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USA company database

USA manufacturer database

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City: Coeur d'Alene
Category: User Interface Devices
Advanced Input Systems operates within the InterfaceTechnologies Group of Esterline, manufacturing custom user interfacedevices and systems for original equipment manufacturers in industriesincluding medical, electronics, and defense. We provide end-to-endsolutions with complex product range and low cost of ownership forspecific customer applications. Advanced Input Systems has ademonstrated record of incorporating any user-input technology and anydisplay technology in over 2000 different input systems for more than1000 companies.

We are frequently involved in cooperative-development and customeroutsource initiatives. Working on projects as diverse as air trafficcontrol, medical ultrasound, submarine-based sonar systems, and navalsurface defense radar applications, position Advanced Input Systems tohelp identify, develop and support devices that customers need now, andyears from now. User-interface notable customers include Siemens,General Electric, Philips, Honeywell, Agilent, and Abbott Laboratories.

City: Plymouth
Category: Contract Dimensional Inspection
AIS was founded in 2000 by Brian Christensen and RodIverson, two seasoned QA veterans who brought with them wide-rangingexpertise in a variety of manufacturing processes, with heavy experience in the castings industry. In 2002 AIS merged with Productivity Quality Inc., a distributor of quality assurance measurement equipment and a provider of a variety of QA-related services. This marriage gave the company a new level of flexibility and helped accelerate its growth. Today AIS has five full-time inspectors assisted by our Quality/Customer Service manager, Rod Shadick, himself a highly experienced QA expert. In addition, we're able to draw on the engineering and programming expertise of PQI applications engineers.

City: Mountain View
Category: Reflow Solder Tools
In its 23 years, Advanced Integrated Technologies hasbecome the largest manufacturer of Reflow Solder Tools, Hot Bars andResistance Welding Electrodes in the world. AIT supplies tools that fitall welding, soldering and wire bonding equipment. AIT also providescontract services of Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), MicroResistance welding and Reflow Soldering. Our EDM capabilities includecutting with wire down to 0.001"/(25.4 ), cutting to tolerances of0.000080"/(2 ) zero recast on surface finishes and full 5-axis CNC. AIT also provides full CNC RAM EDM capabilities, burning holes down to0.001"/(25 ). AIT's Micro-Welding and Reflow Soldering services isallowing customers to concentrate in other areas and rely on A.I.T.'syears of proven micro-joining experience.

City: West Warwick
Category: Interconnect Products
Advanced Interconnections Corp. is an ISO 9001 Certifieddesigner and manufacturer of innovative interconnect solutions withtechnologically advanced features for SMT and thru-hole applications. We specialize in IC Sockets and Adapters for BGA, PGA, CSP, PLCC, DIP, and SIP packages as well as IC Package Conversion and Test Emulator Adapters and a wide variety of Board to Board Connectors, Relay Sockets, Test Jacks and Terminals. Standard and custom designs are available, all featuring screw-machined terminals for superior quality and field-proven performance.

City: Woodland Park
Category: Advanced Laser Products
Located in Woodland Park, a small town in the beautifulRocky Mountains near Colorado Springs (an area sometimes referred to as"Silicon Peak"), Advanced Laser provides services to customers along the Colorado front range as well as national and international customers.

Founded in 1995 by Mark F. Fischer and Kenneth P. Grace, Advanced Laserwas created to provide customers with unsurpassed Laser MaterialsProcessing services. In 1997 the founders incorporated as Fischer GraceTechnologies, Inc. and are doing business as Advanced Laser of WoodlandPark.

City: Sunnyvale
Category: Analog Semiconductors
We develop and manufacture precision CMOS analogintegrated circuits for OEMs of industrial controls, computers, medicalinstrumentation, automotive, and telecom.

Products offered include: ultra-low vos @ ultra low input bias rail-to-rail cmos operational amplifiers, ultra-low charge injection low voltage analog switches, precision cmos voltage comparators with high output current drivers, ultra low signal power EPAD voltage comparators, low drift cmos timers with high discharge output, precision matched pair small signal N-channel or P-channel mosfet arrays and EPAD(r) mosfet.

We also offer dual slope integrating analog processors, digitalvoltmeter chipsets, and a line of 5 1/2 digit DVM (digital voltmeter)boards. Many products incorporate EPAD(r) (Electrically ProgrammableAnalog Devices) technology for in-circuit trimming of offset andthreshold voltages.

City: Rockford
Category: Contract Manufacturing
Advanced Machine and Engineering has been providing high-quality contract machining services since 1966. We are specialists incost effective complex machining for low volume and single itemproduction. We can design, manufacture, assemble, and test your productto your specification.

City: Waterbury
Category: Precision & High Speed Spindle
AMS services all industries utilizing precision and highspeed spindles including: aerospace, automotive, bearing manufacturing,ceramics, machine tool, medical, optical, filament winding, textiles and woodworking.

City: Fort Wayne
Category: Tooling & Machines
It is these two things - quality and independence - thatled Fred Burke, a young engineer of Swiss descent and working at General Electric, to start his own company. When Mr. Burke founded Advanced Machine & Tool in 1970, he had the desire to make better toolings and machines than what were currently available.

Occupying the front half of the Churubusco Hatchery building inChurubusco, Indiana, AMT started the business with two employees whowere equipped with only a single surface grinder, one Bridgeport mill, a drill press and a 13-inch lathe. A tradition of quality was born. From that modest beginning with only a handful of skilled toolmakers, AMT has become a world leader as a manufacturer of stator production machines.

City: Fremont
Category: Contract Manufacturing
We have worked to develop a diverse and stable supply base of component distributors, manufacturing contractors and serviceproviders, as well as a deep expertise in operations and manufacturingmanagement.

We take pride in providing fast, flexible and focused service based oncore values of honesty and integrity.

City: Woodinville
Category: Controls & monitoring Equipments
Providing instrumentation for the Environment, Metrologyand the Industrial market place.

Our Environmental monitoring equipment is used in the collection andmonitoring of data associated with Meteorology, Hydrology, WaterQuality, Oceanography and Fisheries.Our Metrology equipment includes the worlds most popular calibrators for Temperature, Pressure, and Flow.

City: Pompano Beach
Category: Engineering & Training Tools
Advanced Microcomputer Systems, Incorporated (AMS) is anestablished company that has maintained its flexibility since itsfounding in 1981. It has consistently demonstrated its ability toprovide products of the highest quality perfectly timed to maximizetheir appeal in the many markets served. AMS has become an importantpart in the success of its customers by introducing and sustainingunique PC based products at profitable pricing. Today, AMS is a leaderin PC enhancement products that range from ultra-sophisticated add-inboard products, through communication products and a complete line ofprofessional Computer Aided Engineering software products anddevelopment tools. The company has achieved substantial growth andprofitability since its founding. It is now poised, as never before, toscale ever new heights, to face new challenges, and to expand newmarkets. The growth of AMS has allowed the company to build a firm baseof product, personnel, and customers, which has allowed it to become amajor supplier to personal computer users and to the Personal ComputerIndustry.

City: Elburn
Category: Lamps
Advanced Micro Lites, Inc. (AML) is located in the Keystone Industrial Park in Elburn, IL. We are a professionally owned and operated family business.

With more than 40 years of knowledge in the lamp industry, our staffstrides to provide you with personalized service, quality products andinformation, and timely deliveries. Along with our Elburn office we have Reps across the United States and in Canada to assist you with whatever your lamp needs may be.

City: Nashua
Category: Motion Control Drives
AMS' designs are internationally recognized for theirflexible, high performance and cost effective solutions to motioncontrol. Product configurations range from single chip controllers(IC's) for OEM's, to complete stand-alone stepper motor sub-systems.

Our award-winning "SMC" series micro-controllers are the basis for allAMS product designs. Standard features include joystick interface forjog functions, serial I/O for RS-232 commands, limit switch and homeinputs, plus multiple user definable I/O ports. "Party Line" networkingallows 32 or more axes to be daisy chained from a single com port. AMSalso offers a complete selection of stepping motors to complete yourmotion control design.

City: Sunnyvale
Category: Mixers & Amplifiers
Advanced Microwave, Incorporated was established in 1995for the purpose of manufacturing commercial products such as mixers andamplifiers. As requirements arose, we expanded into military electroniccomponents and subsystems in 1998. In 1999, AMI introduced moreselections of amplifiers, mixers, and converter products.Advanced Microwave's facilities are located in Sunnyvale, CA, USA, inthe heart of the Silicon Valley - making it easier and faster to obtainraw material, and to monitor the quality of the parts. The facilitiesare about 7000 square feet (750 square meters), with a largemanufacturing clean room facility, built exclusively for AdvancedMicrowave, Inc.

City: Olean
Category: MLCC Filters
Advanced Monolythic Ceramics, Inc. is a leading supplierof ceramic planar array and discoidal capacitor EMI filters. We haveserved the Aerospace, Biomedical, Military, Satellite, Industrial andCommunication electronics industries since 1994. Recently AMC became amember of the Johanson companies and assumed the stacked SMPS, largeformat MLCC, and high voltage radial leaded capacitor product lineformerly produced at Johanson Dielectrics' San Diego facility. These new product lines will enhance AMC's ability to solve our customers' circuit design challenges.

Our unique manufacturing process allows us to consistently achieveproduction lead times on both standard and custom products that are theshortest in the industry.

City: Camarillo
Category: Servo Drives & Amplifiers
Advanced Motion Controls was founded in 1987 with the ideaof designing and manufacturing analog servo amplifiers and digitaldrives for brushless AC, brushless DC, brush type and linear and rotaryservomotors and actuators. We joined our industry's technologicalleaders by making superior servo technology available across the widestrange of applications. From the beginning, we organized around theprinciple that people-to-people accessibility and expertise help ourcustomers bring great new products to market faster. Our customers areable to interact with a team that not only listens and understandssystem integration, but also responds with standard or customizedsolutions that offer exceptional value.

City: Albuquerque
Category: Flat Panel Displays
Established in 1996, Advanced Optics Electronics, Inc -"ADOT" is a developer of patented electronic display technology. Thisadvanced technology has product application in "television quality"billboards, medical testing equipment, military displays, computermonitors and high definition video transmission.

ADOT's initial product, scheduled for delivery late this year, istargeted at the outdoor advertising industry. Replacing staticbillboards, the Company provides flat panel displays with crisp, flicker - free images. ADOT's turnkey package manages billboard graphics from a remote access terminal, enabling advertisers to sell billboard time, as they would radio or TV ads.

In addition to its core business, Advanced Optics Electronics hasestablished a strategic position in biomedical technology by acquiring18.5% of BioModa Inc. Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, BioModa Inc. isan emerging biomedical company specializing in break-through cancerdiagnostics and therapy.

City: Ankeny
Category: Optical Components
Since 1966, Advanced Optics has been a manufacturer ofprecision and custom optical components including optical flats, frontsurface mirrors, flat optical quality mirrors and optical grade windows.

We have the expertise to help you with prototype work and the resourcesto fulfill production requirements. Our products are excellent performers when it comes to aerospace, military and commercial avionics, medical instrumentation, academics and research, and industrial applications.

City: Linden
Category: Eletrolytic Tilt Sensors
Advanced Orientation Systems, Inc. (AOSI) was founded inJanuary of 1995 with a goal of developing and producing the nextgeneration of tilt sensors. AOSI quickly became an integral part of theangle measurement industry.

AOSI's base line of Dual Axis tilt sensors are manufactured from arecently developed advanced Polymer. Inert to most chemicals andmechanically stable, this new material made it possible to manufacturedual axis miniature tilt sensors in the tens of thousands without anysignificant unit to unit structural deviation. These highly consistentsensors quickly became the logical, reliable and low cost replacement to brittle old style glass components. They found recognition in numerous medical, military, automotive and other high reliability applications.

Advanced Orientation Systems design and manufacture electrolytic tiltsensors.

City: Camarillo
Category: Silicon Photodiodes & Electro-optical Products
Advanced Photonix is the industry leader, developingstandard and custom silicon photodetectors and optoelectronic assemblies for many business markets.

With more than 20 years of experience, we have the knowledge, thecommitment, and the resources to understand your requirements andprovide appropriate solutions.

API remains committed to maintaining a leadership position in photonicdetection technology and continues R&D investment in advanced productdevelopment.

City: St Petersburg
Category: Gas-Plasma Products
March Plasma Systems, located in Concord, CA and St.Petersburg, FL, is a world leader in gas plasma technology for micro-and opto-electronic packaging and PCB industries. The company designsand manufactures a complete line of plasma treatment systems, andmaintains an expert staff of scientists and engineers trained in plasmascience and in advanced packaging and PCB technology.

High reliability and high yield of advanced integrated circuits can bedifficult to achieve as package size decreases and use of advancedmaterials increases. Gas plasma treatment before die attach, wirebonding, encapsulation, and underfill increases bond strengths.

For PCB manufacturing, plasma technology can deliver higher uniformityand reproducibility than chemical or mechanical process. Plasmatreatment increases the surface energy of advanced materials, includingTeflon(r), providing excellent lamination and wettability for platingthrough-holes. Plasma also removes resin smear created in the drillingprocess and removes carbon by-products from blind vias.

City: Irvine
Category: Power Conversion Products
Advanced Power Designs, Incorporated was founded in 1992and is located in Irvine California. The Company's main business areasfocus around state-of-the-art power conversion products (both softwareand hardware) aimed at the Automatic Test Equipment industry.

APD's flagship product is our VXI600 programmable DC power supply(pictured on the left). This instrument is a standard C-size VXIbuscompliant card designed to provide the test engineer with an alternative to using older IEEE-488 rack-and-stack power supplies for next generation ATE applications. These instruments are available with up to three outputs packaged in a single VXIbus module covering up to600W/30A/450V.

City: Bend
Category: Power Semiconductor
APT designs, manufactures, and markets worldwide, highpower, high voltage, high performance semiconductors for both switchingand RF applications. Our products are powering the next generation highpower systems for servers, computers, high capacity mass storageproducts, cellular base stations for telecommunications, and industrialapplications such as advanced medical imaging systems, lasers,semiconductor process equipment, and arc welders, as well as militaryand aerospace power systems. With the RF related acquisitions made in2002, APT has positioned itself as an emerging dominant supplier inbipolar RF power transistors for avionics, radar and non-cellularcommunications applications. The Company's technologies and products are specifically focused at meeting the world's increasing demand for more sophisticated forms of electrical power, more power overall, and more efficient utilization of electricity to conserve this valuable resource. APT customers are worldwide and include several of the top Fortune 500 OEM companies along with many well known industry leaders and innovators in the power conversion and motion control markets. APT takes pride in providing custom, value-added solutions frequently developed in close partnership with our customers to meet their specific power application requirements thereby arming them with a distinct competitive advantage.

City: Boulder
Category: Solid Pins
Advanced Probing Systems, Inc. ("APS") is the global leader in the manufacture of solid pins used in wafer test, as medicalelectrodes, as spotting pin blanks in genome testing and in a variety of other applications.

APS combines electro-chemical machining, grinding, forming and platingto provide the optimal, most cost efficient pin for your application.Products range from cobra style pins formed from wires in diameters of.004" or less to pins of .200" ground for use in scientificapplications.

APS's mission to "strive for continuous improvements in process,materials, quality assurance procedures and management in order tocontinually improve the quality of its products" has guided APS'ssuccess during the last 14 years. APS's capabilities, in-process quality assurance procedures, materials and experience will provide you with quality parts and excellent customer service.

City: Clearwater
Category: Hard Wired TVSS Products
Advanced Protection Technologies, Inc. (APT) is a leadingmanufacturer of hard wired TVSS products located in central Florida,heart of lightning activity. Surge suppression is crucial to any powerquality and power protection system, including lightning protection andthree phase power systems. Surge protectors guard against transientovervoltages, sometimes called transients, spikes or surges, hence thename Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor or TVSS. Transients are known to damage sensitive electronic equipment in homes, schools, commercial,industrial and medical facilities, wastewater treatment plants,factories, etc. Transient overvoltages come from lightning and utilityoperations as well as internal actions such as motors cycling on andoff. Transients have always been with us, however modern microelectronic loads tend to be sensitive to them. The downtime, damage and destruction caused to critical or electronic loads cost billions of dollars a year.

APT's specialty is hardwired TVSS that connects to electricaldistribution gear in single, two pole, and three phase power systems.Typically, a TVSS connects via a breaker and protects the entire loadfed from that panel. Most TVSS are comprised of Metal Oxide Varistors(MOVs) and capacitive EMI/RFI noise filters. UL 1449 is an importantsafety and performance standard.

City: Santa Clara
Category: Gas Discharge Lamps
Advanced Radiation Corporation is one of the leadingdesigners and manufacturers of custom, semi-custom, and production gasdischarge lamps. We manufacture high intensity mercury, xenon, mercury-xenon, krypton and xenon flashlamps. Because all necessary parts,assemblies and processing are produced in house. ARC can assure quickresponse for custom lamp development, as well as high volume productionof standard lamps.

City: Escondido
Category: Tool & Die Maker
Arthur Devine, a professional tool and die maker branchedout on his own in 1969 to start Magnetic Arts Corp. It wasn't longbefore his reputation in precision grinding and innovations in magnetichead manufacturing landed several exclusive orders for glass bondedcores for recording heads used in tape and hard drives. In the yearsthat followed he developed a plethora of processes for grinding,slicing, polishing and glass bonding essential to volume production ofthese cores.

City: Eugene
Category: Data Communication Devices
Advanced Relay is a specialist in data communications.First to introduce an X.25 toolkit for the PC in 1984, the popularPC.25TM, Advanced Relay continues to develop new products and tools tosatisfy the data transport needs of our customers. Advanced Relay'stools are used in current communications technology or when integratingold technologies to new networks. Our products support multipleoperating systems and hardware platforms. They are targeted to a widerange of developers and integrators who use them to collect anddistribute data throughout their networks.

City: Wheat Ridge
Category: Electronics
We are a manufacturer of electronics for use in scientificand industrial applications requiring high performance and reliability.Producing a wide range of products from preamplifiers for PMT's andelectron multipliers, to high voltage power supplies , counters andtimers, precision rate meters, and computer interfaces, our commitmentto quality and customer satisfaction is paramount to us.

City: Seattle
Category: Mobile Robotic Vehicle
Advanced Robotic Vehicles, Inc. (ARVI) was formed toinvent, develop, and deploy mobile robotic vehicles. The companyprovides customers with vehicles to inspect and treat large surfaceareas at significantly reduced cost and cycle time, with significantlyimproved accuracy and reliability.

ARVI's robots are the key component in a dramatically more efficientmeans of performing work on large structures. Traditionally, the onlyway to perform this work has been with individual laborers and handtools. This usually necessitates the employment of scaffolding soworkers can reach the required surfaces. The work is inherently slow.The hazards are often substantial. The quality of the work is oftenuneven.

City: Anaheim
Category: Springs
Advanced Spring Technology, your source forcompression, extension and torsion springs.

Manufacturing custom quality fine wire springs, to your specificationsfor over 30 years.

From concept to production we provide the highest quality springs, andoffer "just in time" or on time delivery. The customer's requirementsare always very important to us.

AST has the equipment to provide a variety of springs within our wirerange and remain dedicated to meet the needs of our customers.

City: Pasadena
Category: Precision Metals Processing
Founded in 1971 by Robert and Jean DeSilvestri. ThePasadena, California location is headquartered in a modern 20,000 square foot facility. The company has established a nationwide and growing international reputation for excellence in metals joining, metallurgy, design, fabrication, machining and assembly. ATCo is a qualified "woman-owned" small business with excellent financial stability.

ATCo is among the few facilities offering electron beam welding;laser cutting, drilling and welding; automatic and manual gas tungstenarc (GTA) welding; heat treating and stress relieving.

Because of this diversity in equipment and services, a customer isafforded the most cost-effective process.

City: Burtonsville
Category: Engineering Products
ATR is a diversified engineering firm dedicated toproviding high quality products, engineering, integration, and technical support services to the public and private sector. We specialize in applying the latest technology and products to rapidly implement practical systems solutions.

In business since 1973, ATR has a solid and growing base of successfulGovernment and U.S. Postal Service contracting. We are now offering ourextensive experience and capabilities to satisfy the needs of commercial clients, especially in the cost-effective automation of their processes.

City: Spring Valley
Category: Wireless Telemetry Measurement Systems
Since its founding in 1987, Advanced Telemetrics (ATi) hasbeen in the business of solving unique rotating sensor measurements. ATi specializes in rotating telemetry systems which are used to couple data from rotating shafts or machinery to a stationary recorder.

ATi products have been utilized successfully in powertrain testing inautomotive, aerospace, biomedical and a variety of other R&D relatedapplications.

City: St Marys
Category: Temperature Sensing Probes & Assemblies
Advanced Thermal Products manufactures custom and standardtemperature sensing probes and assemblies as well as PTC and NTCthermistors. ATP supplies products to the HVAC, Appliance, Food Service, Pool & Spa, Medical and Electronics Industries from its St. Marys, PA facility.

Advanced Thermal Products was founded in 1985 based on the idea thatcustomer service would set us apart from our competitors. Our goal wasto be not just a good supplier but an extraordinary supplier. We decided that we could offer the most value to our customers by making high quality products at a fair price with 100% on-time delivery. It's not a goal that is easy to achieve, but one that we strive to meet each and every day.

City: Nashua
Category: Thermo Electric Modules
ADVANCED THERMOELECTRIC is located in Nashua, New Hampshire (USA) about 40 miles North of both Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts. We are delighted to have the opportunity to serve top companies and research organizations that are involved with thermoelectric technology. We celebrated our sixth anniversary in April 2004.

Our mission is simple: Provide the OEM and US government (our CAGE codeis 3ECH5) with high performance, high reliability, state-of-the-art,thermoelectric modules, assemblies or complete "TE" products at areasonable price. We strive to provide outstanding service.

While we do not sell the general public, a fundamentals page will helpstudents and the well-informed non-specialist or engineer understand the technology and assist in evaluating realistic thermoelectricapplications.

City: Belle Meade
Category: Custom Coatings & Patterned Substrates
Advanced Thin Film Technologies has been supplying customcoatings and patterned substrates to customers involved with sensors,flat panel displays, Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS),microcircuits, biomedical devices, optical instruments, microwavecommunications, integrated circuits and microelectronics in general. Our commitment has been to work with our clients in meeting all their thin film coating and substrate patterning applications. To discuss your thin film coatings and lithography services requirement please contact us.

City: Gladwin
Category: Thermo Forming & Vacuum Forming Machinery
Advanced Ventures in Technology was founded in "95" and are celebrating our Seventh Year of machine building for the PlasticsIndustry.

We have over 60 years of Thermoforming machinery manufacturingexperience, and 25 years designing Thermoforming Machinery. This offersto our customers machinery that has been proven to perform to the bestability possible with the utmost reliability.

City: Marlboro
Category: Audio/Video Equipments
Our organization takes a proactive approach towardListening, Understanding, Partnering, Educating and informing customersof the elaborate equipment available on-site, which they can use tocommunicate more effectively with their audience. Our approach fosterscustomer satisfaction, repeat business and ultimately higher revenuesfor our hotel partners.

Marketing our products effectively through quality collateral, a uniquesales process and follow-up through our trace system will informcustomers, early on, before they have made arrangements with otheraudiovisual firms, that all of their needs can be met by us on-site.

City: Atlanta
Category: Printing Technology
Advanced Vision Technology Ltd. is dedicated to bringingthe printing industry to a level of automation that other industrysegments, including pre-press, have been enjoying for years.

AVT has already achieved a technological leadership position in thisquest. Leveraging the world's most sophisticated machine visiontechnologies-derived from Electro-optical breakthroughs of the IsraeliAir Force and advanced image processing expertise originating in some of Israel's world-renowned companies-AVT has developed proprietarytechnology and advanced commercial products that meet the key challenges of the printing industry.

City: Houston
Category: Scales & Weighing Systems
Throughout the years, Advanced Weigh has not only survivedthe turbulent swings in the economy, we have grown significantly andremain a consistent, stable and reliable source of scales and scalerelated products and services. Serving a diverse cross section ofbusiness including manufacturing, petrochemical, agriculture and anybusiness needing commercial legal for trade scales. Advanced Weigh isable to provide all facets of scale implementation including a thoroughand competent up-front evaluation of the application, carefulrecommendations of high value products and timely delivery, Turnkeyinstallation and operator instruction.

A highly trained, professional application sales team is ready to helpyou select the products which will provide a positive return on yourinvestment. While many applications and needs can be resolved over thephone, sometimes on-site visits to your plant or business can help uslearn about your needs and requirements.

City: St Charles
Category: Work Positioning & Material Handling
Our state-of-the-art, 120,000 square foot building housesall operations including sales, design, manufacturing and shipping.

For more than 25 years, companies have relied on Advance for the highest quality Work Positioners, Packaging Equipment, Recycling Equipment, Maintenance Equipment and Dock Equipment available for industrial applications of all kinds.

Advance Lifts is dedicated to providing its customers with the highestquality equipment, the fastest deliveries and the best value.

City: Rochester
Category: Magnetic Shielding Products
AD-Vance Engineers have solved a variety of magneticshielding problems. In addition, substantial cuts in shielding costs are possible by using our existing tooling.

City: Tampa
Category: Bar Code Components
We are a reseller and developer of automation and bar codeproducts including ActiveX Controls, Barcode Fonts, Servlets, Java class libraries, JavaBeans, barcode scanners, components, encoders and other development tools. Our products support several symbologies including Code 128, Code 39, PDF417, Data Matrix, Interleaved 2 of 5, Postnet, MICR, OCR, UPC, EAN and others.

City: Reno
Category: Fabricated Commercial Foodservice & Institutional Equipment
Advance Tabco is the largest manufacturers of fabricatedcommerical foodservice & institutional equipment for industryprofessionals and the home.

City: Rosemont
Category: Ballasts & Drivers for Fluorescent
The No.1 manufacturer of ballasts and drivers forfluorescent, HID, and LED lamps in North America, Advance Transformerhas been at the forefront of the lighting industry for over 60 years.Since the first Advance ballast was manufactured in 1945, Advance hasbuilt a reputation for excellence based on its broad line of reliableand high-quality products, extensive technical expertise, superiorcustomer service and logistics, long-standing industry partnerships, and demonstrated leadership and proactivity within the lighting andelectrical products industries. Supporting a wide variety of newconstruction, renovation, retrofit, and replacement applications,Advance ballasts and drivers have provided the benefits of reliability,versatility, energy efficiency, and long life in millions of lightinginstallations worldwide.A leader in its field, Advance has secured scores of basic patentsthrough the historic efforts of its global team of dedicated ballastengineers. In addition to offering a broad range of energy-efficientballast solutions, Advance has helped pioneer the lighting industry byintroducing such breakthrough innovations as its ROVR(tm) line of DALI-compatible ballasts, its revolutionary family of powerful and energy-efficient Electronic HID ballasts, and its extensive family of driversfor LED applications as well as such other exciting innovations as itsunique microprocessor-based design and thermal modeling process.

City: Fremont
Category: Industrial Computers
Advansor is a leading supplier of specialty servers andplatform solutions for the Internet and communication industries. As aspin-off from Advantech, the world leader of WINTEL based industrialcomputers, Advansor inherits more than a decade of expertise andexperience in design and development of leading edge specialty computers and servers. Incorporated in 1999 with a goal to provide total platform solutions to the Internet and telecom service industries, Advansor provides server solutions ranging from thin servers, appliance servers to multi-slot high performance communication servers. Asvansor serves a wide rage of customer base ranging from IT professionals to VAR, SI and OEMs. With repeat customers continue to take Advansor as their Specialty Server Depot, we continue to enrich our offerings and solutions for applications requiring servers built with specialty and expertise.

City: San Jose
Category: specializes in developing a broad line SAN, ASIC's,host adapters, and software products. The company markets its productsinternationally through the OEM's integrator, distribution, and retailchannels. Corporate headquarters are located in San Jose, CA.

Initio's mission is to provide cost-effective solutions, throughengineering excellence, to meet high performance system requirementswhile exceeding customers' quality, service and delivery goals. TheCompany's strengths include a team of industry veterans with extensiveexperience in the design, engineering, manufacturing and sales of highperformance, high quality I/O solutions and innovative designtechniques. Initio's products have rapidly gained a reputation for highperformance and reliability.

City: Appleton
Category: Drill Bits
We manufacture the largest selection of drill bits andcutting tools of anyone.

City: Raleigh
Category: Conveying Systems
Advantage Conveyor Inc is a manufacturer of custom andmodular conveying equipment for packaging industry. We specialize instainless steel construction conveyors using plastic belting. We alsomanufacture custom fabric belt conveyors for the food processing,pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industry. Our design capabilities includesanitary, washdown, and USDA construction.

City: Rancho Santa Margarita
Category: Memory Products
Founded in 1988, Advantage Memory Corporation is a leadingmanufacturer of memory upgrade products. Through quality engineering,Advantage Memory manufactures and designs virtually every memory upgrade available, including PC cards, for most PCs, workstations, notebooks and printers.

Advantage Memory provides the widest breadth of product available in the memory industry and will continue to develop products on the cutting edge of technology. Our highly skilled team of research, development, technical and sales/service professionals make Advantage Memory Corporation the company choice for businesses who recognize theimportance of placing client's needs first.

City: Manchester
Category: Plastic Enclosures
We specialize in Standard plastic enclosures, CustomizedStandard plastic enclosures and Custom plastic enclosures.

Whether you need a Standard plastic enclosure to prototype your product for a critical deadline, a Customized Standard plastic enclosure to accommodate specific product requirements or a Custom plastic enclosure to create your own unique appearance, Advantage Plastic Products can work with you to achieve your objectives in a timely and cost-effective manner.

City: Cincinnati
Category: ePlatform Services
Advantech, the leading ePlatform service provider, has been an innovator in the development and manufacturing of high-quality, high-performance ePlatform services in the industrial computing andautomation markets since 1983. For over twenty years, Advantech has been refining what is possible in the ePlatform services market, offering comprehensive system integration hardware, software, customer-driven service, global logistics support, and an industry leading front as well as back office e-business infrastructure. Advantech is helping system integrator partners add value to their solutions and services.

City: Minnetonka
Category: Packaging Products
Advantek, Inc., with facilities in North America , Asia and Europe , is an ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 certified company supporting the global production of the world's leading manufacturers. The products we produce play an important role in the assembly process of many products such as computers, mobile phones, medical components, smart appliances, automobiles and other consumer products.We offer a broad range of packaging products including embossed carriertapes, anti-static cover tapes, LOKREEL(r) shipping reels and staticshielding / moisture barrier bags. We accessorize the product line byproviding desiccants, humidity indicator cards and other packagingproducts.

City: Santa Clara
Category: Electronic Measuring Equipment
For almost half a century, Advantest has been designinginnovative electronic measuring equipment and semiconductor test systems essential to the development and manufacture of advanced computer and telecommunications products.

As one of the world's leading suppliers, Advantest is dedicated tocreating state-of-the art systems to help our customers become moreproductive and profitable.

Advantest's mission is to support leading-edge technologies forsemiconductors and telecommunications - the technologies upon which ourrapidly evolving information society is based. By providing test andmeasurement tools for research and development and assurance of productquality, Advantest plays an essential role in transforming high-techinnovations into practical, commercial applications.

City: Ramsey
Category: Networking Solutions
ADVA began providing optical networking solutions toenterprises in 1995 and remains the leading supplier to this sector.However, by leveraging our unmatched technology and understanding ofenterprise customer needs, we have also firmly established a strongposition in the carrier space.

Today we have a broad range of established products and customers in the metro enterprise, access and core infrastructure segments. ADVA'sextensive experience is reflected in our commitments to carrier-classperformance and reliability, plug-and-play design, and guaranteedcompatibility with all leading manufacturers of network software,transport, switching and storage systems.

A best-of-breed product portfolio and proven market access strategy -based on well-established links with selected blue-chip partners acrossthe globe - have seen ADVA consistently outperform the competition.Quite simply, when it comes to metro optical networking, no company isbetter positioned to help you turn brave new visions into real-worldvalue.

City: Salem
Category: Polymer Products
Advanced Polymers' mission is to develop innovative polymer products and technologies to improve people's lives.

City: Newtown
Category: Micro-Mirror Optical MEMS Test Systems
Manufacturers of Micro-Mirror Optical MEMS Test Systems.

City: Sunnyvale
Category: Programming Instruments
We have been making programming instruments since 1986.We are now into our third generation of products, with each generationgiving the customer much better features and reliability at lower costs.

Over the years, we have seen many programmer manufacturersgone out of business. Making a programmer to program one device is easy. Making it able to program all devices from one semiconductor company is hard. Making it able to program all kinds of devices, of different technologies, from different semi houses, is a great challenge. That's why you see many programmer manufacturers who are here today but gone tomorrow.

City: Bozeman
Category: Photonic Technologies
AdvR, Inc. is devoted to the development andcommercialization of photonics technologies. The core area of expertiseof the company is in the fabrication of KTP waveguides for a widevariety of commercial applications.

AdvR strives to maintain a creative and friendly atmosphere for itsemployees with well-equipped facilities that include office space, large optics and chemistry laboratories, and an electronics/machine shop. Equipment at AdvR is regularly upgraded and new capabilities arefrequently added to both strengthen the company as well as to helpAdvR's employees advance their skills.

City: Indianapolis
Category: Safety Products
Manufacturers of safety products.

City: Chatsworth
Category: Electrical Connectors
Air Electro is recognized as a worldwide leader in thedistribution, assembly and manufacturing of electrical connectors,contacts and related accessories.

We serve the following industries: aerospace, avionics, defense, cableassembly manufacturing, connector manufacturers, data acquisition,electronic equipment, in-flight entertainment (IFE), telecommunicationsand transportation.

Established in 1952, Air Electro brings years of experience to theindustry. Air Electro has complete design and manufacturing capabilities for custom contacts and connectors, as well as printed circuit contacts and offers value-added installation. We have short-run manufacturing capabilities, Swiss precision screw machine facilities and tin dipping equipment.

City: ST Louis
Category: Radiation Shields & Laser Products
Founded in 1974 as D&M Associates, our management team hasled the way for providing technology based products, services andsolutions throughout the world.

Manufacturers of Radiation Shields & Laser Products.

City: Fremont
Category: Test & Burn-In Equipment
Manufacturers of test and burn-in equipments.

City: Marcellus
Category: Visual Inspection Instruments & Components
Providing Visual Inspection Instruments and Components that Optimize Quality, Function and Value. Let our experienced staff help you choose the best solution - with urgency of need, desired features and budget in mind.

City: Boston
Category: Test & Measurement Instruments
AEMC(r) Instruments manufactures professional electricaltest and measurement instruments for the industrial, commercial andutility marketplace. Excellent customer support and expert technicalassistance are our top priority. Founded in 1893, our products arebacked by over 100 years of experience in test and measurementequipment, and encompass the latest international standards for qualityand safety.

AEMC(r) is the industry leader in current measurement probes, groundresistance testers and insulation resistance testers. Our full productline also includes clamp-on meters, ratiometers, power meters, harmonicpower meters, data loggers, lightmeters and numerous other electricaltest tools.

Sales and marketing are located in Foxborough, while production, product service and NIST calibration are located in Dover, NH. AEMC(r) products can be purchased through a worldwide network of distributors. We also offer custom products on an OEM basis.

City: San Diego
Category: Electronic Components
AEM, Inc. (formerly American Electronic Materials, Inc.)was founded in 1986 and began its first commercial activity in 1988.Phenomenal growth since its inception has ranked AEM three times amongthe Inc. 500 listing of "America's Fastest-Growing Private Companies".AEM's outstanding achievements earned a Commendation Letter fromPresident Bill Clinton.

In 1995, AEM merged the key technical staff of Wallace TechnicalCeramics, Inc. into its organization. That same year, AEM acquired theMepcopal high-reliability thick-film fuse line from Philips/Copal. These mergers and acquisitions represented a logical combination of assets and technical abilities to achieve a full spectrum of SMT components.

Since 1995, AEM has successfully grown its current limiting micro-fuseproduction and holds a dominant position in the aerospace industry. In1996, AEM became the first US corporation to start mass production offerrite chip beads, power beads, and ferrite/ceramic inductors in itsSan Diego facility. AEM's Multilayer Components Division is poised tobecome one of the top five global suppliers of SMT multilayer ceramicinductive components in the new millennium.

City: Austin
Category: Semiconductor & Industrial Vacuum Processes
Advanced Energy (AE) offers a comprehensive suite offocused technologies critical to high-technology manufacturing processes worldwide. AE's suite of products is critical to the production of semiconductors, flat panel displays, data storage products, compact discs, digital video discs, architectural glass, and other advanced product applications. Leveraging its diverse product portfolio, AE offers solutions that maximize process impact, improve productivity, and lower cost of ownership for its customers. This portfolio includes solutions in power, flow and thermal management, plasma and ion beam sources, and integrated process monitoring and control for original equipment manufacturers and end-users around the world.

AE operates in regional centers in North America, Asia, and Europe andoffers global sales and support through direct offices, representatives, and distributors. Founded in 1981, AE is publicly held and traded on NASDAQ as AEIS. AE continues to enter new markets through strategic acquisitions and partnerships, as well as to internally develop proprietary, process-focused technologies-all key elements that further strengthen the company's position in process-critical, scalable, highly-patented technologies.

City: Lenexa
Category: Wireless Communication
Since 1990, AeroComm has been the global leader inproviding short-range data communications to original equipmentmanufacturers. The core technology behind our products is a unique andproprietary FHSS design that enables OEMs to buy, rather than make,robust RF capability.

AeroComm has played a major role in the short-range RF industry for over a decade with consistent advances in both performance and price. Our team made waves in 1994 by gaining FCC approval for the first 2.4GHz spread spectrum transceivers. Soon after, we introduced ourgroundbreaking $200 digital sequence commercial module.

City: Ronkonkoma
Category: Pneumatic & Solenoid Valves
As a manufacturer of quality engineered products since1958, Aerodyne designs quality into our products at every stage (fromconcept, to prototype, to final design). Aerodyne is currently certified to

City: Huntington Beach
Category: Precision Aerospace Parts
Aerodyne Precision Machining, Inc. was incorporated in the state of California in 1986 and is classified as a small business with twelve (12) employees. Our current manufacturing facility size is 20,000 square feet.

Aerodyne Precision Machining, Inc. is on the approved suppliers list for Parker Hannifin CSD-M (Irvine, CA) Parker Hannifin CSD-C (Ogden, UT), Lucas Western, Northrop, Eaton Aerospace, and Vacco Industries.

Aerodyne has completed jobs for Boeing, Airbus, Hughes Aircraft, LittonIndustries, Panavision, and McDonnel Douglas through subcontracts fromother job shops.

City: Torrance
Category: Interconnect Products
It is with great pleasure and satisfaction to announce that Aero-Electric is now in a new facility located in Torrance, California. This new plant fulfills not only our present needs, but offers the space for our future growth. During this past year, many companies in the military and aerospace support business have suffered extensively due to the industry's economic situation. In contrast, Aero Electric has made significant capital investments in plastic and rubber molding machines, state-of-the-art plating facility and hi-tech shell machining equipment. In addition, we have our own tool and die facility, and model shop.

All of this results in a total vertically integrated operation fromstart to finish. This is but a part of the planned agenda to maintainand increase our viability as your supplier.

City: Chicago
Category: Safety Warning Devices
Manufacturer of strobes and lighting systems fortransportation- safety flashers for school busses, strobe and warninglights for aircrafts, daytime running lights, power supplies, flashers.

City: Plainview
Category: Test & Measurement Equipments
Aeroflex Incorporated is a multi-faceted high technologycompany that designs, develops, manufactures and markets a diverse range of microelectronic, and test and measurement products. Our products are in worldwide use, supporting communication systems, networks and automatic test systems.

Aeroflex's highly respected achievements in enabling broadband andwireless communications are based on a broad range of patented andproprietary technologies. We balance the quest for new and excitinginnovation against the need to offer products that can be supported byhigh-rate manufacturing and are of the highest quality and reliability.We therefore aggressively pursue those technologies that not onlyprovide superior product performance, but also have reached a level ofmaturity that ensures efficient manufacturability and good value for our customers.

City: Ann Arbor
Category: Broadband, Microwave & Wireless Equipments
Manufacturer and designer of wireless and microwavecomponents Aeroflex / Inmet's custom design capabilities have generateda substantial number of innovative microwave and wireless components for use in both commercial and military projects for more than 25 years. Besides manufacturing the world's shortest coaxial attenuator (0.7000" in length), its engineers have developed both "F" and "7/16" connector components for special applications.

As product development is a core value, Aeroflex / Inmet will continueto demonstrate its talent for tackling new design tasks. Unusualcustomer specifications which require Inmet engineers to build customcomponents enable the company to stay ahead in wireless technology bydesigning, creating, testing and delivering products to be used in CDMA, TDMA, GSM systems and others.

City: Colorado Springs
Category: IC & Circuit Card Assemblies
Aeroflex Colorado Springs is a supplier of integratedcircuits and circuit card assemblies for the aerospace, commercial,communication and industrial markets.

City: Frederick
Category: Attenuators, Coaxial Components & Subsystems
Over the past fifty years the name Weinschel has becomesynonymous with leadership in RF and microwave technologies and superior quality components and subsystems for wireless, defense, test and measurement, and broadband markets throughout the world. Among its many technological achievements, Weinschel was the first to design andmanufacture commercially available coaxial attenuators. Today, builtupon a strong heritage, Aeroflex / Weinschel continues to provide a vast array of standard products together with custom-engineered solutions to satisfy demanding market needs for precision and high reliability coaxial components.

Aeroflex / Weinschel's product offering includes fixed attenuators fortest, metrology and space applications; continuously variable, manualstep, solid-state digital step and programmable step attenuators; highpower terminations; resistive splitters and dividers; manual phaseshifters; Planar Blind-Mate (r), Planar Crown (r) connectors. In addition to coaxial components covering DC-40 GHz, Weinschel offers a complete range of standard and custom-designed SmartStep (r) multi-path switching,combining, and attenuation subsystems for cable infrastructure andmobile wireless test applications, including RF simulation, multi-pathand fading, high-power hot-switching attenuation, RF signalconditioning, RF and IF signal routing, and production testing.

City: Seattle
Category: Air Caster/Air Bearing Products
AeroGo originally formed in 1967 to provide engineeringdesign and manufacturing for specialized assembling and tooling fixtures for the aerospace industry. Since then AeroGo has excelled in providing practical and efficient methods of rotation, alignment, transfer, location and movement of materials and products weighing between 500lbs/230kg and to well over 5,000 Tons. AeroGo's professional team of experienced personnel supplies a wide range of standard or custom designed systems to meet assembly, tooling and material handling needs for large and heavy loads.

AeroGo's success is based upon our continuing research, development andintegration of the latest technologies in moving and assembling heavyand cumbersome loads. This technology includes synchronized four-wheelindependent steering for heavy and large Transporters, proprietary wheel technology, Aero-Caster(r) technology and guidance systems and controls. Over the years AeroGo has become a problem-solving company that provides customers with solutions to their assembly and load moving problems using wheel Transporters, rails, Aero-Casters(r) or stationary manipulators.

City: Sacramento
Category: Missile & Space Propulsion
Aerojet, a GenCorp company, is a major aerospace/defensecontractor specializing in missile and space propulsion, and defense and armaments. Since the company was founded in 1942, it has led the way in the development of crucial technology and products that have kept America strong and furthered man's exploration of space.

City: Kalamazoo
Category: Network & Electrical Infrastructure Products
Woodhead Industries develops, manufactures and marketsNetwork and Electrical Infrastructure products engineered forperformance in harsh, demanding, and hazardous industrial environments.We are known in the global industrial market by our recognized brandsthat include Brad Harrison(r), SST(tm), Daniel Woodhead(r), mPm(r), applicom(r),Aero-Motive(r) and RJ-Lnxx(r). Our expertise ranges from mechanical,electrical, and electronics to communication software products andtechnologies.

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