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USA manufacturer database

Are you looking for information on USA manufacturers. Then check out the previews of data we have available in our database. Price is only 250 euros
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Previews of data we have available:

City: Irvine
Category: Interconnect Products
As a leading developer of interconnects technology, Circuit Assembly takes pride
in producing a wide range of quality interconnects products. In additional to
our high quality connector products, Circuit Assembly also produces a wide
variety of custom cable assemblies for multiple applications, built to your

City: Exton
Category: Electrical Distribution & Protection Components
Circuit Breaker Industries (CBI), located near Johannesburg, South Africa, is a
major manufacturer of electrical distribution and protection components for low
voltage electrical distribution systems.The foundations of CBI were established
in 1949 as a joint venture with the Heinemann Electric Company in Trenton, New
Jersey, USA. During 1986 Fuchs Electrical Industries was acquired and merged
into a new company called Circuit Breaker Industries Ltd (CBI). CBI is a wholly
owned company of Reunert Limited. Reunert focuses primarily on the fields of
electronic and electrical engineering and is a privately owned company listed on
the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.With an exciting background of South African
pioneering achievements, Circuit Breaker Industries has prospered for more than
five decades to become a leader in the design and manufacture of circuit
breakers for equipment (hydraulic-magnetic), miniature circuit breakers
(hydraulic-magnetic), residual current devices (RCD's), moulded case circuit
breakers (thermal-magnetic) and metering products for electrical applications in
supply authorities / utilities, mining, original equipment manufacturers,
industrial sectors and millions of households.

City: Maple Grove
Category: Automatic Test Equipments
Circuit Check is the largest manufacturer of in-circuit; functional and custom
test fixtures and related products for automatic test equipment (ATE) in the
USA. Since 1978, manufacturers have relied on us, not only for test fixtures,
but also for the innovative engineering that leads to successful new product

City: Tempe
Category: Printed Circuit Boards Bus Bars
Circuit Components Inc (CCI) was established as a division of Rogers Corporation
in 1978, and became an independent company in 1992. CCI is headquartered in its
32,000 square foot manufacturing plant in Tempe, Arizona. CCI has served the
electronics industry from its inception; providing printed circuit board bus
bars and other products. The company's CEO and Chairman is Robert A. Greenman,
who held various executive positions at Rogers and at CCI.CCI's ongoing customer
oriented engineering development program assures our customers that we can meet
their individual requirements. With a commitment to total customer satisfaction,
CCI provides customers with high-quality, superior-performance filtering and
suppressor products at economical prices.

City: Salt Lake City
Category: Touchpad Products
Cirque Corporation is the leading global developer of touch-input solutions for
both manufacturers and end users. Cirque's field-proven GlidePoint technology
serves a broad range of devices, including handheld controls, PDAs, cell phones,
laptop computers, industrial controls, kiosks and more (see Custom Products for
some examples).As the inventor and original developer of capacitive
(no-pressure) touchpads, Cirque has dedicated itself to research, development
and production of standard and custom touch-input devices for over a decade.
Today the company continues to provide the most durable, reliable and
comfortable input devices available.A touch of comfort, a touch of durability, a
touch of innovation. Cirque's products literally put computer control at your

City: Salt Lake City
Category: Cable Testers & Harness Testers
During the late 1980's, Cirris Systems became the industry leader in providing
cable and harness test equipment to the commercial and industrial markets.
Cirris has pioneered many innovations within this niche of the Automatic Test
Equipment (ATE) industry. Some examples are, signature matching, standardized
interfacing, and fast, low-cost testing.Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, Cirris
Systems Corporation has gained a reputation for producing quality equipment, and
supporting it well. As a successful company (with over 6000 customers
world-wide), Cirris strives constantly to create valued relationships with

City: Austin
Category: Audio Products
Recognized worldwide for its expertise in analog, mixed-signal, and DSP
technologies, Cirrus Logic is the smart choice for companies that are looking to
gain a unique advantage in today's competitive marketplace. Through continual
feature enhancement and noteworthy performance improvements, Cirrus Logic's
highly integrated ICs can help you get your products to market quickly at
attractive new price points.With a customer base that includes hundreds of
leading consumer and industrial brands, Cirrus Logic's technology is
incorporated into a broad range of applications. Cirrus Logic ICs power and
elevate the performance of home theater, automotive, portable and other
entertainment electronics; professional audio gear; networked audio systems; and
a host of precise industrial data-acquisition devices.

City: Orange
Category: Printed Circuit Boards
Established in 1965 Cirtech Inc has built a reputation as specialists in the
design and manufacture of prototype, quick turn and medium volume production of
Printed Circuit Boards. With a 35,000 square foot facility and over 100
employees, Cirtech is capable of delivering boards in as quickly as 24 hours.
Cirtech is Mil Certified for flex, rigid flex, and rigid pcbs and works with
several different types of materials including FR-4, polyimide, teflon,
thermount, cyanate ester and ceramic, just to name a few. Since it's inception,
Cirtech has remained on the leading edge of technology, dedicated to providing
the highest quality product available in the industry.

City: Belmont
Category: Semiconductor Assembly, Test And Packaging Services
Cirtek Electronics Corporation (CIRTEK) was incorporated in May, 1984. After its
inception as an independent subcontractor for semiconductor assembly, test and
packaging services, the company has since then diversified from Plastic
Dual-In-Line Packages (PDIP), to surface mount technologies in Plastic Leaded
Chip Carriers (PLCC), Small Outline Integrated Circuits (SOIC), and Small
Outline Transistors (SOT) packages. Currently, the capabilities range from
packaging of simple discrete components as transistors and diodes,
opto-electronic devices and crystal oscillators, to more complex networks as
multi-components hybrid circuits and other custom assemblies and
sub-assemblies.Package outlines are either customized and/or compliant to the
JEDEC standard. Manufacturing processes are capable of meeting MIL STD 883
requirements for monolithic, microelectronic circuits and MIL STD 750
requirements for discrete device packaging, MIL PRF 38534 for hybrid packages,
QS9000 for Automotive Industry Products.The company believes that quality can
only be achieved by "doing things right the first time" and "built-in quality"
to products and services the company provides. To attest to its uncompromising
commitment to quality, CIRTEK is certified to global standards of ISO 9001 and
QS9000 quality system requirements.

City: San Jose
Category: Networking Products
Cisco Systems Inc is the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet. Today,
networks are an essential part of business, education, government and home
communications, and Cisco Internet Protocol-based (IP) networking solutions are
the foundation of these networks. Cisco hardware, software, and service
offerings are used to create Internet solutions that allow individuals,
companies, and countries to increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction
and strengthen competitive advantage. The Cisco name has become synonymous with
the Internet, as well as with the productivity improvements that Internet
business solutions provide. At Cisco, our vision is to change the way people
work, live, play and learn.Cisco was founded in 1984 by a small group of
computer scientists from Stanford University. Since the company's inception,
Cisco engineers have been leaders in the development of Internet Protocol
(IP)-based networking technologies.

City: Allentown
Category: Software Products
After years of building custom software solutions, Ben Spalding founded CISS in
1996. CISS is a privately held company that has evolved into a major provider of
standard inventory management software packages.Based in Allentown, Pennsylvania
CISS developed Inventory Pro with the goal of providing companies of all sizes
with a flexible, scalable, easy to use, and easy to afford inventory management
tool. Inventory Pro is continually evolving and transforming to utilize new
technology and provide our customers with the tools needed to meet ever-changing
supply chain management challenges.If you are looking for the whole package,
CISS can provide it. CISS analyzes your current working environment, accesses
your future needs, and provides the most cost effective solution for your
operation. CISS can manage all of your information technology needs.

City: Westlake Village
Category: Electro-Optics Test Systems
CI strives to provide its customers with the most cost effective and reliable
solution for every Electro-Optics system it delivers. Founded in 1978, CI
Systems has grown to include an Electro-Optics Test Systems division, a
semiconductor division and a subsidiary in the electronic card assembly and
inspection industry. Approximately half its sales are in the USA, with the rest
in Israel, Europe and the Far East. CI Systems maintains a wholly-owned sales
and manufacturing facility (CI Systems Inc.) in the USA, a network of sales
representatives worldwide, and an R&D facility in Israel. It is part of a group
of companies held by CI Technologies Inc, which is a registered Delaware
corporation, and is a publicly traded company (TASE).

City: Milford
Category: Industrial & Vehicle Mount Computer Systems
Since 1979 we have designed and manufactured computer systems for challenging
information and control applications. Our systems give users access to and
control over critical information in the most demanding environments.
Information is power, whether it is real-time inventory tracking or on-the-fly
calculations for process automation.Utilizing Citadel platforms, our customers
can extend the reach of their corporate networks --- taking information
management beyond the desktop all the way to the shop floor, manufacturing line,
freight dock, rail yard or mobile vehicle.Built on advanced technologies, rugged
packaging and well-defined industry standards, Citadel systems are engineered to
withstand extremes of vibration, temperature and the roughest handling.
Citadel…..rugged, reliable, powerful…….serving major industrial and military
customers around the globe, around the clock, day-in and day out.

City: Chardon
Category: Diamond Tools
Since 1939, CITCO has provided it's customers with state-of-the-art products.If
there's a single characteristic that best describes the reason for CITCO's
success, it is customer responsiveness. We listen carefully to our customers, we
study their problems, and we continually draw upon the total resources of our
organization to solve these problems. This desire has not only led to the
development of a stream of new CITCO products, such as Turnable Single Point
Dressers, Peerless and XL2000 Dressing Systems, and MINIPAX Inserts, but it also
impacts all parts of our organization. Backed by our Product Specialists in
Chardon, and our factory trained Regional Managers and Distributors in the
field, CITCO offers superabrasives to meet your company's needs. CITCO can
evaluate your application and make recommendations that achieve your goals.

City: Charlotte
Category: Industrial Automation software
Citect is the largest independent supplier of industrial automation software in
the world. We have been providing engineering services and software to the
industrial automation market for over 30 years. We specialize in innovative,
reliable, cost effective products to maximize the efficiency of customer
operations. Our organization is focused on delivering value through
technological excellence and superior customer service.

City: Miami
Category: Surge Protectors & Lighting Protection
Citel manufactures a complete line of surge protectors for AC power, telephone,
data and RF coaxial lines. Citel surge suppressors have been especially designed
to provide an effective solution to Broadband Wireless, Telecom, Automation
Control Instrumentation and Security Market industries.Citel surge protection
devices are ideal to protect PBXs, Telecom equipment, Radio Base Stations, GPS,
Wireless systems and cellular sites against lightning surges and electrical
transients. They are also ideal to protect PLCs, MUXs, HUBs, RTUs, SCADA, THCs
and Telemetry systems against power surges.

City: El Segundo
Category: Printers
Manufacturers of bar code printers, portable printers, high speed line printers,
dot matrix printers, etc.

City: Sunnyvale
Category: Motion Control Systems
Cito Systems, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, offers easy to operate and
affordable multi-axis motion control systems. The company has been founded by
professionals with academic background and many years of experience in the areas
of theory of control, robotics, software and electronic circuits design as well
as laser and variety of machine tool applications. They hold MBA and M. Sc.
degrees in the fields of Electronics and Computer Science and worked on projects
for NASA, the US Navy and the US Air Force, radar, robot, semiconductor capital
equipment and machine tool manufacturers. Our low overhead operation allows us
to offer motion control hardware and software at very competitive prices.We
supply motion components of various configurations according to design
requirements. There is no need to pay for unnecessary features. Our GUI based
software, running on both Windows and Linux operating systems, includes the very
first Motion Wizard in the industry. This feature allows for the easy
installation and safe running of the control systems. Our goal is to deliver
motion solutions not just for professional, but for even non-experienced users.

City: Fort Lauderdale
Category: Enterprise Solutions
Citrix Systems is the global leader in access infrastructure for the on-demand
enterprise and the most trusted name in enterprise access. The Citrix family of
access products offers both access to centralized applications through the
Citrix Access Suite and remote access to individual desktop computers through
the products of the Citrix Online Division.

City: Edwards
Category: Electric Motor
For over 70 years, City Electric Motor Company Inc, has serviced the electric
motor industry with quality electric motors. We stock over 4,000 new / used /
surplus & remanufactured motors. All the motors we sell are guaranteed to be as
represented. City Electric Motor Company Inc. is a proud active member of EASA
(Electrical Apparatus Service Association). Our repair facility is open 24 hrs.
a day 7 days a week for all emergency services. Call today so you can see first
hand why City Electric Motor Company Inc. is one of the LARGEST motor dealers in
the United States.

City: Kansas City
Category: Hazardous Workhandling Products
Throughout the world Civacon¨ equipment is hard at work safeguarding against
costly petroleum and chemical spills, tank overfills and fugitive vapor
emissions. Whether your need is at the Terminal loading rack, or outfitting a
fleet of tankers or rail cars, Civacon systems set the standard for real world
performance in the most rigorous and demanding applications. If the safe,
profitable handling of hazardous liquids and dry bulk commodities is your
concern, trust Civacon.And while our comprehensive product lines, innovative
engineering and unmatched technical support ensure Civacon systems are
effective, easy to install and simple to maintain, our greatest attribute may be
our people's ability to serve you. It's a personal commitment to customer
satisfaction that makes Civacon the brand you can count on.

City: Franklin Park
Category: Stampings & Wire Form Products
C & J Metal Products is a world-class manufacturer of four-slide, stampings, and
wire-form products. Our 35+ years of expertise in the metal forming industry has
enabled C & J Metal Products to become the preferred supplier of many Fortune
500 Companies. You can rely on C & J metals Products to accommodate your
requirements with a broad range of materials and capabilities. Brass, Copper,
Phos, Bronze, Nickel, Silver, Cold Rolled Steel, Annealed Spring Steel, and
Stainless Steel constitute our current production range. Materials both flat and
wire stock with thickness from .005 in. to .125 in. can be fabricated with our
state of the art tooling machinery.

City: Rochester
Category: Screw Machine Tooling
C J Winter Machine Technologies Inc originally known as C J Winter Machine Works
was incorporated in 1956. Prior to that, Charles J Winter operated it as a sole
proprietorship for many years. Our reputation for quality screw machine tooling
grew as C J Winter focused on the manufacture of tool holders and attachments
for Davenport screw machines in the 1950's.Mr. Robert J. Brinkman, present Chief
Executive Officer, acquired the company in 1969. Mr. Brinkman began development
of the current line of thread rolling attachments shortly after purchasing the
company. The company also began manufacturing thread roll dies for its own
thread rolling attachments and for equipment manufactured by others.The Winter
line of thread rolling attachments has become the standard of excellence for
thread rolling attachments for screw machines in the United States. The company
has also developed process improvements which have extended the life of its
thread rolling dies and improved the precision of these metal forming tools. Our
reputation for quality screw machine tooling has also been bolstered through the
years as we continue to improve the manufacture of tool holders and attachments
for Davenport screw machines, which is something we have been doing for over 40

City: Lucernemines
Category: High Voltage Rectifiers
CKE was created in 1980 through the acquisition of the FMC Syntron metallic
rectifier and surge suppressor product lines, as well as the General Electric,
International Rectifier, Westinghouse and Sarkes-Tarzian (ST-Semicon) selenium
lines. CKE later began to supply Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs), providing direct
replacements for most of the Harris, GE, Panasonic and Siemens MOV products. For
Silicon Zener products similar to the General Semiconductor, Motorola and
Semicon lines, CKE introduced the TRANZAP line. In 1989, CKE acquired the high
voltage channel stack line formerly owned by Westinghouse/Powerex. This silicon
power rectifier line added high voltage breadth to the previously available line
of low to medium power silicon assemblies. In 1993, the International Rectifier
lines were added, which included the popular half and full wave controlled SCR
assemblies. In 1999, HVCA's parent company, Dean Technology, Inc., acquired CKE,
which expanded the product line and combined the strengths of the engineering

City: Canonsburg
Category: Cookware
Originally designed to meet the demands of professional chefs, All-Clad
continues to be the undisputed choice in four-star kitchens throughout the
world. Exquisite lines. Impeccable balance. Meticulous hand-finishing.
Construction warranted to last a lifetime. It is rare to find a product of such
character and commitment. All of All-Clad's collections, as well as the
non-stick options, rise to this singular standard. All feature a unique
triple-ply construction, bonded to distribute heat evenly. All feature long,
stay-cool handles, attached with non-corrosive, stainless rivets. All are made
with a hand-polished stainless interior that won't react with food. As you read
on, you'll further understand All-Clad's status as the absolute standard in
premium cookware.

City: Bay Shore
Category: Clad Metal Continuous Coul
Manufacturer: Custom Full Clads, Inlays, Toplays and Contact Tapes for Stampers
and OEM's in the Appliance, Automotive, Computer, Electronics, Medical, Military
and Telecommunications industries. Engineering assistance from Prototype through
Production. Widths .040 to 6". Thickness' .001 to .125". Virtually any metal
combination can be achieved with 2-7 layers. Quotes 1-3 days. Custom prototype
samples 2-4 weeks.

City: Plano
Category: Optoelectronic Products
Clairex Electronics, founded in 1953, was the first optoelectronics company in
the USA. Today, Clairex Technologies, headquartered in Plano, Texas, offers a
complete line of standard and custom optoelectronic components and assemblies.

City: Covington
Category: Metal Stamping
Clairon Metals Corporation stands out from the rest as a full-service metal
stamping specialist. We use the latest precision stamping technology to produce
a broad spectrum of components meeting the rigorous, individualized needs of
today's quality-conscious companies.At Clairon Metals, we answer industry's need
for a wide range of services varying from engineering and tooling to full
production and secondary processes such as welding, machining and assembly.

City: Ocala
Category: Injection Molding
We know in today's competitive business market, partners must deliver
unquestioned reliability in two areas: quality products and speed to market. We
are proud of our company's wide culture of rapid response. We have structered
our organization around setting the industry standard for resposiveness to
customers. Whether it is our 24-hour quoting system or our record of on-time
delivery, Clarison Plastics is committed to being the rapid response leader in
every aspect of customer interaction.

City: Houston
Category: Sensor Systems
Uncomplicated technology, modular design, easy installation and little or no
calibration are watchwords for ClampOn of Norway´s range of instruments, which
comprises sand monitors, pig detectors, particle monitors, condition monitors
and corrosion-erosion monitors. Our straightforward approach to design and
installation means that our reasonably priced sensor systems can be commissioned
by offshore personnel themselves, anywhere in the world, without factory
supervision.This approach to the market has been very well received by our
clients all over the world. Our leading-edge technology has made ClampOn capable
and competitive in offering the products that customers are looking for. Our
reference list is an expression of this. We regard sales to companies as BP,
Conoco, Chevron, TotalFinaElf and Shell as vital proof that we offer what the
market needs. Shell International has selected ClampOn as its principal supplier
of sand monitoring systems after extensive testing of all available systems in
the market.

City: Toledo
Category: Automotive and Heavy-Duty Muffler Clamps
We are an OEM Manufacturer of Automotive and Heavy-Duty Muffler Clamps, Mounting
Brackets, Industrial Grade U-Bolts and Wire Forms. Our Quality System is ISO

City: Beverly
Category: High Voltage IC's
Clare Inc designs, manufactures and markets optically isolated solid state
relays (OptoMOS®), mixed-signal custom ASICs and ASSP integrated circuits (ICs)
for the telecommunications market. Our products ensure reliable connectivity
throughout the global public telecommunications network. Our deep heritage in
analog/mixed-signal and high-voltage design enables us to pioneer
highly-integrated semiconductor solutions that both replace magnetics and
enhance performance in wireline interface applications.Adaptive innovation is
the watchword of not only our product design philosophy, but also our approach
to the markets we serve. It is also one of our key competitive advantages,
enabling us to create innovative products aimed at the critical last inch of the
last mile of the global telecommunications network.Our experience in
high-voltage and mixed-signal applications has also led us into other
high-growth areas, including the industrial, consumer and new, emerging flat
panel display markets. A prime example is our driver IC solution for OLED
flat-panel displays. The first commercially available product of its kind, it
has helped earn us a leadership position in this rapidly developing market.

City: Cinnaminson
Category: Solenoid Valve Products
Clark-Cooper Corporation was established in 1962 as a manufacturer of process
control products, specializing in electrically controlled valves and pumps. Over
time, the company has concentrated its efforts on the valve portion of the
business, and now offers several product lines of industrial solenoid valves. In
2003, the company was purchased by Magnatrol Valve Corporation and changed its
name to Clark-Cooper Division.Clark-Cooper Division operates under an ISO
9001:2000 certified Quality Management System. Experienced engineers and
manufacturing personnel work to provide the high level of product reliability
required by today's demanding industry leaders.

City: Long Island City
Category: Test & Measurement Equipment
Clarke-Hess Communications Research Corp., founded in 1969 by Dr. Kenneth K.
Clarke and Dr. Donald T. Hess, is an electronics test and measurement company
specializing in dc/low frequency applications. The company's customers include
the worlds national standards laboratories, military agencies and commercial and
industrial firms. Dedicated to precision instrumentation, Clarke-Hess has earned
a reputation for quality, service and outstanding performance.

City: Bowling Green
Category: Power Products
Clarke Power Products provides a broad range of products including Air
Compressors, Corded and Cordless Power Tools, Halogen Flood Lights, Creepers,
Pallet Trucks, Abrasive Blasters, Welders, and much more. Clarke brand products
are carried by many home improvement, farm supply, and tool businesses.

City: Dexter
Category: Laser Products
The Ultrafast Micromachining Division of Clark-MXR, Inc. can provide custom
micromachining of parts to meet your specific needs - from the design and
fabrication of one-off components to routine production runs. The images to the
right are representative examples of the materials and structures with which we
have specific experience.Ultrafast lasers can micromachine virtually anything -
from metals to crystals to glass, ceramics and teflon.

City: Strongsville
Category: Level Indicators & Controls
The Clark-Reliance Corporation traces its historical long origins to the
introduction of a notable first in 1884. During that year, Jackson Allen and
Frank Bort of Cleveland's Reliance Gauge Column Company produced and marketed
the first alarm water column ever offered to boiler operators. Over the next
several years, this column would become standard equipment for major boiler
manufacturers across the United States.This creative legacy continued to thrive
throughout the intervening years as the company followed with a series of
improvements to related boiler control products such as water gages, water gage
valves, gage cocks, float-operated level switches, liquid level switches,
illuminators, the introduction of the first manometric-type remote reading level
gage, and eductors.

City: Tulsa
Category: Sheave & Extruder Seals
Since 1956 Clark Seals Ltd has designed and manufactured Sheave and Excluder
Seals to protect all types and sizes of roller bearings.Clark is the industry
leader in seals for tapered roller bearings. We continue to meet the design
challenges of our customers. Clark is one of the pioneers in vacuum molded seal
technology which consistently reduces premature seal failures.

City: Whitehouse
Category: Gages, Measuring Equipments & Cutting Tools
Clarkson Foreman is a manufacturer & distributor of gages, precision measurement
equipment and metal cutting tools.

City: San Jose
Category: Core IC's
Clarkspur Design Inc is a leading independent designer of configurable core
integrated circuits for digital signal processing. These Digital Signal
Processors (DSPs) provide the benefits of a programmable processor with a fixed
instruction set while having the flexibility of selectable data-path precision,
different memory types and sizes, additional peripheral circuits like D/A
converters and a variety of input/output interfaces. This combination permits
high performance at very low silicon cost for a particular application. Use of a
configurable core gives many of the benefits of a full-custom design, but with a
very much shorter development cycle, lower development cost and at lower risk.

City: Monrovia
Category: Power Products
Manufacturers of on-line uninterruptible power systems.

City: Appleton
Category: Open Gearing & Roller Chain Sprockets
We are a Wisconsin-based manufacturer of open gearing (spur and helical) and
roller chain sprockets. We've created a company whose sole intent is
manufacturing for the OEM market and we maintain stock only for those companies
we are currently manufacturing for. This allows us to be far more competitive
than others, while still offering you a 100% American Made product.Another
benefit to manufacturing this way is that many companies require that sprockets
or gears be made to their prints or specs (non-standard parts). While others may
consider these to be "special" and charge a premium price, we consider these to
be standards (no premium charge).

City: Kalamazoo
Category: Machine Tools
In 1911, the company that would one day become Clausing Industrial Inc was born.
Known then as Atlas Press Company, the firm produced arbor presses for the
fledgling automotive and other manufacturing industries.Today, Clausing provides
United States representation and distribution for machine tool manufacturers
based in Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Spain and
Taiwan. Clausing continues its manufacturing heritage with full production
facilities, building the complete range of Clausing drill presses and the
"Kalamazoo" range of sawing machines and the "Metal Muncher" range of
ironworkers and punch presses.Clausing products are represented by more than 300
distributors located in virtually every metropolitan area in the United States
and Canada.

City: Elmhurst
Category: Cable Assemblies
Claymount Assemblies BV is an ISO 9001 certified, global operating designer,
manufacturer and supplier of multi-conductor, UL approved 55-300 KV DC rated
high quality cable assemblies and receptacles. Claymount has developed a wide
range of standard High-Voltage connection solutions. However, we are also able
to develop, manufacture and supply a customized High-Voltage inter-connective
product fit.

City: El Monte
Category: Industrial Process Steam Equipments
Since its beginning in 1930, Clayton Industries has established a world-wide
reputation in two widely divergent market segments - equipment for the
generation of industrial process steam (Steam Generators/Boilers - both fired
and Waste Heat/Exhaust).The company is headquartered in El Monte, California
USA. Sales, service, and manufacturing are provided from 26 company-operated
facilities as geographically diverse as Oslo, Paris, Atlanta, and Guadalajara.
In addition, sales and service are provided by carefully selected and thoroughly
trained distributors in many locations throughout the world.

City: Minneapolis
Category: Cleanroom Systems
Designing and Manufacturing Quality Cleanroom Systems, Components, Equipment and
Supplies since 1969.

City: Oakland
Category: Air-Powered Environmental Pumps
QED Environmental Systems is a leading manufacturer of air-powered environmental
pumps for Ground Water Remediation, Ground Water Sampling, Landfill Leachate &
Methane Condensate pumping since 1982.

City: Hayward
Category: Clean Room & Static Control Products
Clean ESD Products Inc has built a reputation in Silicon Valley and around the
world as a supplier of high quality, clean room, consumables, and static control
products. We have a strong strategic relationship with manufacturing facilities
in the Far East. As a result, customers are able to have a constant and timely
flow of products.Considerable efforts have been spent on developing a set of
well written specifications to govern all aspects of manufacturing, ranging from
incoming materials, processing methods, quality control standards, and
monitoring practices.

City: Clackamas
Category: Air Handling Products
Cleanpak is focused on designing and supplying clean room products and
equipment. We target the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, aerospace,
biotechnology, and nano-technology industries, as well as research laboratories
and universities.Cleanpak ushered in a new era in cleanroom design with the use
of direct drive plenum fans, now the standard for distributed recirculation air
handler systems. We pioneered the use of the flush grid known as Clean-Trak®,
which provides unparalleled flexibility and performance. We developed the first
flexible sprinkler system, the first welded grid module, the first no fastener
air handler cabinet, the Econo-Disk® for volume control, the P-Cone® for airflow
monitoring, low outgassing urethane gel, high-efficiency fan filter units with
smart communications, high efficiency vane-axial fan units, Room-side Straight
Load grid system, GelLink seal, DualSeal Ports--all Cleanpak inventions that
improve the way facilities operate. Cleanpak has never stopped building on this
strong foundation. The overall strengths we bring to the marketplace-innovation,
high technology, breadth of product offerings, employee training and loyalty to
customers-are evidenced by our history and are unsurpassed by any other

City: Chatsworth
Category: Cleanroom & Contamination Control Products
We are a full line Manufacturer of a large variety of Cleanroom and
contamination control products. We can provide a complete turnkey project,
delivered, installed and certified by our factory trained field service
technicians. All our equipment is manufactured to exacting Cleanroom quality
standards. Our 40 years combined Cleanroom experience will prove invaluable to
your projects success.We are a NEBB certified Cleanroom performance contractor.
This ensures that you will receive consistent, quality field service, guaranteed
to be done correctly the first time. We maintain a complete library of standard
operating procedures and test specifications to fit virtually any test
requirement. All our test equipment is NIST traceable, where applicable, and are
professionally maintained on a strict PM schedule.

City: Grand Rapids
Category: Cleanroom Systems
Whether standard or custom cleanroom configurations, CRI specializes in
providing flexible solutions. CRI is a full-service, multi-discipline
manufacturer of a wide range of cleanroom equipment and components with the
expertise to handle turnkey requirements.We offer both freestanding and
permanent cleanroom designs for isolating any process or workstation, while
maximizing available space. Our products aid in work-environment control,
including Softwall Cleanrooms, Modular Hardwalls, Clean Benches, Blower Systems,
Pass Thrus, T-Grid Ceiling Systems, and lighting systems.

City: North Syracuse
Category: Air Handling Products
But there's only one with a focus on cleanrooms and critical environments.We are
your direct source for air conditioning and refrigeration systems engineered
exclusively for the cleanroom market. Our modular designs and componentry are
manufactured in our facility by experienced, qualified staff since 1983. From
one-half to 15-ton unit capacities, we are specialists in custom designs for
your application.

City: Manalapan
Category: Air Filtration Equipment
CleanZones LLc specializes in the design and manufacture of high quality air
filtration equipment for the cleanroom industry. CleanZones, LLc offers a wide
selection of products including unidirectional flow clean air devices,
fan-filter modules, exhaust hoods, softwall and hardwall cleanrooms, wet process
stations, and a variety of other contamination control products. We also provide
replacement products such as HEPA and ULPA filters, prefilters, motors, etc.

City: Emeryville
Category: Intercom And Voice Communications Products
The Clear-Com brand and the Drake brand have 60 years of combined experience in
providing world-leading products for the intercom and Voice Communications
Solutions (VCS) markets. The two brands together offer more than 200 different
products to customers worldwide.Clear-Com was founded in San Francisco,
California in 1968 - the year it invented the first belt pack in the world. Now,
Clear-Com is the world's leading brand in professional intercommunications
solutions.Drake was founded in London in 1976 when it introduced a COTS 4-wire
intercom system for the broadcast industry. Today, Drake is the market leading
brand in VCS for Air Traffic Control (ATC).

City: Salisbury
Category: Filter Products
ClearComm Technologies LLc designs and manufactures custom and application
specific filter products for the Wireless and Commercial markets. The mission of
ClearComm Technologies is to help our customers dramatically improve their
performance and system metrics by providing a reliable source of filter
solutions. Our goal is to be the supplier of choice by providing technical
solutions and service to customers. ClearComm is positioned to provide solutions
for network operators improving Accessibility and Voice Quality while reducing
Interference from other providers.

City: Poway
Category: Stereoscopic Zoom Microscopes
Advanced optical quality and precisely engineered refinements make these
ClearView™ Stereoscopic Zoom Microscopes the finest value available in
microscopy today. Designed to meet your three-dimensional needs, these
high-performance, multi-function microscopes meet the demanding manufacturing
production and inspection requirements. Outstanding resolution, brilliantly
sharp images, maximum light transmission and all metal, durable construction are
just some of the outstanding features.

City: Chicago
Category: Industrial Products
Clements National Company was founded around 1910 and operated until 1971 under
the control of the Clements family. Principal products are portable hand held
blowers/vacuum units, heavy-duty vacuums, fume exhausters/collectors, heat guns
and recirculating sandblasters, which are sold to the U.S. Government as well as
industrial users and distributors. These products are marketed here and in
Canada under the "Cadillac" trademark which was granted in 1912. Clements was
purchased by its present owners in 1971. It continues to manufacture the same
products, as well as adding many new ones to the line. The current additions are
the line of Eagle Hot Air Heat Welding tools for thermoplastic materials and the
communication/control trainline electrical connectors for the transportation

City: Cleveland
Category: Spirally Wound Tubing
Manufacturer of convoluted tubing and flexible fabric sleeving used as heat
shields from radiant heat sources and flexible metal ducting used in a variety
of HVAC applications including air handling and ventilation systems.

City: Cleveland
Category: Controls
Founded in 1948, Cleveland Controls has over 50 years of experience in the
design, application and installation of a wide range of products that prove,
measure and control airflow. Cleveland Controls currently offers a wide range of
products designed for commercial, industrial and residential HVAC applications.
We specialize in custom solutions to specific application needs.

City: Clinton
Category: Industrial Mixers & Agitators
For nearly twenty-five years, EMI/Cleveland Eastern Mixers has provided a
complete line of industrial mixers and agitators for batch sizes from 5 gallons
to 500,000 gallons. We serve the chemical processing, food processing,
pharmaceutical and personal care industries in addition to customers in the
water and waste treatment industry. With one of the most comprehensive liquid
mixing product lines available, our mixers are used in everything from product
development to full scale production systems. For a list of installations, see
the Customer Applications section.Cleveland Eastern Mixers is more responsive to
your needs than "the other mixer company." Nimble in size and customer-focused,
EMI offers quicker delivery than you would expect, responsive customer service,
and a 100% process guarantee.

City: Cleveland
Category: Industrial Hardware & Latching Systems
Manufacturers of industrial hardware & latching systems.

City: Tempe
Category: Computers
CLH International Inc, ACT Computer Solutions is the oldest and largest
independent manufacturer of computers in the State of Arizona. CLH has been a
market leader since 1985. As an authorized Compaq, Hewlett Packard, Intel
Premier Provider, and Microsoft System Builder, clients have depended on CLH/ACT
to foresee the landscape ahead, steer through the obstacles, and help seize new
business opportunities.

City: Placentia
Category: Terminals & Emulators
Computer Lab International (CLI, Inc) is a profitable, privately held company
based in Placentia (Anaheim) California, founded over 20 years ago as a
manufacturer of IBM 5250-compatible terminals and emulators. Today, in addition
to Ethernet and twinaxial text terminals and terminal emulation expansion cards,
CLI offers a full array of thin client devices, all of which run under operating
systems including Linux, Microsoft Windows CE and Microsoft Windows XPE, on
industry-standard x86-architecture hardware platforms, as well as server-side
management and administration software.CLI specializes in "application
modernization" through innovative, easy-to-use and cost-effective hardware and
software products. CLI products give users simple and reliable access to
applications running on Microsoft Windows / Citrix MetaFrame servers, as well as
midrange, mainframe, Linux, UNIX, X Windows, and other "legacy" applications,
multimedia, Java, and the Web.

City: Benicia
Category: Electronic Components & Connectors
Cliff Electronic Components, Inc. was established in 1991 by Andy Brunt to
promote, warehouse and distribute throughout North and South America the
products manufactured by Cliff, a world leader in the design and manufacture of
professional quality electronic components and connectors.

City: Wayne
Category: Industrial Adhesives & Coatings
Clifton Adhesive Inc is a manufacturer of solvent or water base specialty,
industrial adhesives and coatings. Founded in 1945, the family owned company is
based in Wayne, New Jersey where all aspects of the business are located. The
various departments work closely together to achieve maximum output and
efficiency. For our customers, an answer is only a phone call away.Clifton
Adhesive's product line consists of more than 400 active formulas used for
various applications. When a customer has specific requirements, our chemists
will customize an existing product or develop a new one. The Sales and Technical
Departments work closely with one another to facilitate the progress of all new
projects, making sure the needs of the customer are addressed. Samples are then
provided for evaluation.

City: Bohemia
Category: Meteorological Instrumentation & Systems
Climatronics Corporation is one of the leading U.S. manufacturers of
meteorological instrumentation and large integrated environmental monitoring
systems in the United States. For over 35 years, we have been dedicated to
producing the highest quality, state-of-the-art equipment, and through continued
excellence have established ourselves as one of the leading companies in this
field.Climatronics products range from instruments that measure a single
phenomenon, to automatic environmental observation systems gathering data from
multiple stations measuring a full range of environmental parameters. We offer a
wide rage of date products that are reported via a variety of communications

City: Wickliffe
Category: Shaft Collars & Rigid Couplings
Climax premium shaft collars and rigid couplings are stocked throughout the
country by a quality distributor near you. Since 1947, Climax Metal Products
Company has grown into the leading manufacturer of shaft collars and rigid
couplings by providing products of unsurpassed quality and outstanding customer

City: Hummelstown
Category: Fluorometers & Fluorometer Components
C&L Instruments manufactures fluorometers and fluorometer components for
steady-state fluorescence measurements. We offer complete fluorescence systems
for your microscope for both photometry and fluorescence imaging. We also offer
cuvette-based fluorometers, as well as interference filters, illumination
sources, filter wheels and detectors and numerous handy accessories.

City: Loves Park
Category: CRT's, Displays & CCTV Equipment
Clinton Electronics Corporation was founded in 1963 by Thomas L. Clinton Sr. for
the purpose of manufacturing black and white (monochrome) cathode ray television
tubes. At that time, industry indicators were predicting that black and white TV
was doomed to extinction by the much more glamorous portable color television
sets. Mr. Clinton, however, was convinced that a ready market for a
quality-built cathode ray tube did in fact exist, and with that conviction he
set up a manufacturing facility in Loves Park. Clinton Electronics Corporation
(CEC) is an interesting and fast-moving business because we must meet the
ever-changing demands of the International Electronics Industry with the most
up-to-date Engineering and Manufacturing processes.It is an exciting and
rewarding business, because we are part of the very vital manufacturing aspect
of the Worldwide Computer-telecommunications Industry.

City: Houston
Category: Hydraulic Flanges, Adapters & Components
Since 1987, Clinton Industries Inc. has manufactured and distributed a complete
line of both standard and special SAE Forged Hydraulic Flanges, Adapters, and
other Hydraulic Components (stocked in both stainless and carbon steel) that
meet or exceed SAE J518 and ISO standards.As the FIRST U.S. hydraulic flange
company to gain ISO 9001 registration and to offer a complete line of FORGED
hydraulic flanges we have been a catalyst in changing the standard in the United
States from cast flanges to forged. Clinton Industries, Inc. is committed to
providing total customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality products
and services. This commitment extends to providing an experienced and friendly
staff to insure your order is recorded and shipped correctly, on time, every
time, with no exceptions.

City: Carlstadt
Category: Industrial Sewing Machine Equipment
Producers of industrial sewing equipment, sewing attachments, electronic DC
motors, needle positioners, thread cutters and thread trimmers, chain cutters,
tape cutters, customized micro-processor programming, ergonomic and labor saving
devices, custom tailored sewing machine equipment and services.

City: Cincinnati
Category: Pneumatic & Electronic Control Devices
We are a manufacturer of pneumatic & electronic control devices. We have been
incorporated since 1946. We take pride in manufacturing high quality miniature
pneumatic components with worldwide distribution. In addition to being a
manufacturer of quality products, Clippard Instrument Laboratory, Inc. is proud
to be a corporate partner in making our community a better place. We practice
what we preach: Quality People, Quality Products.

City: Los Alamitos
Category: Security Products
Clover Electronics USA is a manufacturer of high quality CCTV products
manufactured in Korea.Clover has been providing the OEM markets since 1987, and
in 1996, began introducing products under its own label. Clover then expanded
its sales and marketing efforts in the United States in an effort to better
serve the international market.Our product line includes multiple Observation
Systems, B/W and Color Board Cameras and the FCC approved 2.4GHz Wireless Camera
System. No other wireless video system has the ability to transmit clear video
and audio signals as much as Clover's range of 700ft. Line of Sight. In
addition, all Clover systems are designed to be easy to install, user friendly
and come with a one-year or longer warranty.

City: Elkhart
Category: Fabricated Sheet Metals
Clover Sheet Metal Company exists to supply shop fabricated and "on site"
installations of any type of sheet metal. We enjoy the benefits of over 125
years experience.

City: Yonkers
Category: Wire Forms & Metal Stampings
Clover Wire Forming has continuously produced custom wire forms and metal
stampings since it was established in 1957. Today Clover is one of the largest
and most progressive wire forming and metal stamping companies in the United
States. Clover stands out as a remarkable resource. With the financial
resources, spaces, and the capital equipment to handle any job, from the largest
order to the very small ones, Clover enjoys the reputation for delivering
quality components, on-time at attractive prices.While we excel in all basics,
which define a good supplier, such as producing quality parts on a timely basis,
what sets us apart is our superior tooling. Clover Wire prides itself in the
fact our tool designers are the best in the industry. Our senior tool
makers/designers average over 20 years in our employ - we don't let the good
ones get away. We design better tools, and using the latest NC machinery, we
build better tools. Better tools mean that we are able to reliably produce
quality components at competitive prices.

City: Conroe
Category: Field Joint Coating Systems
CCSI was founded in 1983 and has since coated more than two million field joints
in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador,
Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Middle East and in the Gulf of Mexico.The
company presently owns the largest fleet of field joint coating systems in the
world with an inventory of 99 engine driven induction heaters, 12 - 150 KW solid
state inverters, 350 induction work coils and the largest inventory of
application equipment for FBE and multilayered systems. CCSI can serve more than
50 working spreads at one time.CCSI also pioneered the development of
multilayered field joint coating methods as well as multilayered applications
for induction bends and other fabrications.

City: Horsham
Category: Precision Parts
C & L Rivet Company has been specializing in rivets and cold-headed parts since
1960. In January 2001, C & L Rivet Company acquired Penn Fasteners, Inc. The
combination of these companies provides enhanced versatility, knowledge,
quality, competitive pricing, service and distribution of rivets and fasteners
unmatched in the industry. The personnel at the combined company have over 500
years of experience in producing solid, semi-tubular, full tubular, special
rivets, and cold-headed parts.Today, C & L Rivet Company is a leader in the
production of miniature parts. We pride ourselves in producing high-quality
custom-made products that meet any specifications from miniature to large
precision parts.

City: Livonia
Category: Specialty Part Feeders
Clyde Corporation designs and builds standard and specialty part feeders for
virtually every type of part or application. For more than 40 years, we've been
manufacturing equipment unequaled in reliability and efficiency. Clyde assembly
equipment includes a full line of reliable systems from fully automated,
18-track, production line feeders to our exclusive escapement devices and
portable hand-held screw feeders.We design our equipment to be easy to maintain
and the most dependable in the industry -- outlasting the production runs they
service. Our trouble-free systems reduce the cost of assembly and eliminate the
chance of damage to both the parts being fed and the application itself. It is
our careful attention to details that makes Clyde part feeders the industry's
preferred assembly systems.

City: West Palm Beach
Category: C-MAC Frequency Products
C-MAC MicroTechnology specialises in the design and manufacture of
high-reliability products used in a broad range of applications and markets.
With design and manufacturing facilities in the UK, France, Belgium and Canada
and additional dedicated sales offices within Europe, the USA and China, C-MAC
MicroTechnology serves the military, aerospace, transportation, medical,
industrial and communications equipment sectors, and has built up an extensive
portfolio of intellectual property resources and an impressive electronics
design and manufacturing pedigree geared specifically to these industries.
C-MAC's products are usually found in applications that operate in harsh
environments, often at extremes of temperature or frequency.

City: Durham
Category: Frequency Control Products
Welcome to C-MAC MicroTechnology, a world leader in providing high-performance
microcircuit and frequency control product solutions.As a market leader, our
unique approach to design, manufacture, and true life-cycle support insures the
highest standards of service and reliability for all our products. Our goal is
to understand each of our customers' needs and to translate these into the
highest quality and performance products and services.

City: Cleveland
Category: Motion Control Products
Cleveland Motion Controls Inc ( CMC ) is recognized around the world as a leader
in motion control. We offer a broad line of high performance motion control
solutions ranging from individual automation components through completely
integrated systems.CMC is a proud part of IMC ( International Motion Control ),
who's primary objective is to build a global organization offering the broadest
range of automation and motion control resources available.

City: Wauregan
Category: Cable Assemblies
C&M is a leading worldwide manufacturer of high performance cable & cable
assemblies, providing cost effective solutions to your most challenging
interconnect needs for over 35 years. We also provide a complete range of data
and signal transmission cables and flex cables.

City: League City
Category: Vibration Monitoring & Machine Protection System
SKF CMCP was founded in 1995 to bring more solutions to our customers while
providing the flexibility required in today's competitive environment. CMCP's
ability to design and manufacture Custom Products or Fast Prototypes provides
solutions to end user and OEM's alike. CMCP has provided many innovative
solutions to customers at their request. Examples of CMCP Custom Products have
been Low Channel Count Monitors, Special Displays, Custom Switch Boxes for
permanently mounted transducers, Enclosures for transmitters or other devices,
Shaft Run-out Measurement Systems and Special cables of all types. If you have a
good idea or a requirement for something not in the standard product offering
let us know, we may be able to help.

City: Irvine
Category: Integrated passives & analog semiconductors
California Micro Devices Corporation is a leading supplier of Application
Specific Integrated Passive™ (ASIP) networks and related analog semiconductors.
Within the company's broad product line are highly integrated solutions that
ensure signal integrity, EMI (electromagnetic interference) filtering, ESD
(electrostatic discharge) protection and smart power management for a broad
spectrum of computing, communications, medical and lighting applications.

City: Bloomfield
Category: Industrial & Laboratory Furnaces
CM Furnaces is known for state of the art design and manufacturing of all types
of air, hydrogen and inert atmosphere electric furnaces. Though many of our
furnaces are of standard design and construction, CM has specialized in furnaces
for a variety of applications and in updates of standard equipment to meet
specific needs. Realizing the need for high technology materials processing
equipment, CM is actively engaged in the development of equipment to meet the
ever changing requirements of research and production. All CM furnaces employ
resistance heating elements matched to specific atmosphere, temperature and
process requirements. All furnaces can be supplied with an electronically
controlled elevating, rotating or traveling mechanism. Standard furnaces cover a
general temperature range from 1000°C to 2200°C and the company specializes in
furnaces at the high end of this range. Furnace atmospheres include air,
hydrogen and inert atmospheres such as nitrogen, argon and helium.

City: St Louis
Category: Centrifuges & Process Equipment
CMI manufactures a wide range of centrifuges and process equipment for a diverse
group of industries, including coal preparation, mineral and chemical processes,
general manufacturing, and automotive manufacturing.

City: Oakland
Category: Alloy Spheres, Preforms & Segments
Clad Metal Industries has been providing quality preforms, segments and alloy
spheres for the electronic and semi- conductor industries for over thirty years.
We are very proud of our years of experience in producing specialty alloys of
the highest standards. Complete formulation, manufacturing and inspection
operations are preformed within our facilities. We are equipped to handle your
order quickly and economically... quality assured. Clad Metal Industries is
proud to be recognized as ISO 9001:2000 compliant.

City: Orlando
Category: Pipe Benders & Tube Benders
CML USA Inc inventories a wide variety of Ercolina pipe bender, tubing benders
and tooling for round or square tube. We also provide service parts for all
Ercolina tube bending machine equipment, pipe bending machine equipment and
angle rolls. For your convenience and support, Ercolina products are marketed
through a network of local distributors and representatives. Our trained sales
staff is backed by thirty years of experience in tubing bending pipe bending and
profile bending applications.

City: Gurnee
Category: Electronic Enclosures
When you design an electronic system, you have a multitude of factors to take
into consideration. The last thing you need is to add one more - whether you can
find electronic enclosures to house the perfect system you've just
developed.That's not a problem when you deal with CMP. We think like you do that
the enclosures should be designed to fit the application, not the other way
around. That's why we offer three ways to choose your enclosures.

City: Nashville
Category: Software Products
CMS Software is a leading provider of ERP software, Manufacturing software and
Supply Chain Management software solutions to manufacturers and distributors
operating in supply-chain-intensive environments - characterized by high
customer expectations and a high price to pay for failing to meet those
expectations.With the increasingly stringent quality, performance and accuracy
standards set by these demanding customers, optimizing internal processes has
never been more critical, and controlling costs has never been more challenging.
A company's enterprise software is key to surviving in such an environment. CMS
Software, ERP software for supply chain intensive manufacturing, boasts
comprehensive and fully integrated manufacturing functionality that is fully
Internet-enabled. Businesses utilizing CMS' ERP software maximize management
control throughout the enterprise by enhancing resource visibility and
information accessibility from the front-office to the shop floor.

City: Costa Mesa
Category: Hard Drives
A leading manufacturer of data backup solutions and hard drive upgrades as well
as software development, CMS Products, Inc. since 1983 has provided innovative
backup/restore and storage systems for notebook and desktop computer users in
more than 90 countries.By developing leading edge, easy-to-use products
revolutionizing the notebook and desktop data backup/restore and storage
industry, CMS Products has received global recognition because if its high
quality, user-friendly product offerings.CMS Products supplies enterprise,
government agency and educational institutions, as well as SOHO, consumers
through national and international distributors and resellers.

City: San Diego
Category: Data & Product Management
For over 14 years, CMstat has been a leading developer of comprehensive
configuration, data and product management solutions supporting Aerospace,
Defense and Commercial customers worldwide.CMstat software suites are fully
functional packages offering extensive tailoring and set-up options, while
requiring "no programming." That, combined with our proven implementation
methodologies, guarantees rapid deployment and a quick Return on Investment.With
all the great strides in product management software over the past ten years,
small companies with limited budgets, and little or no IT resources, have been
unable to participate.

City: Corvallis
Category: Hand-Held Computers
CMT is the leading manufacturer of rugged, water-proof hand-held computers for
field professionals in forestry, utility, fisheries, wildlife and environmental

City: Goleta
Category: Vibratory Finishing Equipment
C & M Topline has 35 years of experience in the vibratory finishing business. We
manufacture a full line of affordable vibratory finishing equipment ranging from
Rotary Tumbler Bases with five sizes of Rotary Tumbling Barrels, three sizes of
Vibratory Bench Top Bowls and our 3 and 6.5 cubic foot rectangular machines.Our
equipment replaces expensive hand deburring with inexpensive finishing which can
de-burr, de-grease, clean and polish.

City: Amherst
Category: CNC Control Retrofits
Manufacturers of system M3X & system M4X CNC controls.

City: Fort Wayne
Category: Precision Components
Founded in 1995, CNC Industries has earned a reputation as a world-class
supplier of custom machined, precision components.Employing dedicated
professional people; we are committed to providing the highest level of quality
and service to our customers. Using leading-edge technology throughout, we are
geared toward very short lead times.Whether you need a prototype part or
thousands of parts, you can count on CNC Industries to deliver your parts on
time, every time!

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