagara Falls
Category: Hydraulic & Mechanical Lift Equipment
Incorporated in 1963, Handling Specialty is a private company whose corporate
headquarters are located in Grimsby, Ontario. Given the North American reach of
the company's products, manufacturing facilities can be found both in Canada
(Grimsby) and the United States (Niagara Falls, New York). Over the years,
Handling Specialty has evolved from a small fabricator of floor cranes to an
innovator in the North American lifting systems (material handling)
industry.Handling Specialty's reputation is one of competent problem-solver
because it has built a reputation on providing unique, custom-engineered
solutions. Notable examples of Handling Specialty's technical prowess include
the Bellagio Theater's underwater stage lift system which achieved Guinness
World Record standing; a ten-year history of providing skillet lifts to the
North American automotive industry; and supplying Amtrak's North-East Corridor
project with split rail wheel removal systems, to name a few. This ability to
solve problems has allowed Handling Specialty to achieve success in many sectors
including automotive, aerospace, entertainment, transportation and metal
processing industries. The breadth of this talent is best illustrated in the
Specialty Solutions section of this site.

City: Greenfield
Category: Fasteners
Hanger Bolt & Stud Co Inc is a manufacturer of roll-formed headless fasteners
for a variety of industries. Our machinery division designs and builds a full
line of production systems for the installation of our fasteners in wood and
plastic components such as furniture legs. The wiredrawing department supplies
material for our own fastener production as well as other users of steel, brass,
aluminum and stainless wire.

City: Springfield
Category: End Mill Products
Hanita Cutting Tools is rapidly gaining a reputation of being the leader in the
market and moving closer to its mission of being the best end mill manufacturer
in the world. Hanita offers a complete range of roughing and finishing end
mills. Including conventional geometries for general purpose work and unique
ones, designed to suit the particular application, these tools are available in
a wide variety of styles and sizes in High Speed Steel, Premium Cobalt, Solid
Carbide and Titanium Nitride (TiN), Titanium Carbonitride (TiCN), and Titanium
Aluminum Nitride (TiAlN) coated materials.

City: Canonsburg
Category: Air Treatment Products
Manufacturer of Compressed Air Treatment Products viz., Dryers, Filters,
Condensate Drains and Accessories.

City: Reedsburg
Category: Electronic Display Products
Hankscraft is one of the leading Animated Point-of-Purchase advertising display
companies in the world. If you see a store display, which has animation or
electronics, there's a good chance it was from Hankscraft's Display
Division.Hankscraft also produces many products used by top industries around
the world through our Global Manufacturing Division. This division offers full
creative engineering, product manufacturing, and complete assembly.

City: Woonsocket
Category: Water Testing Instruments
Bounded in 1978, Hanna Instruments has rapidly grown to become a world-class,
leading manufacturer of water quality instruments with R&D, production and sales
offices in over 30 countries. Hanna Instruments is well known as an innovator
with common sense solutions to water testing and analysis.Technical advances
with ease-of-use have been the main ingredients of the Hanna approach. The
application of new technology has led to products, which are accessible to a
wider user base. Hanna products are engineered to be used by technical and
non-technical operators alike. This is the Hanna tradition and commitment to our

City: Westerlo
Category: Hose and Cable Reels
We've been building our reels in the same rural location in upstate New York
since 1933. My grandfather, Clifford, taught me a lot about mechanical things as
well as basic values, and we've tried to stay true to his original vision.We
strive to continually bring you the best products, and the best people to build
and deliver them to you and answer your questions. If at any time you have
concerns or suggestions for improvement, we'd love to hear from you.

City: Hannibal
Category: Cutting Tools
Hannibal Carbide Tool manufactures carbide tipped cutting tools and solid
carbide reamers. Hannibal has an extensive line of standard product offerings
and also has design and build capability for full special tooling.

City: Irving
Category: Fluid Power Technology
Our 27 years of real, hands on experience combined with our July 1996 purchase
of certain assets of Remco Hydraulics, gives us the ability to offer turnkey
fluid power technology. Our plants located in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio,
Texas produce single stage cylinders ranging from 3 inches to over 104 inches in
diameter, with strokes in excess of 120 feet. We have manufactured telescoping
cylinders with strokes up to 85 feet.In addition to exceptionally large
cylinders, Hannon Hydraulics is a one-stop source for midsize cylinders that can
answer rigorous performance requirements. This includes cylinders incorporating
alloys, metals, high heat applications and units demanding exceptionally high
life cycles.

City: Camarillo
Category: Tools
Hansa Tooling and Engineering Inc was founded in 1968 in Glendale, California as
a short run job shop producing parts for the tooling industry. Since 1992 Hansa
Tooling and Engineering Inc has occupied a modern 4600 square foot facility,
located in Camarillo, California.With our in-house Computer Systems we can
design anything from Prototypes to Production Parts. The quality of our products
and service to our customers are of prime importance at Hansa Tooling and
Engineering Inc.

City: Providence
Category: Bench Top Dispensers
Hanscom Inc is a leading manufacturer of bench-top dispensers, semi and fully
automatic machinery for coiling, hanking, banding, and tying of electrical cord
sets, fiber optic cable, and tubing.

City: Princeton
Category: Motors
Hansen Corporation was founded in 1907 by Julis W Hansen,a German immigrant who
had moved to Princeton, Indiana in 1905. The founder was a jeweler and watch
maker by trade. His first recognition came when he designed the first automatic
bell ringing system at the request of a local high school principal. This
innovated product launched Hansen Manufacturing Company, Inc.Today Hansen
Corporation manufactures a variety of DC Motors, Synchronous Motors, AC Clock
Movements, and Stepper Motors used in applications for automotive, HVAC systems,
instrumentation, office equipment, and medical equipment.

City: Sacramento
Category: Application Software
Hansen Information Technologies is the leading supplier of application software
that helps manage the operations of government. Hansen's leading edge products
aggregate citizen and business requests for services and business transactions,
across the enterprise, offering multiple channels (i.e. web portal, kiosk, front
counter, telephone, and email) of secured access to back-office functions.Hansen
supports over 500 governments, including state, city, county, and special
districts, covering over 80 million people who conduct over 1.2 billion
transactions a year. The company is a privately held corporation that employs
250 employees. Headquartered in Sacramento, California, the company has offices
in Auckland, London, Perth, Melbourne, Mississauga (Toronto) and Sydney.

City: Buena Park
Category: Display Monitor
Hansol accomplishes these goals by emphasizing the qualities of youthful
enthusiasm, encouraging creativity and ingenuity, and applying only clean
methods of manufacturing that protect the environment. As a world leader in
paper manufacturing, Hansol a forestation projects create new growth across the
globe every year. As a company, Hansol encourages employees to challenge their
perceived limitations and achieve new levels of success and self-awareness. As
an electronics manufacturer, Hansol strives to create better solutions applying
fresh ideas to proven manufacturing methods, while keeping our packaging simple
and biodegradable.Hansol Electronics has independently manufactured
award-winning monitors since 1996, building our experience and technology upon
the proven methods of our parent, Samsung. In a few short years, Hansol has
become a worldwide presence. The leading stand-alone monitor brand in the United
Kingdom and a top brand in Europe, Hansol competes with top quality
manufacturers where the certification requirements for performance, reliability,
and environmental responsibility are the most stringent in the world.

City: Cupertino
Category: LCD's
Hantronix offers a complete line of standard character and graphic modules,
notebook displays that are very dependable and cost competitive. We have also
produced many customs LCD's, and offer the best of customer support. All
manufacturing is done in the Far East, with over 15 years of established
processes and quality control. All of our manufacturing facilities are certified
to ISO 9001 standards. Hantronix displays are built in a fully automated,
state-of-the-art LCD plant with over 100,000sq. ft. of clean rooms, testing and
quality control areas. We also carry a large inventory in our Northern
California facility to provide short lead times on samples and on most
orders.Hantronix product is marketed though a nationwide network of independent
sales representatives and stocking distributors. Our customers include OEM
customers in many different industries, such as: medical, industrial control,
robotics, computers and consumer.

City: Monrovia
Category: Mechanical Seals
Harbor Seal Inc designs, engineers and manufactures mechanical seals. These
seals are employed in rotary fluid handling equipment such as pumps,
compressors, mixers, agitators and rotary joints.

City: Shelburne
Category: Wire & Cable Products
Manufacturers of high performance specialty wire and cable.

City: South Deerfield
Category: Reusable Cases
Hardigg's collection of 295 COTS [Commercial-Off-The-Shelf] standard case sizes
offers the largest selection of rotationally molded reusable cases in the
shipping case industry. Hardigg offers unlimited custom case configurations,
including a wide selection of colors, shapes, and sizes, as well as customized
foam interiors to accommodate the transportation of specialized equipment. To
protect against the handling hazards of shock, vibration, moisture, and
temperature extremes that can occur during shipping, our cases are water tight,
airtight, dust-proof, and corrosion-proof - and designed for the easiest and
most efficient handling, loading, and stacking.

City: Elmira
Category: Spindle Tooling
Manufactures a full line of lathes to meet a broad spectrum of performance,
capability and budget requirements. Hardinge Work holding, the world's largest
manufacturer of spindle tooling. Our inventory of collets, feed fingers and
other work holding devices is unsurpassed.

City: North Chelmsford
Category: Laser Systems
Manufacturer of metal optics for laser systems and night vision/IR cameras,
LIDAR, etc. HardZapTM mirrors for high power CO2 and YAG lasers and for fast
scanning systems.Also ultra-precision machining of all conventional metals as
well as beryllium and aluminum-beryllium.Small assemblies. Small and medium lot
production quantities.

City: Seattle
Category: Fastener Product
Our goal is to exceed customer expectations by making business Easy. Hardware
Representatives represent the fastener industry. We help our quality principals
find the quality customers they are looking for. Likewise we will often help
manufacturers find a fastener product that fits their manufacturing need with
less work at a cheaper price. If you have a manufacturing problem involing a
complicated fastener or if you are simply looking for a great price on your
favorite fastener product contact us at Hardware Representatives and we can
help. We are also always looking for quality companies to represent. With over
100 years experience in the fastener industry we are the best qualified to
assist our principals in becoming the "easiest" in the industry to do business
with. We represent our principals in the Western United States.

City: Guilford
Category: Utensil Products
Manufacturers of quality woodenware for food service & craft industries.

City: San Diego
Category: Control and Monitoring System
Hardy Instruments is a leading designer and manufacturer of process control and
condition monitoring systems. Hardy's process weighing solutions have built-in
webserver capabilities that allow for email, setup, and system diagnostics.Hardy
condition monitoring solutions include transmitters and building block modules
that enable companies to monitor and control equipment vibration via the PLC or

City: Grayslake
Category: Lightning Protection Products
Since 1960, Harger has been providing solutions to the lightning protection and
grounding industries. We have experience in all facets of these markets
including engineering, systems design, product manufacturing and installation.
Our engineering department provides design services for engineers and
contractors domestically, as well as internationally. We strive to stay on the
cutting edge of technology, offering designs in the latest Autocad format.We use
only the finest materials in the manufacture of our equipment. Whether the parts
are cast, formed or stamped, you can be assured if Harger makes it, it's

City: Mooresville
Category: Pumps & Compressors
Hargraves designs and manufactures reliable, long life micro and minature pumps
and compressors providing pressure and/or vacuum for the transport of air,
gases, vapors and liquids.

City: Niles
Category: Tool and Die
Harig Manufacturing Corporation is a precision metalworking technology
company.Founded in 1937 as a state-of-the-art tool and die builder, today we are
a leading fine blanking and stamping supplier with strong tool and die
support.Harig pioneered the use of carbide dies and EDM and was one of the first
companies to embrace fine blanking in 1965.Today, with a staff of dedicated and
skilled employees operating in a well-equipped 55,000 sq. ft. plant, we produce
precision parts for the automotive, appliance, power tool, aerospace, and
controls industries - plus many others.

City: Valencia
Category: Lamps
Harison USA, formerly Pacific Industrial Components Corporation (PICC),
established in 1989 as a joint venture with Harison Electric Company Limited of
Japan, began a new kind of lighting company. A lighting company known for
superior quality and customer support. Harison USA's resources and activities
are concentrated within the lighting industry allowing us to focus on producing
only the highest quality products. Our products are manufactured on automatic
equipment designed and built by our engineers at our factory. The highest grade
of advanced manufacturing technologies and production processes available are
incorporated into every product we manufacture. Extensive research and
development, advanced design engineering, and state-of-the-art quality assurance
systems insure that quality is built into every lamp we ship.

City: Rochester
Category: Plastic Products
Our large selection of vinyl plastic products has virtually no limitations in
its use. Applications include protective covering, shipping caps, shipping
plugs, paint masking, dust caps and decorative uses. Our products include
plastic caps, plastic plugs, end caps, end plugs, hanger caps, pull caps,
plastic grips, foam grips, plastic hanger grips, silicone caps, custom molding
and more.We service many industries, including automotive, lawn and garden,
exercise, toy, home appliance, aerospace, hydraulics and pneumatics,
electronics, refrigeration and numerous others worldwide.

City: Peabody
Category: Motion Control Solutions
Harmonic Drive Technologies, a subsidiary of Nabtesco Inc. of Japan, is a
leading manufacturer of motion control solutions for applications requiring
precise positional accuracy and repeatability. Industries benefiting from
harmonic drive gearing include semiconductor, machine tool, factory automation,
robotics, medical equipment and aerospace.Products include zero backlash, high
ratio harmonic drive gear components, actuators and gear heads capable of
accuracy of less than1 arc minute and repeatability of +- 5 arc seconds.
Standard and customer specific designs are available.

City: Grand Rapids
Category: Custom Case
We are a manufacturer of quality custom cases and case interiors for engineered
products. We produce shipping cases and portable carrying cases. Most common
case applications include samples cases, sales kits, computer cases, pc cases,
laptop cases, graphics cases, shipping cases, carrying cases, portable display
cases, exhibit cases, trade show cases, air transport ATA cases, travel cases,
projector cases, monitor cases, large monitor cases, projector cases, flat
screen cases, printer cases, equipment cases, stage equipment cases, product kit
cases, rack cases, and custom vacuum formed cases.

City: Newown
Category: Electronic Control Drives
In the winter of 1936, Harold C. Beck made a decision to pursue his novel ideas
for improving the temperature control of large industrial furnaces. He was
convinced that better temperature control could be obtained by designing an
automatic reset mechanism into the electric actuator that controlled the fuel to
heat the furnace.Full-time devotion to this pursuit meant leaving the relative
security of his present employer in the middle of the Great Depression of the
30's. Product design details needed additional work, first models had yet to be
made, and only then could prospective customers be approached in the hope of
securing orders.Harold Beck's conviction in his novel ideas seemed justified
within the first year, when the first order for 6 units was received from the
Carnegie Illinois Steel Company in Pittsburgh. In the years that followed, a
patent was issued for the Beck "Triple Function Mechanism".

City: Gardena
Category: Optical Products
Superior quality you can count on from prototypes to production. Over the years
customers have come to rely on Harold Johnson Optical Laboratories to produce
and test optics to exact design specifications assuring...Product Reliability.
From start to finish every optic has been through a series of quality checks to
achieve... Complete and Total Quality. We take pride in meeting all requirements
imposed by our customers.

City: Wichita
Category: Hand Trucks
As the world's largest manufacturer of hand trucks, Harper makes one of every
three such trucks sold in the United States. With 2500 distributors in North
America, Harper is now positioned to enter the international marketplace
full-force. The company has been achieving routine annual growth of 20% and
more, thanks to direct factory representation of the product and to strong
consumer interest complimenting its traditional strengths in material handling
applications. Harper Trucks are manufactured in a plant of 400,000 square feet
with full robotic and new composite-injection capabilities.

City: Chicago
Category: Perforated Metal Material
With more than 120 years of experience, H&K is known for producing perforated
material with extreme accuracy and efficiency. We can provide holes in any size,
shape or arrangement, in metals and non-metallic, from foil thin to one inch
thick. We do it all! And no one beats us for fast delivery and competitive
pricing for large or small orders. A selection of perforated patterns is
warehoused around the country in various sheet sizes, gauges and materials. They
are available for immediate shipment. (Order by noon and we'll ship by 5 p.m.
the same day.) We can custom-design your perforated patterns with large blank
areas and any combination of hole shapes and sizes. Our technical assistance and
a full range of forming, fabricating and finishing services are available.

City: Walpole
Category: Acoustic Devices and Sonar Transducers
The Company is responsible for a broad range of military and commercial sonar
transducers, projectors and hydrophones, underwater and hull-mounted telephones,
diver hand-held sonars, and other acoustic devices. These company products are
found on both surface ships and submarines.Harris Acoustic Products maintains a
dynamic, entrepreneurial work environment -- one consisting of skilled,
enthusiastic employees. Motivated workers are encouraged to continuously refine
production methodologies and processes, and to maximize product value for

City: Gainesville
Category: Gas Torches and Gas Pressure Regulators
After exhibiting his cutting torch at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair, he
established the company in a small shop on Cleveland's West Side in 1905. Harris
continued to refine its gas torches and began to produce related accessories,
such as gas pressure regulators. The U.S. Welding Co. of Minnesota purchased
Harris in 1926 and U.S. Welding's founder, Lorne Campbell, Jr., became its
President, serving until the 1950's when Clarence Taylor assumed the
position.After World War II, the company found new markets for its products in
research laboratories and aircraft and missile manufacturers. Under Clarence
Taylor, Harris expanded its national distribution system, developed new
equipment, stepped up its advertising program, and established subsidiaries and
distributorships abroad.

City: Brookfield
Category: Software Products
Harris Data offers quality enterprise software; with software license agreement
designed around you, and is the only software company with a 95% customer
retention rate. Harris Data's applications run on the IBM iSeries platform - the
most reliable, proven technology in the industry.

City: Andover
Category: Temperature and Humidity Controls
Since the late 1960's, Harris Environmental has specialized in providing close
tolerance control temperature and humidity environmental supplied to our clients
as a turnkey systems. Complete "single source responsibility" of all aspects of
each room including the room structure, mechanical systems, and controls are
provided for every project. Life Science research, Drug Discovery,
Pharmaceutical R & D, pilot plant production, or full biopharmaceutical
manufacturing all require specific environmental rooms for product development,
stability testing, and production. At Harris, we provide many walk-in cold
rooms, freezers and incubators, but we also specialize in modular dry rooms, D/H
series custom dehumidification systems, clean rooms, cycling chambers, and
archival storage vaults.

City: San Francisco
Category: Fastening Products
When friends Sam Harrison and Eugene Bonini headed off to World War II, they had
no idea that upon their return in 1946, they would create the most respected
hardware company in San Francisco. Eugene and Sam founded their company on one
principle: the only way to do business is to offer unparalleled customer service
and supply the best parts at a competitive price. Harrison & Bonini grew from
providing surplus military goods into purchasing new and specialty fastening
hardware for a growing base of clients. These clients included: the U.S. Navy,
local ship repair facilities and commercial businesses, Aeroject General, and
Campbell Soup.

City: Poway
Category: Membrane Switches
Our mission is to provide the electronics and manufacturing industry the best
quality, service and innovation possible. We've been serving the electronics
industry since 1976. We specialize in the design and manufacturing of membrane
switches, graphic overlays, domed logos, and custom die-cut parts.

City: Philadelphia
Category: Lubricant and Cleaning Product
It is our goal to reduce our customers' operating costs. Our products are more
effective and can be used at significantly lower concentrations. These quality
HMC products typically have a lower "cost-per-use" than competitor's products.
"Specialty Chemicals" are what the name implies: products expertly designed and
perfectly suited for specific applications. Harry Miller Corporation distributes
via direct sales representatives, specialized manufacturers' representatives,
and authorized distributors.The Harry Miller Corporation was founded in 1936 in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It has since grown into a multi-million dollar
enterprise serving the steel, metalworking, and paper industries with
proprietary specialty chemicals. Our solutions include coolant, lubricant and
cleaning products. Harry Miller Corporation (HMC) offers excellent customer
service, exacting technical expertise, superior quality control and cost
effective solutions for your industrial chemical needs.

City: Annapolis
Category: Digital Imaging Equipment
We design and manufacture advanced digital imaging equipment for military,
industrial inspection and machine vision applications. Unlike many companies
that develop software or hardware HEAT develops and manufactures highly
integrated systems requiring multi-disciplined engineering solutions. Our
expertise is focused on systems that have small to medium production runs.
However we recognize the necessary development of prototypes and proof of
concept systems as a necessary path to reach production. Fast cost effective
prototyping is one of our signature abilities.

City: Rocky Hill
Category: Bearing System and Ball Product
Since it's founding in 1931 as the Hartford Ball Company, Hartford Technologies
has evolved from a leading ball manufacturer to a leading provider of balls,
bearings, bearing systems and plastics components. The commitment to quality is
ongoing as we are now an ISO-9000 company and a Tier I and II automotive
supplier. Our facility is located in Rocky Hill, Connecticut where we offer a
complete line of balls and bearings or a wide variety of industries. Our
research and development team is unmatched in developing cost effective bearing
systems designed to meet your specific needs. Our ball products include
stainless steel balls, plastic balls, brass balls. Our bearing products and
systems include roller bearings, plastic bearings, linear bearings, precision
bearings, and custom bearings.

City: Rocky Hill
Category: Bearing Systems
Manufacturer of precision balls including stainless steel, plastic, brass,
roller and linear; bearings and bearing systems and plastic components.As
competition increases and technology grows more complex, you need a supplier who
can offer more than product alone. Hartford Technologies is committed to
providing you the expertise and service you need to stay competitive. From a
full range of ball and bearing products to plastic components to dedicated teams
of bearing systems engineers, Hartford Technologies delivers the most reliable,
most cost-effective solution for any application. Most important, our customer
first philosophy means just that. We'll be there for you when you need us,
however you need us, to get the job done.

City: Elgin
Category: Energy Saving Electric Bulbs
A small hall measuring around 100 sq. m in a repair workshop in the town of
Minden became the company premises. The production range mainly consisted of
basic necessities such as energy-saving light bulbs, much sought-after
hotplates, electric lighters, twin-plate electric cookers and irons.The size and
number of orders increased steadily, as did the workforce, which grew to 40
within two years. By then, the available production space was no longer
adequate.Consequently, in 1947, Harting with its entire staff moved to the
former military hospital for horses at the Simeon Barracks in Minden. There the
company kept growing and the plant expanded continuously. A laboratory, test
workshop and design office were set up.

City: Hartland
Category: Precision Pump
Hartmann Controls supplies industries with robust, precision pump that are from
the finest metals and used by the worlds largest manufacturers and companies.

City: Perkasie
Category: Weight Control Systems
Hartman Scale Company Inc was started in May of 1980 to provide custom weight
control systems for the food processing, and chemical processing industry. We
have designed and fabricated many weighing structures to accommodate our
customer's exact needs. We offer PLC systems to provide recipe storage,
continuous batch sequences, and continuous loss in weight control systems. One
of our primary products is our bulk bag-weighing stand. We offer bag filling as
well as bag discharge systems to meet your requirements. Our office and
fabrication shop are located in facilities located at 100 North Seventh Street
in the small town of Perkasie, Penna, USA.

City: American ForkCountry; USA
Category: Temperature Meaurement & Calibration Products
Fluke's Hart Scientific division makes everything you need for calibrating
thermometers including SPRTs, PRTs, thermistors, and thermocouples. Our
temperature baths and dry-wells offer unmatched stability and our primary
standards are used in metrology labs around the world. For precision
thermometry, our thermometer readouts and probes are exceptionally accurate and
easy to use. We offer training in temperature calibration and our laboratory has
some of the lowest accredited uncertainties in the world.

City: Placentia
Category: Non-Ferrous Products
As we soar into the third millennium, McKechnie already has a history of more
than a century of increasingly sophisticated manufacturing. The company evolved
from finishers of non-ferrous metals, vertically integrated into the manufacture
of non-ferrous components, and then broadened into replacement materials such as
high specification metals and polymers. By the end of the 20th century,
McKechnie emerged as specialist engineers providing "lowest cost of ownership"
technical solutions to global aerospace, luxury automotive, IT and mobile
telecommunications industries.Entering the aerospace industry in 1994, the
company grew rapidly (40% per annum compound), and built up a portfolio of
high-tech businesses that are global niche leaders in proprietary engineered
products and subsystems.

City: Easton
Category: Pipe Extrusions
In a world of constant technological change, a company with a unique set of
skills can only produce outstanding PVC and CPVC pipe extrusions. Technical
mastery, persistent dedication, and testing without compromise-these are the
elements that make Harvel Plastics an international leader.Based in Easton,
Pennsylvania, and Bakersfield, California, Harvel Plastics provides customers
around the globe with today's most reliable piping systems; duct systems; and
rod, bar, and machining stock. "The Quality Line," Harvel products are the
result of the industry's most careful and vigilant testing standards.

City: Oxnard
Category: Electro Mechanical Fluid Flow and Liquid Level Switches
Harwil Corporation was established over 49 years ago in 1956 to conceive,
design, manufacture and market electro mechanical fluid flow and liquid level
switches. All designs are focused on producing simple, reliable, low cost units
with broad operating flexibility in a multitude of physical, thermal and
chemical operating environments.Metal materials range from brass to stainless
steel to Hastelloy® C to Titanium to special materials as required.Plastic
materials range from G.E. Noryl® (PPO) to Hoechst Celanese Fortron® (PPS) to
Teflon® to Epoxy to special materials as required.Elastomers range from BUNA N
to EPDM to Hypalon® to Viton®, etc. Flow pipe size range from 0.5 inches to 16
inches or larger. Level switch ON/OFF differentials are available from 0.25
inches (6.4 mm) to 5 inches (127 mm) to 20 ft. or more.

City: New Albany
Category: Connectors and Components
Harwin is a world-class company offering its clients world-class quality in the
design and manufacture of electronic interconnect solutions.Whether you require
standard, 'off-the-shelf' connectors and components, bespoke connectors,
insertion machinery or a total interconnect solution from design to delivery,
Harwin's unique mix of specialist interconnect expertise, and experience and
capability is unsurpassed.Our 50-plus years' experience, and our global network
of manufacturing, sales and support centers and distributors, makes us uniquely
equipped to meet the specialist needs of the world interconnection market.

City: New Hyde Park
Category: Electro Mechanical Relays
Hasco Components has been in the business of Relays, Reed Switches and Reed
Relays since 1976. Our products are produced in our ISO certified factory. Hasco
stocks 200 styles of our products in New York with drop shipments available to
contract manufacturers through out the world.Hasco has approximately 500
different types of relays and electromechanical relays, as well as 24 types of
reed relays that range from milliamps to 80 amps. They include both DC and AC
coil voltages and can also switch from one pole to 4 poles. Free samples are
available by clicking here or by clicking on the "EZ Relay Design Page" link
provided in the navigation to the left.

City: Burbank
Category: High Pressure System & Accessories
Haskel International Inc is the world's leading manufacturer of hydraulically
and pneumatically driven, high-pressure systems and accessories. For nearly 60
years, the Company has been a recognized leader in high pressure technology. Our
main manufacturing facilities are certified to ISO 9001. Dedicated professionals
at distribution and sales locations around the globe are ready to offer
application-engineering expertise and problem-solving experience.

City: Turners Falls
Category: Steel Tools and Raw Materials
Our warranty-backed high-speed steel tools are produced from raw materials
rigorously selected for each tool type for excellent grind ability, wear
resistance, toughness, and red hardness. We are proud of our service record for
quality and integrity.23 Representatives in the USA and additional
representation in 21 countries worldwide support Hassay Savage broaches.A
network of over 1000 industrial distributors knows that competitively-priced
Hassay Savage Broaches cut more precisely, last longer, and wear better.Hassay
Savage has attained a consistent reputation for the one of the best delivery
programs in the industry. We ship 98% standards same day from stock. Modified
standards are shipped within 1-2 weeks. We can deliver special tooling 6-7 weeks
from receipt of order and blueprints.

City: Santa Cruz
Category: Stitch Wired Hast Boards
Hast Solutions specializes in the design and manufacture of Stitch wired Hast
Boards, Stainless Steel Card Cages and other fixturing used in Hast
applications. Stitchwire technology is the time-proven design for maximum life
duration of Hast Boards. With Stitchwire, there is no risk of internal shorting
as exists with conventional multi-layer Boards. Hast Boards can often be less
expensive than other designs and due to our unique manufacturing process, there
are never any tooling or design costs. Boards and Racks are available in a
variety of sizes for use with virtually all of the Hast systems on the market.
Our mission is to provide customers with the best overall solution for long-term
durability and on-time delivery.

City: Littleton
Category: Pressure Gauges
Qualitrol was originally founded in 1945 and has been a subsidiary of Danaher
Corporation a leading global manufacturer competing effectively through a
focused strategy leveraging product value, quality and customer service since
1986. With three brands of products, Qualitrol, AKM, and Hathaway, Qualitrol
Corporation is in the forefront with products and services that address the
needs of the electric, water, and oil and gas industries.AKM as this Swedish
company is usually called, has long experience in manufacturing precision
instruments. Back in 1876, Adolf Kihlström began to manufacture pressure gauges,
or manometers. For decades, AKM made pressure gauges and thermometers for a wide
variety of applications. Since the beginning of the 1960s, AKM has focused on
manufacturing high-quality instruments for temperature control of transformers.

City: Richmond
Category: Tobacco Processing Products
Hauni Maschinenbau AG is the parent company for the Tobacco division of the
Körber Group. The name Hauni is synonymous with the most successful system
vendor to the tobacco-processing industry. Hauni's product portfolio includes
machines, facilities, and services for every processing step of the tobacco
industry - from preparation of the leaves, to cigarette and filter manufacture
to comprehensive services and customized, technical consulting.

City: Hauppauge
Category: Analog and Video Product
Hauppauge Digital Inc through its Hauppauge Computer Works subsidiary, has been
a leader in bringing TV functionality to the PC since 1992. The Company is the
worldwide leading developer and manufacturer of analog and digital video, TV and
data broadcast receiver products for personal computers, with an estimated
worldwide installed base of over 2.5 million. Hauppauge's products allow PC
users to watch television on their PC screens, videoconference and create both
still video images and digital video movies. Hauppauge's flagship product, the
WinTV, is the leading branded TV card in the retail market.The WinTV family
consists of several models that include features such as FM Radio, IR remote
control, digital video recording and digital TV reception. Although each model
has distinct features, this family of products shares the same basic
functionality: they all allow a PC user to have TV in a resizable window on
their screen.

City: Montpelier
Category: Underground Oil Well Equipment
First organized as the Hause Valve Company in 1933 to manufacture underground
oil well equipment, the organization expanded to manufacture and market complete
oil pump assemblies under the Moroil trademark. Following a long evolution into
custom and production machine work, our first power feed unit was introduced in
1952, and a second company, Hause Machines, Inc., was soon created to market
this new product.Since then, Hause Machines has been serving manufacturing
industries with products of unsurpassed quality for drilling, tapping,
chamfering and threading. Today, more than 11,000 power feed units later, Hause
employees number approximately 50 at our Montpelier, Ohio, plant and our sales
organization features 18 manufacturers' representatives with more than 50 field
sales representatives. The product line has grown to include a broad range of
drill and tap units, drill and tap presses, fixed and adjustable multiple
spindle heads along with Hirth coupled indexers.

City: College Corner
Category: CNC Tube Cut-off Machines
With our RC Series cutoff lathes, the tube or pipe stays stationary so you can
chamfer both ends during cut off. With a setup time of only about one minute,
you spend less time adjusting and more time cutting. Our Tool Monitor allows
unattended operation, and our automatic tube loaders and runout tables insure
you'll get steady production. You will not find a lathe cutoff machine with more
features or innovation.Our SC30 dual-blade shear machine is your best choice for
high-speed tube cutoff of carbon or HSLA tubing up to 3" diameter. For tube
deburring or chamfering, add a conveyor link-up to tube brushing or
end-finishing machine.Our rugged tube loaders are available with either strap
lifts or low-maintenance chains, and feature low profile design for easy access
and loading.

City: Hudson
Category: Cable Assemblies
Manufacturer of award winning HAVEflex™ audio, and PROflex™ video cable
assemblies, in standard and custom configurations for video, audio, multi-media
and home theater applications. Featuring cable & cable-connected products by
Canare, Belden, Mogami, Neutrik, Have, Switchcraft, Amp, Kings, ADC, Whirlwind
and Hannay. Since 1977, doing business by the "Golden Rule".

City: Haverhill
Category: Coaxial Cable
Haverhill Cable and Manufacturing Corporation is a technology leader providing
innovative, state-of-the-art coaxial cable - semi-rigid and flexible - to the
microwave, military, and telecommunications industries. Using modern
manufacturing techniques and personnel with experience in physical metallurgy
and microwave transmission, Haverhill Cable has developed a product line of
superior semi-rigid, hand-formable, and flexible coaxial cables and
components.HCMC cables are used in a vast array of microwave and RF systems in
commercial, military, and satellite equipment. HCMC cables are fully qualified
for MIL-C-17 and space applications. EZBend II aluminum cables can be hand
formed with exceptional ease and no spring-back. Cables can be reshaped,
eliminating the need for costly drawings. In many cases, EZBend II aluminum
cable can be substituted for flexible cables - increasing shielding effectivity,
lowering loss, improving performance, and lowering cost.

City: Warren
Category: Twist Drills and Specialty Tools
Founded in 1953 Hayden Twist Drill and Tool Company has led the industry in
producing high quality Twist Drills, Reamers and specialty tools. Our state of
the art manufacturing facility features some of the most advanced tools cutting
machines available.Years of experience have taught us that customer satisfaction
is the most important product we sell. Therefore, we focus on customer relations
and communications to make our clients understand that we care. This Internet
project exemplifies our commitment to reach our clients up to date information
and pricing.

City: Niles
Category: Casters
Haydock manufactures heavy duty or light, plastic or metal, whatever your OEM
requirements are, Haydock can supply hundreds of caster sizes and styles to move
your products with sure, swift ease...and deliver them to you on time at the
right price!

City: Philadelphia,
Category: Bolts
Haydon Bolts Inc is now one of the longest operating bolt manufacturers in the
United States and, in fact, the world. Haydon specializes in custom manufactured
Anchor Bolts, Tie Rod Assemblies, U-Bolts, Eye Bolts, and J-Bolts in diameters
from 1/2" through 4" and up to 40 feet in length.Along with our manufactured
products, Haydon specializes in and carries one of the American's largest stocks
of structural bolts, nuts & washers. We stock TC Bolts (Tension Control Shear
Bolts) per ASTM F-1852 (A325) Plain & Mechanically Galvanized and A490-1 Plain
from 5/8" though 1-1/8" Diameter. We also stock Heavy Hex Structural Bolts per
ASTM A325-1 Plain, Hot Dip Galvanized, Mechanically Galvanized & A325-3
Weathering Steel and A490-1 & A490-3 Weathering From 1/2" Diameter through
1-1/2" Diameter. We manufacture & stock larger diameter structural bolts per
ASTM A449 & A354-BD.

City: Waterbury
Category: Linear Actuators
A global manufacturer of high performance stepper based Linear Actuators. We
offer an extensive range of standard and customized products. From small
refinements to new designs, HSI has the technical resources to meet your needs.

City: Minneapolis
Category: Data Communication and Wireless Products
Modem Express Inc is nationally recognized as a leader in advanced data
communications sales and service. We were established in 1987 to provide high
quality service for a broad range of data communication products. Modem Express
soon started selling the same equipment that it serviced.In 1995 Modem Express
became a distributor for Multi-Tech Systems Inc a Moundsview MN. Company that
manufactures high quality data communications and wireless products. Today we
are the number one distributor in Minnesota. As we grew in the late 90's, our
product lines did also. Manufacturers such as Adtran, Motorola/UDS/Codex, Racal,
Paradyne, U.S.Robotics and the Leader in the 80's/90's Hayes.

City: Fort Worth
Category: Material Handling Equipment
Since 1945, Hayes & Stolz has been manufacturing materials handling equipment
for a wide range of industries. Our philosophy and objectives remain the same to
work with our customers on the basis of respect, honesty and fairness to offer
our customers the highest quality equipment available to continually improve our
products and services to address the requirements and needs of our customers
providing innovative, practical solutions to the problems they may have.

City: Port Washington
Category: Gas Detectors
All of our models are designed to be evacuation alarms. They are calibrated at
10% or 20% of LEL (lower explosive limit), which is the generally accepted
evacuation level. The most common application is monitoring batteries or
generators used for uninterrupted power supplies. These supplies are widely used
to back up telecommunication systems.The model illustrated HIC/813c can be used
for either Methane or Propane. The tamper resistant switch on its panel selects
the gas of interest.Most of our models do not contain a buzzer to indicate an
alarm. Rather, they contain a relay that communicates an alarm to a remote
indicator. The relay may also turn on an exhaust fan to purge the enclosure that
is being monitored.

City: Fall River
Category: Solid State Switching
HB Controls products are used in industrial applications including: reflow
solder equipment, food processing and cooking ovens, industrial ovens & dryers,
injection and blow molding, vacuum forming, extruders, and packaging equipment.

City: Bellefontaine
Category: Industrial Hose
Manufactures industrial hose, ducting, power transmission belts, coated fabrics,
and conveyor belting.

City: St. Paul
Category: Adhesives, Sealants, and Coatings
Your day probably begins and ends with us. Your cereal box, refrigerator,
laundry detergent box, automobile, your baby's disposable diaper, all require
products we manufacture. Just about everywhere you look--even the windows you
see through and the magazines you read--you'll find manufactured goods using
adhesives, sealants, or coatings produced by H.B. Fuller.Sometimes our
behind-the-scenes products are virtually invisible. By incorporating
microparticles into packaging adhesives, for example, H.B. Fuller offers
technology for corporations to deter counterfeiters from distributing bogus
products. That means you get the brand-name merchandise you paid for.

City: Trappe
Category: Temperature and Density Instruments, Power Controls
The Hiergesell Brothers founded H-B Instrument Company in 1903. In a third
generation ownership, H-B proudly embraces the old world traditions of precision
craftsmanship brought from Germany. This combined with computerized order entry,
tracking, service, state of the art material requirements, planning, and
manufacturing, positions the company as a world class manufacturer. An ISO 9001
certified manufacturer, H-B remains committed to manufacturing precision made
products and high quality controls.With almost a century of experience, H-B
Instrument Company has achieved worldwide distinction in the manufacturing of
temperature and density related instruments as well as of power controls. Sales,
marketing, and manufacturing are headquartered in Trappe, PA (near
Philadelphia). Strategic distributors and representative organizations supply
sales and support in 41 countries. H-B continues to expand globally with its
products used daily in over 190 countries.

City: Norcross
Category: Transducers and Measurement Systems
Hottinger Baldwin Measurement, is a global manufacturer of transducers and
measurement systems for torque, force, displacement, pressure and strain.
Complete system solutions feature sensors, measuring amplifiers and data
acquisition software. Over 50 years of application experience in test stands,
production monitoring and quality control.

City: Santa Barbara
Category: Test & Measurement Equipments
HBM is a global market leader in weighing technologies, test and measurement.
Our state-of-the-art, innovative products set standards for precision throughout
the world. That is why so many of our customers associate HBM with "measurement
with confidence".

City: Commercial and Industrial Mixing Equipment
Commercial and industrial mixing equipment designed and built for four
generations by a family owned business dedicated to product quality, reliability
and longevity -- and personal attention to each customer. Quality is our

City: Brenham
Category: Power Converters
HDL Research Lab Inc designs and manufactures highly reliable and highly durable
AC-DC and DC-DC power converters primarily for military, aerospace, and
specialized industrial applications. Capabilities range from 2 Vdc to 25,000 Vdc
and 100 uW to 5 KW.While the typical application involves simply the
organization of proven circuitry into a specific configuration, the custom
option affords system designers the freedom to forge the future outand beyond
conventional limits.

City: Hauppauge
Category: Automatic Harmonic Drive Gearing
HD Systems Inc is the North American subsidiary of its parent company, Harmonic
Drive Systems Inc of Japan. As the world's largest manufacturer of harmonic
drive gearing, we offer the machine and motion control design engineer the
widest choice of harmonic drive gearing products. Multiple manufacturing
facilities in Japan and Germany maintain the high quality, precision and
reliability standards required by the industry.At its Long Island, NY facility,
application engineers are available for technical consultation and customer
service. A fully equipped facility provides integration of components as well as
prototype assembly. Warehousing of standard motion control components often
permits rapid project start-up from off-the-shelf units.

City: Garland
Category: Spinner System
Since 1964, Headway Research has maintained a tradition of product innovation
and support. Headway systems are designed for maintenance, as well as safety and
robust operation -- just one small way that Headway works to keep our systems
running and our customers satisfied.We will engineer or modify our equipment to
accommodate the unique needs of our customers. Our CAD-equipped Engineering
Department and MRP-driven manufacturing facilities are ready to solve your
problems.This web site is designed to provide you with an overview of the
company, technical information on spinner systems, and detailed information on
product selection.

City: Springville
Category: Lightning Products
We are global leaders in lightning prevention technologies with over 150,000
installations worldwide. Check out our industry-leading technology solutions on
the lightning product summary page, and the detailed information in our
lightning product and accessory catalog.

City: Hingham
Category: Silicone Tube Plugs
Heat Exchanger Products Corp manufactures the most reliable silicone tube plugs
on the market today for several industries, including; electrical generating
plants both nuclear and fossil, pulp and paper and petro-chemical.

City: Gainesville
Category: Energy Recovery Heat Pipes
President and inventor Khanh Dinh founded Heat Pipe Technology Inc in 1983. With
funding from private investors and a grant from the Department of Energy, HPT
began research on new uses for heat pipes, a passive heat transfer device
previously used in various applications ranging from orbiting satellites to the
Alaskan Pipeline ground spikes. By applying the principle of heat pipes to air
conditioning systems, the dehumidification performance and efficiency was
greatly enhanced, with moisture removal increased by 30 to 50%. However, to
lower fabrication costs, research and development was required. This task was
performed by HPT under a three-year, $500,000 contract with NASA's Kennedy Space
Center.The outcome of that effort is a new generation of heat pipes, costing
one-third the price of the aerospace heat pipes, while offering the same level
of performance. This revolution shattered the price barrier that restricted the
widespread implementation of heat pipes, yielding a short return on investment,
often as little as a year.

City: Eau Claire
Category: Monitors
Since 1991, Dynamic Displays has been a key supplier of high quality, high
performance computer monitors to the medical, military and industrial
marketplace. Our rugged color and monochrome video displays are used in a
multitude of special applications. We've provided rugged monochrome CRT monitors
for medical use in radiological, fluoroscopic, and NMR (nuclear magnetic
resonance) suites, sturdy color computer monitors for ultrasound medical imaging
products, rugged zed computer monitors for CNC machine tools, process control
systems and other industrial applications, rugged zed video displays for use in
military avionics suites, flight simulators, and many, many more.Dynamic
Displays also provides drop-in replacement monitors for a wide variety of
industrial and military legacy computer monitor applications requiring fast and
slow scan CRT & LCD video displays. We also customize our rugged video displays
to meet your unique computer monitor specifications.

City: Ben Lomond
Category: Mezzanine Board Solutions
Dynamic Engineering is the Mezzanine Products Solution Center. We specialize in
providing mezzanine board solutions to Industrial and Embedded computing
designers. Our solutions are designed to be platform independent using the
concept of mezzanine modules (Industry Pack, PMC, PC*MIP, PC/104+). System
engineers can mix and match different functions under different system
architectures. System designers can port solutions between different
architectures quickly and easily with mezzanine designs and modular software.
Solutions offered include Custom Design, Analog I/O, Digital I/O, Serial I/O,
Control, Bus Interface, Networking and more.

City: High Point
Category: Press Feeding
Robert Allred founded Dynamic Feeds Inc in 1977 with only two models of
mechanical feeds that were developed by his grandfather for his use in the
family stamping business. Much of his time and resources during the first years
of operation were spent attending trade shows and visiting, evaluating and
training distributors to establish North American sales. As he continued this
process, international distributors were brought on board. Dynamic Feeds'
leading sales distributor during the first year in business was located in
Australia.As time progressed, more Mechanical and ServoFeed models were added to
the machinery program. In the early 1980s, Dynamic Feeds formed a business
relationship with Soprem of Switzerland. From this relationship, DF was
introduced to Hämmerle of Switzerland. Other alliances with European companies
include Zehnder & Sommer of Switzerland and the addition of ServoPresse of Italy
in 1999.Dynamic Feeds' source of distribution is presently vast and
strategically located worldwide. Distribution in the USA is comprised of
approximately 20 organizations with nearly one hundred sales persons total. In
addition, Dynamic Feeds has distributors in Canada and Mexico, which are large
trading partners with the USA. DF's relationship with the OEM press builders
goes back many years, contributing even more to DF sales.

City: West Union
Category: Fluid Power Accessory
Dynamic Fluid Components is a service driven supplier of fluid power accessory
components. Dynamic's offerings include, Pressure gages, Ball valves, Inline
check valves, Flow control and Needle valves, Diagnostic test points & plugs,
Test hose, Breathers, Filler breathers, and Sight level gages.We believe your
order requirements should be filled quickly and easily, without hassle. That is
why, we have no minimum, ship same day and have faxed order confirmations.We
have two stocking warehouses to provide faster delivery to our customers, our
main warehouse is located in West Union, SC. and our second is located in
Modesto, CA. to service our west cost customers.

City: Syracuse
Category: Hybrid Circuits
Donald R Hazelmyer started Dynamic Hybrids Inc in 1992. With over 20 years of
experience in the hybrid circuit industry, Dynamic Hybrids Inc quickly
established itself as a high quality, low cost source for hybrid circuits.
Primarily a thick-film gold, silver, and copper manufacturer, DHI now offers
Direct Bond Copper technology, wire bonding, seam/seal welding, and solder
assembly reflow. 60% of DHI's business comes from the military sector, with the
remaining 40% being commercial. Products range from high reliability
microwave/radar applications to high volume commercial products. DHI's
manufacturing services may be provided from customer-supplied materials or on a
turnkey basis where DHI provides the necessary materials. DHI offers design
support options utilizing internal CAD design techniques.

City: Pittsburgh
Category: Circuit Board
We are contract manufacturers. We assemble circuit boards, cables and wiring
harnesses, and complete products – the entire range of production or any portion
of it. We can work from a parts list or from kits of parts.

City: Bristol
Category: Spring
Dynamic Manufacturing Company is a full service spring manufacturing company
dedicated to satisfying our customer's requirements. From Prototype to
Production our commitment is evident with our Computerized Spring Design
Capabilities, State Of The Art Computer Controlled Equipment, Electronic Free
Length Gauges, In-Line Stress Relieving, And Our High Quality Standards
Including Statistical Process Control & a commitment to ISO9002. With our proven
record of on time deliveries we're looking forward to serving you in the future!

City: Loveland
Category: Molding
DMI offers molding capacity from 1 oz. 30 tons, to 34 oz. 300 tons. Since 1984
our specialties have included insert molding, we can satisfy your requirements
from standard inserts to complex machined pieces!Our expertise with Engineered
Thermoplastics include Flouropolymers (PFA), Polyetherimide (Ultem),
Polyphenylene Sulfide (Ryton) & Polyphthalamide (Amodel) as well as over ten
years experience with thermoplastic elastomer bumpers for electronic test
instruments.We provide the same consideration to high volume commodity resin
molding and welcome all RFQÂ's.

City: Woodland Hills
Category: Systems And Instrumentation Products
Dynamic Sciences International Inc (DSII) is a public corporation serving its
customers worldwide since 1972. DSII started as a System Engineering
organization and later began manufacturing proprietary computers, systems and
instrumentation products. Our engineering and manufacturing facilities are
located at the company headquarters in Woodland Hills, California.

City: Blaine
Category: Rotary Unions And Rotating Joints
Dynamic Sealing Technologies (DSTI) specializes in designing and manufacturing
rotary unions and RotaRing™ combination rotary union/electrical slip ring
assemblies. DSTI's rotary union products are used to transfer hydraulic oil,
chemicals, water, air and numerous other liquids and gasses from stationary
inlets to rotating outlets. When supplied with one of the many electrical slip
ring options, the RotaRing™ assemblies can transfer electrical power, signals
and data. DSTI offers a comprehensive line of standard rotary union and
RotaRing™ products. They also provide complete custom rotary union design &
manufacturing services.

City: Sussex
Category: Short Run Tooling
At Dynamic, building short run tooling is an art that combines traditional
craftsmanship with the assistance of modern machines and methods, CAD-CAM, CNC
machining centers and wire EDM. Our many years of experience give us the ability
to take cost out and build quality into your short run dies. We will produce
lifetime tooling for your job at a cost of hundreds, not thousands, of dollars.
That is our Dynamic deal for you. Every aspect of our production is geared to
achieving the most efficient prototype and short run workflow. Our pressroom has
developed specialized techniques and procedures, which best accommodate part
runs up to 50,000. Our comprehensive quality system uses statistical methods for
process control. This SPC system is your assurance of consistent high quality
and that your order will be shipped on time.

City: Franklin
Category: Positioning Devices And Systems
Dynamic Structures and Materials LLC (DSM) specializes in the design,
development, integration, and support of micro positioning, Nan positioning, and
robotic positioning devices and systems for precision motion control
applications in the semiconductor, aerospace, medical, and research
industries.DSM's core competencies in the design and integration of specialty
piezoelectric actuators and stages, piezo amplifiers and drivers, and robotic
platforms enable innovative positioning solutions for unique applications.

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