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USA manufacturer database

Are you looking for information on USA manufacturers. Then check out the previews of data we have available in our database. Price is only 250 euros
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Previews of data we have available:

City: Dr Arlington Heights
Category: PCB Handling Equipment
Founded in 1976, Dynapace is the pioneer in the design and manufacture of PCB
handling equipment for the electronics industry. Working closely with our
customers to fully understand and meet their needs, we have developed a
comprehensive line of modules and options that will tie together a complete
process from surface mount and through-hole technology board assembly, through
test, final product assembly and packaging. Dynapace combines unparalleled
research and innovation with an engineering-driven customer focus to develop the
best designs to meet any standard or custom material-handling requirement.
Dynapace is the global leader in the manufacturing of standard and custom
material handling systems. All our products are designed and built in the USA.

City: South Burlington
Category: Power Distribution System
Dynapower has grown to be the leading independent manufacturer of custom power
supplies and cast coil transformers in the world. Every Dynapower product is
engineered and manufactured in the United States at our 150,000 square foot
corporate headquarters facility in South Burlington, Vermont. This facility
houses all of our production and distribution resources under one roof where we
handle all of your production needs in a clean and breathtaking setting
overlooking the Green Mountains. We invite you to visit us and learn firsthand
why so many people have chosen Dynapower to be the solution to their power
distribution needs. Dynapower is continuously evaluating new technologies and
manufacturing techniques. Our facilities offer extensive research and
manufacturing capabilities, bringing tomorrow's technologies to science and

City: St Clair
Category: Valves
DynaQuip Controls designs, manufactures and supplies high quality valves and
innovative valve automation products to industrial, commercial and residential
markets throughout the world. DynaQuip flow control and fluid connector products
include; electric actuators, electronic actuator controls, automated ball
valves, automated butterfly valves, pneumatic actuators, manual ball valves,
butterfly valves, quick-disconnect couplings, and air compressor accessories.

City: San Fernando
Category: Ball Bearing
Dynaroll is your premier engineering and purchasing resource for ball bearings,
radial ball bearings and thrust ball bearings. Any of our search methods will
help you quickly find the ball bearings or ball bearing information you need.
Use Dynaroll's unique Ball Bearing Selector to arrive at a complete printable
part number and specification sheet for a suitable bearing.

City: West Berlin
Category: Synthetic Fused Silica
Founded in 1960, Dynasil Corporation of America was one of only two domestic
manufacturers of synthetic fused silica, the purest form of glass known to man.
For over four decades, Dynasil has provided high quality synthetic fused silica
and fused quartz products to customers for a wide and ever increasing range of
applications. In the 21st century, its products are used in the manufacture of
optical components, lasers, semiconductors, telecom equipment, electronics,
scientific instruments and an assortment of energy and aerospace applications.
In addition to fused silica, Dynasil fabricates optical blanks and other
components from a variety of other manufacturers' optical materials.

City: Racine
Category: Flow Meters
Dynasonics' 25+ year history of engineering and manufacturing products for the
flow measurement industry allows us to provide proper solutions to your
company's most challenging applications. Throughout our history, we have dealt
with thousands of unique flow measurement requirements and have focused our
efforts on developing a comprehensive line of products to satisfy those
requirements. The Dynasonics team is also committed to continuous product
development providing for the demands of the future.

City: Grafton
Category: Adhesives
Dyna Tech Adhesives and Dyna-Tech Coatings are manufacturers of environmentally
friendly water-based adhesives and energy curable adhesives and coatings.
Founded in 1981, a division of Rex-Hide Industries,

City: Santa Rosa
Category: Wafer And Diode Die
Dynatex International is a world leader in wafer/diode die separation products
for semiconductor and related industries, providing fabless services, equipment
and materials.Dynatex International is the leader in dry process dicing and
wafer dicing materials. We are committed to provide solutions for die/diode
dicing and wafer processing applications -- solutions designed to increase
yields, maximize throughput, and minimize operator intervention.

City: Kelton
Category: Laboratory Instruments And Thermal Desorption
Dynatherm instruments provide laboratory personnel with the means to collect
trace organic chemicals from air, water, and soil samples, as well as diverse
food products such as coffee, grains, juices, chocolate, flavorings, and their
packaging materials. The line of Dynatherm instruments provides both manual and
automated approaches to thermal desorption. The ACEM 900 is a single-tube
desorber that desorbs one tube at a time. The MTDU 910 and 916 are multi-tube
devices that automate the analysis process of samples that have been collected
onto adsorbent cartridges at remote locations. The IACEM 980 is a continuous
sampler that serves the industrial hygiene market for analysis of worker
exposure to hazardous workplace chemicals, as well as providing monitoring
capability required by the federal Clean Air Act Amendment of 1990.

City: Amery
Category: Pulse And DC Electroplating Power Supplies
Dynatronix is located in Amery, WI, and has been manufacturing and marketing
pulse and DC electroplating power supplies for the worldwide metal finishing
industry since 1971. The company offers an extensive line of standard and custom
power supplies - pulse, pulse reverse, dc, single output, multi-output, manual
and computer controlled. Dynatronix is the world's leading supplier of Pulse
Plating Power Supplies. The vast experience and knowledge of the engineering and
production technical people are an important resource for customer support and

City: Newark
Category: Conveyor Component
Dyna Veyor Manufactures the following wide range of Plastic Conveyor Chains,
Belting, Sprockets, Idlers and Related Conveyor Components. Serving the food
Processing and Product packaging industries, Dyna Veyor Continually Strives to
provide the finest Service and Product Reliability.

City: Haverhill
Category: Microwave Coaxial Connectors
In 1985, Dynawave was founded to respond to the defense industry's need for
engineering innovation in RF and Microwave connectors and cable assemblies.
Today, our engineering team brings new ideas and products to life not only for
the defense industry, but also for the burgeoning microwave, RF, and wireless
industries.Dynawave produces three series of Blind-Mate connectors and adapters:
Dynamates tm and Dynamite tm, and SMP's. Dynamates are compatible with OSP* and
BMA; Dynamites are compatible with OSSP. For interconnecting components, we
offer Dynacon tm and Dynaseal tm, the ultimate for MIC component packaging. We
also specialize in cable assemblies from DC to 26.5 GHz, providing complete
capabilities for prototypes, short runs and large production quantities of
phase-matched cables, delay lines, lab analysis test cable, and
hermetically-sealed cables. SMA, SSMA, TNC, N, and MCX types complete our
coaxial connector lines.

City: Jackson
Category: Current Dynamometer
Digital Multi-Loop Dynamometer & Throttle Controls ,Integrated Data Acquisition,
Test Cell Automation Software, AC & DC Regenerative Drive Systems, Electrical &
Mechanical Engineering, Eddy Current Dynamometer Manufacturing & Service, Used
Eddy Current and DC Dynamometers, AC Dymond Series Dynamometers .Eddy Current
Dynamometer Dyne Systems is now the exclusive manufacturer of Midwest and
Dynamatic Eddy Current Dynamometers, and the only manufacturing / service center
authorized to remanufacture your Midwest or Dynamatic dynamometer to meet OEM
specifications. Contact our sales department for more information or a quote.

City: Elk River
Category: Brushed Servomotors
Since 1972 Dynetic Systems has been manufacturing premium quality brushed
servomotors. Our brushed motors are considered some of the finest in the world.
Our power line of motors has been selected to offer the best possible
power/size/cost ratio available. All of our motors are designed with a full
range of compatible, interchangeable, gear heads and matching accessories.
Standard products are available to fill most customers needs and work well for
quick prototyping on most OEM designs. Custom applications are our specialty.
Motion engineers are ready to assist you in selecting and designing the best
possible solution

City: Pewaukee
Category: Hydraulic Components And Power Units
Dynex manufactures hydraulic components and systems for use on mobile and
industrial machinery. These pumps, valves, motors and power units have been sold
worldwide for over 40 years. Products include high-pressure piston pumps,
high-pressure directional and pressure control valves, heavy-duty piston motors
for demanding conditions, low-speed high-torque (LSHT) vane motors, and
electrohydraulic actuators for remote control. Dynex also builds standard
hydraulic power units or specialized systems for high pressure and special

City: Irvine
Category: Semiconductor
Dynex Semiconductor power semiconductor products are used to improve the
reliability and control of electrical energy in power generation and
distribution systems; marine and rail propulsion and auxiliaries; induction
heating and industrial motor drives.

City: Ann Arbor
Category: Computer Systems
Dynics, a leader in dynamic industrial computer systems, announces the release
of the new ITX2 family of Integrated Workstations. The ITX2 is based on the
Mini-ITX style motherboard and supports both a 15" and 17" flat panel displays
with optional touch screen support. The ITX2 has two motherboard options, which
support either Pentium 4 or an Embedded CPU architecture. The system is fully
compatible with Microsoft and Linux Operating Systems and supports an array of
modern storage and connectivity options. The unit has a mounting depth of 4.5"
and comes standard with four serial ports, four USB 2.0 ports, 2 PCI slots,
onboard 10/100 Ethernet controllers, and high-speed video graphics chipset.Tony
Rebottaro VP Sales and Marketing for Dynics states "If a customer is looking for
a low cost effective solution that offers the maximum set of features without
sacrificing design flexibility, ITX2 is the solution. The system is compact,
extremely durable and ready to operate in a variety of industrial applications."
He also added "The ITX2's low power design makes this unit ideal for
applications that need a small platform with the smallest and coolest operating
environment."The ITX2 is part of the DYNIworx family of Industrial Computers,
which is quickly becoming the most complete line of rugged and serviceable
industrial computers available from a North American based supplier. The
DYNIworx family combines proven standard components designed into industrial
systems that meet NEMA 4 specifications. Dynics specializes in the ability to
customize each unit to meet dynamic customer's needs by offering heavy steel
construction, modular design and quick release serviceability making this unit
unmatched on the market today.

City: Franklin
Category: Pressure Transducers
Established in 1953, Dynisco was one of the earliest companies to apply strain
gauge technology to pressure transducers for a variety of markets and industries
and the first company to design a transducer specifically to measure melt
pressure during the extrusion process. In addition, over the years, Dynisco has
grown through acquisition to include products such as polymer test equipment,
gear pumps, screen changers, pelletizers and other auxiliary equipment for
polymer processing and plastics extrusion.Dedication to our ISO 9002
certification assures that all Dynisco products are designed and manufactured to
the highest quality standards. And our products are backed by a comprehensive
service and repair program and unmatched technical support. Our experience,
expertise, and service all are directed toward improving product quality and
manufacturing efficiency for our customers.Today, Dynisco is the international
leader in pressure and temperature measurement and control products for the
plastics industry. We've solved some of the most challenging measurement
problems in extrusion, molding, process control and general industrial
applications. Our sensors meet the rigid standards of approval agencies such as
CE, FM, SIRA, CSA and others. We've built our reputation by providing high
accuracy pressure measurement at high temperatures, with transducers that
withstand the most abrasive and corrosive production environments. Continued
investment in R&D allows Dynisco to offer hundreds of models of transducers and
transmitters and the latest sensing technologies.

City: Mundelein
Category: Spindles
Dynomax's dedication to new spindle manufacturing has enabled us to better
service our customers. Our experience has taught us how to determine the spindle
best suited to customer requirements as well as how to manufacture that spindle
to perform on the shop floor. We work with our customers to make sure they get
the machine tool spindle they want, when they want it. Dynomax spindles are
precision machine components. Dynomax has put rigorous standards in place to
ensure spindles that leave our shop floor are ready to operate on yours. Unsure
what your exact requirements are? Dynomax has created a spindle worksheet that
automatically calculates your spindle requirements based on your operations. Of
course, if you would rather Dynomax specify your requirements our engineers are
here to help.

City: Franklin Park
Category: Sheet Metal Fabrication
Our skilled technicians, state-of-the-art CAD/CAM equipment and precision
workmanship are ingredients that produce unmatched quality products. GLC's broad
array of high speed CNC equipment gives us the capability to meet your prototype
and volume requirements and get the product to you when you need it. (J.I.T.)
Our extensive inventory of tooling, both standards and specials, allows us to
give you quick turnarounds with no tooling costs. Craftsmanship is the hallmark
of our manufacturing team.

City: Rochester
Category: Gearing Products
Founded in 1865, Gleason Corporation is a global leader in the technology of
gearing. Products and services include machinery for the production, finishing
and testing of gears as well as a worldwide support system which provides
tooling replacement parts, field service application development services, gear
design and inspection software, training programs, engineering support and
machine rebuild and upgrade services. The Company is also a leader in the theory
of gear design and in the application, testing and analysis of prototype and
production gears. Customers include leading companies in the automotive,
aerospace and aircraft, truck, recreational vehicle and power equipment

City: Loves Park
Category: Cutting Tools
Founded in 1865, Gleason Corporation is a global leader in the technology of
gearing. Products and services include machinery for the production, finishing
and testing of gears as well as a worldwide support system which provides
tooling replacement parts, field service application development services, gear
design and inspection software, training programs, engineering support and
machine rebuild and upgrade services. The Company is also a leader in the theory
of gear design and in the application, testing and analysis of prototype and
production gears. Customers include leading companies in the automotive,
aerospace and aircraft, truck, recreational vehicle and power equipment

City: Franklin Lakes
Category: Grinding Solutions
Founded in 1952, by Miner Gleason and Robert Barhorst, Glebar was established to
manufacture machine tools based on the principles of Centerless Grinding.
Located in Franklin Lakes in the North of New Jersey, Glebar's focus in
manufacturing machine tools is to supply our customers with solutions
incorporating the latest technology and producing equipment to provide an
efficient and controlled manufacturing process.Over half a century in operation,
Glebar has introduced grinding solutions to our customers which in some cases
improved throughput by 30 times and vastly enhanced the quality of their
products. Glebar's innovations have replaced alternative technologies such as
lathes, OD grinders and Blanchard grinders, to create precision high volume
production turnkey systems. We strive to collaborate with our customers by
integrating our systems into their processes and effectively streamlining their

City: Scotch Plains
Category: Sensitive Tapes and Fasteners
Working hand-in-hand with the country's foremost manufacturers of pressure
sensitive tapes and fasteners (including 3M™, Velcro®, Norwood, Avery Dennison,
YKK, and Aplix), we expertly convert their standard products to exacting
customer specifications.We laminate, die cut and fabricate hook and loop
materials, flexible fasteners, pressure sensitive tapes, special adhesive films,
bumpers, protective products, electrical and medical specialties...and supply
them in rolls, sheets and pads to suit your specific application and
manufacturing requirements.

City: Leander
Category: Semiconductor Resource
In the late 1970's Glemco's founding principal began in the area of prototype
development for an Austin firm doing basic research for a DARPA contract. In
1984 Glemco was incorporated and efforts were concentrated in the field of
designing and developing special equipment and devices for an Austin firm
manufacturing and marketing CT scanners for industrial applications, and for an
Austin company that packaged and tested semiconductor devices. These efforts and
some parallel work with one of the major semiconductor process equipment OEMs in
Austin evolved into the development of an interest in manufacturing and
marketing replacement components for process equipment and for developing
opportunities to offer improved designs. The model envisioned was for a
responsive, customer oriented organization staffed by personnel who desire to
work meaningfully and effectively for the good of their fellow workers and the
customers they serve.

City: Charlotte
Category: Entertainment Products
Glenayre Messaging is a global provider of next-generation messaging solutions
and enhanced services for wireless and wireline carriers and MSO/cable
operators. More than 250 service providers in over 60 countries have deployed
Glenayre messaging solutions for voice, fax and e-mail messaging. Entertainment
Distribution Company manufactures and distributes pre-recorded entertainment
products, including CDs and DVDs, for music labels, motion picture studios and
other entertainment providers. EDC's premier customer is Universal Music Group,
the world leader in music sales.

City: Randolph
Category: Imaging Technology
Glen brook Technologies Inc was founded in 1983 to answer the needs of the
electronics industry for real-time x-ray inspection systems designed
specifically to inspect printed circuit boards, components and assemblies. In
the 1990s, our expertise in x-ray technology led us to develop compact,
real-time x-ray inspection systems with unmatched sensitivity and resolution for
medical device fabrication and packaging as well as for mail security.The
foundation of Glenbrook's world leadership is an in-depth knowledge of x-ray
imaging technology, which enables us to create outstanding machine features:
advanced imaging performance and cost effectiveness. Today, customers in 40
countries realize the benefits of our superior x-ray imaging technology.

City: Emporia
Category: Engraving and Stone Setting
GRS produces pneumatic powered tools and supplies for engraving and stone
setting. This unique technology was developed by Don Glaser in 1965 and has
revolutionized the hand-engraving field. GRS created the GraverMeister,
GraverMax, GraverMate, System 3 and the Power Hone sharpening systems as well as
ball vises, holding fixtures and the Bench Mate series of tools for jewelers.The
highly successful GRS Training Center programs offer worldwide training for
jewelers and engravers alike. These intensive 5-day courses teach basic and
advanced skills, enabling the individual to remove years from the learning

City: Alpha
Category: Custom Transformers
As both designers and manufacturers of custom transformers, we work with you to
provide high quality, cost-effective solutions to your transformer needs.For
over 30 years, our customers have relied on us to provide exactly what they
need, when they need it, 100% tested, with no hassles.

City: Mundelein
Category: Dispensing System
Since 1968 Glenmarc Manufacturing Inc has been providing accurate and reliable
alternatives to manual dispensing, metering and mixing applications. Our
precision dispensing systems are universally accepted and are found in more
production facilities throughout the world than any other system - manual or
automated.Our product line includes: Automated and manual meter/mix/dispense
systems for both single and multiple component material applications. Electric
and air-operated turntables for manual or automated circular gluing and fully
automated XYZ dispense/spray systems. Bench-top adhesive dispensers and material
dispense valves.

City: Clifton
Category: Small Scale Production
Glen Mills Inc markets a line of laboratory and small-scale production equipment
for use in various industries (food, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, metallurgy,
paint/pigment, chemicals, etc.) The equipment lines are divided into the
following sectors. Blending of powders is performed in the Turbula Shaker-Mixer.
In addition to the precision mixing of drugs, powder metals, diamonds, and other
critical systems, the Turbula also features an nterchangeable mixing vessel
design to prevent cross-contamination. Dry Milling of just about any material
from rocks to proteins. The line of equipment includes scores of mills and their
variations that are able to comminute materials from fist size down to submicron

City: Paterson
Category: Industrial Ovens and Infrared Ovens
Glenro designs and manufactures industrial ovens, infrared heaters, infrared
ovens, thermal oxidizers, drying ovens and laminating machines. We specialize in
industrial ovens for continuous process heating. Applications include predrying,
drying, curing, preheating, heating, heat setting, fusing, sintering and
laminating. We serve many manufacturing industries including non-woven,
technical textiles, web converting, medical devices, textile finishing, fabric
laminating, tubing and insulated wire. Proven Process Heating Performance Glenro
works closely with customers from process development, through system selection,
system design, manufacturing, installation, startup and operation to provide
customers with proven solutions™ to process heating problems. Process
engineering is the key to Glenro's approach to developing industrial ovens; and
it can be the key to your manufacturing success. Our engineers examine each
customer's process and their desired results. Through extensive pre-sales
engineering, we develop an overall picture of the customer's requirements.
Working from this information, Glenro's engineers use their decades of practical
experience in process heating and theoretical modeling to develop a process.
Most importantly, we can go into our process heating laboratory and physically
model your process, fiddle with the variables and evaluate the results to make
certain that the industrial oven, laminating machine or thermal oxidizer we
design and manufacture for you will meet your processing requirements.

City: El Segundo
Category: Motion Control
For over 40 yrs Glentek has led the way in the desgin and manufacture of
precision high performance motion control solutions. Today in an era of rapid
technological advancement glentek continues this tradition with addition of the
omega series digital pwm brushless servo amplifiers and servomotors.

City: Milwaukee
Category: Industrial Products
GLI International is located in Loveland, Colorado and is a wholly owned
subsidiary of Danaher Corporation, which includes over 30 companies working in
the Process/Environmental Controls industries. Incorporated in 1970, the
company's innovative products include the patented differential pH sensor, which
revolutionized pH measurement and has become the industry standard for demanding
process applications. GLI offers a complete line of pH, contacting conductivity,
resistivity monitors, electrodeless conductivity, dissolved oxygen, flow, level,
and turbidity systems.

City: Milpitas
Category: Storage Products & Peripherals
G-Link Technology was formed on April 22, 1994 with operations starting in
August. Success came early, after only four months of operation G-Link shipped
its first SRAM, shortly after our 4M-DRAM proved fully functional on the first
wafer lot. G-Link's headquarter is situated in the Science Based Industrial Park
in Hsin-Chu, the "Silicon Valley" of Taiwan. G-Link Taiwan performs
design/development and operational functions including manufacturing
coordination and liaison, product testing, quality control and Far East customer
support. Since the company's inception, G-Link has maintained a US Sales office
assuring a high level of support to the US and European market. G-Link currently
offers a full line of advanced low density DRAMs for mass storage, PC
peripherals and graphics applications and SRAMs for cache, telecom, and low
power applications. Embedded DRAMs and SRAMs are available for custom

City: Anna Maria
Category: Sensor Products
Danny Connelly, founder and owner of Sensor, Our company has been
actively involved in providing customers with solutions for choosing Automation
Components that exceed technical performance, and provide a competitive edge
over our competitors. We have over twenty-five years of experience and have
in-depth knowledge of the market in both Europe and the USA. We have been party
to setting up brand label agreements for Proximity Switches and Photoelectric
Sensors for some of the biggest players in the business. Also we have helped
European companies set up distribution in the USA. Last year I decided that we
should focus on different areas of the Industrial Controls market, and to sell
our products over the Internet. The effort to streamline costs would enable us
to pass on the savings to you, our valued customers.

City: Neptune
Category: Components & Controls
Founded in 1986, Global Components & Controls was formed after the dissolution
of the relay division of H. Kuhnke, Inc the US distribution arm of German relay
manufacturer Kuhnke GmbH. Recognizing the void created by the dissolution and
seeing room for expansion, Global continued the relationship with Kuhnke as a
national distributor while adding select relay series which appealed to broader
base, in higher volumes. Today, Global manufactures their own relays in fully
automated production facilities located along the Pacific Rim. Global now offers
a very broad range of relay products which are internationally accepted, field
tested, and better than "competitively priced". Most relays carry UL, C-UL, CSA,
TUV, VDE, and SEV approvals, alone or in combination.

City: Boca Raton
Category: Magnetic System and Separators
Serving all industries requiring Product Purity or Processing Machinery
Protection from tramp metals, with a full range of quality MasterMag and GEM
Magnets, Magnetic Systems, Separators, Mineral Separation Equipment, Industrial
Magnets and Metal Detectors.

City: Somerset
Category: Silencing Equipment
Global Incorporated is a major supplier of Navsea underway replenishment
Hardware and equipment. We manufacture a wide range of UNREP and silencing

City: Yarmouth port
Category: Cable Assemblies
Global Interconnect Inc (GII) was founded with a mission to set a new standard
for the engineering and delivery of custom assemblies. We want to handle all of
your outsourcing requirements from OEM design to full manufacturing and
packaging. GII is your lowest cost solution utilizing our ISO/QS Approved Asian
manufacturing locations. GII can help you realize up to 20% - 50% savings over
domestically produced cable assemblies without any sacrifice in quality or
performance. GII is a ULC (UL), and CSA recognized harness and cable

City: Roseburg
Category: Parts Handling Systems
Global Kitting, manufacturer of Partfolio Kitting Systems, makes the most
versatile small parts handling system available.

City: Snellville
Category: Electronic Meters
Mark Matyac, the President and Founder of the company worked at Schlumberger
from 1985 through 1995 and were responsible for the design and development of
the MACS Meter. This product targeted the sub-metering markets and was capable
of measuring electricity with an accuracy of .2%. It was also able to collect
data from two other metering devices as well as to distribute this information
over the existing power-lines.This product line was purchased, and North
American Power Products was begun. Due to a significant increase in
international sales, North American Power Products changed their name to Global
Power Products in 2000. We have recently purchased land in Gwinnett County, GA
and are in the process of building multiple 22,000 square foot buildings.

City: Cheshire
Category: Electronic Products
Global Specialties is, since 1973, the leader in the development of high quality
and low cost Test & Measurement Instrumentation and Electronic Prototyping &
Design products. Its Proto-Board brand breadboard sockets are the worldwide
standard for reliability, durability and long life. Today, Global's test &
measurement instruments continue to create new standards of quality and
innovation for power supplies, function generators and logic analysis products.
Global's products are used in research & development, engineering, product
testing, education and field service. Global Specialties' products are available
from electronics distributors worldwide.

City: Wyckoff
Category: Hydraulic Machinery & Custom Machinery
For over 60 years, Globaltech Machine and Design a third generation Family owned
company has been a successful manufacturer of machinery And equipment. Starting
as a firm specializing in contract machine work, Globaltech has evolved into a
fully integrated industrial manufacturer.Additional services offered by our firm
include design engineering, Fabrication, and precision machining as well as
mechanical and electrical Assembly. These services combined with
computer-assisted production Equipment and a spacious state-of-the-art
manufacturing facility enable Globaltech to produce anything from the smallest
prototype to a complete Production line. Whether you need a sophisticated
hydraulic press, an innovative Accumulator or an up-to-date electrical system,
Globaltech has the Experience and expertise that you can depend on. Our
engineering and Design staff includes highly experienced mechanical and
electrical engineers who are capable of designing and building machinery and
equipment to theMost stringent specifications.

City: Irvine
Category: Inspection and Measurement Systems
Global Technologies specializes in Digital/Video inspection and measurement
systems for the medical and electronic industries. We offer a wide range of
stereomicroscope and digital/video microscope systems to serve your inspection
needs. High resolution image with great depth-of-field is ideal for quality
assurance, process control, and failure analysis.

City: Boca Raton
Category: Communications Products
Global Village is a division of Zoom Technologies, a communications leader since
1977. In addition to the Global Village Internet Phone service, Zoom designs and
produces Voice over IP Gateways, ADSL modems, cable modems, dial-up modems,
Bluetooth products, and other communications products under the Zoom, Hayes and
Global Village brands. Zoom is headquartered in Boston, and its European sales
and support center is in the UK. Zoom markets its products in over forty
countries, and provides multi-lingual support from its offices in Boston,
Florida, and the UK. For more information about Zoom and its products, Zoom
Technologies is a publicly traded company in the United States, trading as Zoom
on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

City: Woodside
Category: Electronic Hardware
Globe Electronic Hardware has been providing top quality precision hardware to
the electronics industry worldwide. By significantly investing in advanced
computer technology designed to improve, control, monitor and analyze all facets
of the manufacturing process, Globe is able to maximize it's efforts and achieve
a 90% cataloged on-shelf inventory of precision electronic hardware, ready for
immediate delivery.

City: Mountainside
Category: Precision Stamping
The AK Tool Company was started in 1950 with a handful of skilled tool and die
makers in Union, New Jersey. In 1954, the company moved to its Mountainside, New
Jersey facility. From this foundation of unsurpassed craftsmanship, the company
grew and in 1957, the A.K. Stamping Company Inc was formed to produce precision
stampings from the tools built by A.K. Tool. In subsequent years, A.K. Stamping
has continued to grow with the addition of Globe Manufacturing in 1980, the
Interim Production Division in 1991, and global manufacturing partnerships.

City: Dayton
Category: Motion Control Products
Globe Motors designs, manufactures, and distributes precision, subfractional
horsepower motors and motorized devices throughout the world. For over half a
century, since it's founding by entrepreneur Max Isaacson, the Globe Motors name
has meant turnkey, motion control solutions for valued customers that depend on
performance to achieve competitive advantage. Globe Motors application engineers
are experienced in reviewing requirements and suggesting one of our standard
solutions. When needs are unique, the Globe Motors engineering team works with
you to create the optimal design for your project. Motion control assemblies can
be designed to increase durability, reduce weight, decrease size, lower cost, or
any other requirement based on your design criteria. State-of-the-art coil
winding services from subsidiary Electro wind result in higher efficiencies in
BLDC motors.

City: San Jose
Category: Die Cutting
Whatever your need, you can count on G&L Precision Die Cutting for tight
tolerance die cutting, multilayer laminating and up to five color printing. For
more than 20 years, G&L has served customers worldwide in the medical,
diagnostics, electronics, industrial and aerospace markets. Our attention to
customer needs has brought us from humble beginnings in a garage to facilities
spanning 50,000 square feet in the heart of Silicon Valley.

City: McHenry
Category: Thermoplastic Elastomer
For over 20 years, GLS has established itself as the leader in innovative
thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) solutions. Today, GLS offers the broadest range of
soft touch TPE materials in the industry Through the formation of key strategic
partnerships, GLS leads the industry in the development of new, innovative
material technologies that sets the standard for soft touch over molding Perform
polymer modifiers to high performance TPE alloys, you can count on GLS for the
right material for your application needs.

City: Jenison
Category: Injection Molding and Equipment
Since 1964 Gluco has been an innovative leader in the design and manufacture of
rugged thermoplastic, thermset, liquid silicone and rubber molding machines,
built in the U.S. and shipped worldwide.We are committed to finding better, more
cost-effective ways to fill our customer's needs. This means a continuing
investment in people and plant to maintain a state-of-the-art capability. In
addition, our engineers use the experience gained from thousands of field
installations to insure that technical progress is combined with the highest
possible equipment reliability and integrity.

City: Winamac
Category: Filter Production Machinery
GMD was established in 1983 and soon became the leader in the design and
fabrication of filter production machinery. In 2001 GMD entered a new phase when
the company was purchased by Phil Albrecht and Scott Vollmer. They had worked at
GMD for eleven and nine years respectively and were excited to move into the new
location for GMD in Rensselaer, Indiana. GMD has established an excellent
reputation in the filter industry with quality machines and their work with
customers from initial contact on through the quote phase and onto the
customer's purchase or lease of machinery. GMD builds standard machines that are
common to the filter industry and also specializes in custom designed machines
for customers that have unique production requirements. GMD works closely with
system integrators on our machines for custom programmed machines to meet your
specific needs.

City: Seattle
Category: Product Identification Components
GM Nameplate is a multi-national manufacturer of custom product identification
components; electronic input devices, injection and compression molding and high
visual impact, large format digitally printed graphics. It is our mission to
produce products that exceed customer expectations on time, at a projected or
reduced cost. GM Nameplate's ability to integrate an impressive array of
in-house printing, plating, molding, forming and fabricating processes defines
our commitment to customer service, product excellence and complete
manufacturing solutions. GM Nameplate is a privately held, employee-owned
corporation established in 1954 by Lester Green and Beale McCulloch. Corporate
offices and a 140,000 square-foot manufacturing facility are located in Seattle.
A 27,000 square-foot plant was established in San Jose, California in 1981. An
85,000 square-foot plant was added in North Carolina in 1993 with the
acquisition of Acme Nameplate.

City: Fort Smith
Category: Press Brakes & Shears
Established in 1988, GMS is based in Singapore and imports machines into the
United States through its Fort Smith, Arkansas based partner, GMS of America.
Throughout the years we have earned a reputation for distinction in quality and
reliability with a guarantee that every machine is ready for reliable
performance. GMS machines are used worldwide, so we use only well-known brands
of hydraulic and electrical components to conform to rigorous international
safety standards. GMS machines are engineered soundly and built of rugged,
all-welded steel for maximum strength and minimum deflection. All of our shears
are equipped with only high carbon, high chrome D2 quality shear blades from the
United Kingdom, and all of our brakes are equipped with a multi-way bottom die
and a standard top punch. Designed and constructed with the customer's high
expectation of quality, GMS shears and brakes give you long hours of
productivity with excellent results, all while requiring a minimum amount of
service and maintenance.

City: San Carlos
Category: Magnetic and Current Measurement Systems
GMW manufactures magnetic & current measurement, electromagnets, control &
accelerator systems.

City: Elk Grove
Category: Vacuum Valves
GNB is the manufacturer of the world's largest and most dependable vacuum

City: Atlanta
Category: Industrial Battery
GNB Industrial Power, a Division of Exide Technologies, is the former GNB
Industrial Battery Company. GNB Industrial Power serves customers in the Network
Power and Motive Power markets in the Americas, North Pacific and India. It is
the leader in innovative battery solutions for network power applications
including communication/data networks and computer/control systems. It is a
leader in motive power battery and charger systems for electric lift trucks and
other material handling equipment. Its leadership extends to batteries for Navy
submarines and other military applications.

City: Monrovia
Category: Embedded Systems
GNP is a premier provider of complete systems manufacturing for the embedded
control and communications marketplace. We design, manufacture and customize
open system platforms to meet the demanding requirements of our customers'
programs, leveraging Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology when appropriate
and using system building blocks of our own design to supplement and enhance
COTS offerings. Our broad range of platform solutions include SPARC-, PowerPC-
and Intel-based carrier-grade systems in CompactPCI® and other form factors, for
use in mission-critical equipment in communications and related markets.

City: Austin
Category: Automotive Test System
Gopel electronic was in 1991 as spin-off of a large optoelectronics company.
Today the company has more than 100 employees. The main business target is the
development and manufacturing of intelligent solutions for quality assurance
tests in the electronics industry. Gopel electronic has been an ISO 9001
registered company since 1996.

City: Pewaukee
Category: Curtain Wall System
Since 1986 we have helped thousands of shops worldwide to increase their
production through the use of "Goff's Curtain Walls" and continue to do so
today. In November 1997 we unveiled our second store, a state of the art, 100%
downdrafted, 19,000 square foot collision repair facility. Of course, filled
with the product we innovated "The Original Goff's Curtain Walls'. When you want
to improve your golf game, you talk to a golf pro, when you want to find out
about bodyshop curtains, you talk to Goffs.So whether you're trying to make the
most out of an overcrowded, old shop or designing your dream facility, we invite
you to give us a call or stop and visit. We'd love to give you some ideas on how
to maximize your usable shop space.

City: Akron
Category: Hand Cleaner
Jerry and Goldie Lippman worked in the rubber plants of Akron, Ohio, during
World War II. Dirty hands were a way of life for the Lippmans and their
co-workers. Soils like graphite, tar, and carbon black were difficult to remove.
Chemicals like benzene got the dirt off, but they were dangerous to use and they
irritated the skin. The Lippmans found a better, safer way for rubber workers to
clean their hands when Jerry, in collaboration with Clarence Cook of Kent State
University, invented a grease-cutting soap that could be used with or without
water. After the war, Jerry and Goldie turned their full attention to this new
heavy-duty hand cleaner that they called GO-JO (our name was hyphenated back
then). Jerry made the product at night and sold it to maintenance garages during
the day from the back of his car. However, Jerry quickly learned that garage
owners thought his new hand cleaner was too expensive to buy for their workers.

City: Placentia
Category: Power Supplies
Serving OEMs & ODMs since 1979. Desktop & wall plug switching power supplies,
medical power supplies, Open frame, U-Channel and enclosures (metal or plastic).
Custom power supplies, small runs from 200 units, DC to DC converters.

City: Irvine
Category: Computer Products
Critical factors when selecting a primary vendor are product availability and
pricing. Our unique 'N Stock guarantee promises a complete inventory of all
major brand systems, ready for same-day shipping. Because of our high volume and
expertise, our memory and drive solutions can save you as much as 40% off other
manufacturer's prices. Golden RAM memory and drives are complete kits; our drive
solutions include the drive, mounting hardware, cables and software combined
under one part number so you get what you need to perform a successful upgrade
the first time. Golden RAM's foundation of total quality ensures perpetual
product and service improvement. We have earned the three highest quality
standards awards in the industry; the ISO 9001, the QS9000 certificate, a
requirement of the automotive industry's Tier One suppliers, and the AS9000
certificate required by the aerospace and aircraft industries. Because of these
standards, and the Magnuson & Moss Act passed by Congress, our products don't
void the original equipment product warranty.

City: Columbus
Category: Finished Cast Components
Goldens' Foundry & Machine Company, both corporately and individually, continues
its tradition of excellence, a tradition cultivated since 1882.The industry's
future is bright as it is for our company which commits itself to the best in
quality, manufacturing and service. We will grow through our efforts in these
areas. Goldens' Foundry & Machine Company has been certified ISO 9002 since
December 1997. Goldens' combines a unique blend of foundry and machining
capability, offering the customer single source capability for finished cast
components. We can and do design and develop these cast components, either gray
or ductile, to fill the needs of the customer. We use our broad foundry
technical base to enhance our machining experience.

City: San Leandro
Category: Peripheral Products
Golden State Instrument Company manufactures a variety of sirens and speakers,
power supplies, metal tamper and control panel boxes, cam - locks, telephone
jack boxes and cord sets, 1/3" COLOR and B/W CCTV cameras, IR Cameras, camera
mounts, quads and multiplexers, contact switches and tamper switches. GSI offers
warranty and technical support on all their products sold to distributors.

City: San Diego
Category: Batteries
Gold Peak Industries North America develops, manufactures and distributes one of
the broadest ranges of batteries in the world. Specializing in industrial,
private label, and consumer retail markets, Gold Peak supplies to brand name
manufacturers, OEMs and their value-added distributors, and retailers worldwide.
It is one of the world's largest private label manufacturers.

City: Riverside
Category: Molded Composite Components
Gold Shield is a manufacturer of molded composite components, products and
assemblies for OEM customers. A variety of fiberglass technologies are employed,
such as open molding by robotic and hand spray-up and hand lay-up; RTM (Resin
Transfer Molding) is also available. Gold Shield associates are skilled in
value-added assembly as well as topcoat painting; delivering products to your
facility in "ready-to-install" condition. Gold Shield produces molds in it's own
dedicated mold facility, using proprietary processes and the most reliable and
toughest materials available. This assures you long mold life and accuracy to
design specifications.

City: Torrance
Category: Magnetic Latching Relays
Manufacturers of magnetic latching relays with contact ratings from 8 Amp up to
200 Amp.

City: Akron
Category: Tire and Rubber Products
Looking back, the founding of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company in 1898 seems
especially remarkable, for the beginning was anything but auspicious. The
38-year-old founder, Frank Seiberling, purchased the company's first plant with
a $3,500 down payment - using money he borrowed from a brother-in-law. The
rubber and cotton that were the lifeblood of the industry had to be transported
from halfway around the world, to a landlocked town that had only limited rail
transportation. Even the man the company's name memorialized, Charles Goodyear,
had died penniless 30 years earlier despite his discovery of vulcanization after
a long and courageous search.

City: Fishers
Category: Material Handling Products
As an innovator and leader in the enclosed track work station crane industry,
Gorbel provides a wide variety of overhead solutions. Our work station systems
include ceiling mounted bridge cranes and monorails, freestanding work station
bridge cranes, work station jib cranes. We've added gantry cranes, Intelligent
Assist Devices and automated cranes. We are also a leading manufacturer of
high-performance manual and motorized I-beam jib cranes. Since 1977, Gorbel has
been dedicated to providing high-quality overhead material handling solutions
backed by a commitment to on-time delivery, a focus on customer service, and the
industry's best warranty.

City: Commerce
Category: Industrial Brushes
Welcome to Gordon Brush Mfg Co Inc. Founded in 1951, Gordon Brush continues the
tradition of manufacturing quality custom and standard industrial brushes.
Gordon Brush has made an ongoing commitment in time and research to become the
nation's premier supplier of quality brushes. We provide a full line of brushes
to meet your most demanding requirements across a broad range of applications.

City: Brookfield
Category: Machine Guarding and Safety Devices
Gordon Engineering Corp has a 25-year history of development and innovation in
the areas of machine guarding capacitive presence sensing and brake monitoring.
Throughout that time we have been committed to providing our customers with the
highest quality products and services available. We know difficult machine
guarding. Through the years, our products have undergone several generational
redesigns - as technology changed, we incorporated the benefits of that change
into our products. These innovations allow us to offer our customers numerous
product enhancements, while we maintain very competitive prices.

City: Brookfield
Category: Capacitive and Inductive Sensors
Manufacturers of Capacitive and Inductive Sensors. Custom Capabilities in
Off-the-Shelf Sensors - featuring sensors with expandable, remote, and high
sensitivity capabilities. Analog and switched outputs. Harsh-Duty inductive
sensors for Off-highway applications.

City: Corona
Category: Fluid Control Components
GO Regulator Inc was established in 1962 and has grown to become a leading
supplier of standardized and specialty fluid control components to the
instrumentation, petrochemical and semiconductor industries. The PR-1 series
stainless steel pressure reducing regulator, introduced in 1969, was the
beginning of this complete line of components. It is still recognized throughout
the industry as a benchmark of quality and performance.GO Regulator, Inc. is now
a member of the CIRCOR family. This family consists of seven different
companies, all of whom are recognized leaders in their field. The companies
within this group provide custom designed solutions for customers in the
aerospace, military, industrial, power, marine, medical, chemical,
petrochemical, and oil and gas processing markets. CIRCOR combines the product
lines of complimentary companies to meet the instrumentation needs of customers

City: Brockton
Category: Coil Winding Machinery
Gorman Machine Corporation is a manufacturer of coil winding machinery. We
produce machines, which are used throughout the United States and for export to
countries around the world. Gorman coil winding machines, at present are
comprised of four models of Toroid winders and five models of Bobbin winders.

City: Bellville
Category: Pumps
Gorman-Rupp Industries is a manufacturer of high quality pumps for the Original
Equipment Market. Our reputation and success have been built on innovative
designs, customer service and providing products to meet the exact
specifications of our customers. We focus on meeting the needs of a single
customer rather than the broad general requirements of a market. Most of our
products were originally designed for one specific customer then expanded to
meet the needs of similar applications.

City: Kensington
Category: Tool Rotating Chucking Machines
Manufacturers of tool rotating chucking machines since 1923.

City: Eastlake
Category: Printed Circuit Materials
Gould Electronics is a worldwide leader in the production of printed circuit
materials including JTC™ electrodeposited copper foil, CAC®
(Copper-Aluminum-Copper) foil and TCR® resistor foil. The company pioneered the
use of copper foil in printed circuit board applications in 1957, when it
invented an electroplating process that resulted in a high purity copper foil
that could be successfully used in printed circuit applications without circuit
disruptions caused by lead impurities. Founded in the late 1800s, Gould today
provides outstanding products, service and innovation to the printed circuit
board industry.

City: Millersville
Category: Fiber Optic Components
Gould Fiber Optics is a leading worldwide provider, manufacturer and distributor
of passive fiber-optic components to the telecommunications, CATV, PON, test
equipment, sensor and medical industries. The company specializes in the design,
testing and manufacture of advanced integrated optic solutions. A wholly owned
subsidiary of Gould Electronics, the company was established in 1984 to service
the needs of the early fiber optics industry. Gould established its fiber-optic
coupler leadership by developing the fused bi conical taper (FBT) process
beginning in 1978, the first low loss, polarization insensitive, FBT single mode
splitter/coupler in 1981, and by beginning commercial production in 1983. Today,
Gould holds patents on a variety of important fiber optics components plus the
Glas Solder® manufacturing process, a new glass-to-glass bonding technique that
increases field reliability.

City: Valley View
Category: Test And Measurement Equipment
LDS recently acquired Dactron Instruments, Gould Instrument Systems, Nicolet
Technologies, Optim Electronics and Ponemah in a move to become a leader in
physical test and measurement. Our dynamic data acquisition systems, precision
digital oscilloscopes, portable data recorders, real time signal analyzers,
vibration test systems in combination with integrated software solutions are
designed to help our customers improve the integrity of their products.

City: Gowanda
Category: Magnetic Components
Gowanda Electronics, founded in 1963, is a leading supplier of high-performance
magnetic components to the global OEM electronics marketplace. Typical
end-product uses are test & measurement equipment, computers & peripherals,
medical diagnostic equipment, communications systems, monitoring systems, as
well as many consumer products. Our extensive product line offerings include
axial lead & surface mount RF inductors, pot cores, thru-hole & surface mount
toroidal inductors & transformers, tunable coils, SMPS magnetic, common-mode
chokes, transformers, and many custom devices.

City: Bethlehem
Category: Instruments & Thermal Conductivity Cells
GOW-MAC was incorporated in New Jersey in 1942. In 1946, Gow left the company
and McFadden continued manufacturing instruments and thermal conductivity cells.
By 1950, the firm had outgrown its plant in Newark, NJ and moved to Madison, NJ
where it remained until 1978.During this period, the manufacturing of
instruments and TCD's continued. Around 1959, the need for TCDs increased
because of the development of gas chromatography (GC). GOW-MAC® became, and
still remains, the major supplier of TCD's and detector elements (filaments) to
the major manufacturers of GC's throughout the world.

City: Grand Island
Category: Pressure Instruments
GP50, a leading manufacturer of pressure transducers / transmitters, was founded
in 1986 by Donald J. Less. With over fifteen years experience manufacturing
pressure instruments, we are able to offer our customers the most cost-effective
solutions to their pressure measurement needs. Today the company occupies over
30,000 square feet of space and manufactures a wide variety of products such as
melt pressure, differentials, flush mount, general purpose and aerospace

City: Grand Jct
Category: Automatic Dispense System
GPD Global is an international, state-of-the-art equipment supplier for the PCB
assembly and semiconductor industries. We manufacture a wide variety of
Automatic Dispense Systems. We also manufacture SMT Cover Tape Peel Tester and
Component Prep equipment for Thru-Hole applications. Through dedicated
employees, GPD Global provides advanced levels of quality technology and
customer support for all of its products. We manufacture robust, dependable, low
maintenance equipment designed and built to produce the highest levels of
precision and repeatability.

City: Salem
Category: Infrared Photo Detectors
GPD has been a manufacturer of power and high speed Ge. Transistors and diodes
since 1973 and manufacturer of infrared photodetectors since 1985. GPD offers
Ge. p-n, p-i-n, APD and InGaAs p-i-high speed and large area photodetectors for
radiation detection and telecommunication applications.

City: Milwaukee
Category: Processing Technology
Manufacturer of CNC Machining, Forging, casting, bearing, metal fabrication,

City: San Jose
Category: Precision Machining
Manufacturer of precision machine shop, specializing in the fabrication and
repair of silicon wafer dicing chucks for the semiconductor industry.

City: Pueblo
Category: Global Positioning Products
GPS Networking Inc is the only company to specialize in providing global
positioning products that allow you to network the GPS signal throughout your
site or facility. We have developed a line of building block GPS products, which
allow you to design your own GPS network which meets your individual needs. For
the past 10 years, GPS Networking has been the number one provider of GPS
Antenna Splitters, GPS Amplifiers, and GPS Re-radiating Kits in the world. GPS
Networking has experience and expertise needed to provide reliable, quality
solutions for every GPS transmission and reception problem. If you have a
problem that requires a custom engineered GPS solution you, have come to the
right place. GPS Networking has developed many GPS systems for use in both
civilian and military markets.

City: Baltimore
Category: Software Products
GP Solutions is dedicated to providing full service management solutions to
maintenance, facility and plant engineering professionals. The company has
developed and supported state-of-the-art computerized maintenance management
systems since 1979, making it one of the most stable suppliers in the
marketplace. GP Solutions has also designed, programmed and helped implement
maintenance management software for the specific requirements of a number of the
largest and most highly regulated companies, including world-class producers of
automobiles, petrochemicals and nuclear power. In addition to maintenance
management software, GP Solutions offers comprehensive installation, training
and implementation services. These services include software implementation
support, database conversions, GP MaTe™ customizations and system integration.

City: Lakeland
Category: Laser Eyewear & Specialty Filters
The two largest manufacturers of laser eye protection - Glendale Protective
Technologies and Uvex - have merged to become the leader in manufacturing and
design of laser eyewear and specialty filters.We are taking the best of both
companies to create the perfect eye protection: Glendale's world-renowned dyes
maximizing visibility and protection with Uvex's unmatched style for comfort and

City: Davenport
Category: Panel Interface Connector
Manufacturers of panel interface connectors.

City: Warsaw
Category: Metal Fabrication
Manufacturer of drawer slides, molded plastic parts, furniture hardware, drip

City: Rochester
Category: Optical Instruments
For over 20 years, Gradient Lens Corporation has designed, engineered, and
manufactured precision optics and optical instruments. Our patented endoGRINS®
gradient-index lens technology is built into our exclusive line of Hawkeye®
Precision Borescopes. This innovative optical design allows Hawkeye borescopes
to deliver excellent image quality at prices one-third that of comparable visual
inspection instruments. Hawkeye borescopes are proudly made in the USA in
Rochester, New York, the Worlds Image Center®.For more specialized applications,
we also offer the advanced capability of Hawkeye Blue™ Precision Borescopes.
Hawkeye Blues are constructed with precise German optics and engineering, and
feature built-in prisms. The result is superb image quality and a broad range of
features and applications.

City: Denver
Category: Wire Markers
Manufacturers of wire marker systems.

City: Austin
Category: Imaging Products
Graftek Imaging Inc is a solution provider for the industrial, medical and
scientific imaging markets. We provide all the components of a machine vision
system, including lighting optimized to an application, quality optical
components, high resolution and high speed cameras, image acquisition hardware
and image analysis software for Windows or real-time operating systems. Graftek
will help you select the right components, assist you in your development
efforts or provide you with a turnkey solution. Graftek's imaging solutions are
based on our partnerships, drawing upon the lighting expertise of companies such
as Advanced Illumination, Nerlite and Schott North America, know-how from
leading optical components manufacturers such as Computar, Fujinon, Navitar,
Schneider Optics and Thales-Optem and camera manufacturers such as Atmel,
Basler, DVC, Hamamatsu, JAI, JVC, Prosilica, Pulnix, Sentech America and Sony.
Graftek is a Certified Vision Integration Partner of National Instruments and
develops solutions based on National Instruments' Vision Development Software.

City: Batavia
Category: Vacuum and Heat Transfer Equipment
Graham Corporation designs and builds vacuum and heat transfer equipment for
process industries throughout the world and is a worldwide leader in vacuum
technology. Principal markets served include the chemical, petrochemical,
petroleum refining, and electric power generating industries, including
cogeneration and geothermal plants. Other markets for Graham equipment are metal
refining, pulp and paper, shipbuilding, water heating, refrigeration,
desalination, food processing, pharmaceuticals, heating, ventilating, and air
conditioning.Graham ejectors, liquid ring vacuum pumps, condensers, heat
exchangers, and other products, sold either as components or complete systems,
are used by our customers to produce synthetic fibers, chemicals, petroleum
products (including gasoline), electric power, processed food (including canned,
frozen, and dairy products), pharmaceutical products, paper, steel, fertilizers,
and numerous other products used every day by people throughout the world.

City: York
Category: Blow Molding
The Graham name has long been synonymous with innovations that have helped
transform the blow molding industry. GMG - Graham Machinery Group technology is
known worldwide for quality, reliability, and productivity. GMG equipment
produces billions of plastic containers of all shapes and sizes year after year.
Continuous technological innovation, client/partner relationships, product line
diversification, and strategic acquisitions are all part of the GMG vision - a
commitment to leadership tied directly to the needs of our global customer base.

City: Salina
Category: Laser Fabrications & Contract Manufacturer
Outsource your parts to Grain Belt Laser Fabricators / Powder Coaters. We build
your parts your way. We can reduce your manufacturing cost with our high-speed
machine technology. Your benefit is better parts requiring no additional labor,
elimination of rework cost, reduction of inventory and increased throughput
which all contribute to your increased profits.

City: Belding
Category: Aluminium Extrusion Equipment
Granco Clark has earned a record of more successful aluminum extrusion equipment
installations than any other company in North America. Reduced scrap, enhanced
throughput, less downtime, lower labor costs, and higher-quality profiles are
just some of the benefits you'll realize when you choose a Granco Clark aluminum
extrusion system. Granco Clark makes everything you need to heat, cool, pull,
stretch, handle, cut, stack, and age aluminum extrusions. Along with fully
integrated aluminum extrusion systems, our proven aluminum extrusion equipment
includes aluminum billet furnaces, log shears and billet saws, billet quenches,
die ovens, profile quenching and cooling systems, pullers, profile handling
systems, stretchers, extrusion cutoff saws, profile stacking systems, age ovens,
precision finish saws, and extrusion management software systems.

City: Yonkers
Category: Bearing
Manufactureres of graphalloy bearings for applications where oil and grease
lubricated bearings and plastics fail due to high temperatures, cold
temperatures, or submerged operation.

City: West Chester
Category: EDM Electrode Fabrication
Graphel Corporation is here to serve you and meet your EDM needs. Since 1965, we
have been the leader in the EDM Electrode fabrication industry. Dedicated
primarily, but not exclusively, to aerospace and power generation.Over 30 years
experience machining consigned jet engine hardware as well as designing and
building fixturing primarily for EDM. We have over 30,000 square feet of
manufacturing area with over 75 manufacturing specialists.Graphel Corporation is
the only U.S. electrode manufacturer that is ISO-9000:2000 Certified, working to
AS-9100 quality specifications and S-422 EDM Specifications. Because of our
quality record, Graphel Corporation enjoys being on a "Vendor Release Program"
with many of our customers. This means our products bypass incoming inspection
and are delivered directly to the production floor.

City: Elmhurst
Category: Software Products
At Green Bridge Station Technologies, we have been creating custom Internet
software for more than nine years. We have worked with leading automotive, toy,
and plastic manufacturers, lottery companies, artists, medical industries, and
other professionals to transform their brilliant ideas into success stories. But
more than that, we are able to provide you with the entire package from start to
finish. We can take your company from installation and configuration of the
equipment you need to get the job done, to creation and hosting of professional
websites and web-based software, to design and development of state-of-the-art
custom programming solutions.

City: Boca Raton
Category: Graphic Products
Graphic Printing is dedicated to providing our customer with superior products.
We manufacture labels, membrane switches, metal nameplates and a wide variety of
graphic products. Graphic Printing has been in South Florida for 15 years. GPC
strives to stay ahead of the competition by using only state-of-the-art systems
in our development and production. The company's goal is to provide our
customers with optimum solutions to all their printing needs.

City: Mahwah
Category: Time Controls
Today, Grasslin is one of the world's leading time control producers with a
product range of approximately 2,000 timing devices. Grasslin's products have
set the standards for quality and innovation in technology and design. Our three
modern manufacturing locations are ISO 9001 registered.Grasslin products are
sold in over 50 countries throughout the world. They carry the UL and CE mark as
well as numerous other approbations.

City: Glasgow
Category: Filtration Process
Graver Technologies designs, develops, and manufactures products that facilitate
and enhance separation, purification, and process filtration. Graver
Technologies specializes in the trace contaminant removal and purification of
process water, fluids, compressed air, and process gasses. Graver Technologies
is a fast growing company that specializes in providing value added solutions
for critical purification applications. Graver Technologies offers a broad
selection of high performance ion exchange resins and services, specialty
adsorbents and filters for the most demanding application environments.

City: San Mateo
Category: Control Devices
Gravis manufacturers the highest quality control devices available. We have
something for every skill level, from kid-friendly game pads and joysticks to
ultra-powerful programmable controllers.All Gravis products are easy to install.
They're so well built we back them with a best-in-the-business full three-year
warranty and superior technical support.And you can return any Gravis product
within 90 days for a full refund, if you're in any way dissatisfied. So, in more
ways than one, you just can't lose.

City: Palo Alto
Category: Signal Processing Systems
Graychip specializes in the design of function-specific DSP chips. Our chips
feature the speed, the dynamic range, and the processing power required for
today's signal processing systems. Graychip started business in 1989 to design
specialized DSP chips. Our staff comes from companies, which pioneered the use
of CMOS technology to build leading-edge signal processing chip solutions. Some
of these achievements include.

City: LaGrange
Category: Control System and Wireless Products
Grayhill Inc is a leading designer and manufacturer of DIP, tact, pushbutton,
rotary and encoder switches, keyboards, keypads and front panels, I/O modules,
control systems, and wireless products. The privately held firm was started in
1943 to manufacture miniature precision components for the electronics industry.
From its beginning, the company has been committed to producing high quality
components for commercial, industrial and military markets.This commitment to
quality has been most recently manifested by the company receiving Professional
Lab Accreditation for its EMC Test Lab by the American Association for
Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA). The laboratory meets the requirements of
ISO/IEC 17025. Other examples of pioneering in quality leadership include
becoming the first in its field to achieve ISO 9001 certification (BVQI 84530),
SPC manufacturing techniques and qualification to MIL-Q-9858. Grayhill was also
the first switch manufacturer to achieve Preferred Supplier status with the
leading computer and communications companies.

City: Waukesha
Category: Flexible Tubing Products
Grayline Inc is a leading manufacturer of engineered flexible tubing solutions.
Since 1966, Grayline has been the preferred source for tubing products
throughout North America.

City: Alpharetta
Category: Avail Glovebag & Control Chemicals
Founded in 1986 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA., Grayling Industries manufactures the
Avail Glovebag and Control Chemicals for asbestos abatement, and the Guardian
line of intermediate bulk container liners. Grayling's products have become the
leader and industry standard in the markets the company serves. The company
holds over 20 patents related to the unique design and manufacture of its

City: Chicago
Category: Pump
Graymills has 60 years of experience in moving and conditioning liquids! Whether
it is for circulating machine tool coolants, cleaning in production, maintenance
and service industries, or getting filtered, conditioned ink to its final
destination, Graymills has the expertise to solve whatever you are up
against.Founded in 1939 as a pump manufacturer for machine tool coolants, we
added parts cleaning equipment in 1944.

City: Sherman
Category: Sign Equipments
Over twenty years ago, Chris and Erik Gripp had a vision: to meet the growing
demand for high quality computerized sign-making products, unflagging service,
and reasonable prices. They took their combined experience of running a
full-service sign shop and selling computer accounting and word processing
systems and founded Grayson Business Computers, Inc. Today, the Grayson Business
Computer Inc. companies, Sign Warehouse and Sign, are recognized
names among sign design professionals. Since then, making a profound difference
in the way sign makers purchase equipment, software, and supplies has been their

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