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USA manufacturer database

Are you looking for information on USA manufacturers. Then check out the previews of data we have available in our database. Price is only 250 euros
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Previews of data we have available:

City: Grafton
Category: Deep Hole Drilling Systems
Founded in 1974, Dadson Corporation has specialized in precision deep whole
drilling. Dadson has been a repeat supplier to major U.S. companies, such as
Delphi Automotive, Parker Hannifin and John Deere, plus hundreds of smaller job
shops and mold builders.

City: West Caldwell
Category: Machine Tools
The Machine Tool Division of Daewoo Heavy Industries America Corp was founded in
1976. It's headquartered in West Caldwell, NJ, and maintains offices and
technical service centers throughout North and South America. Daewoo products
are sold exclusively through a network of independent distributors located in
the U.S., Canada, Mexico and South America.Daewoo's original family of machine
tools included a broad selection of manual lathes and milling machines. Two
years after entering into cooperative agreements with several highly respected
machine tool builders, Daewoo introduced its first CNC lathe. By way of major
capital investments in research & development, in advanced manufacturing
equipment, and in technical agreements, Daewoo's product line has grown to
include more than 100 CNC products, including vertical and horizontal turning
centers, vertical and horizontal machining centers, boring mills, robotics and
EDM machines.

City: Michigan City
Category: Audio Visual Products
Dage-MTI of Michigan City Inc is an international leader in the design and
manufacture of scientific video cameras, monitors and signal processors. All
products are sold worldwide through a dealer network chosen for each application
and geographic region.We serve markets that encompass biomedical research,
military and semiconductor production. Cameras are currently supplied to the
Navy for monitoring airplane landings and take-off onboard the carrier ships.
The biomedical market, including all major medical research schools, utilizes
our cameras to detect living cells in low light conditions and to analyze brain
slices in infrared lighting. Our CCD cameras can detect imperfections in silicon
wafers, which are the basic "building blocks" for producing all solid-state
devices.We are now introducing a new series of high-resolution digital cameras,
which will take us to the next step of total computer-controlled and video data
acquisition systems. Doing so will allow us to enter new markets and provide us
with the tools for immediate and long-term growth.

City: Fremont
Category: Test & Measurement Equipments
Forty years of putting the customer at the center of its strategy have led to
the Dage Group being firmly and successfully established in the electronics
market.Dage have developed a wide range of capabilities and solutions that are
further enhanced by designing and developing many of the core technologies that
underpin its products.

City: Carson
Category: Microwave Control Products
Daico has led the way since 1965 with advanced IF/RF and Microwave Control
Products and Amplifiers for the Defense Electronics, Aerospace, Commercial
Aircraft, and Wireless and other high-end commercial industries.>From commercial
space to advanced wireless applications, our custom high-reliability products
are integral to the complex operations of major Satellite, Radar, Navigation,
Communications, Electronic Warfare, and Missile Systems Applications.Our
experienced RF designers and engineers are described within the engineering
community as goal oriented partners who follow through from design, prototyping,
manufacturing, test, burn-in, to final delivery. Guaranteeing the highest
possible quality.We provide high-performance, high-reliability Control Products,
Amplifiers, Sub Assemblies, and Contract Manufacturing to the Military and
Aerospace marketplace. We are proud to serve you.

City: Somerset
Category: Precision Roller Chain
Daido Corporation has not only been supplying the highest quality precision
roller chain to the North American industrial and agricultural markets since
1951... but chain drive solutions.So much more than a warehouse, Daido
Corporation's headquarters, located in Portland, Tennessee, is a complete roller
chain drive solution center. Staffed with skilled people, experienced in serving
the power transmission market of the U.S., Canada and Mexico, Daido offers only
the highest quality roller chain assemblies and the best customer server in the
industry.The Daido line up of precision roller chain products includes a
complete range of Standard Drive Chain, the innovative D.I.D New Tech Chain
Series and a wide selection of Standard and Specialty Conveyor Chain.
Furthermore, Murtfeldt Chain and Belt Tensioner and Guides enhance the chain run
in ideal conditions to maximize efficiency. All Daido products are
internationally recognized as the most technologically advanced in both design
and manufacture.

City: Albertson
Category: Adhesive & Laminating Systems
Daige has manufactured adhesive and laminating systems for over 35 years.Our
dedication to customer satisfaction and quality is unsurpassed. All our products
are made in the U.S.A. and are sold throughout the world.

City: Charlotte
Category: Welding & Robotic Systems
At Daihen, we are constantly working to create new technology that meets our
customers growing needs. From faster, spatter-free welds to advanced robotic
systems, we continue to grow at a dynamic rate. There is no end to the dreams of
better technology and equipment, and we do everything we can to realize this. We
hope that you are interested in this watching dreams come alive as much as we
do, and will continue to support our cause.

City: Houston
Category: Temperature Instrumentation
Daily Instruments is the parent company for two

City: Carol Stream
Category: Lathes
Dainichi Kinzoku Co Ltd's combination of old world craftsmanship and new world
technology has resulted in the development of the industry's most rigid and
powerful lathes. Featuring high-torque motors and one-piece frames, as well as
expanded work areas and large s7485indle bores, Dainichi lathes are designed to
turn larger parts than any other machines in their class.Dainichi Kinzoku Co Ltd
since being founded by Shozo Koyama as the Koyama Store in 1931, has grown to
become one of the leading manufacturers of lathes - small-, medium- and super
large-sized. With the developments of our universal machine tool and DL-6 lathe
in 1937 and 1952 respectively, we were among the first to introduce the basis
for modern day lathes. Since then, we have invested in a number of R&D and
manufacturing facilities, and continue to set the precedent for tomorrow's

City: Port Townsend
Category: Turbidity Monitors
D & A Instrument - Designers and manufacturers of innovative turbidity monitor,
sediment and water-quality instrumentation.

City: Odessa
Category: Energy Recovery Ventilator Products
ConsERV(tm) brand energy recovery ventilator products from Dais-Analytic
Corporation are used to improve the heating, ventilating and air conditioning
systems of virtually any building - commercial offices, retail stores, hospitals
and labs, industrial buildings, and homes - in both new construction and

City: York Haven
Category: Industrial Computers
Manufacturer of industrial computers, peripherals, and accessories including
operator interface, network computers, thin clients, keyboards, flat panel
displays, touch screens, and equipment enclosures.

City: Rancho Cucamongo
Category: Daisy Wheel Printers
When Daisy began in 1980, daisywheel printers dominated the marketplace. Daisy
grew and changed as the technology grew and changed. No longer Daisy Wheel
Ribbon Co Inc, we have evolved into Daisy - I.T. Supplies, Sales and Service, a
technology supplies company at the center of today's progressing and
ever-changing electronic world.

City: Wilsonville
Category: Electronic Components
Daitron Incorporated exists for and because of its customers. And for that
reason, Daitron owes the very best in product quality, customer service, and
timely deliveries to our customers. Daitron primary goal is to assist our
customers through the goods and services we provide, to the best of our
collective abilities, in being profitable. Daitron considers all of its
customers as being Partners for Profitable Growth and business success.Daitron
Incorporated shall always strive to be the BEST in whatever it does, i.e.
components distribution, equipment design and manufacture, maintenance service,
or capital equipment sales. We shall cautiously and aggressively pursue all
business opportunities, be inventive and innovative in our planning, carefully
follow all laws and use intelligent common sense. Employees at all levels are
expected and required to be diligent and industrious whilst working in a
cooperative and team spirited manner.

City: Marietta
Category: Crystal Products
Never-ending technological development has naturally resulted in creating new
needs. Since our founding in 1959, Daishinku has always ensured customer trust
worldwide by meeting such needs. Our "KDS" brand signifies this "Reliance". By
providing our crystal products, we aim to help realize an affluent,
electronics-oriented society in the 21st century.

City: Grand Haven
Category: Hydraulic Presses
Dake offers a complete line of hydraulic presses, arbor presses, bench presses,
cold saws and bandsaws. Our hardworking, long-lasting presses are used in
hundreds of applications and industries, and our saws are known for precise
cutting, easy operation and years of trouble-free service.

City: Orangeburg
Category: Laboratory & Process Instrumentation
Since its inception in 1992, Dakota has been dedicated to providing outstanding
value to our customers. Our products represent the highest quality laboratory
and process instrumentation for all applications and budgets enabling our
customers to achieve their objectives quickly, easily and efficiently.Dakota
makes available support staff to provide prompt and courteous assistance to our
customers with both typical and special requirements. We put new ideas to work,
finding innovative products and services that best suit our customer needs.Our
mission is to deliver top-quality dependable products and services, which
consistently conform to or exceed customer requirements. That is why we have
established long-standing relationships with leading companies worldwide that
offer value-added quality products and services. Our team of professional
service experts, engineers and application specialists are ready to assist you
with finding cost-effective solutions that help streamline processes, raise
productivity and improve efficiency. Our search for innovative cutting edge
technology is ongoing and we will continue to strive for improvements to reach
our goal of complete customer satisfaction.

City: Santa Cruz
Category: Industrial Ultrasonic Testing Equipment
We are a manufacturer of industrial ultrasonic testing equipment most commonly
used in the petrochemical, aerospace, automotive, and other generally related
industries. The pages that follow will provide you with general information
regarding our products. If you have any questions, need technical support, or
have a request for custom items, please contact us at your leisure using the
information provided on this site.Our products are commonly used to determine
the thickness of a variety of materials by making contact with only one side of
the material being tested. They have the ability to detect very fine pits,
flaws, and porosity in materials without having to destroy the material or parts
being tested. Converting the transit time of a sound wave, sent into and
reflecting back from a defect or opposite surface in the test material, into a
length measurement, do this. This technique uses principles similar to that of
sonar.We also manufacture a line of ultrasonic bolting equipment that very
accurately measures the stress, elongation, and load in threaded fasteners.
These products are typically used in critical bolting applications where extreme
accuracy is needed. If you have any specific or specialized bolting applications
in mind, be sure to contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.

City: Brookings
Category: Visual Communications Systems
Daktronics designs, manufactures, sell and services dynamic visual communication
systems for customers worldwide. Daktronics is a public corporation whose stock
is traded on the Nasdaq national market under the symbol DAKT.Daktronics has
installed tens of thousands of scoreboards and display systems in more than 70
countries since our founding in 1968 and is recognized as a world leader in
scoreboards, electronic displays and large screen video systems. We enjoy a
strong reputation for delivering quality, reliable products, supported by
top-notch service. Daktronics customers are typically sport organizations,
businesses of all types and sizes, and government entities. Our products range
from small scoreboards to complete scoring systems for all levels of sports
competition, displays that promote large and small businesses, highway traffic
and mass transit information displays and electronics voting systems for

City: Rochester
Category: I/O Boards
Dalanco Spry has produced DSP based analog and digital I/O boards since 1986.
The advantages of the DSP based approach are clear: Throughput is improved, even
for straightforward data acquisition tasks, while response time is shortened.
The incorporation of an FPGA in our latest products reduces this response time
even further.Software tools and examples are provided.We are also able to assist
you in your DSP or data acquisition related projects. Our specialty areas
include hardware, software, and FPGA system design.

City: Warsaw
Category: Presentations Products
Da-Lite Screen Company Inc is the world's leader in the design of presentation
products. Da-Lite's product lines includes manual and electric front projection
screens as well as rear projection screens. Multi-media support furniture,
lecterns, computer furniture, easels projection carts and stands, television and
audio visual carts and monitor mounts are also available.

City: Dallas
Category: Semiconductor Products
Dallas Semiconductor was founded in 1984, went public in 1987, and became a
wholly owned subsidiary of Maxim Integrated Products in 2001.Consistent with
Maxim's corporate mission, Dallas Semiconductor combines innovative circuit
designs with proprietary fab processes to create mixed-signal semiconductor
products that serve diverse end markets. In addition, the Company uses design
and manufacturing expertise in module assembly and innovative packaging
techniques to further differentiate some of its products.With over 1,200
employees and its own wafer fabrication facility at the main campus in Dallas,
Texas, the Company has successfully introduced hundreds of base products having
thousands of variations.

City: Tucson
Category: Gears & Gear Motors
Since 1955 Dalton has developed from a small shop with a few machines to a fully
equipped plant covering over 50,000 square feet. This growth is the result of a
combination of skill and know-how in production, plus the special attitude of
Dalton personnel and management, which focuses on one objective... complete
customer satisfaction.This Dalton attitude is reflected in every phase of
operation. Dalton management, with almost 50 years of experience in serving
industry, understands the needs and problems of both distributors and O.E.M.
customers and what they expect from a manufacturer. Dalton personnel take real
pride in producing products of consistent high quality that adhere rigidly to
specifications. Doing the job right the first time is the everyday objective of
Dalton.Whatever your needs ... from a few stock sprockets to mass production of
highly specialized gears ... you can depend on Dalton for the quality you
expect, the delivery you require, and the best possible price.

City: Santa Fe Springs
Category: Network Products
In the late 70s, two inspiring entrepreneur saw the need for racks to house
equipment in Americas fledgling data centers. This new concept of "rack it" was
first implemented by Damac in the stacking of IBM(tm) controllers for Hughes
Aircraft(tm). Solving Hughes Aircraft's storing and securing problem gave birth
to the streamline approach of networking, thus Damac was born.Since then, Damac
has devoted itself to the innovation and creation of products designed to store,
secure and organize the networks of today's scalable data centers. By providing
our customers with the highest quality of products, utilizing rich aesthetics
and a user-friendly application at the highest value, has made DAMAC a world
leader in networking infrastructure.Facilitating the needs of our customers is
at the core of every product Damac manufactures. The need to store equipment is
the primary function of our products. Featuring the industries strongest line of
enclosures is what has made Damac a common name in the networking community. All
of our enclosures are constructed of tubular steel and embrace a valuable
combination of strength, aesthetics, ventilation, cable management and value.
With five different enclosure lines available, DAMAC makes it possible for you
to configure an enclosure specifically to your needs.

City: Mishawaka
Category: Hydraulic Valve
Daman Products Co Inc is a leader in the design and manufacture of hydraulic
valve manifolds supplied worldwide through distribution. We maintain our
leadership position through constant monitoring and updating of our business,
engineering, and manufacturing systems implemented to ensure that outstanding
products and service are delivered to our customers consistently over time.

City: Tulia
Category: Automation Products
D/A Manufacturing, manufactures a complete line of instrument valves and
manifolds including: Differential pressure valve manifolds, Pressure transmitter
and gauge valve manifolds, Multi-port gauge valves, block valves and
accessories, Superior designs engineered for severe and critical service
applications backed by over 20 years of experience. Special material instrument
valves and manifolds are available in Hastelloy C&B, Monel, Alloy 20 and others.

City: Toledo
Category: Automotive & Commercial Products
Dana people design and manufacture products for every major vehicle producer in
the world. Dana is focused on being an essential partner to automotive,
commercial, and off-highway vehicle customers, which collectively produce more
than 60 million vehicles every year.

City: Gurnee
Category: Automation Products
Danaher Industrial Controls is a manufacturer of Partlow, West, Veeder-Root,
Dynapar, Harowe and Eagle Signal brands of Chart Recorders, Temperature
Controllers, Panel Meters, Encoders, Resolvers, Counters and Timers.

City: Washington
Category: Process and Environmental Controls and Tools
The Danaher Corporation designs, manufactures, and markets industrial and
consumer products in two principal businesses--Process and Environmental
Controls and Tools and Components. We focus on the advantages of strong brand
names, proprietary technology, and leading market positions.We have grown faster
than the industries in which we participate, and we plan to keep exceeding
industry growth rates through share gains, aggressive new product development,
international expansion, e-commerce initiatives, and acquisitions.

City: Amherst
Category: Motion Components
Earlier this year, the Motion Components group joined the ranks of the Linear
Motion Systems group of Danaher Motion. Danaher Motion is a select combination
of some of the world's top brands of motors drives and related motion control
products and systems. The result - the most complete, best-in-class line up of
linear motion solutions from one source...with the kind of technical support and
service you would expect from the most respected names in the industry.

City: Salem
Category: Electromechanical Positioning Systems
Danaher Precision Systems (DPS) designs and manufactures precision
electromechanical positioning systems that enable a multitude of advanced
processes. OEMs in demanding markets such as semiconductor, fiber optics, life
sciences, data storage, and flat panel display, digital imaging and precision
machine automation rely on DPS products to support superior equipment
performance. DPS engineers are uniquely capable of accurately combining servo
and stepper technologies with precision mechanics to deliver solutions to a
variety of positioning system challenges. These solutions range from basic
linear motor stages, Z elevators, and X-Y tables, to complete high-speed gantry
platforms and nanometer resolution air bearing fiber optic alignment
systems.Danaher Precision Systems maintains operations in Salem, New Hampshire
and Loffingen, Germany. The German operation has a strong record of successfully
delivering heavy-duty staging for automotive, machine tool, and factory
automation markets while the New Hampshire operation is particularly well suited
to support high tech customers requiring precision solutions. Together, these
operations allow DPS to meet a broad spectrum of positioning systems
applications and offer international support.

City: Visalia
Category: Air Tools
Danair Inc is a privately held U.S. manufacturer and a world-wide distributor of
the Palm Nailer the Automatic Hammer, and specialty pneumatic tools. The Palm
Nailer and Automatic Hammer are the original designs of Danair Inc and the only
100% U.S. made tools of their type.Established in 1967 in Visalia, California,
Danair Inc is now located in Elko, Nevada. The manufacturing facility is
equipped with the latest technologies for tool design, manufacturing and
customer service. Over 35 years of attention to quality in all aspects of the
business has grown Danair to a multi-million dollar organization.The lifetime
warranty on Danair Products is a statement of confidence. We are confident that
Danair Products will meet and exceed your expectations in durability and
performance.Danair Inc products are used in a wide range of markets and

City: San Jose
Category: Switching Mode Power Supply
Danam Communications Inc the flagship company of Danam Family, was founded in
1982 as the Korea's first thick film hybrid IC specializing manufacturer. Ever
since then, Danam has steadily adjusted its core business objective to keep pace
with the rapid changes of information and communications market. Especially,
Danam entered into Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS) market in the late 1980s
and fixed/wireless communications equipment market in the late 1990s. Since the
early 2000, Danam has concentrated its effort on rapid growing display
business.In 1997, Danam founded Danam Philippines Inc, its first overseas
manufacturing facility. Since then, it has run the business on a sound basis.
Also, Danam has been extending its business all over the world by founding Danam
Corporation in 1999 to secure cutting-edge high technologies as well as export
Danam's products. In 2000, Danam Communications Inc. successfully completed its
IPO on the KOSDAQ. With a fund from the IPO, Danam increased its manufacturing
capacity in April, 2001 by establishing a state-of-the-art manufacturing
facility in Anyang, Kyung-Ki-do, where Danam headquarter is located at.

City: Secane
Category: Sensors
For anyone who monitors inventory, equipment, processes, or facilities at
remote, unattended, or inaccessible sites, that's great news.Now the resources
of Gems Sensors (industry's most trusted liquid sensor manufacturer) and its
parent, Danaher Corporation (a leading manufacturer of process/environmental
controls and tools and components), are behind Dancer's respected family of
hardware, software, and web-based monitoring solutions.That means that now
there's a single full-service provider of reliable solutions for monitoring and
controlling data at remote locations. With plans to offer more diverse
communications technologies, including wireless sensor solutions and improved
Internet-based data distribution.

City: Rockford
Category: Motors & Drives
Since 1991 the old farmhouse where Danfoss founder Mads Clausen was born and
started his company has housed the Danfoss Museum. The museum illustrates more
than 65 years of technological development and also tells the story of Mads
Clausen. The museum is located at the company headquarters in Nordborg,
Denmark.In addition the Danfoss Museum features a Teknorama where children and
adults play and learn from the exciting world of technology.

City: Milwaukee
Category: Waste Water Products
Since 1933, Danfoss has supplied innovative components to the water industry
worldwide. A network of subsidiaries and distributors sells our products. These
companies provide on-time deliveries from convenient local stocks. More
important, however, is their total commitment to customer satisfaction.Danfoss
Water and Wastewater, headquartered in Milwaukee, sells and supports various
products, including adjustable frequency drives, sensors, valves and other
components to improve water systems.Local professionals who understand your
needs manage Danfoss representatives and distributors. Staffed by skilled sales
engineers and factory-trained technicians, they can provide essential product
training, application support, and maintenance services.

City: Houston
Category: Measurement and Control Products
For more than 70 years, Daniel Measurement and Control has brought acclaimed gas
and liquid fiscal flow measurement products, services and systems to the oil and
gas industry. Around the world, the Daniel name is synonymous with quality,
reliability and a commitment to serving its customers.Now Daniel is continuing
to innovate and build its product technology and organization to provide
customers leading fiscal flow measurement and control expertise. Daniel is
stronger than ever. As a part of the Emerson Process Management group of
companies and its $15-billion parent company, Emerson Electric Co, Daniel has
the financial strength, staying power and proven history.

City: Orlando
Category: Tool Systems
Daniels Manufacturing Corporation is the recognized leader in the Aircraft and
Aerospace Tool Industry, with experience that spans more than five decades. Our
products have been used on virtually every Defense System, Aircraft Program,
Land or Sea Going Transport System, Space Exploration Program, and in many other
types of manufacturing and support activities.

City: Lisle
Category: Vacuum Pumps
Key concepts underlying all DanVac product designs are uniqueness, simplicity,
flexibility, ease of use and ease of maintenance. Responsiveness to customer
experience feeds development of subsequent generations of products, providing
additional customer driven models, features, and modifications.Knowledgeable and
experienced sales staff members and representatives sell DanVac products to all
parts of the world. Replacement parts and servicing are readily
available.Customers range the gamut of industries, including the aviation,
semiconductor, aerospace and defense industries, just to name a few.

City: Northbrook
Category: Network & Electrical Infrastructure Products
Wood Head Industries Inc (NASDAQ: WDHD) develops, manufactures and markets
network and electrical infrastructure products engineered for performance in
harsh, demanding and hazardous industrial environments. We are known in the
global industrial market by our recognized brands that include Brad Harrison(r),
SST(tm), Daniel Wood Head Brad Power, Brad Control, MPm, Applicom,
Aero-Motive(r) and RJLnxx.

City: Cleveland
Category: Die Sets
Danly IEM is the leading manufacturer of die sets; die making supplies and
components for industry in North America. For the past 80 years, Danly IEM has
provided high quality products and services, innovative development, and custom
products.The Danly IEM product set includes a wide range of catalog die sets,
guide posts, bushings, die springs, punches, air presses, wear plates and cams,
and other die makers' supplies. We also supply special die sets, steel plates
(machined, ground, and cut), special punches and customized products to fit our
customer specifications. Our capability to provide special die sets from our
regionally located plants is unsurpassed in North America.

City: Moorpark
Category: Slip Ring Assemblies
Danmar Industries has been in business for more than twenty years. In the more
than two decades of producing dielectrical, electro-mechanical and electronic
components and assemblies. Danmar Industries has designed and manufactured Slip
Ring Assemblies for the US Navy, Air force, and Army as well as many primary
defense contractors.

City: Baltimore
Category: Industrial Controls
As part of the Danfoss Group, the Industrial Controls Division develops,
manufactures and markets pressure and temperature controls and industrial
valves.With more than 60 years of experience, we have built a strong knowledge
about technologies and applications. Through the years we have successfully
launched new products and technologies. Among others pressure transducers,
temperature sensors and, proportional valves. Recent successes include
innovative solutions combining solenoid valves and temperature/pressure
measuring technologies.Thriving to be our customers' preferred business partner,
we are actively applying the principles of Lean Thinking. Through responsible
and empowered employees, who are constantly trying to eliminate non-value
creating processes? We have been able to cut lead times, react faster, and be
more responsive to our costumers' needs.

City: Paterson
Category: Dispensers & Mixers
As a leader in dispersing and mixing technology, Dantco Mixers offers a large
selection of laboratory-scale and large production dispersers and mixers to
provide reliable performance for each and every application. These dispersers
and mixers may be supplied post mounted or tank mounted with mechanical drives
or electronic drives (DC or AC Variable Frequency Inverter) or hydraulic drives
with standard controls or explosion proof controls.Dantco is able to specify and
supply a full line of Mixers, Dispersers, Agitators, and Stator/Rotor
Homogenizers. They can be tank mounted or post mounted, variable or fixed
speeds, single or multi shafts. Ribbon Blenders (horizontal or vertical) and
Paste Mixers may be entered on special orders. These units can be supplied TEFC
or explosion proof, AC fixed or variable frequency motors and controls, and
variable speed hydraulics, in sizes ranging from fractional HP to 200 HP.Dantco
is also able to supply most sizes of process and storage tanks, including
portable on wheels and on lift tubes for forklifting, stackable, with mill or
polished finish inside and outside. Available in carbon steel and stainless
steel, they can also be supplied as jacketed tanks (pocket or half pipe) for
cooling or heating and when supplied with proper seals and gaskets able to
support low level vacuum/pressure.

City: Mahwah
Category: Integrated Measurement Systems
Dantec Dynamics' main area of activity is development and sales of integrated
measurement systems for diagnostics and research into fluid dynamics, micro
fluidics, spray analysis, combustion technology and materials/components. Dantec
Dynamics' systems are used to obtain measurement data of physical properties in
air, gases, liquids and solid materials.Quantitative measurement data include
velocity, turbulence, particle size, concentration, temperature, combustion
species, strain/stress and vibration.

City: Spartanburg
Category: Air Management Products
Dantherm was founded in 1958 in northern Denmark where it is still based. Since
that time Dantherm has expanded into Europe through the establishment of
subsidiaries in Norway and Great Britain and a dealer network covering the rest
of Europe.Dantherm's philosophy revolves around the provision of air management
solutions, which are straightforward, economical, and environmentally correct.
Dantherm is focused on satisfying the customers' needs through all stages of the
relationship, from initial discussion to specification, production and continued
support during the equipment's operational life.Dantherm utilizes the latest
computerized production technology and employs a highly qualified staff. Every
Dantherm product is subject to rigorous quality inspection throughout the
manufacturing process - from raw materials to completion, packaging and
installation - according to the quality standards of the ISO 9001 Certificate.
Every member of the Dantherm team fully understands the company's uncompromising
commitment to quality, vital to customer satisfaction.Dantherm's commitment does
not end on delivery, but is the beginning of a continuing professional
relationship. The network of Dantherm subsidiaries and independent dealers offer
a complete service package. Service engineers trained at the Danish headquarters
have in-depth product knowledge, backed by an intensive stock of spare parts and
complete units. The continued customer support throughout the equipment's
operational life maintains Dantherm's position as a leading air management
equipment manufacturer and supplier.

City: Bloomfield
Category: Cutting Tools, Work Holding & Positioning Equipment
For 50 years, Dapra Corporation has been supplying metalworking customers with
superior quality cutting tools; work holding and rotary positioning products and
part marking machines. The Dapra Products Division specializes in providing
high-velocity, high-performance cutting tools designed to provide maximum value
in difficult metalworking applications. We continue to improve our products to
meet more demanding performance requirements. Dapra also imports work holding
and positioning equipment from Europe, including Servo press Indexing Tables,
Hydra Vise machine vises, Allmatic Precision Vises, Biax Power Scrapers and
Tombstone Fixtures.The Dapra Marking Systems division sells a full range of
programmable Dot Peen (dot matrix) marking machines for permanent, direct part
marking. Developed for the aerospace industry, these systems can mark
alphanumeric text, symbols, and logos on almost any material from plastic to
hardened steels. These units are offered as standard, off-the-shelf machines, or
can be provided as custom engineered turnkey systems. Dapra Marking Systems also
offers self-contained diode-pumped laser marking systems.

City: Tulsa
Category: Precision Molded Rubber
Da/Pro Rubber Inc is a leading custom manufacturer of precision rubber molding
products, serving the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) rubber market since
1960. The proprietary Da/Pro Process automatically adjusts for compound and part
configuration variables. The result is repeatability of precision tolerance
parts of consistent quality in production quantities without the need for
secondary deflashing operations.Da/Pro strives for world-class customer service
by offering complete in-house capabilities from design assistance, compound
development, laboratory testing, and mold construction, sub-assembly and full
service quality assurance. Da/Pro's precision molded rubber capabilities also
include our class 10,000 clean room for molding health care and other precision
molded rubber parts requiring special handling.

City: Tulsa
Category: Pipeline Equipment
Darby Equipment designs, manufacturers, sells, services and leases the most
rugged and reliable line of pipeline equipment and supplies in the pipeline
construction industry.

City: Independence
Category: Industrial Gasketing Products
Darco Southern Inc was incorporated in 1976 to manufacture industrial gasketing
products and high temperature textiles.Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains in
the small town of Independence, Virginia, Darco Southern has expanded greatly
from its original two employees and five thousand square foot building.In 1997
President Jill Burcham purchased the company from her father and continued the
vision for Darco Southern as a reputable and responsible vendor to the
distributor.Darco Southern Inc low employee turnover offers the customer
security in knowing experienced personnel are handling their questions and

City: Charlotte
Category: Rubber Hose
Manufacturers of rubber hose.

City: Ashland
Category: Industrial Sharpeners
Darex builds a variety of industrial sharpeners for drills, endmills and

City: West Conshohocken
Category: Gasket & Sealing Products
D.A.R. Industrial Products Inc has serviced the gasket & sealing industry for
well over 50 years. D.A.R. is located in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pa. and
has long provided the highest level of quality products and services to its
customers.As a fabricator of gaskets, rubber products, packing, high temperature
textiles and many other custom applications, we pride ourselves on the fact that
we consistently do everything in our power to meet almost any custom application
need in the industrial products market.Our main goal is to work with our
customer to solve their sealing solution in the most cost effective and
efficient manner available. When you are looking for that hard to find item or
you are frustrated with high minimum requirements and long lead times, and then
give D.A.R. a call.

City: City of Industry
Category: Casters, Wheels, and Bumpers & Couplers
Darnell-Rose is the world's leading full-line, full-time manufacturer of
high-quality casters, wheels, rubber bumpers, and industrial truck couplers.
Customers spanning the aviation, medical, electronics, food processing,
automotive, and general material handling industries, use our products
worldwide.The merger of Darnell Corporation and Rose Caster Company formed a
division of Evans Industries of Detroit, Michigan, Darnell-Rose in January 1998.
Since 1921, Darnell casters have stood as the symbol for quality in the caster
and wheel industry, whereas Rose Caster has earned a legendary reputation for
building superior forged steel casters primarily for the demanding automotive
industry for over 65 years.Headquarters for Darnell-Rose is the former Darnell
facility in City of Industry, California where manufacturing, engineering, and
sales are fully integrated under one roof. The Detroit plant serves as our East
Coast factory and distribution center. This means every Darnell-Rose product is
100% made in the U.S.A. by American craftsmen and using only U.S. suppliers for
raw materials and purchased components.

City: Zionsville
Category: Speed Motor Drives & Accessories
Since 1963, Dart Controls has been designing and manufacturing some of the
world's most reliable variable speed motor drives and accessories. Through
continuous innovation, a relentless dedication to the industry, and a commitment
to high quality products and dependable delivery, Dart Controls have retained
the leadership position it established over 40 years ago.Our mission is to
continue to be the leader in variable speed controls and accessory products by
constantly seeking to improve the quality of products, procedures and service,
while maintaining our commitment to our customers, employees, shareholders and

City: Escondido
Category: Instrumentation Products
Dascor specializes in development, fabrication and programming of custom
instrumentation systems for the aerospace, marine, petroleum, medical,
automotive and leisure industries. In support of this mission, Dascor has
brought together a responsive, professional team of engineers and technology
specialists.Dascor's background includes the design of processor-controlled
analog and digital circuitry for signal conditioning, data acquisition, data
processing and presentation, function/wave-form generation, and PID servo-loop
control.Hands on experience ranges from system architecture through board layout
to manufacturing, as well as the design of complex test and assembly hardware,
with applications in instrumentation, manufacturing, materials testing and
robotics.Design and Engineering resources include schematice capture, PCB layout
and mechanical CAD systems, test instrumentation and calibration. Computer
science experience includes systems analysis and design, programming in most
major languages. A major emphasis is placed on well-documented, flaw-free
applications packages in a variety of operating environments where the real-time
user and hardware interfaces must be intuitive and bulletproof.Staff
certification includes metallurgical, hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical,
electrical, electronic and industrial technology as well as post graduate
education and state Professional Engineering Registration.

City: Warrenville
Category: Lubricants, Adhesives & Cleaners
D A Stuart is recognized as a worldwide leader in the production of superbly
engineered lubricants, additives and in-process and production cleaners. The
Company provides specialty materials and services to major markets including the
automotive, steel, aluminum, D&I containers, aerospace, metal forming,
fabrication and forming industries. With manufacturing plants around the globe,
Stuart can service customers of any size, anywhere in the world.At Stuart, we
have the technology and the expertise to satisfy your company's chemical needs
completely and effectively. We will help you increase productivity and achieve
the highest level of quality by selecting the chemicals and services best suited
to your operations - and by controlling the costs associated with them.

City: St Peters
Category: Fasteners & Protective Components
Data2 creates custom bar coding, labeling, bonding and protecting solutions for
unique identification and manufacturing challenges for companies throughout the

City: San Jose
Category: PCB Fabrication
Since 1978, Data Circuit Systems, Inc. has specialized in complex Multi layer
Printed Circuit Board fabrication and related engineering solutions. The company
has successfully evolved a core competence and leadership position in short
cycle manufacturing to meet the compressed cycle needs of its multinational
account base.Today, global competition mandates short cycle manufacturing which
is vital to first-in market penetration and long term corporate success. At DCS,
over 170 highly skilled employees are committed to ensure your success through
the ongoing reduction of the product development cycle. Manufacturing 7 days a
week, 24 hours a day facilitates a continuous focus on the company's vision, "We
bring our customers to the global market place first".

City: Stafford
Category: Data Communications
Since 1989 Data City Inc initially established in Manassas, Virginia and now
located in Manassas Park since 1997, has been an active continuous participant
in the worldwide Data Communications and Personal Computer Revolution, which
resulted in the merging of these two industries into a cohesive yet complex
Global Information Network!

City: Lawrenceville
Category: Color Management Products
Because color matters, leading businesses, creative professionals, and consumers
worldwide choose Data Color's innovative technology and solutions to
consistently achieve the right color. The company applies more than 30 years of
color management expertise to helping companies in a variety of industries find
the right color management solutions through Data Color Spectrum products and
services. A subsidiary of the Swiss based Eichhof Holding AG, located in
Lucerne, Switzerland; the company's strong global presence encompasses an
international strategic network of sales and support offices as well as
worldwide manufacturing and operational facilities.Industries supported by Data
Color include photography, digital imaging, graphic design, plastics, paint,
leather, automotive, coatings, apparel, textiles, ink, printing, paper and

City: Champaign
Category: Data Communications Equipment
Data Comm for Business Inc (DCB) manufactures and distributes a broad line of
data communications equipment including DSU, Stat Mux, Statistical Multiplexer,
FRAD, Routers, Wireless, Remote Access, RS-232, modems, FRADs, SCADA, and LAN
interconnection equipment.

City: Burlington
Category: Electromechanical Medical Systems Assembly
By fostering a cross-corporate, cross functional team approach, the company has
successfully delivered complex, hardware to both emerging market and established
companies. Typical electromechanical medical systems assembly capabilities
include optical coherence tomography, patient monitoring and laboratory
dispensing equipment. In parallel with sustained manufacturing excellence for
medical electronics, data Con provides both new products and build to print
manufacturing services for airborne, shipboard, and GSE military programs.The
company offers a flexible, new products and sustaining manufacturing consultancy
approach to provide quick turn, prototyping or low volume, high mix external
manufacturing services (EMS). Even if you currently have an incumbent
manufacturing source for existing programs, please consider us first for any
new, pre manufacturing release, product developments. Data Con can often provide
a lower Total Cost of Ownership through early engagement on new product
programs.Data Con Inc is FDA registered, QSR compliant and has won supplier
quality awards from multiple customers. Quality is achieved by rigorously
applying the most recent quality standards and, by training our employees using
a focused, 6-sigma (DMAIC) total quality management (TQM) system. Our Quality
Systems approach has been customer recognized by the accomplishments and

City: Trevose
Category: Semi conductor Equipment
Data Con was founded in 1986 and today is part of the Besi group (BE
Semiconductor Industries N.V.), leading supplier of semiconductor equipment.
Data Con develops and produces high-precision equipment for leading
microelectronics companies worldwide such as Bosch, Fairchild, Siemens,
Infineon, ST Micro, Skyworks as well as Asian subcontractors like Amkor, ASE and
STATSChipPAC.In 1995 the company first introduced its future-oriented platform
concept, and has since built on the modular, easily customized machine platform,
resulting in today's 2200 apm and 2200 apm+ Multi-Chip Die Bonders. Utilizing
expertise gained over nearly two decades, Data con has also developed an all-new
platform for dedicated flip chip assembly, the 8800 FC platform. Data Con is one
of the leading and most innovative suppliers in the industry and the world's
leader in flip chip technology.

City: Danvers
Category: Image Processing & Machine Vision Equipments
Data Cube Incorporated is a leading supplier of image processing hardware,
software, and systems. From cost-effective frame grabbers to ultra-high
performance image processors, Data Cube products have consistently earned high
marks of distinction for their ability to solve many of the industry's most
demanding industrial and scientific imaging applications.Since its founding in
1979, leading OEMs, system integrators and volume end-users throughout the
semiconductor, electronics, medical, military, aerospace, and discrete
manufacturing industries have come to rely on Data Cube for solutions to their
high-bandwidth image processing and analysis requirements.In addition to its
corporate headquarters in Danvers, Massachusetts, USA, Data Cube also maintains
regional sales and service facilities located throughout North America, Japan,
Southeast Asia, and Europe.

City: Clifton
Category: Delay Line Components
Data Delay Devices Inc was founded in 1964 with the goal of becoming a major
supplier of delay line components to the electronics industry with an emphasis
on quality, reliability and service. Today we supply products to more than 5,000
accounts. They include all major computer companies, telecommunications
companies, and the military and aerospace industry.Data Delay Devices Inc is a
designer, developer and manufacturer of analog and digital delay lines, as well
as delay line application modules and filters. Our products range from the
simplest delay lines of fixed delay, tapped delay and trimmer delay to the most
sophisticated digitally programmable delay lines, digitally programmable pulse
generators, dynamic memory timers, gated oscillators and pulse controllers.

City: Bainbridge Island
Category: Computer Keyboard
Darwin Keyboards was founded in November 1995 to develop products for a
forgotten niche -- the computer keyboard. The Company believed that a computer
keyboard could help make your computer easier, more efficient, and more fun to
use.Darwin Keyboards wants to shake up a rather inert keyboard industry. - PC
Week PC Weeky boards wants to shake up a rather inert keyboard industry. PC Week
From its creation, Darwin focused on designing and manufacturing the highest
quality and most innovative keyboard products. The Company's focus resulted in
the Note Board, the first external keyboard designed specifically for notebook
computers, and the Smart Board (now available), a keyboard that represents a
dramatic step forward in typing comfort.In addition to our hardware products,
the Company developed keyboard-related software that greatly enhances the
computing experience. Our first software product, Launch Board, revolutionary
keyboard design by providing one-touch access to Web Sites and applications.
Launch Board was the precursor to today's standard keyboards from Compaq,
Hewlett-Packard, and et al., which feature Internet-specific access buttons. We
partnered with many of the top Web Sites on the Internet to develop Launch
Board, including Yahoo! USA Today,, and ESPN Sports Zone.

City: San Marino
Category: Media Maintenance Products
Data Devices International Inc is a leader in the media maintenance industry.
Our 30 years experience in the magnetic media business guarantees we will be
with you for the life span of your investment. We pride ourselves on the
broadest product line offered in our industry, which allows us to provide you
with the best machine for your needs.

City: El Segundo
Category: Display Products
Since 1970, Data Display Products has pioneered the design and development of
LED lamps, panel lights, and board-level indicators to provide primary status
indication and backlighting of switches, lenses and legends. Through the years,
dynamic advances in LED technology have resulted in greater intensities and a
broad selection of colors. Our experienced applications engineers provide
technical support, suggest and provide LED samples for evaluation, and design
innovative Custom LED solutions for specific applications.Located in El Segundo,
California, our 30,000-square-foot manufacturing facility includes a flexible
production line, a dedicated quality assurance department, surface-mount
assembly equipment, a machine shop for product development, and an engineering
lab for new product design and qualification.

City: Tucson
Category: Data Communication Products
Data forth is the world leader in data acquisition, signal conditioning and data
communication products for industrial applications. Worldwide, our electronic
data acquisition, signal conditioning, and data communication products provide
rugged signal and data integrity and wide spectrum accuracy.

City: Tonawanda
Category: Data Logging & Control
Based in the UK and with over 20 years expertise in the field, it comes as no
surprise that Data Harvest - specialist in datalogging and control - has earned
itself the largest market share in primary and secondary data logging and a
reputation for excellence to match.Renowned for educationally sound products
tailored to the curriculum, Data Harvest's range offers innovation and value for
money. Data Harvest prides itself in offering first class customer support and
training, whilst constantly developing its range to keep abreast of the needs of
children and teachers in a rapidly changing market.

City: Duluth
Category: LCD
Data Image Corporation is a worldwide supplier of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
modules. Data Image Corporation of North America, as the name implies, offers a
wide variety of standard as well as custom-made alphanumeric dot matrix and
graphic modules to the American market.

City: Mattapoisett
Category: Flow Sensor Systems
Data Industrial Corporation, founded in 1978, has established itself as the
world's foremost manufacturer of non-magnetic impeller flow sensor systems. Our
professional team's experience in developing and assisting our customers with
the widest variety of liquid flow measurement applications is second to none.

City: Redmond
Category: Automated Device Handling & Marking Systems
Data I/O Corporation, located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, is the
leading provider of programming and automated device handling, programming and
marking systems for programmable integrated circuits. Celebrating 30 years of
innovative leadership in the device programming industry, Data I/O Corporation
(NASDAQ: DAIO) provides manual and automated device programming systems that
specifically address the requirements of engineering and manufacturing
customers. By combining leading edge technology and a deep understanding of our
customers' business processes, Data I/O is creating systems that dramatically
improve Return on Investment. New systems include the world's fastest and most
cost-effective inline and manual flash programming solutions, Pro Line-Road
Runner(tm) and Flash PAK(tm) Networked Programming System. The company's
Connected Programming Strategy optimizes programming from design through
manufacturing by creating a networked solution that connects engineering to
manufacturing, business processes to business systems, and the firmware supply
chain to its users. Data I/O Corporation is headquartered in Redmond,
Washington, and has sales and service offices worldwide.

City: Bothell
Category: Embedded Devices
We're putting powerful software in the hands of some of the top product
manufacturers in the world by developing technologies that manage data in
embedded devices to make their products more reliable. Our file system, device
drivers and operating system software free our customers and partners from
constraints and worry by ensuring reliability, performance and flexibility.

City: Bellevue
Category: Industrial Modems
Data-Linc Group industrial modems offer unsurpassed data communication, seamless
connectivity and unparalleled reliability between PLC, PC and RTU applications-
even in extreme environments. From water/wastewater and oil/gas to industrial
automation, Data-Linc Group makes the connection.Our commitment to providing
performance-oriented, high-quality data communications equipment has earned us
numerous corporate alliances and associations. We work closely with our partners
to ensure compatible and high-performance systems.

City: Winchester
Category: Computer Products
Datalux Corporation designs and manufactures rugged and compact computer
products for use in environments that require unique durable designs and have
limited space available.

City: Orange City
Category: Memory & Logic Programming Equipment
Dataman Programmers have 25 years experience of manufacturing and supporting
memory and logic programming equipment.Our S4 programmer & emulator is the
world's best-selling handheld EPROM programmer; no other portable even comes
close.We also supply low voltage, universal and gang programmers backed by a
wide range of adaptors and accessories.

City: Fenton
Category: LED Electronic Signs
We display your production information on LED Electronic Signs to help you
improve your manufacturing efficiency and safety.As System Integration
Specialists We Develop Cost-Effective Data Solutions Geared To Saving You Time
And Money.

City: Orlando
Category: Bar-Coding Products
Datamax is the worlds leading international bar code Solutions Company. Offering
a full line of products to meet every bar-coding requirement, including thermal
bar code printers, bar code verification systems, software solutions, direct
thermal and thermal transfer labels and ribbons. Our customers around the world
range from small manufacturing firms and single-outlet retailers to government
agencies and multinational corporations.

City: Florham Park
Category: Rugged IT Equipment
Data Metrics(tm) Corporation (OTCBB: DMTI) was founded in 1962 as a high
technology military engineering and consulting firm, and operated for over 30
years in California. In 1998 the company moved to its current headquarters in
Orlando, FL. Over the last four decades, Data Metrics Corporation has become
well know by the military, air transportation, and targeted industrial market
sectors for producing state-of-the-art design, development and production of
ruggedized printers/plotters, workstations and peripherals (computers, disk
drives, tape drives, keyboards, trackballs and other equipment).
Application-specific, as well as Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) the products
manufactured by Data Metrics is sold primarily for Department of Defense (DoD)
applications.Our product line capabilities range from the stringent requirements
of military specifications (MIL-Spec), to the varying commercial standards. Data
Metrics pioneered the rugged products industry, and most notably the development
of high-speed, non-impact color printers for tactical military applications.
Ruggedized(tm) printers remain the core product of Data Metrics, and the U.S.
government (or the prime contractors to the U.S. government) remains its largest
source of revenue. Building from this base Data Metrics has developed and
manufactured other high-performance, high-reliability electronic communications
equipment for aerospace, defense, industrial and commercial markets. Data
Metrics has also become a value-added resource to our customers by bundling
products to provide integrated systems. In addition Data Metrics offers
engineering design services, and build-to-print capability that utilize our 40
years of experience.

City: Islandia
Category: LCD Modules
Our standard family of character and graphic LCD modules includes a wide variety
of high contrast, extended temperature range products. In addition, Data Modul
offers a custom program, allowing you to design your own specific LCD module to
meet your specifications. Our product offering also includes a wide variety of
TFT displays, plug-and play TFT monitors, both desktop and industrial.
Furthermore, we offer industrial open-frame and panel mount monitors.

City: Southfield
Category: Statistical Process Control
Data Net Quality Systems, headquartered in Southfield, Michigan, is a division
of the Detroit Gauge Group, a family of precision tooling, gauging, testing
equipment, software and electronic probe manufacturers established in 1941.Being
in the metrology business for half a century, Detroit Gauge's management team
recognized the value of using Statistical Process Control software to automate
Quality Control of manufacturing processes. In 1990, Detroit Gauge began
developing the first Windows-based real-time SPC software product - WinSPC. The
Data Net division was created in 1995 to focus exclusively on the development
and marketing of Quality Control software products and services. In 1997, Data
Net introduced the first client/server real-time SPC software product: WinSPC
C/S. This product redefined the standards for SPC analysis by utilizing
statistics "in-line" as part of the manufacturing process, and won the
President's Award for most innovative technology from a field of over 600
products at the ISA Expo.

City: Aptos
Category: Analog And Digital Communication Channels
Chase Scientific was originally founded as a consulting firm in 1987,
specializing in advanced high speed analog and digital communication channels
for the magnetic storage industry.Chase Scientific first entered the computer
based instrument market in 1989 by introducing the world's first complete
PC-based Oscilloscope family of add-on cards designed exclusively for the IBM
compatible PC. Each oscilloscope system included a single add-on card and a full
graphics interface package (GUI) with automatic test capabilities. Bandwidths
ranged from 10MHz to 100MHz. This product family was phased out by 1997 in favor
of custom OEM designs which focused solely on the Embedded Instrument Market
including High Speed Data Acquisition and Signal Generation.

City: San Diego
Category: Industrial Computer Enclosures
Chassis Plans is a quality provider of industrial computer enclosures, rackmount
keyboards and displays, and integrated systems for leading Original Equipment
Manufacturers (OEM's) and Value Added Resellers in the military, industrial
control and automation industries. Chassis Plans is based in San Diego,
California and is a General Member of the Intel® Communications Alliance.Chassis
Plans was founded in 1997 by Mr David Lippincott. Mr Lippincott had previously
cofounded Industrial Computer Source in 1985 and was the Engineering VP until he
left in 1997. Mr Lippincott was instrumental in growing the company from 2
people to 175 and over $60M in sales. The company still sells many of the
products Mr Lippincott personally developed and many more products introduced
under his guidance. Mr Lippincott brings over 20 years of high quality
industrial computer design and manufacturing experience to the Company.Chassis
Plans provides concept, design, prototyping, production, integration, and
certification into one unique turnkey solution. Some examples of existing
markets include Oil Refining, Automation Control, Internet Infrastructure,
Computer Telephony, Government, Military and Banking.

City: Chatham
Category: Thermal Fuses & Thermal Cutoffs
Since 1983 Chatham Components has been the leading import distributor of one
shot thermal fuses / thermal cutoffs in North America. Our principles are
Uchihashi Estec, famous for the Elcut brand, and Nec Schott for their SEFUSES
brand of thermal fuses and thermal cutoffs components. Both are manufactured
under ISO9001 standards, the international standard for quality assurance. Our
complete line of thermal fuses and thermal cutoffs components also have most
agency approvals, including UL, CSA, VDE TUV and BEAB.Our highly skilled sales
department is always available to help you with any questions you might have
concerning thermal fuses and thermal cutoffs components. Chatham stocks over 3
million low current eutectic thermal fuses and thermal cutoffs from Uchihashi
Estec and high current thermal fuses and thermal cutoffs (TCO) from Nec Schott
Corporation and can ship most orders the same day. We strive to deliver quality
parts on time and at the best price possible.

City: Largo
Category: Measuring Instruments & Scales
Chatillon force measurement instruments and weighing scales have been a hallmark
in the industry since 1835. They've earned their reputation for quality,
reliability and accuracy and they represent the standard for force measurement
and precision weighing.Chatillon products are used in a variety of applications
and industries for tensile testing, compression testing, flexural testing, peel
testing and virtually any testing where accurate, quantitative results are

City: Chatsworth
Category: Computer, Data & Communication Equipment
CPI leads the industry in providing structural support systems used to Organize,
Store and Secure valuable computer, data and communications equipment. To meet
all your equipment mounting needs, CPI offers a broad selection of Two-Post
Systems, Four-Post Systems, Wall, Ceiling & Under-Floor Systems, Zone Cabling &
Wireless Enclosures, Cable Management & Runway, and Accessories.

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