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USA manufacturer database

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Previews of data we have available:


City: West Des Moines
Category: Valves
Since our inception in 1958, Check-All Valve has expanded from producing one
valve with one material to manufacturing a series of valves in a wide range of
materials. Many companies manufacture check valves in addition to other product
lines; however, Check-All Valve is dedicated solely to the design and
manufacture of spring loaded check valves.We have become an internationally
recognized company for quality, innovation, and cost efficiency. We recognize
that the customer is No.1 and we will continue to build our foundation for
success on Service to each Customer. Along with our many standard / space saving
designs, we can design and manufacture our check valves for almost any
application. Our customers can be assured that all of our check valves are
rugged, efficient, and built to perform to their specifications.Whether you need
a high quality check valve for your standard application or have special
requirements, make Check-All your first choice. You will find that our quality,
innovation, and service will exceed your expectations.

City: Elizabeth
Category: Temperature & Humidity Indicators
Check-It is a leading manufacturer of new and innovative temperature and
humidity instruments used worldwide in a variety of markets, since 1972.Built
For Reliability® and made in the USA. Our instruments are tested and calibrated
according to the US National Institute of Standards and Technology and are
available with a corresponding certificate of calibration.

City: San Jose
Category: Precision Laser Scanning Systems
Checkpoint Technologies is a leader in the design and manufacture of precision
laser scanning systems for research and industrial applications. We have
developed the InfraScan 200 optical probe system line of products, which combine
Checkpoints proven laser scanning technology with the latest laser based fault
isolation and detection techniques. Infrascan 200 optical probe systems are used
in major test and analysis facilities in the U.S. and overseas. We also supply
engineered modules and custom products for OEM's. System support is available
nationally and internationally.

City: Arlington
Category: Low-Cost-In-Circuit Test Solutions
Check Sum is a leading supplier of low-cost in-circuit test solutions to the
worldwide electronics manufacturing industry. Its products and services include
systems, fixtures, and programs that detect manufacturing process faults on
complex SMT printed circuit assemblies and that provide value-added operations
such as In-System Programming of digital chips. Check Sum has been delivering
reliable, cost-effective, and easy-to-use test solutions to OEMs and contract
manufacturers for 18 years. With an installed base of over 2,500 test systems at
more than 200 manufacturing sites in over 40 countries, CheckSum helps customers
ranging from automotive electronics manufacturers to global EMS providers reduce
their total test and manufacturing costs and increase their profit margins.
Based in Arlington, Washington, Check Sum is the only North American Automated
Test Equipment (ATE) supplier to offer turnkey test program and fixturing
packages and an engineering-oriented approach to customer support, giving
customers a cost-saving alternative to traditional ATE suppliers. Satisfied
customers helped Check Sum become the winner of the 2004 Evaluation Engineering
"Readers' Choice" award in the category of ATE. Shipping hundreds of testers
each year, Check Sum is the only board test company to have grown continuously
through the recent electronics downturn.

City: Indianapolis
Category: Industrial Cases
C H Ellis manufactures a wide range of high-quality industrial cases made in
Indianapolis IN. We make and supply cases for a wide variety of applications.
Our carrying or shipping cases are for tools, medical instruments, equipment,
spare parts, circuit boards, samples and demonstration.Ellis also makes portable
enclosures for test sets, medical, measurement, communications, broadcast and
scientific equipment and belt pouches to mobile equipment racks, as well as
static control products. Our experience, together with our dedication to
customer satisfaction, is the key to our success.C H Ellis was formed in 1902,
at which time we were manufacturing harnesses and saddles for horses. Since
then, Ellis has adapted to the changing needs of industry and now manufactures
products to meet the needs of high technology industries. Most of the products
are now manufactured from manmade materials such as Polyethylene, ABS,
Polystyrene, Cordura and nylon.

City: Exiter
Category: RF And Microwave Control Components
Chelton Control Systems (CCS) designs and manufactures passive and active RF
microwave and millimeter wave components of superior quality, reliability and
performance. These products have evolved to include complex multi-function
assemblies. CCS products are found in systems for electronic warfare, radar,
missile and communication/navigation systems.

City: Upper Saddle River
Category: High-Pressure Equipment
Over the last decades, the name Chemac Inc became synonymous with our primary
factories Uraca, Uhde and Kempchen. All Chemac Inc. factories are ISO quality
certified or meet Total Quality Standards as required by our customer base. If
quality services and products are important, then we look forward to hearing
from you regarding your needs. Our excellent service reputation, quality brand
names, and experience is the key to our long successful history as a privately
held company.

City: Redwood City
Category: Epoxy & Polyurea Products
At ChemCo Systems, we believe that expertise makes all the difference to our
customers. Our staff engineers and chemists average over 25 years of industry
experience, and many participated in the original development of structural
adhesives for concrete repair and restoration. Their original research and
testing into the behavior of adhesives under sustained stress led to the
adoption of minimum test standards by ASTM. Today we remain active in the
standards and technical committees of ACI, ICRI, ASTM, ACS and CSI.Founded in
1994 by the same experienced people who developed the SCB® system of structural
crack repair at Adhesive Engineering, ChemCo Systems manufactures a diverse
selection of polymer systems for use in construction applications. Our products
are designed to install, protect or repair architectural and structural
concrete, steel, wood as well as both carbon and glass fiber composite systems.
Over 100 ChemCo products are available for: structural crack repair, anchor
bolts, coatings and sealants, machine bases, old-to-new pours, seismic upgrades,
plate bonding reinforcement, spall repair, underwater (marine) and extreme
environments. In addition, ChemCo offers custom formulation, compounding, toll
manufacturing and product testing services using ASTM and ACI standards.

City: Alpharetta
Category: Adhesives & Sealants
Chemence Inc is a worldwide QS9000 chemical manufacturer specializing in
adhesives & sealants. It has been our objective to grow our company into an
enduring and wealth generating business.

City: Ashland
Category: Heat Detectors
Anything worth doing is worth doing well. That's why we at Chemetronics ® focus
all our energies on producing the best value heat detectors possible. For over
forty years, we've been meeting our customers' needs by providing economical,
commercial, decorative and special hazard heat detectors. And our efforts
continue to pay off.Chemetronics ® conventional heat detectors are the most
widely used and approved detectors on the market. Installers, specifiers and
original equipment manufacturers prefer Chemetronics ® to other leading brands.

City: Vineland
Category: Scientific Glassware & Accessories
Chemglass is an innovative supplier of scientific glassware and accessories. Our
product line includes flasks, funnels, condensers, adapters, chromatography
columns, micro-scale, quartz products and much more.Chemglass sells a number of
products to complement our manufactured specialty glassware, making it more
convenient for customers to purchase complete systems. These products include
thermometers, heating mantles, vacuum gauges, clamps, power controllers,
temperature controllers, stirrer motors, vacuum pumps, support stands, hot plate
stirrers, heater/chillers, and a variety of rubber, polymer, and metal parts.

City: Columbus
Category: Chemistry-Related Articles
CAS is a team of scientists, creating and delivering the most complete and
effective digital information environment for scientific research and discovery.
CAS provides pathways to published research in the world's journal and patent
literature--virtually everything relevant to chemistry plus a wealth of
information in the life sciences and a wide range of other scientific
disciplines--back to the beginning of the 20th century.Since 1907, CAS has
indexed and summarized chemistry-related articles from more than 40,000
scientific journals, in addition to patents, conference proceedings and other
documents pertinent to chemistry, life sciences and many other fields. In total,
abstracts for more than 24 million documents are accessible online through CAS.

City: San Jose
Category: Chemical And Slurry Handling Systems
Established in 1987 CSTI started operation in San Jose, California, with the
design and manufacture of cost effective chemical and slurry handling systems
for the Semiconductor and Disk Manufacturing industries. In the years following
our initial successes and with our expanded capabilities, CSTI has been
designing and manufacturing a variety of custom equipment for our customer's
unique applications.In 1990 CSTI moved to a wholly-owned new facility in San
Jose occupying 6,000 of the 28,000 square-feet of available space. Currently, it
occupies 15,000 square feet for the offices and manufacturing areas.The
financial strength and the steady growth of the company over the years has
helped CSTI become a leader in design innovation and custom equipment market.

City: Evansville
Category: Chemical Metering Pump
Since 1986 Chemical Systems has been revolutionizing the metering & dispense
flow control equipment industry. Beginning with its patented FMI (pressure
compensated differential bias flow controller) to its present day Smart Shot
Chemical Metering Pump. Chemical Systems continues its proud tradition of being
first to bring you Tomorrows Technology.Chemical Systems has been providing
custom built vacuum encapsulating machines for the automotive industry for use
in potting ignition systems, brake modules, alternators and electronic control
modules since the mid-nineties.

City: Pittsburgh
Category: Chemical Imaging Products
Chem Image provides a revolutionary Chemical Imaging technology for chemical and
biological applications in numerous global industries. Through our total
solutions approach, which combines hardware, software, training and custom
application development, customers solve problems, accelerate product
development goals and gain a competitive advantage. Chem Image develops some of
the world's most advanced high performance scientific instrumentation to analyze
materials at the molecular level. Since our founding in 1994, we continue to
deliver valuable analytical information to our clients with unprecedented speed
and clarity. Our efforts are targeted in areas including
pharmaceuticals,biomedicine, forensics, polymers, chemical and biological
detection, food safety and environmental remediation.

City: Lombard
Category: Precision Timing Belts
Chemi-Flex offers a complete line of standard timing belts and molded product as
well as the capability to mold custom products for specialty applications.We
have the ability to design and fabricate molds on-site for a wide variety of
applications. Our facility also boasts extensive research and development
capability in a modern lab environment.

City: Seattle
Category: Chemical Processing Equipment
Chemithon Enterprises Inc is a privately held group of international technology
companies offering process development, engineering, plant equipment
manufacturing, construction, and a full range of services to
customers.Surfactants from our sulfonation plants are key ingredients in
detergents, shampoos, toothpaste, oil additives and numerous other consumer and
industrial products. We also design and fabricate custom process equipment for
various process industries; design and manufacture pollution control systems for
the power generation industry; and provide equipment, processes and supplies to
the surface finishing and printed circuit board industries.Our goal is to offer
innovative, high quality products and services to meet the needs of our
customers through continuous product development, improved quality design and
equipment manufacturing, and responsive technical support.

City: Schaumburg
Category: Electrical Insulating Materials
Chem-Spec Corporation is a privately owned company that has over 55 years of
technical expertise in the development of electrical insulating materials and
the chemical manufacturing of these highly specialized products. These combined
talents are directed towards producing materials that solve the very difficult
electrical insulating requirements imposed by harsh operating environments,
extreme temperature and the highest of electrical and mechanical stresses. We
endeavor to make our products easy to use, safe to handle and environmentally
friendly. While the cost of our products is a consideration, it ranks second to
long-term value and performance for our customers. Our focus to date has been on
solving insulating problems in the electric utility and railroad industries.

City: Vista
Category: Chemical Metering Pumps & Accessories
We Offer Chemical Metering Pumps and Accessories.

City: Kennesaw
Category: Electronics & Telecommunication Equipments
Since 1958, Chemtronics has been on the forefront of the electronics maintenance
and repair. Chemtronics products became synonymous with highest performance,
quality and innovation to hundreds of thousands of technicians the world over.
From then, our product offering has grown from a handful of cleaners to a
complete line of ultra-pure solvents, cleanroom-grade swabs and wipes, and
precision rework and repair tools for the electronics industry. ITW Chemtronics
products are manufactured to an ISO9001:2000 Quality Standard, ensuring we will
continue to manufacture every product to the same high quality standards,
everytime. Since 1999, ITW Chemtronics has been a wholly owned subsidiary of
Illinois Tool Works Inc.

City: Newark
Category: Computer Notebook
Chem USA is a provider of computer notebook manufacturing service based in
Silicon Valley. These full-solution services including outsourcing, white box,
and private branding programs - are provided to original equipment
manufacturers, system integrators, B2Bs selling on the internet, private
branders, software applications firms, distributos, and resellers. Chem USA is
certified in

City: Portland
Category: Precision Plastic Fabrication
Chemwest Systems Inc is a leader in supplying precision plastics components,
fabrication and services to industrial and semiconductor customers. Chemwest
products are an integral part of operations in many leading semiconductor
fabrication facilities around the world.Our product line includes automated
systems for cleaning parts, filtering corrosive liquids, dispensing hazardous
materials and other specialized processes. These tools are designed to maximize
consistency, repeatability and safety in the manufacturing process.Chemwest also
provides many of the OEM plastic components used within other manufacturer's
equipment. These parts are either machined on our CNC machining and turning
centers, or fabricated by experienced personnel.

City: Oriskany
Category: Solder Paste Stencils
Chepaume Industries is the emerging leader in the manufacturing of solder paste
stencils for Surface Mount Technology (SMT). Derived from another successful and
similar company Newcut, Inc. Chepaume was formed to specifically focus on the
unique needs of the Electronics Assembly Industry.

City: Tustin
Category: Switch Mode Power Supplies
Cherokee International designs, manufactures and markets high-reliability custom
and standard switch-mode power supplies for datacom, telecom, medical and
process-control applications. With advanced manufacturing facilities and
engineering expertise located worldwide, Cherokee applies a customer-focused
approach to provide high-reliability power products to manufacturers in record
time. As the leading provider of custom-designed power sources, Cherokee also
delivers a complete range of standard and modified-standard AC/DC power
supplies, AC/DC rectifiers and power shelves, and DC/DC converters. Cherokee is
headquartered in Tustin, California.

City: Stilwell
Category: Coonectors & Electrical Components
Cherokee Nation Industries (CNI) was established in 1969 by Chief W W Keeler to
meet the need for business development and to generate revenues which would help
the Cherokee Nation and its members move toward an economic self-sufficiency.
CNI is owned by the Cherokee Native American Tribe.In 1988, CNI focused on the
defense and aerospace industries because of opportunities that surfaced in those
fields and formed a company called Cherokee Nation Distributors (CND, LLC) to
provide connectors and electrical components to the military aerospace and
commercial industries.In 1995 CNI diversified into the telecommunications
industry as a value-added reseller and distributor and in 1998 created Cherokee
Medical Services, LLC to provide civilian medical personnel to the Department of
Defense for U.S. military bases across the globe, and providing engineers to
NASA on the space program. Today, we have more than 700 Professionals working in
three countries and 22 states.

City: Waukegan
Category: Automotive Switches & Modules
Since our beginning in the early 1950's, Cherry Corporation has excelled at
turning things on, setting things in motion, and getting things going.As a
worldwide leader in the design, development and manufacture of automotive
switches & modules, computer keyboards, and switches & controls, we continue to
focus on providing advanced, technology-based solutions via an integrated
network of resources.We have established enduring relationships with our
customers by providing a continuous policy of innovation, a sustained commitment
to the highest standards of quality and service, and a fierce determination to
meet their needs.

City: Rolling Meadows
Category: Tool Holding & Work Holding Equipments
Chevin's product range is extensive. Whatever the size or type of project we can
assist from the design process through to a comprehensive service.Our philosophy
has always been that Quality Assurance starts with our suppliers. Therefore,
only those companies which pass our stringent selection procedures and which are
capable of complying with our own demanding specifications are chosen to supply
the components used in our production process.

City: Franklin Park
Category: Metal Marking Stamps
C H Hanson Company has been a Chicago based manufacturer, owned by the same
family since 1866. For over 135 years, the company has established itself as a
premier full line manufacturer of Metal Marking Stamps, Brass Adjustable
Stencils, Metal Tags, and other identification accessories. Over the past ten
years, C.H. Hanson has focused its efforts on a significant product expansion,
through the acquisition of innovative products and by creating strategic
partnerships. Today, Hanson is one of the only companies to offer a full line of
products and packaging, as well as a merchandising Focus, for an ever-growing
Marking, Identification, and Safety products category. It is all part of the
tradition of Hanson; to meet and exceed the demands of its customers and

City: Chicago
Category: Custom Seal
Established in 1889, Chicago-Allis has an enduring reputation for quality,
reliability, and value-added performance. We combine creativity, cutting edge
technologies, and new age materials to design and produce sealing products that
perform better.Why buy a catalog seal when Chicago-Allis provides not only a
custom seal designed for your application, but assistance and expertise for the
entire system.

City: Glendale Heights
Category: Industrial Blowers & Fans
We have been designing and building fans for over 50 years. In fact, Chicago
fans are now operating in every corner of the world and in most every type of
application imaginable.Chicago Blower air moving products are best known for
their "industrial quality," a standard of manufacturing assuring certified
performance, relentless dependability and extreme longevity. ISO
RegisteredChicago fans are specified for a wide range of OEM applications. A
staff of specially trained engineers will design a dependable fan that exactly
fits your dimensional and performance requirements.

City: The Woodlands
Category: Engineering, Procurement And Construction
Chicago Bridge & Iron Company NV is one of the world's leading engineering,
procurement and construction (EPC) companies, specializing in lump-sum turnkey
projects for customers that produce, process, store and distribute the world's
natural resources. With more than 60 locations and approximately 11,000
employees throughout the world, we capitalize on our global expertise and local
knowledge to safely and reliably deliver projects virtually anywhere.We are a
fully integrated EPC service provider, offering a complete package of conceptual
design, engineering, procurement, fabrication, field construction, mechanical
installation and commissioning. We serve customers in a number of key industries
including oil and gas; petrochemical and chemical; power; water and wastewater;
and metals and mining. Our projects include hydrocarbon processing plants, LNG
terminals and peak shaving plants, offshore structures, bulk liquid terminals,
water storage and treatment facilities, and other steel structures and their
associated systems. We also provide a broad range of maintenance and repair
services, including complete turnarounds for petroleum refining and
petrochemical plants.

City: Des Plaines
Category: Digital & Mechanical Gages
CDI has been a manufacturer of innovative state-of-the-art digital and
mechanical gages since 1932. We've been working to develop new, more accurate,
more advanced gages from the beginning. All this experience helps us to serve
our customers more responsively, more efficiently, and more economically. Also,
we pay close attention to the requests of every customer. Your custom designed
gage will have exactly the features you want.While our gages are built to
American Gage Design specifications, and have the precision and accuracy
customers have come to expect, our digital Logictmoem and mechanical OEM gages
are our flagship lines. They represent the best in both digital and mechanical
OEM gages. Whatever your gage application, we are ready to design a gage of the
highest quality to meet your exact requirements.

City: Mokena
Category: Industrial Fasteners
At Chicago Fastener Inc we have been manufacturing cold headed special bolts,
right here in the USA for nearly twenty-five years. All of our products are made
to recognized standards, including I.F.I., S.A.E., and ASTM specifications, or
we can manufacture to your prints. Quality is foremost at Chicago Fastener - we
offer complete traceability on all products and will be in full compliance with
the Fastener Quality Act.

City: Chicago
Category: PTFE Resin Processing And Fabricating
Pioneers in PTFE resin processing and fabricating with over 50 years of PTFE
processing experience since 1949, Chicago Gasket Company today is one of the
oldest and largest independent PTFE processors in a fully equipped, modern
facility.Several basic types of PTFE materials are produced by Chicago Gasket
Company. Each has special characteristics that make it particularly well suited
to certain applications. Chicago Gasket Company is online with an integrated
computer system and has a full engineering department utilizing CAD/CAM for
custom and standard PTFE products.

City: Cicero
Category: Gears & Mechanical Parts
Headquartered at one of America's great natural crossroads in South Bend,
Indiana, Schafer Gear Works is a leading producer of high-precision,
custom-engineered gears and machined parts. A QS-9000 company, our production
facilities are world-class plants. Our South Bend plant is 108,000 square feet,
the Rockford plant is 45,000 square feet and the Fort Wayne plant is 12,000
square feet. All plants are world-class, air-conditioned facilities. Linked with
modern communications systems, we are quick to respond. We have cell-based
manufacturing processes that assure strict compliance to quality and delivery
requirements.With a total of three manufacturing facilities in the Midwest,
Schafer serves a diverse customer base in automotive, off-highway equipment,
power transmission, medical, mining and other industries.Our in-house
engineering support teams in both South Bend and Rockford provide expert and
proactive consultation services to all our customers to enhance product control
and performance. We maintain a continuous program of process and equipment
improvement to keep our company on the cutting edge of industry capabilities.

City: Franklin Park
Category: Wire Rope & Chain Fittings
Manufacturers of Wire Rope and Chain Fittings, Industrial and Marine Hardware
and Allied ProductsSales offices and warehouse stocks are maintained in the
principal cities to enable Distributors to promptly service your requirements
for The Chicago Line, whether they are stock products or products manufactured
to your specifications.

City: Wheeling
Category: Rubber Covered Rollers
Worldclass manufacturer of custom rubber covered rollers for today's
ever-changing markets.

City: Rock Hill
Category: Tools & Assembly Systems
The CP brand, the name for quality tools and assembly systems from three of the
world's major and long-standing power tool manufacturers: CP Chicago Pneumatic,
CP Desoutter and CP Georges Renault, now fully integrated into one business.
Together, we provide you with a complete range of products to satisfy all your
production needs. The end result is the most comprehensive range of products,
services and production solutions, from simple fastening tools, drills and
abrasive tools, to the most advanced assembly and drilling systems available.
Whatever the application, we have the tools for the job.

City: Bensenville
Category: Die Casting Tooling
Chicago White Metal Casting, at $30 million in sales with over 65 years of
commitment to die casting process innovation, operates from a modern 136,000 sq.
ft. facility in suburban Chicago, Illinois, near O'Hare International Airport.
Dun & Bradstreet has granted CWM the highest rating in its class, 4A1.CWM can
offer OEM product engineers and specifiers greater freedom from die casting
design and process constraints to help achieve improved product performance with
lower total costs. Its production is supplied to original equipment customers
worldwide. The company's Quality Management System

City: Meadville
Category: High Pressure Coolant Systems
Manufacturers of high pressure coolant systems.

City: New York
Category: IC's & Components
eeProductCenter, brought to you by the editors of EE Times and ChipCenter, is a
comprehensive online resource for new product announcements and reviews of the
latest integrated circuits and electronics components. eeProductCenter will draw
on the experience of our editors to break new product information first, helping
to speed the engineer's product selection process.Our unbiased, seasoned
editorial staff has nearly 200 years of cumulative experience covering the
electronics industry. They work vigilantly to provide you with the most timely
product news and a first look at the key technology features, specs, pricing and
availability of leading-edge electronic ICs and components.Recently, we added
the parametric parts search engine SpecSearch® powered by GlobalSpec, so you can
search more than 66 million parts representing 1,100,000 product families from
more than 10,700 supplier catalogs in such areas as semiconductors, boards and
buses, switches and relays, connectors, power supplies and test and measurement

City: Warwick
Category: Heat Sinks & Thermal Solutions
Manufacturer of quality heat sinks and thermal solutions for microprocessors.

City: Santa Clara
Category: ASIC Products
Amnon FisherAs an established Structured ASIC manufacturing company, ChipX
wishes to build strong relationships with the analyst community. We would be
happy to provide you with briefings on our technology and market-views for your
opinions and feedback. We would also be interested in hearing your views of our

City: Elmore
Category: Tool & Die Products
Successful in the tool and die industry as a result of quality work, on time
delivery, and customer service, we have grown due to our ability to surround
ourselves with talented people and to provide them with an environment that
encourages flexibility and innovation.This approach has allowed us to
efficiently integrate many new technologies in our manufacturing process and to
incorporate diverse technologies into our design. Our customers benefit from
this environment whenever components, assemblies or machines are purchased from
Chip Matic Tool & Machine Inc.

City: Santa Clara
Category: Semiconductor Packaging Design
ChipPAC is a full-portfolio provider of semiconductor packaging design,
assembly, test and distribution services that combines a history of innovation
and reliability with more than a decade of experience satisfying some of the
largest - and most demanding - customers in the industry. From inception, we
have been one of the industry's top assembly and test foundries.

City: Exton
Category: Enantiomeric Separation Products
Chiral Technologies Inc provides pharmaceutical and related industries with
enantiomeric separation products and services. The company develops and supplies
Daicel® chiral columns for High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and
Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) systems which are used in numerous
applications, including analytical, preparative and pilot scale separations.
Chiral Technologies Inc also develops and supplies bulk chiral stationary phase
media for process scale chromatographic separations. Custom separation services
are performed using both single column (elution) systems and Simulated Moving
Bed (SMB) systems for custom separations. Since opening in 1993, the facility
has completed projects for over 100 pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and
agrichemical companies.

City: Charlotte
Category: Vertical CNC Machining Centers
Chiron was founded in 1921 as a small workshop and is today one of the world's
leading manufacturers of vertical CNC machining centers.Our products are used
worldwide, in the low volume production of machine tools as well as in the high
volume production of components for the automotive industry.

City: Burgaw
Category: Chloride UPS
Most businesses today are totally reliant on computer and communication
networks; and industries such as telecommunications, manufacturing depend
heavily on electrical control and monitoring equipment. The only certain way of
protecting your investment against power quality problems is to install a UPS. A
Chloride UPS is your insurance policy against power problems. Chloride's focus
on achieving world-class performance in Reliability, Availability and
Dependability ensures we provide the Best value to our customers.

City: Burgaw
Category: Emergency Lighting Systems
Manufacturers of emergency lighting systems.

City: Clinton Twp
Category: Mod Components
Manufacturers of mold components viz., ejector blades, step pins, etc.

City: Woburn
Category: EMI Shielding & Thermal Management Solutions
Chomerics is the world's largest manufacturer of EMI (electromagnetic
interference) shielding materials. Our strengths are service, experience,
technology, and unparalleled design capabilities.Since 1961, Chomerics has been
the primary force in the development and application of conductive elastomer
technology in extruded, molded and RTV compound forms and with form-in-place
gasketing technology. Our EMI shielding materials include conductive elastomers;
metal EMI gasketing; spring finger gaskets; EMI cable shielding; conductive
coatings and adhesives; shielding laminates and foil tapes; and shielded vents
and windows.We also manufacture an innovative line of thermal interface
materials. Chomerics products have been designed into thousands of applications
and help guarantee the performance, integrity, survivability, and
maintainability of communications equipment, radars, aircraft, missiles,
spacecraft, computers, fire control systems and industrial electronics.

City: Vista
Category: OEM & Gaming Products
Founded nearly three decades ago, CH Products has been providing advanced motion
control solutions to the industrial and commercial industries for more than
twenty-five years. With two distinct business divisions: Original Equipment
Manufacturing and Gaming, CH Products develops, manufactures and markets an
extensive, customizable product line that is designed to meet the growing needs
of today's global economy.CH Products' OEM business unit provides the industrial
market with a wide range of Potentiometric and Hall Effect joysticks as well as
Panel Mount and Desktop trackballs that are specifically designed to meet the
most exacting requirements. Most controllers are capable of accommodating a
variety of handle, pushbutton, and axis configurations, thus assuring that
there's a device to meet the requirements of any application.Ch Products' Retail
Gaming division manufactures an extended line of high-end USB and Gameport
compatible aviation controllers that are ideal for computer education and
simulation. Products of continuous research and design, CH Products' Joysticks,
Yokes, Throttle Controls, and Rudder Pedals are recognized as the most realistic
flight simulation controllers available.

City: Seattle
Category: Industrial Flat Panel Monitors
Christensen Display Products is a privately held multimillion dollar company
incorporated in 1996. Several of the principals come from long careers in
industrial control, industrial/military design, and manufacturing. Headquarters
are near Seattle, Washington which offers an abundant labor pool and easy access
to international shipping. A full family of quality industrial flat panel
monitors from 10 to 20 inch diagonal active viewing area. Direct plug and play
compatibility with any PC video output and without any special software drivers,
hardware adapters, BIOS revisions, or cabling. Touch screens are provided as an
option as is custom packaging and custom OEM configurations. Christensen Display
designs and builds products under their own and other brand names.

City: Irvine
Category: Electronic Test And Measurement Products
Initiative, responsibility and innovation are the driving spirits that have made
Chroma a world leader in electronic test and measurement industry. With emphasis
on quality products, service and advanced technology, Chroma has been able to
maintain a sustainable and profitable growth.By focusing on providing innovative
technology to the market, Chroma increases its core competency and ensures a
steady growth towards becoming a world-class enterprise.

City: Pittsburgh
Category: Heat & Control Products
Chromalox has its company headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We have
sales offices across the United States in addition to representation for most of
the world. The following is a synopsis of a very interesting and exciting
company that began as the pioneer and progressed as the world leader in the
manufacturing of electric heating products. We hope this history pays due
respect to all the people, both past and present, that have made Wiegand
Industrial a long running success story.In 1915, Edwin L. Wiegand, a young,
brilliant, self taught engineer was granted his first patent for a resistance
heating element embedded in an insulating refractory enclosed in a metal sheath.
This major breakthrough cannot be appreciated without realizing that at that
time, people could not imagine that electricity would become a popular source
for cooking, home heating, and heating liquids in tanks.Two years later, with
one employee, the Company was founded in a small room in the Old Point Building
in Pittsburgh. Their first order was for a strip type heater that was to pave
the way for today's modern electric household iron that millions of people the
world over are using. Shortly after perfecting the flat iron element, Mr.
Wiegand experimented with clamping a similar heater to the underside of
pot-belly stove lids and that was the start of metal sheath electric range
elements. There is also an often told story of how "E.L.", when riding to work
in a trolley one cold winter morning, got an idea for another application for
his devices. Upon arriving at his little shop, he took a yardstick, bent metal
around all sides, installed what looked to be electric terminals and then
arranged a visit with officials at Pittsburgh Railways Co., a producer of a new
product called electric trolley cars. Mr Wiegand explained this was an electric
heating element that could be positioned in metal cages underneath the trolley
seats to provide comfort for the passengers. The trolley manufacturer was so
pleased with the idea, they immediately gave "E.L." an order for samples and
this was the beginning of electric comfort heaters.

City: Brattleboro
Category: Interference Filters
Chroma Technology Corp is a manufacturer of interference filters for the
ultra-violet, visible and near-infrared portions of the spectrum, including
bandpass, multiple bandpass, and long and short pass filters, as well as
beamsplitters, dichroic mirrors and laser rejection filters. We specialize in
precision spectral control, including extra high signal-to-noise ratio filters
and those with rapid cut-on and cut-off profiles. The manufacturing process
involves precisely depositing, in a vacuum, extremely thin layers of two or more
materials on a glass or similarly transparent substrate.Chroma was organized by
several talented individuals who wanted to create a working environment entirely
different from the typical corporate structure. Founded in Brattleboro, Vermont,
in May 1991, Chroma quickly established itself as a leader in filter designs.
From its inception, Chroma has worked closely with the community of molecular
and cell biologists worldwide to develop the best possible solutions to
applications requiring fluorescence filters. As an employee owned Company, it
has grown from seven employees with sales of $314,200 in its first year of
business, to 54 employees with sales of $12,000,000 in its 10th year of

City: Dallas
Category: Engine Components
Chromium Corporation remains the leader in the field of plating and finishing
reciprocating engine components while providing expanded services to its
customers. Continuous market research and product development bring new product
and service offerings to customers. New offerings include the GE/EB cylinder
liner, GE & EMD valve restoration, the MicroProfileTM plateau hone finish, the
Wear CoupleTM family of co-engineered ring/liner combinations, and the
ThermoChrome® piston crown. Compliance with federal environmental standards and
upgrades to and expansion of production capability ensure Chromium's commitment
and ability to meet and exceed their customer's requirements in the 21st

City: San Jose
Category: PC-TV Encoders
Chrontel designs, develops and markets semiconductors which enable personal
computing platforms to transmit visual information to a variety of display
devices, such as televisions and flat panel monitors. We were founded in 1986
and have been developing mixed-signal semiconductor technology since then. We
are a leading provider of TV-Out integrated circuits for personal computing
platforms, which connect desktop or notebook computers to standard televisions.
Additionally, we have introduced semiconductor solutions which interface
computing platforms with flat panel and notebook computer displays and high
definition televisions. We believe we have the broadest product line of visual
interface semiconductor solutions for these markets. Our products are designed
to complement leading graphics processing technology, and companies such as
Intel, NVIDIA, Silicon Integrated Systems and Via Technologies have referred our
semiconductors to be designed with their own graphics solutions in notebook and
desktop computers. We generally supply OEMs through our original design
manufacturer, or ODM, customers. Our products have been included in notebook and
desktop computers from OEMs such as Acer, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu,
Hewlett-Packard, NEC, Sony and Toshiba.

City: Round Rock
Category: Standard Life Test Systems
C&H is a manufacturer of VXI,Industry Pack, M/MA Modules, and standard life test
systems. We also provide services such as custom module design, integration, and
support of functional test and life test systems for automotive and other
electronic industries.

City: Minnetonka
Category: Electronic Component & Assemblies
Specialists in Power Electronic Components and Assemblies - Power
Semiconductors, Thyristors, Bridges, Assemblies, Rectifier Diodes, Clamps, Heat
Sinks, Power Hybrids, Testing and Engineering,Flexible Bus Bars.

City: Franklin Park
Category: Machined Components
We specialize in manufacturing world class, ultra-precision machined components
from barstock, castings, and forgings.We work with Inconel, Hastalloy, Titanium,
Waspaloy, and Nickel alloys, holding tolerances of .0001"(.0025mm) on a daily
basis, and .00001"(.00025mm) when challenged.Chucking Machine Products was
founded in 1957 by Edward A. Iverson, and has a proven track record in
manufacturing the most difficult to machine components. Since the beginning our
philosophy has been based on quality. We serve many industries including
commercial and military aircraft, land based turbine, medical, fuel injection,
telecommunication, and diesel engines. We have also worked on satellite and
missile programs. Our 45,000 square ft., climate controlled facility allows us
optimal productions.

City: New Hope
Category: Interconnection Devices
Whenever you think "interconnection," think Chupond. "Chupond" is not merely a
company name but a leading manufacturer of interconnection products for the
electronics industries worldwide. We are proud of our reputation for high
quality products, excellent service and innovative engineering. In our 21 years
of experience, we have pioneered the economical mass-production of such products
as DIP, PGA, PLCC, pin header, SIMM, zig-zag sockets and connectors. We have
ongoing relationships with most of the leading computer makers as well as the
manufacturers of other electronics devices. Chupond provides its customers with
strict quality control through world class facilities to guarantee the highest
quality products. Furthermore, our R&D center continues to develop advanced
products, efficient processes and constantly improve on our existing processes
to meet today's sophisticated market requirements. Chupond desires to become not
merely just your supplier, but rather, your lifelong design and production

City: Valencia
Category: Wire & Cable
Cicoil Corporation manufactures to-order any length of flat, super-flexible,
"glass-clear" silicon encapsulated cable, wire, pneumatic lines and optical
fiber may all be placed in a single flat cable.Cicoil Corporation has the
ability to turn-around cable in 24 to 48 hours with no N.R.E. costs. We can
produce a prototype with-in 48 hours of design approval, with full Engineering
support.Cicoil Corporation also makes custom cable assemblies and cable
assemblies for chains.

City: Albuquerque
Category: Analytical & Industrial Instrumentation Systems
CIC Photonics is a leader in the design and production of innovative analytical
and industrial instrumentation and sampling systems. CIC Photonics provides
FTIR/UV/VIS sampling accessories and fiber-optic chemical analyzer systems for
research and development, environmental, and industrial applications. CIC
Photonics is dedicated to meeting the needs of the most discerning customers,
including AT&T Bell Labs, BOC Gases, IBM, Dow Chemical, Hoechst-Celanese, Ford
Motor Company, Princeton University, Fujitsu Microelectronics, Proctor and
Gamble, ThIS Analytical B.V., Sandia National Laboratories, and the University
of California. CIC Photonics is recognized nationally and internationally for
its high-quality innovative custom-designed and fabricated optical systems.

City: Temecula
Category: Power Conversion and Instrumentation
CIC Research can provide engineering assistance, involving prototype design and
testing. We specialize in Power Conversion and Instrumentation, but we can
assist in other electronics fields.

City: Costa Mesa
Category: Personal Computer Accessories
Founded in 1983, Ci Design had evolved from a designer and fabricator of
personal computer accessories to a global company providing complex server and
storage enclosures solutions for manufactures and system integrators. Ci Design,
headquartered in Anaheim, California maintains design facilities and
manufacturing infrastructures in the United States, Taiwan and China and sales
and logistic facilities in the Netherlands.

City: Liverpool
Category: Solid State Sensors
CID Tec develops and manufactures application specific solid state sensors and
cameras using our proprietary Charge Injection Device pixel architecture. We
implement the CID structure in CMOS or our proprietary PMOS process for our OEM
partners in the medical, scientific, industrial, or radiation hardened fields.

City: Clinton
Category: Industrial Electronic Controls
Manufacturers of industrial electronic controls.

City: Linthicum
Category: Network Products
Our specialty is targeting and curing critical network pain points that impede
our customers' potential. With an applications-based approach, everything we do
- from our systems and software to our services - is focused on helping you
exploit the applications that are driving your business forward. And we do so in
a way that reduces the cost of network ownership while expanding its
possibilities.Unlike others, we don't intend to deliver everything across the
network - just the right things, right where they are needed.

City: Cranston
Category: Industrial Vacuum And Atmosphere Furnaces
CI Hayes continues to lead the thermal processing industry in manufacturing
industrial vacuum and atmosphere furnaces. For nearly 100 years, we have been
providing solutions to our customer problems. Applying this experience allows
Hayes to develop innovative solutions to customers' current needs. CI Hayes'
product line continues to grow with satisfied customers in the aerospace,
automotive, medical, electronics, cutlery, sporting goods and jewelry
industries. Hayes can assist in developing part process parameters in our fully
equipped heat treating facility. Our metallurgical laboratory can assist you
with your process questions and applications regarding annealing, Nitriding,
brazing (Atmosphere/Vacuum), hardening, ceramic and MIM debinding, sintering,
soldering, tempering and vacuum Carburizing/Carbonitriding process questions and

City: Fairview
Category: Relays & EMI/RFI Filter Products
CII Technologies is a leading designer, manufacturer, and marketer for thousands
of different types of electromechanical relays, electronic relays, solenoids and
EMI/RFI filter products.

City: Andover
Category: Stable Isotope Labeled Compounds
Cambridge Isotope Laboratories Inc (CIL) is the world's premier producer of
stable isotope labeled compounds and the world leader in the field of isotope
separations with an annual production capacity of 120 kilograms of Carbon-13 and
annual production capacity of 250 kilograms of Oxygen-18. For more than 20
years, CIL has specialized in the development, production, and marketing of
stable (non-radioactive) isotopes and chemical compounds labeled with stable
isotopes. With an inventory of over 8000 products, CIL has the most complete
product offering of stable isotope labeled compounds available.CIL employs 130
people at its state-of-the-art 45,000 square foot Andover, Massachusetts
production laboratories and its Xenia, Ohio isotope separation facility. CIL's
chemists are experts in their fields, with extensive years of experience
exclusively in the synthesis of stable isotope labeled compounds.

City: Tulsa
Category: Electronic Components
Semiconductor manufacturers are continually introducing new components only
offered in surface mount packages; these components are typically very small and
difficult to incorporate into prototype circuits. Moreover, manufacturers are
making DIP devices obsolete at an ever increasing rate, making continued support
and maintenance of legacy systems a difficult proposition. Our adapters provide
a solution to both of these problems; they are small circuit boards that allow
easy mounting of SMT components and bring connections out to terminals on 0.1"
grid centers. They can then be plugged into most standard prototyping boards
including solderless breadboards, IC sockets, and wire-wrap panels.

City: Newark
Category: Innovative Software & Networking Solutions
CIM Concepts Incorporated (CCI) provides innovative software, networking
solutions and services for business information systems to a wide range of
business clients.

City: Salt Lake City
Category: Motion Control Software
Cimetrix is a public company located in Salt Lake City, UT, USA focused on using
the latest software technologies to deliver solutions for motion control and
equipment connectivity in the electronics and semiconductor industries. Our
mission at Cimetrix is enabling our customers to improve the performance and
cost effectiveness of production equipment through the superior use of software
technologies. To accomplish this, our core competencies are disciplined software
development, knowledge of our customer's applications and industry standards,
and a dedication to providing the best customer support in the industry.
Software is usually the critical path of a new automated machine design or
factory start-up. Cimetrix products and services break through this software
bottleneck by enabling robust designs, reducing development time and always
providing excellent technical support.

City: Itasca
Category: Software Solutions
Since our inception in 1969, SofTech has remained true to our original focus: to
deliver first class software solutions that enhance our customers' product
productivity and hence, their profitability and competitive effectiveness. Where
many companies have come and gone, our business remains steady and strong. We
take pride and attribute this achievement to our intense focus on helping to
build our customers' success through exceptional products, responsiveness, and
support.SofTech is headquartered in the metro Boston area in Tewksbury,
Massachusetts, with software development centers at this facility and in Troy,
Michigan. The company also operates sales and service offices in the U.S.,
Germany, Italy, and France, with distribution partners throughout Asia and
Europe. SofTech is headed and managed by President and COO, Joe Mullaney and
Vice President of Operations, Jean Croteau.

City: Schaumburg
Category: Automations Products
Beijer Electronics is a development- and agency corporation within automation,
offering products both locally and globally.The domestic market, i.e. Sweden and
the rest of Scandinavia, is offered agency products from world-leading suppliers
through business area Automation.Our worldwide offer consists of operator
systems that are developed, marketed and sold by business area HMI Products; the
domestic market is offered these products through the Automation business
area.Beijer Electronics is quoted on the Stockholm Exchange O-list.

City: Kirkland
Category: Software Products
As a company devoted to the Six Sigma approach to quality improvement, GE Fanuc
knows that collecting accurate, timely data is the cornerstone of consistently
high quality. That's why we are committed to continuing to provide you with the
products and services you need to meet your quality goods. All of the same world
class products that were brought to you by CimWorks, including VisualSPC,
VisualDocs, and VisualMEM, are now part of a comprehensive line-up GE Fanuc
software solutions designed to drive Six Sigma quality.

City: Lombard
Category: Interconnect Products
Cinch Connectors is a multi-national manufacturer of a broad range of
interconnect products. With facilities in North America and Europe, Cinch
satisfies the needs of customers the World over. In operation since 1917, Cinch
is part of Snecma which is headquartered in Paris, France. Cinch is divided into
2 Business Units located according to the World Markets they serve. Cinch is a
supplier of reliable, high quality standard products for use in a variety of
industries. Cinch also possesses various enabling technologies and expertise,
with which to provide custom solutions, and products, for strategic accounts
within their focus markets. Those focus markets are the Transportation Market
for which a number of leading edge products have been, and continue to be,
developed, and the Telecom Market to which Cinch supplies various standard
products as well as a number of new, higher speed devices consistent with the
rapidly changing needs in this industry. Cinch is also a major supplier of
products to the Mil/Aero Market with significant presence in the Commercial
Aircraft industry, as well as in the Munitions, Missile, and Satellite
Communications segments.

City: Mason
Category: Electro-Optical & Communication Products
Since the 1920's, CMC Electronics Cincinnati has brought together high
technology and innovative engineering to create solutions for the benefit of our
customers and partners.Today, as part of CMC Electronics, our goals remain the
same!!Tomorrow our team will continue to meet the needs of our military,
aerospace, commercial, industrial and institutional customers.

City: Cincinnati
Category: Horizontal Boring Mill
For over a century, proven design concepts have been progressively applied by
generations of experienced craftsmen to produce some of the finest machines
available to industry.While the durability of our machines remains legendary,
innovations are ongoing. As technologies emerge, Gilbert Horizontals' unique
designs incorporate advanced features such as a variety of CNC controls,
contouring heads, telemetry probes, pallet changing systems, automatic tool
changers and Cincinnati Gilbert's very own wide range of rotary tables.

City: Cincinnati
Category: Laser Cutting Systems
Cincinnati Incorporated manufactures industrial CO2 laser cutting systems, CNC
hydraulic press brakes, metal sheet and plate shears, shear conveyors, gap frame
stamping or punch presses, powdered metal compacting and sizing presses, FMS
material handling and press brake tooling. Major benefits to the user include
accuracy, safety, productivity and reliability. For over a century, Cincinnati
Incorporated has produced machines that are used by leading manufacturers around
the world for cutting, squaring, blanking, punching, forming, material handling
and compacting. Rugged, durable machinery backed by dependable parts and service
support has made most customers into repeat customers.

City: Cincinnati
Category: Machining & Assembly System
Cincinnati Lamb is a leading global manufacturer of cellular, high volume and
flexible machining and assembly systems as well as stand-alone production
equipment, primarily for the automotive, aerospace, heavy equipment and general
machining industries.

City: Cincinnati
Category: Medical & Industrial Products
The parent of three separate divisions, Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ) is a team of
service-minded professionals and a leading manufacturer and provider of products
for medical and industrial needs.The difference with CSZ - we put people first.
That means that your questions and concerns are promptly addressed, orders are
taken and processed in a timely and efficient manner and we are always looking
to develop products that better suit your needs.For the healthcare industry we
provide more than just patient temperature management, temperature control and
therapy products. We provide support, convenience and security.

City: Village of Cleves
Category: Automated Leak Detection and Test Systems
Cincinnati Test Systems Inc has been in business since 1981. Because of our
innovation and application knowledge we have grown to be the world leader in
leak detection products and automated test equipment. Today, Cincinnati Test
Systems continues to bring the highest value of product and services to our

City: Cincinnati
Category: Software Products
Cincom solutions help our clients simplify the management of complex business
processes. We focus on five areas of business where simplification brings
greatest value for growing revenue, controlling costs, and minimizing risk.

City: Santa Rosa
Category: Motion Control Systems
Manufacturers of electro-mechanical motion control systems for aviation,
broadcast television, motion picture production and other commercial and
governmental applications. Gyro-stabilized camera systems are the core products
of the company. Cineflex offers a line of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS)
systems and also custom design and modification services. Our high performance
gyro-stabilized camera systems provide full stabilization in azimuth, elevation
and roll axes. Using our proprietary AIRCAM technology, Cineflex systems are
available with single and multi-payload sensor(s) with broadcast video, high
definition video, film, low-light, infrared and laser range finders. We also
integrate a wide range of optics ranging from fixed fields-of-view (FOV) to high
magnification zoom lenses with motorized 2X extenders (up to 72X optical zoom).

City: Cincinnati
Category: Crystal Products
Cinox manufacturing and quality control groups have assured on-time delivery of
your order through rigid production and quality control techniques.

City: Chicago
Category: Uniform Products
We design, manufacture, and implement corporate identity uniform programs,
provide entrance mats, restroom supplies, promotional products, and first aid
and safety products for over 500,000 businesses.Cintas operates 351 facilities
in the U.S. and Canada, including 15 manufacturing plants and seven distribution
centers that employ more than 28,000 people.

City: Plymouth
Category: Storage Solutions
Founded in 1978, Ciprico is a leading provider of professional-grade storage
solutions for today's data intensive business-essential and high-performance
digital media applications. Our highly reliable, high-performance products are
the number one choice for data intensive applications.By working closely with
our customers to better understand their unique needs, we've tailored our
technologies to eliminate complexity and provide very specific application, not
just storage, improvements. As a result, our solutions translate to lowered
total cost of ownership for our customers.

City: Hudson
Category: Surge Protection And Related Equipment
Circa, established in 1985, is a specialty manufacturer that focuses on surge
protection and related equipment primarily for the telecom industry. Not only
are these high quality products distributed throughout North America, but Circa
has strengthened its manufacturing capability over the past two years and is
continually expanding its product base. A prudent approach to managing finance
has allowed Circa to maintain a solid financial position which supports new
product development and expansion in response to customer demand.Circa
Enterprises Inc is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta where its design,
engineering and manufacturing is located. Circa also has a metal fabrication
facilities in Markham, Scarborough and Welland, Ontario, a warehousing facility
in Tampa, Florida, U.S., and contracts assembly services to a company in
Shenzhen, China. Through these facilities, Circa is well positioned to serve its
markets and expand its product offering.

City: Cicero
Category: Spiral Bevel Gears
Since 1951 Circle Gear has stood out as a leader in the Chicago area gear
market. Specializing in small lot production Circle Gear has grown from a solid
reputation of satisfied customers. Working from full detailed drawings or
reverse engineering from worn samples Circle Gear strives to meet the customer's
objectives, quality and delivery requirements.Circle Gear stands apart from the
competition because of the service and personal attention that goes into every
project.Circle Gear is a full service manufacturing facility. The diversity in
the products manufactured at Circle Gear requires a full array of machining and
fabricating equipment. This wide range of equipment and in-house services
promotes the ability to handle most projects internally. Complete control of all
operations in production ensures on time delivery.

City: Monrovia
Category: Precision Cutting Tools
Circle has been making the highest quality small indexable tooling for over 35
years. We are proud of our reputation for high quality. We are well known for
good service and quick deliveries. Circle Cutting Tools, if applied properly,
will give you exceptional performance. If you need details, our technical staff
is outstanding and will be pleased to help you solve that difficult problem.
Also, our Customer Service Department is knowledgeable, efficient, and above
all, courteous.

City: Corona
Category: Valves & Regulators
Quality counts at Circle Seal Controls-and it always has. Reliable products and
responsive service that set industry standards are the cornerstones of our
business. As a result, we welcome each new program as an opportunity to move
these bench marks of excellence ever forward.Behind each Circle Seal Controls'
product is a heritage of excellence dating back to 1947 when the company was
founded as James-Pond-Clark. The fledgling firm developed and marketed its first
innovation-a check valve that utilized a floating O-ring to provide a dead-tight
seal. Shortly thereafter, the company's problem-solving skills came to the aid
of the aircraft industry with a zero-leak check valve for fuel systems.Ongoing
investments in state-of-the-art equipment and skilled personnel have helped
Circle Seal advance its leadership position. Realizing that people are our
greatest asset, we sponsor training and skill development programs at all levels
of the organization. The result is a demonstrated ability to provide our
customers with the best quality available across a full array of valves and

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