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USA manufacturer database

Are you looking for information on USA manufacturers. Then check out the previews of data we have available in our database. Price is only 250 euros
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Previews of data we have available:

City: Madison
Category: Fluid Control Products
Farmington Engineering manufactures fluid control products. Cv expansion plugs
are a cost effective and reliable method of sealing holes in manifolds, housings
and wall sections. Threaded plugs are the hollow hex head type and are available
in many SAE sizes. Cv restrictors meter fluid flow using a precision orifice.
Solenoid valves and pumps control or deliver fluids as needed by the

City: Arden
Category: Heaters
Farnams is manufacturer of Custom Air Heaters, Custom Surface Heaters, Heat
Torches, Axian Fan / Heaters, Crossflow Blower / Heaters, Duct Heaters and
Control panel

City: Lake Mary
Category: Computerized Measurement Devices
Faro Technologies is manufacturer of Gage and Gage plus, Platinum firearm, Laser
Tracker, Laser Scanner LS, Laser Scan Arm, Digital Template.

City: Valhalla
Category: Transducers
Welcome to Farrand Controls, manufacturers of Inductosyn transducers used for
accurate measurement of angular or linear position displacements. Inductosyn®
transducers combine high accuracy, extreme reliability, and ruggedness to meet
the demanding requirements of harsh military, space, and industrial

City: San Francisoc
Category: Wave Components
Farran Technology Limited designs and manufactures a wide range of millimeter
wave components and sub systems. Wave-guide based components include Gunn
oscillators, frequency multipliers, detectors, amplifiers, wave-guide mixers, up
converters and down converters.

City: Milton
Category: Electrical Test Equipment
Farwest Aircraft Inc a Boeing licensed Ground Support Equipment (GSE) contractor
manufacturing Electrical Test Equipment and Mechanical Tools. We also offer
Precision Machining, Custom Sheet Metal Work, and Electrical Manufacturing to
all industries.

City: St Louis
Category: AC and DC Motors
Fasco has delivered the world's most complete line of custom fractional
horsepower motors, blowers and gear motors for almost 100 years. Our motors
power thousands of products for a diverse line of markets.

City: Milwaukee
Category: Gear Honing & Hard Broaching Machines
Fassler supplies a complete spectrum of products and services for the honing of
gears, K 400 gear honing machine, K 300 gear honing machine for the fine
machining of hardened gear flanks on all kinds of gears, tools for the honing of
internal and external teeth, and external gears dressing tools, clamping
fixtures Know how

City: Huntington Beach
Category: Test and Measurement Products
Aeroflex Incorporated is a multi faceted high technology company that designs,
develops, manufactures and markets a diverse range of microelectronic, and test
and measurement products. Our products are in worldwide use, supporting
communication systems, networks and automatic test systems.

City: Hackensack
Category: Networking Products
Encore networks provides converged broadband solutions for legacy Data
applications and universal inter working signaling solutions for VoIP networks
and circuit to packet migration

City: Elk River
Category: Printed Circuit Board
Fast Technologies is a unique group of specialists highly experienced in the
field of printed circuit board drilling and routing. We are also expert software
developers. These two strengths give us the ability to develop advanced software
products for enhancing the productivity of the PWB drilling and routing

City: Gardena
Category: Threaded Aerospace Fastners
F.I.T Inc produces a variety of products ranging from non structural captive
screws, stressed panel systems, and ¼ turn fasteners assemblies used in
aircraft, avionics, instrument panels and ground support systems to high
strength bolts for critical applications. Bolts for elevated temperature use;
lightweight Titanium screws and special configurations round up the product
lines, which complement each other to offer the customer a one point shopping

City: Grand Prairie
Category: Nut Ring Mounting Brackets
We manufacture high quality nut ring mounting brackets for all military and
commercial cylindrical connectors and other Aerospace/Industrial mounting needs.
Fastener Specialty Inc is currently listed on the QPL for MIL C 85049/94, /95,
and /96. We also manufacture Nut Rings to MIL C 85528. We maintain a quality
system based on MIL I 45208 and MIL STD 45662, with an SPC system and a heavy
emphasis on Total Quality Management.

City: Maumee
Category: Couplings
Faster has over fifty years experience in the hydraulic industry designing and
manufacturing over 50 million quick release couplings covered by 20 patents.
Faster is still developing and producing the widest range of quick release
couplings for medium, high and very high pressure according to international

City: St Paul
Category: Connecting Tools
FasTest connecting tools increase production and quality while reducing costs.
Cumbersome leak testing methods using jury-rigged adapters, fittings and test
jigs is time consuming, unreliable and may be safe to your workers. FasTest
connecting tools are available in many configurations each precision engineered
to perform specific pressure and vacuum tests and built to fit your testing and
process requirements.

City: Elmhurst
Category: Temperature Controls & Hot Heating Elements
Fast Heat is global manufacturer of advanced hot runner systems, hot runner
temperature controls and electric heating elements. Through 40 years of
electrical heating element experience, our advanced products offer the most
reliable heating element technology for the plastics, packaging, HVAC, and the
food service industry.

City: Houston
Category: Hydraulic Maintenence & Bolting Systems
Fastorq is the preferred global provider of precision bolt loading and removal
solutions. Fastorq is a pioneer of the hydraulic tools industry with over 30
years of experience

City: Ventura
Category: Bar Code Reader
Easy Reader On Line was established in response to an overwhelming demand from
our customers to go on line.

City: Eden Prairie
Category: Fluid Power Components
Our well-respected name in fluid power components and extruded plastic products
is recognized throughout the world between mobile and industrial, aerospace and
automotive customers

City: El Segundo
Category: Fluid Power Components
Eaton Aerospace is a leading designer, manufacturer and integrator of fluid
power generation and conveyance, electromechanical actuation and motion control,
electric distribution and control, cockpit controls and displays and fluid
monitoring and sensor products and systems for a worldwide group of diverse

City: Cleveland
Category: Industrial Clutches
The Airflex division of Eaton manufactures a variety of industrial clutches,
brakes, and assemblies for heavy equipment

City: Milwaukee
Category: Vehicle Controls & Commercial Switches
Eaton's Vehicle Controls Business Unit (VCBU) manufactures a extensive line of
vehicle controls and commercial switch products. Products range from standard
electromechanical switches to custom electronic human interface solutions, and
are sold direct to the OEM or through an extensive distributor network.
Engineers in our QS 9000 Quality System Certified facilities can work with you
to develop the custom products you require in your individual application.

City: Stanton
Category: Computer Products
Fast Point Technologies Inc specializes in the design, development and
manufacture of various computer touch technology products, including light pen
pointing devices, as well as desktop; open frame and industrial rack mount LCD
touch screen monitors.

City: Evansville
Category: Casters and Wheels
As one of the world's premiere caster manufacturers, Faultless provides casters
and wheels for nearly every mobility purpose more than 10,000 different high
quality caster combinations. Our mission at Faultless, Faultless Nutting, and
Rhombus continues to be a driving force:

City: Hunt Valley
Category: Injection Molded Plastic Parts
Fawn Plastics was founded in Baltimore, Maryland in 1950 as a manufacturer of
functional injection molded plastic parts.

City: Wheeling
Category: Imaging Products
Whether your needs are medical, such as non invasive or high resolution imaging
of specimens for analysis; or industrial such as examination of electronic
circuitry or porosity in metal castings, Faxitron X ray Corporation has systems
custom tailored to those needs

City: Syosset
Category: Security Products
FBII manufacturers secruity products for residential and commercial purposes.

City: Danbury
Category: Fuel Cells
Fuel Cell is a world leader in development and manufacture of hydrogen fuel

City: Phoenix
Category: Semiconductor Components
First Components International (FCI) is a multinational company producing and
marketing a broad range of semiconductor components and magnetic.

City: Etters
Category: Connector & Connector Systems
FCI is a subsidiary of the Areva Group. With manufacturing facilities in over 40
countries and a sales network in over 100, Areva offers customers technological
solutions for nuclear power generation and electricity transmission and
distribution.The group also provides interconnect systems to the
telecommunications, computer and automotive markets.

City: Torrington
Category: Interconnect Products
FCT Electronics, manufactures a number of interconnect solutions designed to
support applications across multiple industries. FCT's product line include it's
Mixed Layout D-Sub Technology, Standard D-Sub products, D-Sub Hoods, Din 41612
Connectors and RF Connectors. The company also manufactures Cable Assemblies and
offers other value added assembly services.

City: Morgantown
Category: Solid State Ground Support Equipment
Since 1987, FCX has designed and manufactured a broad-line of Quality Solid
State Ground Support Equipment (GSE), Pre Conditioned Air (PCA), and Ground
Support Air Conditioning systems (GSAC) for Military, Commercial, Shipboard, and
Shore power applications.We produce quality equipment you can count on, for
proven dependability, durability, ease of operation, and Energy Efficient cost
savings-to you our valued customer. FCX designs and builds all of our own
equipment (in house) under strict quality control standards for maximum
reliability and performance.

City: Harrison
Category: Machine Company
Federal Broach & Machine Company is a privately held corporation serving the
auto, large truck, farm and defense industries. Our 83,000 square feet of
manufacturing space is modern, clean and features current C.N.C. technology

City: Linden
Category: Metals and Other Substrates
General Magnaplate Corporation is both a pioneer and a world leader in the
science of surface enhancement for metals and other substrates.

City: Rancho Cucamonga
Category: Single Board Computers
GMS Products are used by a diverse variety of innovators in aerospace, defense,
industrial control, medical instrumentation, pre press graphics,
telecommunications, semiconductor manufacturing and handling, and robotics

City: Farmingdale
Category: Microwave and Millimeter Wave
In the international market, the Company has achieved a significant presence,
with over 32% of its revenues coming from international customers in fiscal

City: Lake Forest
Category: Gas detecting and life production products
For over forty years, we've dedicated ourselves to benefiting society through
developing leading edge combustible gas, toxic gas and flame detection
monitoring products of the highest quality to protect life and property.

City: Melville
Category: Discrete Electronic Components
Vishay has grown through acquisition to include such top names in discrete
electronic components as Dale, Sfernice, Draloric, Sprague, Vitramon, Siliconix,
General Semiconductor, BC Components, and Beyschlag. Vishay's portfolio of
brands represents an unmatched collection of discrete semiconductors, passive
components, integrated modules, stress sensors, and transducers.

City: Bellevue
Category: Embedded Firmware
General Software is the leading supplier of embedded firmware, enabling
specialized devices in telecommunications, data communications, and consumer
electronics market segments through technology, licensing, and support models
designed especially for embedded ODMs/OEMs.

City: Huntsville
Category: Analog, Digital and Serial I/O Products
General Standards Corporation develops and manufactures the highest performance
Analog I/O, Digital I/O and Serial I/O products based upon a variety of buses
such as PMC, PCI, PC104Plus, VME, and cPCI. Our extensive product line includes
I/ O boards, cables, and software drivers.

City: Albuquerque
Category: Electronic Cards, Boxes, Sub Systems
We provide prototype to production of high quality, high reliability electronic
cards, boxes, sub systems, and systems for aerospace, space, medical,
communications, and defense markets.

City: Butler
Category: Pressure and Flow Control Devices
Generant is a leading designer and manufacturer of pressure and flow control
devices. For over 75 years our reputation has been synonymous with innovative
and advanced design, applications engineering expertise, quality manufacturing
and unparalleled service.

City: Issaquah
Category: Lubrication Survey
SurveyPro simplifies the task of conducting a lubrication survey, which involves
collecting and organizing the data (such as machinery type, location, and
lubrication requirements) needed to build a lubrication program.

City: Roswell
Category: Electrical Power Generators & Cogeneration Systems
Extensive research and development efforts have produced the truly remarkable
breakthrough in technology incorporated in the Genergy Power Solutions
generators and cogeneration equipment built by New Millennium Power. We proudly
design and manufacture the best modular on-site power generation and
cogeneration equipment available today for the production of safe, reliable,
environmentally friendly, cost-saving electrical power. Whether you need
primary, base load, peak-shaving, cogeneration, emergency or backup electrical
power, 60 kW or 3,000 kW.

City: Rochester
Category: Cutting Tools
Genesee Manufacturing Company has been designing and Manufacturing-cutting tools
for industry since 1908. Throughout our long history, we have introduced
innovative products that help industry increase productivity and reduce
manufacturing costs with unique designs that are adjustable, versatile sand easy
to use.

City: Elmwood
Category: Intra Mammary Mastitis Medication Delivery
Genesis Industries Inc originally designed the Duo CapTM to offer a viable user
alternative for intra mammary mastitis medication delivery. Now one is no longer
restricted to a barrel with only a short or only a standard tip cannula as the
Duo CapTM provides a choice of either method.

City: Chantilly
Category: Printers
With over 50 years of experience and with operations across the globe, we're now
one of the largest companies in the world specializing in business-class
printers.We offer the widest selection of ultra-reliable business and industrial
printers, printing solutions, printer supplies, printer parts, and service. We
provide a full range of impact and laser printers, including line matrix, serial
matrix, industrial ink jet, monochrome laser and color laser.

City: Louisville
Category: Lighting Fixtures & Controls
We are a leading manufacturer of lighting fixtures and controls for commercial,
industrial, and residential markets.

City: Boulder
Category: Design of Digital Electronic Circuits
Design of digital electronic circuits is a complex task requiring knowledge of a
large collection of domain specific rules.

City: Irvine
Category: Innovative Electronic Products
Genovation was formed in April 1989, and has established a successful business
in developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative electronic products.

City: Chino
Category: Pressure Regulators, Fittings
Genstar Technologies Company Inc is a California, USA corporation, which
provides world-class products such as pressure regulators, fittings, valves,
welding apparatus and various gas control and handling devices.

City: Callery
Category: Coil Processing Equipment
Genesis Worldwide II Inc brings Herr-Voss Stamco and GFG under one corporate
umbrella. This combination enables us to provide recognized leadership in
technology, service and support to coil processing customers worldwide.Our
complete coil and strip processing solutions include equipment for leveling,
roll coating, slitting, packaging, cut-to-length and multi-blanking lines.We
provide world-class roll conditioning services for many applications ranging
from processing rolls to large mill rolls used in ferrous and non-ferrous

City: Plattsburgh
Category: Electric Power Conversion
Since its foundation in 1959, Gentec designs, produces and markets custom
solutions that exceed the industry's quality and design requirements. These
solutions end up in applications as varied as electric power conversion and
power consumption management, from the military to banking institutions, to name
only a few.The products developed and produced throughout the years by Gentec
have always been a cut above the rest, thanks to the commitment of the personnel
to keep ahead of technological advances and to exceed the industry's quality
standards, both in the development and the production aspects.

City: Port Washington
Category: Phase Converters
Gentec Phase Converters continues to manufacture the best 3 phase rotary
converters available. Offering professionally engineered, state of the art phase
converters for Heavy Duty, CNC and Phase machinery.

City: Cleveland
Category: Hydraulic Systems and Factory Automation Products
Our hydraulic systems and factory automation products make your world safer,
brighter and better. We touch people where they live, work or play with a
comprehensive array of products, services and systems such as our truck
transmissions and fluid controls that have global impact.

City: Eden Prairie
Category: Hydraulics Accessories, Cylinders, Motors Power Units/ Systems
Eaton Hydraulics is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and marketing
of a comprehensive line of reliable, high efficiency hydraulic systems and
components. Major markets include agriculture, construction, industrial, mining,
fishing, marine and lawn & garden.

City: Chicago
Category: Power Tool Accessories
Eazypower, a family owned company, was founded in 1985. We received our
worldwide patent on the Flex A Bit® flexible extensions in 1989 and other
patents have followed including the One Way Screw Remover/Installer,
Screwdrivers, Tub Racks, Screwdriver Display Box, Locking Bulk Merchandisers.

City: Eastland
Category: Joint Restraint Products
EBAA Iron Inc is a manufacturer of joint restraint products for ductile iron and
PVC pipe.>From the time EBAA Iron began in 1964 with Earl Bradley, the company
has grown to include the most modern ductile iron casting facilities in the
US.Since introducing its first patented product in 1968, EBAA has continued to
lead the way in innovative products for the wastewater industry that are
engineered to save time and money.Our three manufacturing foundries represent
the latest methods and equipment to maintain strict quality control.

City: Sacramento
Category: Vacuum Products
Welcome to EBARA Technologies. EBARA Technologies, Incorporated (ETI) founded in
1990, is an American subsidiary of the Precision Machinery Group of EBARA
Corporation, a world-leading manufacturer of vacuum pumps and advanced
technology products for clean environments. Before 1991, EBARA Technologies Inc
operated as the vacuum division of EBARA International Corporation.

City: Erie
Category: Erie Bolt Corporation (EBC) Industries
EEBC Industries has been a leader in innovative manufacturing concepts. We
specialize in fasteners that are used in Critical Applications. Our focus on
specialty products, combined with our size and technical competency allows us to
be more responsive than our industry counterparts. We work with our customers to
supply them with a quality part at a competitive price.

City: Middletown
Category: Thermal Solution Inc
Avoiding the mass produced commodity items with less exacting requirements, EBG
develops highly reliable product lines to fill the creative requirements of the
design and development engineer in today's fast moving world.

City: Farmington
Category: Fans, Blowers, Air movers
EBM Papst Inc is the largest fan and Blower Company in North America and the
world. Local sales, engineering and customer service facilities are
strategically located throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Ireland.
Sales and service organizations are located throughout the world to give you
global service on a local level.

City: Wadsworth
Category: Industrial Furnaces
Ebner is one of the leading manufacturers worldwide of heat treatment facilities
for the steel, copper, and aluminum semi-finished products industries. We
manufacture continuous and batch-type furnaces featuring cutting-edge
technology, i.e. systems delivering maximum performance and optimum anneal
results. Ebner facilities are economical, have a low impact on the environment
and are easy to operate. We provide our customers with complete
function-specific heat treatment solutions, from furnaces to process automation

City: Tulsa
Category: Coil Springs
Ebsco Spring Co Inc has been a manufacturer of custom coil springs since 1940.
What began as a father and son operation has become a privately owned
corporation that is a staple supplier for a wide range of national and
international companies. Servicing a broad range of industries including
aerospace, aircraft, agriculture, construction equipment, electronics,
hydraulics, industrial, oil field, and sports equipment.

City: Englewood
Category: Video Networking Systems
Since 19 years EBS are world leading supplier of educational systems and video
networking systems. This means 19 years of experience in development,
manufacturing, sales and service.

City: Groton
Category: Networking Products
EBSnet provides high quality network protocols, network applications, DOS/Win95
compatible file systems, and realtime O/S technology to the embedded community.
All source code is provided, organized and well documented. EBSnet supports most
major operating systems, microprocessor and communications families.

City: Loris
Category: Thermal Dispersion Airflow Measurement
Ebtron's Gold Series transmitter models for duct averaging sensors are now
available with a wireless infrared data interface, providing PDA equipped
technicians the ability to download detailed air velocity and temperature
traverse measurements from the installed sensors at that location. The
communications protocol implemented complies with all relevant IrDA® technical
and data specifications.

City: Holden
Category: Printed Circuit Boards
ECC prides itself on its commitment to its employees as well as customers.
Long-term employees are valued at ECC and as a result each person involved in
the manufacturing process has, on average, ten years experience building printed
circuit boards "The ECC Way". Our Customers find themselves dealing with a
skilled cross-trained and motivated team of professionals, guided by the
principles of Total Quality Management, and dedicated to exceeding your

City: Tinton Falls
Category: Accelerating Information Access
Storage Engine Inc provides document imaging solutions and fault tolerant data
storage solutions that store, protect and manage and replicate data in complex
networks with greater ease and superior cost savings. The company's Synchronism™
product line, as well as its Synchronix™ product line and Raven™ systems, are
all modular units that can be configured and stacked to meet customers' specific
and expanding data storage requirements

City: Yorba Linda
Category: Transmitters
Electro Chemical Devices Inc was envisioned by Larry And Marie Berger in 1975 to
serve a process industry requiring innovative technology hence the design and
manufacture of the first analytical Two Wire transmitter. Parallel products were
developed, one being a handy trouble-shooting device for line powered or two
wire process transmitters and other being a combination portable pH/ORP meter
and calibrator introduced as an OEM product, as was the first pH transmitter(s).

City: Richester Hills
Category: Alternative Energy Generation
ECD Ovonics has maintained a strong core competence in materials research and
advanced product development throughout its forty-plus year history, and the
company protects the results of these efforts through an extensive patent
collection. Through the leadership of our company's principal scientist, Stan
Ovshinsky, ECD Ovonics now holds more than 350 U.S. patents and more than 800
foreign patents covering basic material compositions, product applications, and
manufacturing processes. These patents, coupled with more than forty years of
accumulated background know-how in the field, represent powerful intellectual
assets that form the basis for ECD Ovonics' many licensing agreements and
manufacturing and commercialization alliances. The research and development team
at ECD Ovonics, its subsidiaries, and joint ventures are focused on the
development of new products and technology that will benefit our commercial
partners. At ECD Ovonics, we invent the technology, the products, and production
technology that will bring our vision to life.

City: Milwaukie
Category: Electronic Products
ECD Inc is a World Class Electronics Manufacturer in the Portland, Oregon area,
whose business has been the Designing, Manufacturing and worldwide Marketing of
electronic and other specialized technology products since s1964.

City: Sunnyvale
Category: Networking Products
Echelon embedded device networking technology enables end users to remotely
connect, monitor, control, sense, and diagnose intelligent devices. Today,
thousands of intelligent devices and appliances are equipped with LonWorks

City: Chatsworth
Category: Precision Components
Delta Hi-Tech and Delta Fabrication, located in the San Fernando Valley, have
been leaders in quality, precision manufactured components and assemblies for
over two decades. Our Chatsworth, CA based facility offers the best in CNC
machining, laser cutting, custom sheet metal fabrication, and welding. From
prototype to full production and assembly Delta Hi-Tech offers ISO 9001:2000
Certified service that is among the best in the manufacturing industry.

City: Minneapolis
Category: Web Converting Systems
Delta is committed to innovating, designing, manufacturing and delivering a
quality web converting system that incorporates cutting-edge technology and a
modular design that will satisfy our customers' immediate and future web
converting needs. Therefore, Delta has established and will continue to maintain
and improve a quality system that satisfies the requirements of ISO 9001.

City: Niagara Falls
Category: Shear Blades
Shear blades from Delta will make the difference in your production shearing
operation. You'll get optimum performance and extended blade life resulting in
more tons per edge. You will also get higher productivity as machine downtime
for blade changes is significantly reduced.Precision Guillotine Shear Blades
developed specifically for the metal cutting and forming industry,Guillotine
Shear Blades is more than 100 years experience in manufacturing shears blades
Suitable to cut stainless, mild and high tensile strength steels Manufactured
from highest quality tool steels, In-house heat treatment ensures precise
hardness structure, Exacting quality standards, ultimate performance, optimum
edge retention; Traditional skills combined with modern production facilities,
Manufactured in Accordance with ISO9002.

City: Oak Ridge
Category: Fluid Flow Control And Temperature Measurement Products
Delta M Corporation was established in 1983 in Oak Ridge, Tennessee as one of
the first Department of Energy (DOE) technology transfers from the Oak Ridge
National Laboratory (ORNL). Since then, Delta M has established a strong and
vibrant business based on patented technologies in the flow, level and
temperature industry, switches and meters to monitor and measure fluid, gas,
liquid, thermal flow, level, and temperature. Delta M Corporation continues to
design, develop, manufacture, and market unique fluid flow, level, switches and
temperature measurement products using proprietary and patented thermal-based
technologies. Because of our almost 20 years experience and expertise in thermal
measurement technology and high quality manufacturing we are able to develop,
manufacture and market innovative state of the art instruments.

City: Fall River
Category: Cartridge And Split Mechanical Seals
Delta Mechanical Seals is a U.S. manufacturer located in Fall River, Ma
providing the highest quality, world class cartridge and split mechanical seals
with state-of-the-art, high design technologies to all user industry including;
Chemical Processing, Power and Utilities, Water and Waste Water.

City: Oxnard
Category: RF And Microwave Components
Delta Microwave has become one of the top developers of custom and standard RF
and Microwave components. Our product line encompasses the entire spectrum, from
S-level flight hardware to high-volume low-cost cellular components.Whether your
requirement calls for one piece of lab equipment, flight hardware for a space
level requirement, or outfitting thousands of cellular base stations with
low-cost filters, Delta Microwave can fulfill your needs.

City: Rockford
Category: Hydraulic Cartridge Valves
Hydraulic Cartridge Valves, HIC Manifolds, AC and DC Hydraulic Power Packages,
With manufacturing operations in Rockford, Illinois, USA and Modena Italy as
well as strong domestic and international distribution in virtually all corners
of the world, Delta Power supports and services its products and systems
globally, thereby assuring all customers the service and satisfaction that they
have come to expect and deserve.

City: Grovetown
Category: Gear And Piston Pumps
Manufacturers of hydraulic axial piston pumps.

City: Fort Pierce
Category: Electric Drivers And Torque Tools
Manufacturers of electric drivers, torque measurements, tool supports and
balances, manual torque tools, screw feeders, bits and accessories.

City: Reno
Category: Amplifiers
We design and manufacture Pallet Amplifiers which are cost - effective high
performance building blocks for use in television transmitters, radio
transmitters, communications systems, cell sites, paging stations, etc.UHF, VHF
television broadcast digital / analog pallet amplifiers offering the broadest
range of power levels and technology platforms. We also manufacture High Power
Amplifiers complete with cabinet and power supply, and high power amplifiers
designed for use in Commercial FM Radio applications - from 150W to 5kW under
the Silicon Valley Power Amplifier brand.

City: Riverside
Category: Amplifiers
Delta-Sigma Inc is a manufacturer of High Power amplifiers, with over 20 years
of experience in the field. All of the units exhibited in our catalog use Mosfet
devices. The development of new designs is an on-going project to meet the
demands that our clientele requires. Our goal is to satisfy you with our RF
technology expertise, offering the best product with unsurpassed quality,
performance and at the best price. You will find that we do not just intend to
work for you, deliver a product and then walk away leaving you alone, as so many
companies do today. My philosophy is to work with you, seeking new ways to break
new grounds and create innovations together, making your goal our goal.

City: Streetsboro
Category: Electrical And Electronic Products
Since its incorporation in 1972, Delta Systems Inc has been designing and
manufacturing electrical and electronic products for the outdoor power equipment
industry.To further increase production capability and to exceed customer
expectations, we have made four major expansions to our facility. We continue to
uphold the following: Standardized or custom designed product solutions, Strict
specifications for developing and manufacturing, High quality employees,
Constant growth and innovation, A focus on technical support and quality
assurance, Superior applications and design recommendations.

City: Chatsworth
Category: Machine Control Solutions
With over twenty-five years of motion control experience, Delta Tau is the
leader for innovating high-performance machine control solutions. With more than
1,000,000 axes of motion, Delta Tau is dedicated to providing solutions for the
simplest to the most complex applications including general automation,
robotics, semiconductor manufacturing, machine tools, medical and packaging
equipment, and many more.Operating out of a modern 120,000 square-foot building,
Delta Tau takes pride in manufacturing and testing all of their machine control
products by utilizing the latest in SMT manufacturing, automated inspection and
automatic test equipment, striving to deliver the highest quality products with
a fast lead time. By producing easy-to-use and cost-effective products and
remaining dedicated to continuously developing next-generation technology, the
benefit to you includes a solution that increases market share and keeps you
ahead of the competition.

City: Stillwater
Category: Indium Tin Oxide Coated Products
Delta Technologies Limited offers a variety of transparent, conductive indium
tin oxide [ITO] coated products: float (soda-lime) glass-on both polished and
unpolished substrates, Corning 1737 aluminosilicate glass, GE type 124 fused
quartz, and optical grade polyester film. These products are intended for use in
spectroelectrochemistry, liquid crystal display [LCD] research and development,
organic polymer light emitting diode [OLED] research and development, phosphor
research, electroluminescent display [ELD] development, and other applications
that require planar, electrically conductive surfaces which are transparent from
the UV to the NIR.

City: Wauconda
Category: Electric Heat Transfer Systems
For more than 30 years, Delta-Therm Corporation has successfully designed,
manufactured, and sold engineered electric heat transfer systems. In 1999
Delta-Therm was selected as one of 99 top manufacturing facilities by Crain's
Chicago Business and the Chicago Manufacturing Association.Delta-Therm provides
indoor and outdoor heating systems for commercial, industrial, and residential
heating projects. From heating an antenna high atop a mountain in Hawaii to
bioremediation soil heating in Italy, we provide quality products, services, and
deliveries. Typical applications include: Snow melting, Pipe heating, Tank
heating, Underfloor radiant heating, Roof and gutter deicing, Turf warming, Zoo
den heating, Freezer floor permafrost prevention, Earth thermal storage heating.

City: Pleasanton
Category: Portable Test Instruments
Since 1989, DeltaTrek Inc has been manufacturing high quality portable test
instruments such as chart recorders and data loggers that monitor/record
temperature and/or humidity, infrared thermometers, and pH meters; we have also
developed state-of-the-art data download/management/analysis software as part of
our data logger product line. Our products and services are sold worldwide.Only
DeltaTrak offers the ColdTrak® Program, which includes cold chain management
solutions for validation, quality assurance and safety of food, pharmaceuticals,
chemicals and other perishable or temperature-sensitive commodities during
processing, shipment, handling, and storage. Follow-up support and value-added
services are an integral part of the ColdTrak program. A report of archived data
is available upon request, including Web-hosted access. Third party certified
calibration services are offered for compliance, trace ability, validation,
quality assurance, and for use as evidence to support insurance claims when
temperature sensitive commodities have been damaged.

City: Norwalk
Category: Ammeter Shunt
Deltec Company understands the needs of business and stocks a large inventory of
standard current shunts for immediate delivery. The Deltec DC Ammeter shunt is
designed to provide the highest Quality Performance possible while maintaining
their rugged construction characteristics. All Deltec current shunts are
designed and calibrated at the factory to have standard accuracy of ± 1/4%.The
MK series of electric current shunts are manufactured to meet the stringent
requirements of MILS161B military specifications.

City: Milwaukee
Category: Electromechanical Components
Deltrol Controls, a wholly owned subsidiary of Deltrol Corp., Bellwood, IL, has
supplied world class quality relays, solenoids, solenoid valves, and custom
assemblies to industry for over 40 years. Our products are made at our 110,000
sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Milwaukee, WI and several ISO compliant
facilities worldwide.

City: Bellwood
Category: Hydraulic And Pneumatic Control Equipment
Deltrol Fluid Products maintains a leadership role in the design and manufacture
of hydraulic & pneumatic control equipment.

City: Santa Ana
Category: High Accuracy Measurement Products
Deltronic has been a leader and innovator in high-accuracy measurement products
since 1955. We've designed and manufactured systems and solutions for numerous
applications on a worldwide basis. From our start making cylindrical plug gages
in the fifties to introducing optical comparators in the seventies and expanding
into the nineties with video measurement inspection systems, we have been
providing our customers generation after generation with the finest in
technology and hardware.

City: North Wales
Category: Switching And Linear Power Supplies
In 1965, Deltron established its corporate headquarters and manufacturing
operations in North Wales, Pennsylvania. The company grew in size and stature as
a result of its ongoing commitment to technological superiority and personalized
customer service. Today, the company produces a wide range of standard and
custom linear and switching power supplies. Our newest lines include power
factor corrected, hot-swappable and redundant units and single and multiple
output ultra-compact power supplies covering a full range of wattages. Aaron
Anton continues to preside over the company, guiding its team of experienced and
dedicated engineers in the development of new products and providing the
perspective and experience that comes from half a century in the field of power

City: Bethel
Category: Anti Friction Linear Bearings
Del-Tron Precision Inc was founded in order to serve the needs of automated
equipment manufacturers for innovative, high quality and reasonably priced
anti-friction linear bearings. After 30 years, we remain firmly focused on that
original premise. Although we currently offer one of the broadest product ranges
in the industry, we still concentrate on our greatest strength, which is to
offer components, which provide a reliable mechanical interface for modern
industrial equipment.

City: Van Nuys
Category: Electronic And Servo Systems
DeMott Technologies concentrated on the design and manufacture of electronic and
servo systems for OEM customers. With the passage of time there was a rapid
growth in the capabilities of the control system together with increasing
numbers of instances in which the characteristics of existing OEM machines were
inadequate to achieve the full potential of the machine-control integration
process. It was the realization of these circumstances that resulted in the
management decision that DTC should expand its operations and become a full
service machine builder.

City: Miami
Category: Industrial Fuse
Den Mar Industrial Fuses has been in the manufacturing industry fuse for 7 years
specializing in all High and Low voltage fuses. We persist in quality and
special applications. Our high quality fuses are each inspected at the factory
for quality assurance, and assure there correct functions of the unit at the
specifications that fuse was made for.We are presently looking for distributors
in your area. If you are interested in increasing your margins or are simply
dissatisfied working with the "giants" because of long lead times and small
profits. Den Mar Industrial Fuses can help.Also Denmar fuses are made to ISO
9002 specifications to reach all areas of the market and the final customer with
total quality a security, ensuring our objectives to provide quality Product to
the electrical industry, and end-users.

City: Fitchburg
Category: Pressure Sensitive Technology And Adhesive Solutions
Dennison founded in 1935, Avery Dennison is a global leader in
pressure-sensitive technology and innovative self-adhesive solutions for
consumer products and label materials. Based in Pasadena, Calif., the Company
had 2004 sales of $5.3 billion. Avery Dennison develops, manufactures and
markets a wide range of products for consumer and industrial markets, including
Avery-brand office products, Fasson-brand self-adhesive materials,
peel-and-stick postage stamps, battery labels, reflective highway safety
products, automated retail tag and labeling systems, and specialty tapes and
chemicals.Most corporations today do not devote much attention to their history
since businesses are primarily interested in moving forward into the future. We
offer the following short history on Avery Dennison here, so that those who have
an interest in the Company's corporate character may gain an understanding of
its enthusiasm for innovation.

City: New Brighton
Category: Bar Code Scanning
DenseiUSA is the North American affiliate for the "Densei" bar code product
line. The DenseiUSA products are the result of a technology driven evolution
that started with Densei in 1977. Nitsuko Corporation now manufactures the
Densei products. Both Nitsuko and Densei are NEC Group companies.The products
offered are primarily Video/CCD scanners for both hand held and machine mounting
applications. We also offer specialty laser scanners for demanding clean room
applications.The DenseiUSA products provide many significant advantages over the
alternative scanning options available. The product line includes very high
resolution scanners that can efficiently and accurately read bar code symbols
printed with bars and spaces as small as 3 mil (0.075mm). We also offer scanners
that consume less than 1.0mA in the standby mode and less than 50mA while
scanning, to provide a longer battery life than any other moving beam scanning
device and less average power consumption than any scanning device.

City: Santa Fe Springs
Category: Information Display Systems
Densitron Technologies is a world leading designer and manufacturer of
information display systems including, Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD),
Alphanumeric LCDs, and Graphic LCDs. Founded over 30 years ago it became a
public company in 1986 and now operates in 35 countries with more than 2500
employees in its organizational structure.Densitron's Public Information
Displays - a global designer and manufacturer of Public Information Displays.
These world-class, highly competitive and intelligent displays have been sold
under the Ferrograph name for over 10 years. A new addition to the Densitron
range, these products are now enhanced and supported by design centres in
Europe, the USA and Asia.

City: Long Beach
Category: Robots
Since Denso introduced its first component over 50 years ago, it has been
committed to producing the most reliable, consistent quality product possible.
This philosophy has made Denso one of the world's largest automotive component
parts manufacturers, producing over 60,000 different components, with over $24
billion in sales.Denso's commitment to building quality products has evolved as
new advances in technology were made. When the technology for Robotics first
appeared in the early 60's Denso further developed it and applied it to its
parts production. Denso is the largest user of small assembly robots in the
world, with over 15,000 Robots designed internally and used in its own
manufacturing facilities. In addition, over 15,000 Denso Robots are used in
outside companies globally. Denso offers a full line of Robotics to the US

City: Moorestown
Category: Vacuum Equipment And Coatings
Denton Vacuum is an organization based on and driven by process know-how.
Denton's 130+ man-years of process engineering expertise in evaporation,
sputtering and ion-assisted processes is the foundation on which the company has
been built. Process know-how is delivered to Denton's customer base through
state-of-the-art controls and automation that in turn, drive best-in-class
hardware/subsystems. This skill set allows Denton Vacuum to analyze the unique
and exacting product requirements of each customer and provide a specific,
high-yield process solution on a robust, high-uptime system platform.Combining
process knowledge and an entrepreneurial mentality to deliver customer-specific
solutions on a timely basis using standardized system

City: Arvada
Category: Analytical Precision Instruments
Denver Instrument developed and manufactured analytical precision instruments
since 1880. Easy-to-use and highest precision was the goal and the key for
success from the beginning. In 2002, a new course was set. Denver has been
merged with Scaltec Instruments and the "new" Denver Instrument was founded. A
new generation of highly precise, easy-to-use laboratory instruments were
created. A broad range of analytical - and precision balances, moisture analyser
and pH-meter for all applications and budgets are available.

City: Denver
Category: Rubber Products
Denver Rubber Company is a full service custom fabricator of gaskets, die cut
parts, hand cut parts, and both industrial and hydraulic hose assemblies. We
manufacture caisson packing and cable Blo-cones. We also provide bulk rubber,
elastomeric, and hose in a vast assortment of materials.In addition to the
fabrication department, Denver Rubber Company is a master distributor for Hypro
pumps. We also carry Sherwood, Shurflo, Sta-rite and Monarch pumps and pump
parts. We also manufacture the Hand-e-Spray agricultural spot sprayer.

City: Rome
Category: Dynamometer
A Special Statistical Process (Patented) is used for Gathering and Processing
Engine performance Data (both with DEPAC Hardware and its LINK PC Program).
Based on Physics, this Unique Test System provides a Significant Improvement in
ACCURACY and Precision. Repeat-abilities of better than 0.01%, on the average,
have been achieved through very careful testing and control, or more than 100
Times Better than SAE Requirements. The Depac Dyno System can 'See' much smaller
changes, than any other system, provided the user accepts that they are Most
Responsible for the Quality of the Results.

City: Santa Rosa
Category: Optical Coating Technologies
Since 1985 DSI has been providing innovative solutions to product needs for
military and aerospace, lighting, telecommunications, and medical products that
take advantage of our unique optical coating technologies. We have a long record
of successful, collaborative product development and engineering programs that
are then transitioned into high volume cost-effective manufacturing. Our
partners in these efforts range from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, as well
as government prime contractors and National Laboratories.DSI is unique in the
optical coating industry in having four different fundamental coating
technologies, each with its own set of strengths and capabilities. This more
complete set of tools, together with our many year of experience in thin film
technology and manufacturing, allows us to bring the best, most suitable
processes and technology to bear on each product and development effort, rather
than attempting to make your product fit the straight jacket of a single process

City: Lewisville
Category: Screwdriving Technology Automation And Air Motors
The large variety of our handheld Screwdrivers, offered in many different design
series, provides an ideal coverage of most torque ranges. The simple and compact
air motor makes the tool lightweight and easy to operate.One of the main
components for the productivity and uptime of our automatic assembly machines is
the feeding system. Originally developed for shaft-heavy screws, our feeders are
now also able to process screws of all types, with or without washers, bolts,
pins, rivets, nuts, washers, o-rings and other small components. The large
number of design variations, the simple but functional design, the low weight
versus high power, the high speed range and the capability for use in an
explosive hazardous environment, assure that the motor can be installed in many
different application areas. Besides the many different motors of our standard
program, we also manufacture many different custom motors, which are designed
for specialized applications. Our engineers are trained to support you with the
design and direct adaptation of our motors with your application.

City: South Bend
Category: Cases And Bags
Welcome to Derby Incorporated, Manufacturers of Custom Carrying Cases and Bags.
Providing High-Quality Protection for:Test and Measurement Equipment, Emergency
Medical and Diagnostic Equipment, Industrial and Electronic Equipment, Consumer

City: Mundelein
Category: Precision Metal And Plastic Components
Deringer-Ney Inc is a manufacturer of ultra-small, precision metal and plastic
components and electrical contacts. J.M. Ney began in 1812 by providing noble &
custom alloys, precious metals, dental alloys and medical components. We offer a
full range of products and services.

City: Niskayuna
Category: Interface Boards
i2S Line Scan designs, manufactures and sells world wide, high performance
interface boards, software and smart systems, dedicated to Line Scan and Web
Inspection applications.

City: Brea
Category: Computer Furniture & Accessories
Welcome to IAC Industries. Our name represents the merged product lines of Isles
Industries, Advance Engineering, and Computer Furniture & Accessories (CF&A)—all
well known names in the technical furniture industry. We've merged the best of
each these companies to create a synergy of design and quality that surpasses
their individual strengths.Our sole mission is to improve the organization,
function and atmosphere of our customers'production and assembly work areas,
inspection stations, and research laboratories. We've approached our mission
through such innovations as multi-part extruded aluminum uprights used on our
Dimension 4 workstations, our unique Power Distribution System for versatile
power control, and by staffing a certified ergonomist to assure maximum
usability in all our designs. IAC workstations are unsurpassed in delivering
improved efficiency anywhere workers are either seated or standing on the job.

City: Pennsburg
Category: High Tech Instrumentation
Integral Applied Technology, incorporated in 1995, represents practical quality
solutions designed to improve Throughput, Cost of Ownership, Process Reliability
and Safety in Biomedical, Telecommunications and Chemical Management Systems. We
offer all this to our customers with cutting edge precision by a seasoned staff
so your facility remains current with the ever changing, demanding requirements
of your industry. I A T specialize in designing, manufacturing and integrating a
variety of products and services to enhance the value and operation of your
original investment. These enhancements and services offered will upgrade your
system capabilities and process operation, resulting in greater yields and
profitability. Our dedication to partnering with our customers ensures the most
effective technology transfer into your business needs.

City: North Haven
Category: Vacuum Workholding Systems
IBAG North America is headquartered in a modern plant in North Haven
Connecticut, an estabilished New England community where traditional values of
education and craftmanship have become complex of commerce, industry and high
technology. IBAG's dedicated facility includes applications engineering as well
as full spindle repair and rebuilding services. Spindles are run in a test area
with all data recorded for customer assurance. IBAG's wide variety of vacuum
workholding systems undergo similar rigid testing procedures. From individual
components to total integration. IBAG's strict care and attention to detail is
designed to very best high speed cutting system you can buy.

City: Lake Forest
Category: Software Solution
iBASEt is a leading provider of integrated, paperless solutions for complex
Manufacturing and Maintenance Process Management (MPM). Our flagship product
Solumina® is a Windows and Oracle based client/server software solution for the
complex manufacturing environment which includes Manufacturing Execution (MES),
Process Planning (CAPP) and Quality Assurance in one integrated system. iBASEt
provides turnkey solutions by combining Solumina® with the implementation,
training and support services needed to make every implementation and deployment
successful. Solumina® is targeted at customers in the Aerospace & Defense,
Industrial Equipment, Medical Equipment/Device and Electronics vertical markets.
Solumina® customers consist of industry leaders like The Boeing Company,
Motorola, TRW, BWX Technologies, Lucas and Allied Signal.

City: Francestown
Category: Battery Chargers
We manufacture open frame and bare board charger/power supply combinations for
sealed lead acid batteries as well as extreme environment switch mode power

City: Danvers
Category: Implantation Equipments
Ibis Technology Corporation develops, manufactures and markets SIMOX SOI (a
Silicon On Insulator technology) implantation equipments and wafers to the
worldwide semiconductor industry. Ibis' SIMOX SOI wafers enable the production
of integrated circuits which Ibis believes offer significant advantages over
circuits constructed on conventional silicon oe epitaxial wafers, including
improved microprocessor speed, reduced power consumption, lower sodft error
rates and operation in higher temperature environments.

City: Ft Lauderdale
Category: Rugged Computer Systems
Our objective is to deliver products, which meet or exceed our customers'
expectations for quality and value, and to maintain an environment, which helps
our employees, and suppliers continually improve quality and productivity.

City: Armonk
Category: Computer Systems & Softwares
At IBM, we strive to lead in the invention, development and manufacture of the
industry's most advanced information technologies, including computer systems,
software, storage systems and microelectronics.We translate these advanced
technologies into value for our customers through our professional solutions,
services and consulting businesses worldwide.

City: Waltham
Category: Processor Components
IBM Microelectronics develops, markets and delivers a spectrum of leading-edge,
customized semiconductor products and services, foundry expertise and standard
processor components to help you find the solution that's right for you. Founded
on a heritage of innovation and technology leadership, IBM Microelectronics
makes the technology and intellectual property behind our world-class products
available to help your business succeed.

City: White Plains
Category: Storage Systems
We're here to help, with our complete IBM TotalStorage line of disk storage
systems, storage area networks (SAN), tape backup solutions, network attached
storage (NAS), infrastructure management and virtualization software. We offer
the right mix of storage products, solutions, and services using new innovative
technology and open standards to help improve your business continuity,
infrastructure simplification and information lifecycle management.

City: East Brunswick
Category: Wiring Duct
Iboco based in Edison, New Jersey; is the spearhead in the US market of
Bocchiotti group, a European leader in the field of wire management.Bocchiotti,
with its growing international market share is present in 37 countries. The
production facilities located in Italy are equipped with fully automated systems
and a production capacity of over 115 million feet of duct per year. The entire
production undergoes strict quality control procedures in compliance with
quality assurance test applied throughout the manufacturing process. Our
international markets are supplied directly from European Logistics Center,
connected to Iboco 's central warehouse via a just-in-time system.Bocchiotti's
industrial strategy follows fundamental principles of service and quality, which
are complied with throughout the organization, ISO 9001 certified. The constant
enrichment of the product range, which is designed and produced to meet the
needs of users worldwide, is in the compliance with UL, CSA, CE, and most
international certifications. This along with local support and service assures
consistence excellence.

City: San Diego
Category: Industrial & Rack Mount Computers
IBus is a leading manufacturer and provider of High Availability Computing
platforms for use in mission-critical applications and is committing significant
investment into the ongoing R&D of a range of ISA-PCI and CompactPCI
solutions.With 20 years experience in the industrial grade, embedded computer
market, we have diversified from telecommunications to include companies
currently deploying solutions in medical imaging, industrial automation,
computer telephony and network infrastructure applications.

City: Colorado Springs
Category: Workholding Tools
Manufacturers of E Z Tool. Anyone can fixture complex components for physical
inspection and measurement. ICA/E-Z Tool offers one of the most innovative
products available to hold parts for all types of qualtiy control setups.

City: Hauppauge
Category: Electronic Components
ICC supplies electronic components consisting of audible signal devices,
speakers, microphones, capacitors, electron tubes, cables, connectors, and
accessories designed in recognition of the diversity of today's applications.

City: Cerritos
Category: Connectors & Cable
As an ISO 9001 Company, ICC offers a full line of quality, leading edge Network
Connectivity and Cable Management Solutions for the Data and Telecommunications
industries. ICC's product line includes solutions for Multi Port, Cross Connect,
Cable Management, Voice Connectivity, Fiber Optics, Raceway Systems, and
associated Tools and Accessories. Where Reliability, High Performance, and Value
are important, ICC is known as The Intelligent Choice!

City: Arcadia
Category: Fluid and Gas Heating
ICD/ Heateflex, a leader in ultra pure fluid and gas heating, has dedicated this
site to help you select an ultra pure fluid or gas heater that best fits your
needs.We understand that your need may be unique to your process. The
flexibility of our Heateflex® heating coil allows easier adaptability to meet
your needs.We also have a large selection of standard heaters to meet most
current process applications.

City: Manassas Park
Category: Magnetic Components
ICE Components Inc is a leading supplier of standard and custom passive magnetic
components. Our products include transformers, inductors, and chokes designed
for the SMPS and telecommunications industries. Excellence is our number one
goal. We are dedicated to offering best in class support throughout the product
acquisition cycle by anticipating customer needs, providing innovative design
solutions, cost effective manufacturing and comprehensive quality processes
throughout the organization.

City: Manhattan
Category: Precision Electronics
Founded in 1973, ICE began the quest for superior electronic design and
performance in every product they produce. That pursuit of excellence has
propelled us to a position of international recognition in the field of
precision controls. The knowledge and experience gained over the years is now
being applied to a gamut of products in a variety of industries.ICE's success
stems from its ability to utilize the newest technologies in the discovery of
rapid, efficient, and cost effective solutions to our customer's applications.
ICE applies every year of our vast experience to each design, ensuring that our
designs overcome all the challenges imposed through the environmental extremes
of heat, cold and vibration. In addition, our knowledge and experience enables
us to develop circuits that pass the most stringent EMI and RFI requirements
imposed on today's precision aircraft controls.

City: Oklahoma City
Category: Crystals, Oscillators and Filters
International Crystal Manufacturing Company Inc (ICM) is a family owned,
business established in 1951 to provide crystals, oscillators and filters for
the military. Today, ICM manufactures in the US an extensive line of quartz
crystals, oscillators, filters, and TCXOs / VCTCXOs used in military
applications, communications, microwave transmission, data acquisition and
transmission, and cutting edge research.

City: Bellevue
Category: Amateur Radio Products
Icom is one of three companies who dominate the worldwide amateur radio market.
Currently, Icom enjoys a significant market share position in the amateur
business, both worldwide and in the U.S. Currently Icom makes amateur radio
products for use in long and short-range communications. Icom also makes
advanced technology products allowing worldwide communication relayed through
space satellites owned by amateur organizations and manufactures a series of
short wave receivers used for hobby, industrial and government applications.

City: Palo Alto
Category: Electronic and Electrical Product
ICO Rally was founded in 1950 and supplies heat shrinkable materials, wiring
accessories, and a variety of value added services to electronic and electrical
product and component distributors, throughout North America. ICO Rally
qualifies as a "Women Owned Small Business" in accordance with applicable U.S.
Government guidelines.

City: Sunnyvale
Category: Interconnect Products
Icore International Inc specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative,
high performance solutions for a wide range of electrical and fluid
interconnects applications including aerospace, defense systems, mass
transportation, automotive, and general industrial use.

City: Santa Clara
Category: Inspection Equipment
ICOS is a leading worldwide developer and supplier of inspection equipment,
primarily for use in the back end semiconductor and the electronics assembly
markets. ICOS manufactures and sells inspection systems for the semiconductor
packaging industry and is market leader for inspection systems for the final
outgoing visual control of chips, before they are used in various applications
such as PC's, cars, mobile telephones, digital cameras, flat panels.ICOS aims to
be a long-term reliable partner to its customers by offering the latest
innovations in technology and providing cost effective, accurate and flexible

City: Longwood
Category: Probing Systems
I C Probotics Inc was founded in 1976 by Seymour S. Lenz, a graduate engineer
from Georgia Tech. and specializes in probes, probing systems, and custom burn
in and test sockets. The probes are used for testing or laser trimming of thick
film hybrid circuits, semiconductor chips, thin film circuits and liquid crystal
display panels. Our customers include most of the Fortune 500 electronic
manufacturing companies.

City: Middletown
Category: Data Acquisition Products
We are a leading provider of open architecture data acquisition products for the
high end embedded sensor-processing market. ICS is a member of Radstone Embedded

City: Casco
Category: Cutting Tools
ICS Cutting Tools manufactures custom and standard drills, end mills, taps,
dies, reamers and cutting tools. Our products are sold both nationally and
internationally mainly by catalog to distributors and wholesalers.
Diversification is the way to succeed in today's market, and ICS excels at it
with an extensive line of cutting tools (in excess of 30,000 different items).

City: Valley Forge
Category: Silicon Timing Devices
We are a worldwide leader in the design, development, and marketing of silicon
timing devices to the communications equipment, consumer, and business
electronics industries.

City: Norristown
Category: Mixed Signal Integrated Circuits
Integrated Circuit Systems Inc (ICS) is the worldwide leader in the development
and manufacturing of mixed signal integrated circuits for frequency
synthesizers, data communications, multimedia and imaging products.

City: Middletown
Category: Interface Boards
ICS Technology Inc In 1984, in Middletown New Jersey, ICS was founded to offer
custom interface boards for the industrial and medical computer market. In 1992,
our product line was expanded to include a complete line of color & monochrome
CRT monitors, in open frame, steel cabinet, or rack mount assemblies, with sizes
ranging from 5" through 29".Since 1999 ICS has focused on providing digital and
electronic signage and signage systems serving the retail sales, airport flight
information, and public information display markets. ICS offers all the latest
large screen panel display technologies along with the software, video content,
and networking components necessary to construct a complete electronic signage

City: San Jose
Category: Integrated Circuits
ICT designs, manufactures and markets user-programmable integrated circuits. ICT
products, which include PEEL Devices, (including zero power, low voltage), PEEL
Arrays and WinPLACE Development Software offers the most flexible PLD solutions
for lower pin-count applications. ICT products are used extensively in the
telecommunications, industrial control and computer markets, to reduce
development time, improve performance, reduce power consumption and customize

City: Central Point
Category: LCD Mounts
ICW International is a manufacturer and distributor of ergonomically designed,
space-saving mounting systems worldwide. We manufacture and offer mounts for
TV's, VCR's, DVD's, computer CPU's, CRT monitors, Flat panel monitors, computer
keyboards and other equipment.Custom designing and manufacturing is also
available to suit your particular needs and situation whether you are a huge
conglomerate, a large hospital, a medium sized office, a dental office or a
small office. Superb customer service and excellent warranties are our
trademark. We invite you to call us and let us help you order just what you need
for your application and requirements.

City: Arlington Heights
Category: Nameplate Products
Manufacturer of Custom Industrial Three Dimensional Nameplates in Plastic, Zinc,
Electroform, Aluminum, Domed and more.

City: Fargo
Category: Wireless Communications
IDA Corporation designs, manufacturers and markets hardware and software
products for the wireless communications industry. Products include two-way
radio accessories, SMR (Specialized Mobile Radio) equipment and GPS AVL
satellite vehicle tracking systems. IDA also engages in contract electronic
design and contract electronic manufacturing.

City: East Grand Forks
Category: Inertial Test Systems
Ideal Aerosmith Inc is a leading supplier of precision inertial guidance test
systems, rotational rate tables and centrifuges, and high dynamic flight test
tables. Our systems test inertial sensors and navigation and guidance systems,
and provide dynamic motion simulation for missiles, aircraft, launch vehicles,
UAVs, and automobiles.Ideal Aerosmith is also a premier provider of aerospace
test engineering services, ATE system engineering, and quality contract
manufacturing services to the aerospace industry.Ideal has provided cutting-edge
testing solutions since 1938. We built an early reputation on the quality and
reliability of our Scorsby tables and Tilt & Turn tables. Since then, our
capabilities have grown dramatically. Today, high-tech companies around the
world rely on Ideal Aerosmith for precision motion simulation, inertial
guidance, and avionics test equipment.

City: Bolingbrook
Category: Carbide Tools
Ideal Carbide Die Company was founded in Chicago, IL 1953 as a tungsten carbide
grinding shop. Since then, the company has made it a mission to provide quality
cost effective tooling solutions using superior materials and technical
expertise. By 1987, Ideal Carbide Die Company had developed the capability to
produce tooling with materials other than tungsten carbide. This capability
contributed to the company becoming a worldwide supplier of tooling to various
industries. Our mission continues to be to produce the best possible tooling for
our customers while remaining a responsible employer to our employees and our

City: Brea
Category: LED Indicators
Lightning fast delivery for LED Indicators. In most cases, same day response!
Full line of LEDs and LED Products including all standard lamps, surface mounts,
displays, and an extensive line of indicators. Idea Indicators are assembled in
the USA allowing for lightning fast delivery and excellent quality. Idea is an
ISO 9002 Registered company.

City: Sycamore
Category: Connectors, Tools & Testers
J. Walter Becker founded Ideal in 1916 and made a promise that is still an
important part of the way Ideal operates today: "An Ideal product will provide a
value greater than the price paid for it. Service is a part of the product."
Becker's foundational principle represents our everyday commitment to you. It's
the driving force behind our partnerships with the world's leading distributors,
a state of the art delivery system, outstanding customer and technical support
and variety of operational benefits designed to save you time and money. It
means we're proud of the way we do business.There are a number of companies out
there trying to be all things to all people. What we do is simple; we focus on
the needs of electrical and datacomm professionals in our areas of expertise.
This formula is the key to providing true value to our customers.Ideal brings
you products that make your job easier; products that you can rely on, with
warranties you can trust; products that are available whenever and wherever you
need them. From wire connectors, benders, lubes and fish tape to sophisticated
electrical testers, datacomm equipment and ergonomically designed hand tools –
every Ideal product comes with the promise made by our founder more than 85
years ago.

City: Sunnyvale
Category: Control Products
IDEC innovation has combined classical technology with the newest cutting-edge
technology. ("CC" stands for classical and contemporary). For a half century
IDEC has set the industry standard by offering popular time-honored and reliable
control products. IDEC's unique CC technology ensures the most sophisticated and
reliable processes for solving today's complex intelligence and networking
demands. CC Technology is simply one of the examples of the innovative spirit,
which has made IDEC a control components and system industry leader.

City: Elk Grove Village
Category: Identification Products
Founded in 1973, Identatronics Inc entered the custom identification card market
with a blend of premium identification products and superior customer service.
Soon the fledging company sustained an annual sales growth of 20%. This upward
trend was based on a solid reputation in the domestic market and customer
endorsements from Fortune 500 companies.

City: Ingleside
Category: Labeling Products
Manufacturers of labeling products.

City: Orange
Category: Semiconductors
Stocking distributors of semiconductors, electronic components, computer parts
and systems for commercial and military manufacturers. Our commitments to low
cost, high quality and good service have gained us an enviable reputation as one
of the major distributors in the USA. Based on our business integrity, our
competence in the electronics market, our uncompromising quality system, and our
support of the products, the dedicated and technically competent staffs at
Identek can service the most difficult and demanding requirements for our
customers. Our search engine can find obsolete, allocated, shortage and
difficult parts among over 20 million part numbers and 120 billion items
available worldwide.

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