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USA manufacturer database

Are you looking for information on USA manufacturers. Then check out the previews of data we have available in our database. Price is only 250 euros
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Previews of data we have available:

City: Santa Ana
Category: Air Engineering
An innovative aerospace engineer named Harry Glascock incorporated dynamic Air
Engineering in Los Angeles in 1942. He began by developing the fan for what is
believed to be the world's first fan forced airborne combustion heater. This
heater kept the defensive weaponry of the new B-25 and A-26 aircraft
functioning, even in the most extreme conditions.Today, more than sixty years
later, we continue to improve on the current standards, constantly expanding our
product lines, capabilities, and innovations. Harry Glascock's family retains
exclusive control of our company, continuing the traditions he established. He
created a company dedicated to the design and production of the highest quality,
most efficient solutions to engineering needs, using the best materials and
skills in the industry. For more than sixty years, Dynamic Air Engineering has
maintained the strong tradition of innovation and precision workmanship that
began in 1942.

City: St Paul
Category: Conveying Systems
Dynamic Air Inc specializes in pneumatic conveying of dry bulk solids for the
processing industries.We manufacture equipment and systems for handling a wide
range of dry bulk materials from silica sand to sugar, with over 10,000
installations worldwide. Find out how our systems and components can improve
efficiency, reliability, and overall quality of your material conveying process.

City: Hamilton
Category: Sound Control Material
Dynamic Control of North America Inc is a privately held corporation located in
Hamilton, Ohio, USA. Established in 1989, the company markets acoustic
environmental solutions for a broad range of industries. Dynamat, a Dynamic
Control brand, is recognized by consumers around the world as a quality product
for solutions to unwanted noise and vibration. The Dynamat brand maintains the
dominant market share in Car Audio and Automotive Restoration acoustic
solutions. Dynamic Control also provides a broad range of unique product
solutions for Computers and Original Equipment Manufacturers.Our operations
cover the United States of America serving over 3,000 storefronts. Dynamat is
merchandised and promoted in large retailers such as Best Buy, Pep Boys most
large regional Audio Retailers and Independent Specialty Car Audio Retailer
Internationally; our products are represented in over 50 countries.

City: Indianapolis
Category: Roller Chain
Manufacturers of Roller Chain which includes Standard Series Chain, Heavy Series
Chain, Non-standard Series, High Strength/Lift Chain, Oil Field Chain, High
Strength/Lift Chain

City: Farmingdale
Category: Fasteners And Panel Screws
Manufacturers of Captive Panel Screws - Available in a wide variety of materials
and configurations. Lengths from 21/32" to 2". Thread sizes from 2-56 to 3/8-16.
Custom designs are also available. Panel Screw Retainers - Retainers are
available to match all Captive Panel Screw sizes. Stocked Items are of Stainless
Steel, Steel or Brass. Other materials are available. Panel Screw/Retainer sets
can be provided with springs and washers. Retainers are also made to metric
standards or custom made to your specification.Round and Hex Spacers - These
spacers are available in Aluminum, Brass, Steel, Stainless, Nylon and Phenolic.
Outside diameters range from 1/8" to 3/4" and lengths from 1/8" to 2". Hole
clearances range from .064" to .505. Also made to metric standards or customized
to your specifications.

City: Newbury Park
Category: Tungsten Electrode Materials
Manufacturers of Tungsten Electrode Materials: Three oxides scientifically
balance the migration and evaporation rates to extend the service life. It
increases the number or arc starts before re-sharpening and fewer misfires save
money and time. Tri-Mix offers stability and consistency not seen on most other
tungsten types. Increasing weld quality and service life dramatically. Lower
work function requires less energy to start than 2% Thoriated Tungsten and runs
cooler. Tri-MixTM is non-radioactive tungsten.Piranha II Tungsten Electrode
Grinder: The Piranha II tungsten electrode grinder provides welders with an easy
to use & economical tool to precisely grind, cut and flat tungsten electrodes up
to 3/32" in diameter. For tungsten sizes 0.040" - 3/32" diameter. (1.0mm -
2.4mm), Enclosed work area provides operator dust containment and added safety,
designed to provide years of trouble free operation.

City: Lincolnwood
Category: Diamond Machine Cutting Tools
Manufacturers of machine cutting tools.

City: Malborough
Category: Sharpeners
In its 28th year, Diamond Machining Technology, Inc. (DMT) is the leader in and
innovator of manual diamond sharpening technology for people and industries that
depend on performance edges. Incorporating the diamond's ability to abrade hard
materials, DMT's engineering and product development expertise and patented
processes have evolved to service industrial, commercial and consumer markets.
The company's award-winning products offer sharpening solutions for everyone,
from do-it-yourselfers to large commercial operations. DMT's specialized,
precision sharpening systems function to easily and efficiently sharpen, hone,
lap or deburr in the production, maintenance and repair cycles of a myriad of
products.DMT® produces their entire family of products, In the company's
facility in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Home to the company since 1983, the
facility accommodates DMT's sales, marketing and production departments. The
recently expanded production area houses first-of-its-kind injection molding
systems complete with robotics to produce its patented DuoSharp® line as well as
its internationally recognized polka dot patterned Diamond Whetstone™ line.

City: Wyoming
Category: Perforated Materials
Manufacturers of a single-sided pierced metal product that provides additional
strength and heat resistance to molded plastic parts. When placed in a mold with
its tangs facing upward, plastic injected into it seeps through the openings and
forms around the tangs - creating plastic flanges or "buttons". A cross section
of a piece is shown above.Diamond produces perforated material in three basic
forms. They are sheet, coil, and tube. The most common form of perforated
material because of its versatility and ease in handling, perforated sheets can
be supplied either as flat, fabricated, and/or finished product.

City: Port Angeles
Category: Motor Linear Actuators
Manufacturers of Precision DC/Step-Motor Linear Actuators, Open and Closed-loop
Motor Controllers, Custom Micro-Positioning Systems, These high-quality
actuators directly replace micrometer heads in micro-motion application with a
typical resolution of 0.05µm. With built-in magnetic A-QUAD-B position encoder
for closed-loop positioning applications, the 1000-Series are available in 32
resolution/velocity variations, 4 travels, and 3 load categories. Its principal
feature is a non-rotating thruster that pushes against an external return force.

City: Elyria
Category: Wet Core Bits And Abrasives
Manufacturers of Core Bits, Core Rigs, Diamond Blades, Saws, and Abrasives, Wet
Core Bits, Dry Core Bits,

City: Newark
Category: Embedded CPUs
Manufacturers of Embedded CPUs, analog I/O boards, serial ports, and power
supplies featuring high integration and rugged design for harsh environments The
recent settlement between ZF Micro and National Semiconductor, the ZFx86 CPU
chip used on Prometheus is expected to return to full production before the end
of 2005. Diamond Systems expects to be able to continue providing Prometheus
without interruption. Click here to visit the Prometheus datasheet online. The
new DMM-32X-AT analog I/O PC/104 module from Diamond Systems features the worlds
first - and only - automatically auto calibrating analog I/O circuit (US patent
6,281,818). DMM-32X-AT contains on-board intelligence that enables it to
calibrate itself automatically in response to changes in ambient temperature. No
physical access or programming effort is required.

City: Chelmsford
Category: Optical Cabling System
Manufacturers of Diamond has developed flexos, a flexible optical cabling
system, to address the changing needs of optical network infrastructure. Flexos
is a complete end-to-end fiber optic solution providing the latest in media
conversion, fiber interconnect and network switching technology and performance.
This modular system provides all the components required to build out new as
well as expand existing networks. The new Diamond flexos Mini Bridge enables a
easy and cost effective integration of the existing Ethernet or Fast Ethernet
copper wiring systems in modern fiber based network structures

City: Orange City
Category: Paint And Coatings
Manufacturers of paint and coatings, manufacturing industry has proven our
state-of-the-art research facilities, company-owned fleet of delivery vehicles,
wide-spread service representatives and of course, coatings, to be second to
none in the industry. MSDS's for specific products can be found along side of
the product information sheets in the interior and exterior architectural
product sections, and in the Heavy Duty Protective Coatings section.

City: Pittsburgh
Category: Wire Spring Products
Manufacturers of Compression Springs, Extension Springs, Torsion Springs,
Diamond Wire Spring specializes in short run, quick delivery, cold-wound springs
from .008" to .625" in wire diameter. We are presently stocking many custom
springs manufactured for customer release schedules. These schedules include
JIT, Kanban, Blanket Orders and others. Once a delivery schedule is determined,
Diamond Wire Spring manages your inventory for you, freeing you to do other
tasks. Diamond Wire Spring prides itself in meeting and exceeding customer
expectations for on-time scheduled deliveries of custom springs.

City: Berkeley
Category: Computer Systems Peripherals
Manufacturers of Macintosh Products, Animaq/Digital, Ethernet and SCSI control
of digital disk recorders (DDRs). Frame-accurate recording, video capture, image
transfer. Animaq/Digital for Macintosh v 2.x provides new features: automated
batch transfers to/from DDR from disk and VCR; new digital audio support for
Accom 2Xtreme; audio support for DDR/VCR transfers for Accom and Sierra Design
Labs recorders. No frame buffer required.NEW in Version 2.5: New features
include support for SCSI audio transfers (Accom 2Xtreme), support for SDL Ultra
I/O, faster YUV-RGB conversions, support for both standard ADB and USB security

City: Addison
Category: Temperature And Pressure Controlling Devices
Manufacturers of Temperature & Pressure Controlling Devices LCD Display Data
Loggers - Temperature & Humidity Featuring ±0.8°F Temperature Accuracy, USB and
Flash Memory Downloads, Display, Alarm and Optional Remote Probe, and Networking
Capability.Pressure Data Logger with Digital Display, USB Connectivity,
Removable Flash Memory Card and One Second Sample Rate.

City: Berkeley
Category: Fibre Optic Passive Components
DiCon Fiberoptics Inc is one of the world's largest suppliers of passive
components, modules and test instruments for the fiber optic communications
industry. Founded in 1986, DiCon has established itself as a leader in the
design, manufacture and marketing of a broad portfolio of state-of-the-art
products that filter, split, attenuate, switch, combine and monitor light in
optical networks as well as automate testing of optical devices and sub-systems.

City: Marietta
Category: Lift Accessories And Hydraulic Dampers
Manufacturers of Lift Accessories, Gas Springs, Hydraulic Dampers, Hold-open
Systems and Electro Magnets Drive Units, and Dampers for Fire Protection Doors,
Drive Units Door Checks and Door Closers.

City: Charlotte
Category: Smart Card Products brings you the very best in Smart Card solutions and the latest in
programmable logic chip interfaces. We will strive to develop the very latest in
smart card and IC technology to help you succeed in your applications. Our
mission is to bring our customers the best technology at the lowest prices with
the ease of use and reliability that is expected of a world-class company.

City: Cleveland
Category: Die Cut Products
Manufacturers of Die Cut Products. Die cutting facility provides quality
fabrication of non-metallic soft goods, including felt, rubber, gasket paper,
non-asbestos, sponge, foam, and plastics. Our metal stamping division provides
metallic stampings fabricated from steel, stainless, brass, copper, aluminum,
and many exotic materials. We accommodate long, medium, and short run
requirements.Manufacturing facility provides metallic and plastic shims as thin
as .0005". Thin, precision shims are our specialty, and we provide these
products to customers around the world. Quality of course, is second to none

City: Raymond
Category: Broadcast Equipments
Dielectric is a full-service broadcast supplier involved in the design,
engineering and manufacture of broadcast antennas for DTV and NTSC (UHF and
VHF); FM antennas, combiners, switches, diplexers, transmission lines,
waveguides and dehydrators.Dielectric has been the company relied upon by more
broadcasters than any other. We currently have the largest installed base of DTV
and NTSC antennas worldwide. Kline Towers - the premier designer, fabricator and
erector of tall and multi-array towers. Central Towers Central Tower -
engineering and design of towers including; cellular, paging, PCS, broadcast,
and two-way.

City: Cazenovia
Category: Microwave & Millimeter Wave Components
Dielectric Laboratories is a global supplier of microwave and millimeter wave
components for optical and wireless communications, military, medical,
semiconductor, aerospace, and transportation markets.In 2004, DLI acquired
Voltronics Corporation, a world leader in precision variable capacitors.

City: Spencer
Category: Cutting Tools
Manufacturers of Cutting Tools, Slitting and straight knife cutting is Dienes'
only business. We can provide circular knives, knife holders, and any type of
slitting system to meet your needs. Our successful experience, dating back to
1913, in the development, design, and manufacturing of cutting tools for various
industries provides for exceptional products of superior workmanship and trouble
free operation. In addition to our standard line of replacement knives, Dienes
can provide specialty knives on a "made-to-order" basis.

City: York Haven
Category: Precision Metal Stampings
Die-Tech Inc manufactures precision metal stampings for the electronics,
medical, automotive, military, aerospace and telecommunications industries. We
specialize in design assistance, rapid prototyping, practical die construction,
and long term production of high quality, cost-effective precision metal

City: Providence
Category: Automatic Die Casting Systems
Die Tech Industries (DTI), is headquartered in Providence, RI, since its
founding in 1980.The company is a leading manufacturer of low-to-mid tonnage
(14-150 tons) precision die casting production systems.DTI is a complete zinc
die casting solutions provider and a total turnkey source for small die casting
systems. This approach affords customers the benefit of being "up and running"
in as little as eight weeks; with set-up time accomplished in less than a day.
This quick turnaround, coupled with high productivity, typically provides an
investment payback in under one year.DTI's machines are successfully producing
quality components throughout the U.S. and Canada; as well as Central America,
South America, the Caribbean, India, Europe and the Middle East.

City: Ventura
Category: Instrumentation Products
In 1976 Digalog revolutionized the industry with the introduction of the Series
1000 Dynamometer Controller, the first universal dynamometer and engine
controller. In 1982, Cellmate, the fully integrated test cell control and
instrumentation system was introduced. The success of these key technical
inovations established Digalog as a recognized industry leader in accurate,
repeatable test control and instrumentation components and flexible, powerful
test cell software.In April 2001 the AVL North America Inc purchased Digalog. We
are committed more than ever to bring you the powerful technology of today with
the flexibility to take you into tomorrow and beyond. We believe in a commitment
to values, quality, and partnering for better strategic solutions. We look
forward to partnering with you in making your vision become a successful

City: New Berlin
Category: Solving Board And Module Test Problems Solutions
Digalog is an engineering oriented company focused on solving board and module
test problems for some of the largest electronic manufacturing facilities in the
world. We provide solutions that are designed to meet today's demand for high
quality, affordable testing of functional, digital, in-circuit and custom test

City: Norwood
Category: Weighing Scale Systems
Manufacturers of weighing scale systems viz., Bench Scales, Counting Scales,
Coin Counting Scales, Summit Floor Scale, Digital Weight Indicators.

City: Jessup
Category: Storage Systems
RAID storage systems and controllers are as awesome as they are elegant. Quite
simply, they were designed to outperform and outlast any other products in their
class.Using an innovative modular architecture and a higher bandwidth design,
our products offer greater versatility to our reseller partners. They are
flexible enough to be used in more environments and for more applications so our
partners can configure and deploy just the right solution for every customer
situation. In turn, our products are not only more powerful and reliable, but
easier to integrate, deploy and support - a trademark quality that our reseller
partners and end users have come to expect.

City: Sunnyvale
Category: Display Products
SBG Labs was created in 2003 by a group of engineers and scientists who had
pioneered Switchable Bragg Gratings in telecommunications IC's. The research
carried out during this work established the dramatic impact this technology can
have on solid state illumination applications. SBG's charter is to commercialize
its technology through collaborative ties with leading consumer and automotive
display manufacturers.Located in the heart of Silicon Valley and privately
funded, SBG has assembled an experienced engineering and management team, some
of whom are internationally located. The company is focused upon bringing to
market a line of "Next Generation" flat panel and projection LED and Laser
illuminated displays.

City: Willow Grove
Category: Channel Access Unit Products
Manufacturers of Digilog Channel Access Unit. The Digilog CAU is an access
product, which dramatically simplifies and improves the wiring between DS0A
circuits and all-points SS7 monitoring equipment. It provides substantially
lower installation costs and provides for multiple, isolated test devices for
circuit data analysis. The CAU eliminates installation of "Half Taps" to connect
test systems to the network.

City: Ft Lauderdale
Category: Cellular Signal Amplifier And Repeater Technology
Digital Antenna Inc is the world leader in marine and land antenna and cellular
signal amplifier and repeater technology. Our award winning antennas and
cellular amplifiers and repeaters extend the range of your Marine, RV, Car &
Truck and Home & Office communications. Stay connected on land or at sea.Power
Max TM DA4000MR: Dual Band Mobile Wireless Cellular Amplifier / Repeater How
would you like to enjoy fewer dropped calls, safe, clear connections and
stronger signals on your boat or inside your car, RV, home or office -- without
being tied down by wires.

City: Portland
Category: Instrumentation and Control Systems
Digital Control Systems Inc (DCS) provides reliable, cost-effective
instrumentation and control modules to industrial, HVAC, and medical automation
manufacturers. DCS produces an expanding line of standard products including
temperature controllers, AC, DC, and brushless motor controllers, and C02 gas
analysis instruments for both HVAC and OEM manufacturers and distributors.

City: Clearwater
Category: Network Monitoring Products
Manufacturers of Network Monitoring Products, Network Installation and
Maintenance Products Portable network testing product lines: the flagship
Network Information Computers (NICs), the scalable NIC Plus, and the Lightwave
(LW) series of handheld devices. Optical Wavelength Manager Network Monitoring
Products Centralized network monitoring and management product lines, featuring
the Optical Wavelength Manager, Network Access Agents (NAAs), and complementary

City: Charlotte
Category: Optical Lenses
For more than 12 years, DOC has been committed to driving the technological
development of micro-optics and optical integration solutions. Research and
development efforts have driven industry advancements in binary optics,
micro-refractive optics, volume replication, and cost-effective optical
integration solutions, to name a few. Both design (methodology and tools)
innovations and fabrication process innovations are yielding higher performance
and lower-cost solutions for our customers.Additionally, our customer's benefit
by gaining access to our extensive micro-optics and optical integration
portfolio of know-how and intellectual property developed over the last decade.
Currently, our customers have access to more than 66 issued patents and
licenses, with more than 70 additional patents pending. Through continued
technological innovation, Digital Optics Corporation is committed to meeting our
customers needs for both their current product generation as well as their
future product generations and innovations.

City: Redwood City
Category: Authentication Solutions
Digital Persona authentication solutions utilize the award-winning U are U
fingerprint readers, Digital Persona Identity Engine, Digital Persona software
and/or Digital Persona software development kits.

City: Huntington Beach
Category: Multi Sensor Measuring And Imaging Systems
DPC brings the new technologies and new approaches to the video CMM industry by
inducing DVCMM, digital video coordinate measuring systems and multi-sensor high
precision metrology systems. DPC provides systems from video microscope, manual
measuring systems to multi-sensor digital video coordinate measuring machine.
The patent pending digital image technologies increase the resolution of the
image and size of the field of view, eliminate the video conversion to improve
the accuracy and productivity.The goal of DPC is to bring solutions to your
metrology needs and values to your products. We offer complete line of the video
based, multi-sensor coordinate measuring systems. Each system has many standard
options on the hardware or software. We will also work with you to provide
customer solution for your special needs.

City: Phoenix
Category: Panel Monitors
Digital Systems Engineering is a design and engineering company providing
application and integration of advanced flat panel and integrated computer
technology in unique OEM and end user applications.

City: Covington
Category: Computer And Panels
Digital Technology Inc provides innovative electronic products for industrial
automation. We specialize in panel pc, flat panel monitors, single board
computers, embedded computers and systems, rack mounted computers and industrial
automation systems, Digital Video System, Rack Chassis and Keyboards.

City: Morgan Hill
Category: LCD And Plasma Connectivity Solutions
Digital View Group is one of the world's leading providers of complete digital
media networks and services for the retail and out-of-home market as well as
advanced connectivity solutions for LCD and plasma flat panel displays.Digital
View is the leading supplier of advanced interface solutions for the flat panel
display market. Synonymous with mission critical applications, Digital View
offers both general market and application specific OEM products.

City: Burlington
Category: Data Compression Products
DVSI, using its proprietary voice compression technology, specializes in
low-data-rate, high-quality speech compression products for wireless
communications, digital storage, and other applications.

City: Pasadena
Category: Data Acquisition Systems Solutions
Digitexx provides System solutions for real-time data acquisition and processing
for structural health monitoring, tall buildings, special structures (dams,
bridges, and power generating facilities), and lifelines.This high performance
COTS (Commercially Off The Shelf) system is a multi-channel (24, 32, 64)
real-time data acquisition and analysis system, with manual and event driven (on
any 10 channels) triggering. With 16 or 24 -bit resolutions, the system has a
sampling rate of up to 1,000 samples per second per channel.

City: Cambridge
Category: Automated Intelligent Applications Solutions
Digitool is the maker of Macintosh Common Lisp (MCL) and CLIM: tools for
developing intelligent applications on the Macintosh platform.

City: San Diego
Category: Image Enhancement Technology Chip
Manufacturers of Image Enhancement Technology Chip. DigiVision real-time image
enhancement products adaptively enhance most formats of video signals (both
analog and digital), providing startling clarity of image detail.The DV1000 is a
.18 micron CMOS chip that implements the proprietary DigiVision image
enhancement technology. This chip dramatically improves any video signal using a
real-time large kernel digital video processing. The DV1000 chip improves any
video device. Plasma TV, LCD TV, DLP, front and rear projection, CRT, digital
still cameras, video phones, video games and many other display devices.

City: Plymouth
Category: Precision Metal Cutting Tooling
Dijet is a worldwide supplier of precision metal cutting tooling and high impact
custom cemented carbide. Our product families include ball nose end mills,
carbide tipped and solid carbide drills, end mills, face mills and carbide
inserts for your turning and milling needs. Dijet offers many high productivity
products including; Ball Nose End Mills, S-Cut Drills, Feather Mills, Exciter
Mills, Cemented Carbide Inserts.

City: Springfield
Category: Steel And Aluminum Jaws
Manufacturers of Steel and Aluminum Jaws. Dillon Soft Jaws are made of either
Steel of Aluminum and are stock items. They are machined to accept a particular
work piece and are rectangular. They can be ordered with a pointed end and with
increased length/width/height. Special soft jaws can be machined to fit a
particular work piece. Jaw holes can be offset or centered, with a third hole
added when required. Dillon Soft Jaws are dimensionally interchangeable with any
other brand. Steel jaws can be hardened after machining. Maximum fit with master
jaws through accurate locating surfaces, threads, key slots, etc.

City: St Paul
Category: Power Inverters
Manufacturers of Power Inverters. DC to AC power inverters is increasingly
becoming the product of choice for operating sophisticated electronic equipment
when grid power is not available. Dimensions Unlimited offers a complete line of
reliable, efficient inverters capable of powering virtually any type of
equipment within their power rating. Our units can be found in a variety of
applications including utility/service trucks; scissor lifts; traffic signal,
home, and business Power Backup Systems; steel mills; railroad locomotives; and
the family RV.

City: Rochester
Category: Display Systems
We are the world's leading manufacturer of no-glasses 2D/3D switchable desktop
displays. DTI 2D/3D Switchable Desktop Displays, Stereo-Enabled Software
Available Directly From DTIDTI is proud to offer you the following software,
tried and tested for compatibility with our Virtual Window® displays. DTI 2D/3D
Stereo-Enabled Visualization Solutions: This package will allow you to
experience large screen, high resolution Real-Depth 3D™. In combination with
VR4MAX®, you will be able to interact and view your models in real-time, in
Real-Depth 3D™. Now you have the possibility of reviewing your models and
designs in the early stages of design.

City: Milwaukee
Category: Magnetic Separation Equipment And Electromagnetic Motor Brakes
Manufacturers of magnetic separation equipment & electromagnetic motor brakes.

City: Flint
Category: Precision Magnetic Instruments
The Dinsmore Instrument Company invented the automobile compass and has been
manufacturing precision magnetic instruments continuously since 1927. They have
recently developed a series of new, miniature compass sensors, which easily
interface to computers and modern electronic technology. These sensors, due to
their low cost, have an unlimited number of uses related to remote directional

City: Westlake Village
Category: Diodes
With the addition of FabTech, our QS-9000 AEC-A100 and ISO-9001: 2000-certified
5-inch wafer foundry located just outside Kansas City, Missouri, Diodes Inc has
become a total solution provider for the discrete semiconductor industry.Now
able to cover the full range of manufacturing and product development, Diodes
Inc is in a strong position to intensify R&D initiatives in such innovative
product areas as miniaturization and integrated and chip-scale discretes.As we
strive to become a vertically integrated manufacturer and supplier of discrete
semiconductors at the forefront of next-generation discrete technology, we hope
to be able to meet your emerging product development needs.

City: Salem
Category: Thermal Imaging Solutions
Diversified Optical Products Inc (DiOP) delivers superior thermal imaging
solutions to decision makers in Public Safety, Fire Services, Surveillance and
Home Land Security in markets worldwide.

City: Gardena
Category: Diodes And Rectifiers
Diotec Electronics Corporation is a major manufacturer of industry standard and
custom power diodes and rectifiers. Principle engineering, sales, technical, and
administrative personnel are located at Diotec's headquarters in Gardena,
California, 20 miles south of the Los Angeles International Airport. Supporting
test and laboratory capabilities are located in Carson, California. The major
manufacturing, laboratory, and test facilities are located in Penang, Malaysia.

City: Bellingham
Category: Voltage Dip Proofing Inverters
Voltage Dip-Proofing Inverters from Dip-Proofing Technologies provide
battery-less solutions for facilities suffering from production downtime caused
by monetary power interruptions and voltage sags. Voltage Dip-Proofing Inverters
are used to provide reliable maintenance free AC control power to critical loads
in switchboards, motor control centers and other sensitive equipment.

City: Burlingame
Category: Pan And Tilt Devices
Directed Perception offers a complete line of pan & tilt devices for
computer-controlled positioning of lasers, microwave antennas, thermal cameras,
video cameras, IP cameras, and more in both indoor and outdoor environments.
Directed Perception's pan/tilt devices offer high speed, precision, durability,
and small form factors. Some of the largest companies in the world rely on
Directed Perception for their pan/tilt and sensor control requirements in
mission-critical applications including surveillance, sensor fusion, automated
detection and tracking, robotics, communications, border security, machine
vision, and automated test in military, aerospace, and industrial markets.

City: Wickliffe
Category: Automation Products
We specialize in high quality, industrial grade products, specifically designed
to meet the needs of the injection molding industry.

City: Corona
Category: Software Products
Direct Motion manufactures a complete end to end 3 axis Windows based CNC
system. It is the only true Windows based CNC on the market. It is geared to
knee type milling machines and smaller bed mills. We build all our own
electronics and write all our own software. We generally mount our control on
new iron imported from Taiwan and sell a complete machine tool. Our CNC Knee
Mill packages start at $22,000. Less than 1/2 the price of any Machining Center.
Direct Motion does not use a DSP board. The PC itself closes all DC servo loops,
coordinates motion, and does the Windows user interface. This requires the
absolute minimum electronic hardware possible. This is the latest All American
CNC technology and this single processor technique is patented by Direct Motion.
Direct Motion CNC does everything from simple 2-D to complex 3-D meshed surfaces
all with the built in software.

City: El Cajon
Category: Engineering Pump Solutions
Discflo Corporation leads the field in engineering pump solutions for
hard-to-pump applications. The company has built a reputation designing pumps to
solve some of industry's toughest pumping problems, replacing centrifugal,
progressive cavity, lobe, gear and even chopper pumps in applications as diverse
as wastewater treatment, offshore oil platforms, pharmaceutical manufacture and

City: Princeton Jct
Category: Fiber Optic Components
Manufacturer of active fiberoptic components such as photodiodes,
photodetectors, optical receivers, an RF over fiber photonic modules. Focused on
ultra-wide bandwidths above 10 GHz.

City: Clinton
Category: Fluid Dispensing Systems
DTIC Dispensing Technologies designs, develops, and manufactures innovative
fluid dispensing systems. DTIC products marry rugged mechanical design with
high-precision electronic controls to achieve accurate, repetitive dispensing of
low and high viscosity fluids. All of DTIC's equipment uses positive
displacement techniques to assure dispense volume accuracy.

City: Round Rock
Category: Custom Optical Components
Manufacturer and supplier of lightweight, massive optics, offering slumped,
ground, polished, spherical and flat glass, telescopes, lenses, specialty
optical coatings. We specialize in collimating mirrors, beam splitters,
entertainment displays and flight simulation.

City: Longmont
Category: Micro Displays
Displaytech manufactures fast liquid crystal photonics products including
filters, shutters, polarization rotators and drivers. These products are
featured in holographic storage, television, and 3-D camera
applications.Displaytech uses revolutionary liquid crystal technology to produce
microdisplays for digital still cameras, camcorders, and personal communication
products. Displaytech manufactures fast liquid crystal photonics products
including filters.

City: Carlsbad
Category: Display Panels
Manufactures of Display Panels in designing a custom LCD panel, it is essential
to consider a number of criteria to ensure a cost effective solution.

City: North Attleboro
Category: Electronic Contract Manufacturing
Distron Corporation is focused on providing our OEM customers with a solution
for contract manufacturing services. Our goal is to consistently provide cost
effective engineering and manufacturing services that exceed the expectations of
our customer. Located in North Attleboro, MA, Distron has a 35-year history in
the EMS industry. Facility, Systems and Staff are set up to service the needs of
the customer. Services include the turnkey manufacture of SMT circuit boards
through fully tested electro-mechanical assemblies. Distron's quality systems
include ISO2000 and UL certification.

City: Mountain View
Category: Voice Communications Solutions
Ditech Communications is solely focused upon supplying network operators with
echo cancellation and voice processing systems that set new standards for
clarity in voice communications. Whether landline or mobile, circuit or packet,
Ditech's developments are improving the way we communicate with one another. We
design and develop some of the highest capacity, greatest density and lowest
power usage systems available. Our products are an integral part of many of the
largest and most successful voice networks in the world today.

City: Fredericktown
Category: Eletronic Products
Design & Manufacture of high quality, cost-effective engineered electronics
products. Divelbiss provides complete solutions from standard off the shelf
industrial controllers to custom engineered systems and products.

City: San Diego
Category: Genomic Products
Diversa Corporation is a leader in applying proprietary genomic technologies for
the rapid discovery and optimization of novel products from genes and gene
pathways. Diversa is directing its integrated portfolio of technologies to the
discovery, evolution, and production of commercially valuable molecules with
pharmaceutical applications, such as optimized monoclonal antibodies and orally
active drugs, as well as enzymes and small molecules with agricultural,
chemical, and industrial applications.Diversa has formed alliances and joint
ventures with market leaders, such as The Dow Chemical Company, DuPont Bio-Based
Materials, GlaxoSmithKline plc, Invitrogen Corporation, and affiliates of
Syngenta AG.

City: Cleveland
Category: Paints Lubricants Electronic Cleaners and Adhesives
Manufacturers and Suppliers premium paints, applicators, lubricants, electronic
cleaners, degreasers, adhesives and caulks for use in manufacturing, automotive,
food processing, aviation, telecommunications, construction, electrical, PVF,
power transmission, and many other industries.With our vast resources,
Diversified Brands, as a part of the Sherwin-Williams Company, continues to be a
leader in technological advances. Our goal is to deliver to you high quality,
high performance products by developing new innovations and consistently
improving our existing product lines.

City: Seal Beach
Category: Instrumentation Systems For Dynamic Impact Testing
DTS is the world's leading manufacturer of instrumentation systems for dynamic
impact testing. The TDAS product line enables test labs and manufacturers to
Perform tests easily and analyze data quickly - ensuring that their products
meet or exceed the safety and quality expectations of regulatory bodies and
today's consumers.

City: Bedford
Category: High Power Modulators
Diversified Technologies Inc is the developer and marketer of the PowerMod™ line
of high power modulators, DC power supplies and control systems. Selected twice
by R&D Magazine as one of the 100 most significant products of the year,
PowerMod™ systems are available in a wide range of voltage, current, and
performance configurations. DTI also applies its broad base in engineering and
physics to consulting on specific engineering problems and development
requirements. Please take a few moments to browse our site and learn about our
unique technology, and how our products are being used in high power
applications world wide.

City: Ridgeland
Category: Passive Backplane PC Compatible Single Board Computers And Blades
Manufacturers of passive backplane, PC compatible single board computers and
blades.DTI is a recognized leader in providing building blocks based upon the
latest industry processors including the Intel® Celeron®, Pentium® 4, Pentium®
M, Pentium® III and Xeon™ processors. DTI has been most prolific in introducing
advanced technology and standard off-the-shelf products based on PICMG PCI/ISA,
CompactPCI, and AdvancedTCA open standards in addition to the computing

City: Sunnyvale
Category: Display Support Chips
Manufacturers of Display Support Chips. Divio is a fabless semiconductor company
that provides chip level solutions for next-generation digital video and digital
imaging products such as: Solid-state camcorders, DVD recorders, DTV displays,
DV bridges, Digital still cameras, PC "eyeball" cameras, Surveillance cameras.

City: Lexington
Category: Pre Fabricated Pins And Mold Tool Dies
We Manufacture the highest quality custom and pre-fabricated pins for industrial
mold and tool-and-die uses.Products includes tool and die supplies, dowels,
reamers, gauges, drills, punches, Alignment pins for jigs, alignment pins for

City: Rockford
Category: Auto Fed Screw Nut Drivers
Manufacturers of Auto Fed Screw Nut Drivers, The Company specialized in the
design and development of rapid-fire military weapons and related feed
systems.The Products Group specializes in standard and custom auto-fed screw/nut
drivers, screw/nut driver stations, part placers, placer/presses, feed systems
and part escapements. The Products Group is dedicated to serving customers by
providing tooled and untooled auto-fed part placement stations, auto-fed
presses, auto-fed screw/nut drivers, and auto-fed screw/nut driver stations.
Dixon's products are furnished with vibratory bowl feeder(s), special tooling,
controls, and are ready to be installed on the customer's assembly system.

City: Chestertown
Category: Hose And Coupling
Dixon Valve and Coupling Company is committed to its role as a leading innovator
in the hose and coupling industry. We continue to build on our solid foundation
and commitment to supply quality hose fittings and accessories to our customers.

City: Fort Smith
Category: Parachute And Military Hardware
DJ Associates has been a proven supplier of high quality parachute and military
hardware for a variety of industries all over the world. We specialize in small
quantity orders of webbing, tapes, nylon, hook & loop fasteners, backpack
hardware, buckles, loops & slides, cargo restraints, straps, cable ties, airline
seatbelts, stainless steel, plastic and black hardware.

City: Billerica
Category: Strain Gage Sensors And Transducers
DJ Instruments has been manufacturing standard and custom engineered strain gage
sensors, transducers, sensor systems and related calibration instruments for
general and specific OEM requirements. Our engineering expertise is geared
towards applications using foil, semiconductor or thick film on ceramic
technologies as a sensing element. Our "Design-To-Fit process includes
evaluating your requirements and specifications, proposing a solution, supplying
prototypes and manufacturing low-cost production The DJ customer base includes
the leading Original Equipment Manufacturers in chromatography, centrifuge,
medical, military and a wide range of other industrial and commercial markets.
The DJ engineering team will design your pressure, torque, load or force sensor
or sensor system to FIT in your application.

City: Tunkhannock
Category: Pulleys Flanges And Precision Spur Gears
DJ Mfg manufactures timing belt pulleys, pulley stock, flanges and small
precision spur gears. We at DJ Mfg. manufacture our components to the highest
quality standards. We have more than 30 years of experience manufacturing
precision components so you are assured of the highest quality parts with on
time deliveries. We maintain a large inventory of catalog parts for immediate
shipment for dealer and OEM accounts.

City: Kansas City
Category: Antenna
D & L Antenna Supply Co carries over twenty different types of Antenna
Manufactures and thousands of accessories. We carry Wavehunter, Maxrad, Comet,
Antenex, Larsen, Valor, Transel, Premier, Maldol, and many more antennas.

City: Central Point
Category: Diode Laser Modules
Diode Laser Concepts Inc manufactures the most reliable visible and
near-infrared diode laser modules in the industry. Applications include medical,
industrial, tire, automotive, textile, and machine vision.Our laser modules
provide a visual alignment of equipment for operators, perform biostimulation,
and are incorporated into machine vision equipment. Our [products carry a 2-year
warranty, are fully protected electronically, and are CE certified.

City: Irvine
Category: Network Interface Devices
D-Link is the global leader in Revenue and market share for Wireless and
Ethernet networking for both consumer and SOHO users. Founded in 1986, D-Link is
dedicated to making networking easy and affordable for its customers, offering
innovative, award-winning products that seamlessly integrate with a variety of
devices and applications.

City: Miami
Category: Lighting Controls
Manufacturers of Lighting Control Systems.

City: Boulder
Category: Explosion Welded Clad Metal Plates
Dynamic Materials Corporation is the world's leading provider of
explosion-welded clad metal plates. Its products are used in a variety of
industries, including petrochemicals, refining, hydrometallurgy, aluminum
smelting and shipbuilding. The Company also provides advanced welding services,
primarily to the ground-based turbine and aircraft-engine sectors.The Company
started an explosion metal forming business that shaped blank sheets of metal
alloys into complex three-dimensional parts for aerospace equipment

City: Madison Heights
Category: Plastic Injection Molds
D-M-E is focused on one thing - to help make moldmakers, molders and mold
designers produce better parts. Every D-M-E product cuts costs, reduces
time-to-market or improves the finished molded product (sometimes all three).
Today, the D-M-E product line encompasses a wide range of products, including:
Mold bases - D-M-E standard, custom-machined and Mold Basics series, plus Master
Unit Die (MUD) quick-change mold systems and components. Mold components -
ejector pins and sleeves, leader and core pins, mold action devices, mold
cooling, interlocks, lifters and other components.

City: Fort Lauderdale
Category: Electronic Equipment And Systems
DME offers a combination of exceptional engineering design services, diversified
manufacturing capabilities, and installation and field support resources as well
as an established line of products for military and commercial industries.

City: Buffalo
Category: Hydraulic Products
Manufacturers of Hydraulic Products. DMIC strives to lead, rather than to
follow, in the markets where we choose to participate. To this end, we will
attract and cultivate the finest team members, customers, and suppliers. We will
not compromise the quality of our products. We will make promises to customers
that are attainable and realistic. We shall aim for and evaluate our growth in
every fiscal quarter. We will regularly introduce new products and refine
existing products to maintain their leadership in the marketplace.

City: North Plains
Category: Finest Quality Tooling
DMI International provides the finest quality tooling for wave solder, surface
mount, auto placement, screen printing and test equipment, as well as custom /
specialty fabrications outside the arena of electronics support tooling.

City: Forest
Category: Designing And Integrating Robot System
DMT is a fast-growing company with years of experience in designing and
integrating custom machinery. Our products range from simple fixtures to
multi-axis, remotely operated manipulators to high cycle, labor saving, and
production systems. DMT serves various industries such as automotive,
pharmaceutical, consumer electronics, power, government, and apparel. Our
diversity and ability to branch out into these major industries have allowed us
to be recognized as industry specialists in certain areas such as staking
systems, edge wrapping machines, and assembly systems for paced production.

City: Raleigh
Category: Electromechanical Components
Manufacturers of Electromechanical Components. DNA offers custom electronic
controls, humidity controls and portable protection devices, in addition to its
expanding range of switching devices.

City: Wallingford
Category: Tactical Network Access Solutions
DNE Technologies manufactures communication solutions for tactical network
access. Specialize in bandwidth conservation while preserving interoperability
between COTS and unique military interfacesDNE products support Homeland
Security and Homeland Defense communication efforts by allowing many diverse
communication systems to seamlessly integrate over one common network.

City: Harbor City
Category: Electrical And Electromechanical Products
DNH Industries has been providing custom engineering and electrical design and
specialty electrical and electro-mechanical products for a wide range of
industries, including oil and process plants, the poultry industry.

City: Eugene
Category: Designs And Manufactures Of Specialty Equipment
DN Labs Inc designs and manufactures specialty equipment for a variety of
applications. DURAPAR HMI par 5500K systems from 200 to 40000W utilizing the
patented solid state high voltage ignitor, patented reflectors for high power
arc lamps and additional SPECTRA-FLUX diffusion modules and high power cooling

City: New York
Category: Holograms And Decorative Materials
Manufacturers of Holograms, Decorative Materials, Plastic Cards, Card Printers
and Packaging.

City: Clear Lake
Category: Valves And Pump Products
Manufacturer of quality-built industrial valves and pumps products. Our total
commitment to high quality product design and manufacturing includes using the
latest in engineering CAD & CAM software. Our CNC production equipment and our
knowledge and investment in emerging manufacturing technologies has resulted in
the development of valve and pump products previously unavailable.

City: Lawrence
Category: Fiber Optic Components
Dolan-Jenner has grown as one of the leading manufacturers of fiber optic
components and fiber optic illumination systems serving the microscopy, imaging,
and machine vision industries.

City: Fremont
Category: Rugged Portable Computers And Industrial Displays
Manufacturers of Rugged Portable Computers and Industrial Displays. We build
state-of-the-art ruggedized computers and flat-panel displays designed to
perform in any environment under almost any condition-from the rigors of an
offshore oil rig to the intense shock and vibration of a space shuttle. We back
our industry-leading products with a unique service and support.

City: Stanley
Category: Filtration Technology
Dollinger is now a leader in process filtration technology, continuing to
introduce groundbreaking innovations, and serving an ever-widening range of
industries - with air intake, compressed air and gas, coalescing and liquid

City: San Mateo
Category: Visually Impaired Software Solutions
Since 1986 Dolphin has been a leading provider of innovative computer
accessibility products. Our extensive range of products provides a solution
whatever your level of sight, ensuring independence and freedom for visually
impaired computer users.

City: Natick
Category: SCI Adapter Cards
Dolphin Interconnect Solutions SCI adapter cards are used in a wide variety of
applications by many OEMs. Follow the links below to learn more about how
Dolphin SCI products are used to achieve superior application performance.

City: Milpitas
Category: Silicon IP Products
Dolphin Technology Inc provides a wide range of High Performance, High Speed,
Low-Power Silicon IP (SIP). For designers who need standard or custom IP such as
memory, I/O, standard cell libraries, data path modules or analog blocks.
Dolphin Technology delivers quality, high performance, high speed, low-power,
Silicon proven SIP in a fraction of the time and cost of in-house development.

City: Rochester
Category: Ultra Precision Components Solutions
Domaille Engineering is a leading provider of process development solutions for
your complex ultra precision components and assemblies.Our Precision Services
team supports the Medical, Telecommunications, Aerospace, Military, Energy,
Computer and Industrials markets. From production and prototype tooling to
component parts to complex integrated assembly projects.

City: Manassas
Category: Semiconductor Chips
Micron is one of the world's leading providers of advanced semiconductor
solutions. Micron's DRAM and Flash components are used in today's most advanced
computing, networking, and communications products, including computers,
workstations, servers, cell phones, wireless devices, digital cameras, and
gaming systems. Micron also provides CMOS image sensor solutions to the handset
camera, digital still camera, and PC video camera markets.

City: Charlotte
Category: Filtration Purification And Separation Products
Manufacturers of Filteration Purification And Separation Products. Products
include: Compressed Air Purification: To meet the needs of all major industries,
applications for domnick hunter products and services are both global and

City: Detroit
Category: Low Voltage Doorbell Transformers
Founded in 1909 in Albany, New York, Dongan was moved to Detroit, Michigan in
1911, establishing it as a Michigan Corporation. Early products included low
voltage doorbell transformers for which Dongan was awarded some of the first
Underwriter's Laboratories approvals on February 10, 1911. Other initial
products included neon sign transformers, console radio magnetics, and toy train
transformers.General-purpose power distribution transformers, industrial control
and other more specialized designs were gradually added to the product line
during the '40's, and '50's. More recent products include reactors, constant
voltage transformers, K - Rated transformers, transformer lighting disconnects
and related products.

City: Holly
Category: Automobiles Optics Sensors Products
Manufacturers of Automobiles Optics Sensors Products.

City: Doylestown
Category: Optical Filters & Electronic Display Enhancement Components
Manufacturers of Optical Filters And Electronic Display Enhancement Components,
coatings, and optical components for electronic display enhancement. Our
products include antiglare and antireflective coatings, conductive, heat
reflective and vacuum deposited coatings, EMI shielding, polarizers, and
contrast enhancement, dichroic, static dissipating and band pass filters. More
than 30 years of engineering and manufacturing experience provide proven optical
filter designs for both typical and unique optical filter applications.

City: Inglewood
Category: Safety And Security Control Products
Manufacturers of Telephone Entry Controls, Access Controls, Gate Operators,
Parking Controls, and Vehicular gate operator products provide convenience and
security. However, gate operators must use high levels of force to move gates.
If a system is not properly installed, used and maintained, serious injuries or
death can result.

City: Cranbury
Category: Sampling Systems
Dopak recognized that drawing process samples in open containers invited
contamination and inaccuracy, and also posed serious health and environmental
risks. Dopak® sampling system, which quickly became the international standard
for performance and quality in cost-effective closed loop and closed vent
sampling systems for liquids, gases, liquefied gases and solids.

City: Batavia
Category: Weighing Systems
Doran scale design began manufacturing a highly specialized electronic
laboratory grain scale. Product includes: Battery Powered Scales, Bench Scales,
Check weighing Scales Digital Weight Indicators, Floor Scale, Scale Bases.

City: Hartland
Category: Conveyors
Hartland, Wisconsin-based Dorner Mfg Corp is a world leader in the design,
manufacturing and distribution of conveyors and related equipment. Since 1973,
companies from around the world have turned to Dorner conveyors for greatly
improved efficiency and productivity.There is a Dorner difference. You'll notice
many elements that distinguish us from our competitors. But the one element that
shines most is our renewed commitment to being a highly responsive
problem-solving manufacturer of conveyor products.

City: Clearwater
Category: Dispensers
Dosatron are a major participant in protecting the food supply beginning with
decontamination in the growing areas all the way to cleaning and sanitizing in
sensitive food processing facilities. Water Treatment: From the water you drink
to the air you breathe, our technicians are involved with critical bio security
installations that are essential to our nations well being.

City: Carlsbad
Category: Design And Delivery Of Storage Networking Solutions
Dot Hill Systems Corp is a leader in the innovative design and delivery of
storage networking solutions to channel partners worldwide. Dot Hill has made a
name for itself as a leader in scalable, rugged, highly available storage
networking solutions for mission-critical applications in which downtime is not
an option.

City: New Brighton
Category: Video Display Monitors
Dotronix Designs, Manufactures and Integrates, Video Display, Monitors and
Systems, Using CRT, LCD, Plasma, Rear, Projection LCD & Touch Screen Displays &
Kiosks For all Your Commercial Retail POP/POS Advertising & Design Digital Video
Signage Needs. We Sell Complete, Ready to Play Turn Key Video Wall, Displays and
Systems, Commercial Digital Signage Displays & Systems, Digital Video Menu board
Displays & Systems, Flight Information Displays (FIDS) Way finding Information

City: West Bridgewater
Category: Web Handling Solutions
Manufacturers of web handling solutions to the paper, film, foil, and packaging
industries Double E is the exclusive North American supplier of Re web guides,
brakes, and tension control systems. All Double E / Re web guides separate the
RK31 interface controller from the MWG61 driver. This separation allows many
improvements over conventional web guide systems. One remote controller directs
up to 10 web guides. A single Serial BUS RS485 cable connecting the devices and
short cables to actuators reduce electrical noise and wiring time. 24VDC power,
so no UL or CSA certification is needed.

City: Sterling Heights
Category: Hydraulic Cylinder
Manufacturers of Hydraulic Cylinder. Products Includes: Standard Hydraulic
Cylinders, Custom Designed Hydraulic Cylinders, Piston Accumulator, Special
Machining, Spare Parts, Seal Kits, Complete Package, Cylinders with Rod
Measuring Systems, Prefill Valves Hydraulic Cylinders, Very Low Friction
Hydraulic Cylinders, Self Locking rod Systems on Hydraulic Cylinders, Pressure
Intensifiers, Rotary Cylinders / Rotary Vane Actuators / Rack & Pinion
Cylinders, Swivel Joints / Rotary Manifolds.

City: York
Category: Heat Exchange Products
Doucette Industries Inc is your ideal source of heat exchangers and replacement
parts for Refrigeration and Hydronic applications. Rapid response assures your
orders arrive on time or before the confirmed date of delivery. An in-house
inventory of replacement components also supports prompt shipping of your
product requests.Customization of any heat exchanger to your unique
specifications provides excellent flexibility in meeting your heat transfer
requirements. Wide product selection presents you the convenience of dealing
with one vendor for all of your heat transfer needs, saving you time, money and
administrative hassles.

City: Eden Prairie
Category: Membrane Switches
Douglas Corporation designs and manufactures product graphics, membrane
switches, and graphic overlays and flexes circuits for the O.E.M. marketplace.
Capabilities include injection molding, electroplating, JIT delivery, screen
printing, decorative trim, poured polyurethane urocals, decals, individual
letter graphics, design engineering, testing and assembly.

City: Santa Clara
Category: Advanced Motion Controller
Douloi Automation's motion control technology is fundamentally flexible. That
flexibility is achieved through advanced software tools that allow you, the
developer, to create any required motion control behavior needed. This tailoring
occurs through application software that runs at the controller sample rate
delivering top-level real time performance. In many cases special requirements
are fullfilled by Douloi Automation in the normal course of product technical
support because Douloi software tools make it that quick. Contact us with
application details and we'll show how your problem can be solved. Rather than
having your application accommodate the limitations of the controller, Douloi
Automation controllers are flexible enough to accommodate the problem.

City: South Hackensack
Category: Proprietary Products And Components
Manufacturers of A multi-billion dollar, NYSE-traded, diversified manufacturer
of a wide range of proprietary products and components for industrial and
commercial use.

City: Rochester
Category: Web Tension Control
Dover Flexo Electronics Inc (DFE) manufactures and supports web tension control,
tension measurement and tension indication products for converters, process
manufacturers and web printers worldwide. Our product line includes tension
transducers, tension controllers, tension amplifiers & indicators, pneumatic
brakes, and custom engineered solutions. DFE is the natural choice of process
and maintenance engineers for upgrading existing machinery with modern,
efficient tension control.

City: Auburn
Category: Silicones
Dow Corning was established in 1943 specifically to explore the potential of
silicones. It was created as a joint venture between Corning Glass Works (now
Corning, Incorporated) and The Dow Chemical Company. Today Dow Corning provides
performance-enhancing solutions to serve the diverse needs of more than 25,000
customers worldwide. The Dow Chemical Company and Corning, Incorporated equally
own a global leader in silicon-based technology and innovation, offering more
than 7,000 products and services, Dow Corning.

City: Ventura
Category: Electromechanical Switches
Dow-Key Microwave Corporation, the world's largest manufacturer of
electro-mechanical switches, is a subsidiary of the Dover Technologies division
of Dover Corporation. The company manufactures switches for the Commercial,
Military, Wireless and Hi-Rel Space industries, Dow-Key Is Committed To Being
The Ultimate Partner In RF Switching Solutions For A Challenging Universal
Marketplace, Providing Unparalleled Technical Expertise, Innovative Thinking,
And Superior Customer Support.

City: Lakeland
Category: Medical Packaging And Fabricating Machinery
Doyen Medipharm is a world-class supplier of medical packaging and fabricating
machinery, and contract-manufacturing services supplied exclusively to the
Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries. Pouching Thermoforming Wound Care
Dressings Transdermals Gloves.

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