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USA manufacturer database

Are you looking for information on USA manufacturers. Then check out the previews of data we have available in our database. Price is only 250 euros
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instructions to download the complete database.

Previews of data we have available:

City: Enfield
Category: CNC Router Solution
CNC Innovations may be the new dealership on the block but it brings years of
experience in the CNC router market with it. The owner Joshua Hodge worked his
way through the ranks at Thermwood for more than 5 years. Josh started out his
career at Thermwood in the field service department. For over a year he traveled
the world servicing Thermwood routers and performing retro fits. Josh then moved
into the demonstration department. His primary responsibilities were to time
study, test cut, and demonstrate Thermwood router capabilities on a wide variety
of customer parts. Because of the programming experience and the field service
knowledge Josh then moved into integrating Thermwood routers and Cabinet Vision
software as well as phone support for existing customers who had programming
questions specific to their applications. Once eCabinet Systems was born Josh
was brought onto the programming team where the team brought to life a new
concept in the software world, a cabinet cooperative. If you have a need for a
router call Josh. It is nice to talk to someone who is more than a salesman,
someone with true product knowledge who can listen to you and help configure a
machine to fit your specific application.

City: Milpitas
Category: Networking And Communications Products
Established in 1987, CNet Technology Inc. designs and manufactures high-speed,
cost-effective solutions for the worldwide networking and communications market.
In order to deliver practical-to-use and high-value solutions, CNet develops a
family of wired and wireless LAN products that deliver the best cost and
performance with un-compromised level of security, scalability, and
manageability features.CNet is also known as the leader in total networking
solutions providing a complete line of Gigabit Switch, Wireless LAN and
broadband routers product families. These product families support IT
organizations and home users with client side network adapters all the way up to
Gigabit switches and Routers for heavy-duty applications as well as for end
users to freely surf the internet.

City: Sausalito
Category: Networking Products
Coactive Networks connects networks to the real world, extending Internet access
to all of the devices, appliances, and computers in our homes and businesses.
Coactive's commercial and residential gateways connect common devices such as
thermostats, meters, security systems, lighting fixtures, appliances, and
building and home automation systems to the Internet along with PCs. Coactive's
products enable the Internet to move beyond connecting computers, and enter our
physical lives via a new class of telemetry e-services that are real, personal,
and essential for consumers and businesses.

City: New Bern
Category: Wireless Products
We have been in the communication industry for more than 50 years. Coastal
Electronics is a full line dealer for Motorola 2-way communications equipment.
It is the mission of Coastal Electronics Inc to meet and exceed the customers'
communications needs and expectations by doing what is right through quality
product offerings, excellent personal service by continually going over and
above the call of duty and precise engineering/design support to attain the
highest achievable level of satisfaction. This mission will be accomplished by
allowing all employees to think and responsibly act for the good of the mission
on everyday moments-of-truth events as they present themselves. We will
accomplish this while affording an enjoyable environment of personal and
professional growth for all employees.

City: West Palm Beach
Category: Precision Optical Assemblies
Coastal Optical Systems specializes in developmentand manufacture of custom
precision optical assemblies for aerospace & defense, machine vision,
bio-medical and 3-D digital entertainment markets. The company, founded in 1991,
is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jenoptik Laser, Optik, Systeme GmbH (Jena,

City: Alameda
Category: Interconnect Products
Coastcom is a leading manufacturer and supplier of network edge products for
connecting voice, data, and video services to public and private networks. Since
its inception 36 years ago, Coastcom, which pioneered development of D/I Mux,
the first intelligent T1 access multiplexer, has now broadened its family of
product offerings to support leading edge technologies. These technologies
include VoIP, CWDM, G.SHDSL, high bandwidth optical transport, Ethernet
switching, ADSL2+, and wireless solutions.Coastcom also offers a wide range of
multi-service access platforms, digital cross-connect systems, media gateways
and integrated access devices (IADs).As customer needs have evolved due to
exponential growth of Internet and IP services, Coastcom is providing the most
cost-effective and scalable solutions bridging the gap between existing networks
and new technologies.

City: Syracuse
Category: Cable & Wire Strippers
Coastel Cable Tools Intl Corp is a manufacturer of hand-held portable (battery
powered or optional AC/DC powered) Coaxial Cable and Wire Strippers and
Precision High Volume Bench Top production Equipment. Coastel designs and
manufactures affordable, reliable, and maintenance free cable and wire strippers
for the Voice, Video, Data, Signal, and Electronics Industries.We manufacture
products for stripping coaxial, triaxial, semi rigid, micro-coax, heliax, and
wire. Coastel's products include cable stripping equipment for field use and
in-house production departments. In addition we also design and manufacture
specialized equipment to process (strip & point) preformed semi rigid cable as
well as other nonstandard tools for difficult applications.We also manufacture a
wide variety of custom tools for specialized applications, such as cut off saws,
bench top drill presses, crimping dies, pneumatic tool holders and hand tools.

City: San Diego
Category: Cleanroom, Medical & Safety Industries
San Diego based Medco has strongly positioned itself in key markets around the
world. The company's growth has been explosive, with world wide sales doubling
in 2003. Projections indicate that this trend will continue. This outstanding
growth is attributed to the innovative approach we have taken in establishing
and operating this privately held business.

City: Carson
Category: Electronic Wire & Cable Products
Coast Wire & Plastic Tech Inc is a manufacturer of custom electronic wire and
cable products, for the medical, instrumentation and commercial electronic
industries. Our mission is to continually improve our services and products to
exceed our customers' expectations.We firmly believe in excelling not only in
the design and manufacture of quality wire and cable, but in our ability to
develop a long term partnership with our customers through continuous
improvement.We realize that successful partnerships are developed through
effective communication and the ability to provide products that meet or exceed
our customers price, delivery, and quality needs. We believe it is our
commitment to quality, professional ethics, and customer requirements that earns
us the dedication of our customers, the respect of our competitors, and the
reputation for getting the job done.

City: Ontario
Category: Screen Printing Ink
Coates Screen is a world leader in screen printing ink technology, service and
innovation. Coates Screen's global commitment to its customers, employees and
the environment remains paramount, backed by the unparalleled resources of,
which acquired the Coates Group on 1/1/2000.We offer a complete range of screen
printing inks and supplies to meet the most exacting requirements and
specifications of the industry.

City: Bohemia
Category: Adapters & Assemblies
Coaxial Components Corp. manufactures SMA, SMB, SMC, 75ohm SMB & SMC, SSMA,
SSMB, SSMC, attenuators, terminations, 3.5mm, BNC, TNC, N type connectors, inter
& intra series adapters, and cable assemblies.Customer specials are engineered
and produced in short order. Customers are serviced from our New York office;
manufacturing at our Florida facility.Stocking Distributors and Representatives
are worldwide and growing.

City: Dallas
Category: Soldering & Electronic Interconnection Products
Cobar Americas LLc is a manufacturer and supplier of soldering and joining
chemistries for the electronics and semi conductor industries. Following the
charter laid out in 1977 by Dr. Cobar with the development of his revolutionary
water-soluble rosin flux, we have continued to innovate and develop new and
exciting process chemistries. Within our pages you will find some very exciting
cleaning solvents and aqueous cleaners and detergents. Our flux and solder paste
products are some of the finest that you can use. We also have coatings,
antistatic materials and a variety of specialty polymers. Feel free to browse
around and come back often.

City: Norwalk
Category: Industrial Microwave Oven
Cober Electronics was founded in Stamford, Connecticut in 1966 with the
objective of providing microwave heating equipment for industrial use. For 35
years Cober has been supplying quality microwave power generators, components
and systems to industry, science, medicine and government...for the processing
of such diverse products as rubber, semiconductors, food, ceramics, chemicals,
foundry molds, waste remediation, pharmaceuticals and countless other
applications requiring innovative forms of process heat.In addition to being a
complete microwave heating equipment company, Cober has also developed and
supplied high power microwave transmitters covering nearly all of the microwave
frequencies. Cober is proud to have played a role in producing test systems for
the Patriot anti-missile system. We pay the same attention to quality,
reliability and performance on all Cober equipment.

City: Brandon
Category: Instrumentation Products
For more than 20 years Techline Manufacturing has been your single source for
instrumentation installation hardware. Techline is a complete source for Raceway
Channel, Angle, Flat Bar and accessories for organizing and distributing
instrumentation control cables and pneumatic tubing. Offered in a variety of
alloys - Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel and Fiberglass -
to meet your specific needs.Techline Manufacturing also offers items such as
Stainless Steel and Brass ball valves, Tubing, Instrument Stands, Seal Pots,
Mounting Brackets, Thermowells, Thermocouple Heads and Temperature Accessories,
Hose, Tube & Pipe Clamps and a complete line of metal framing products such as
Strut, Fittings, Clamps and Braces.Our metal fabrication shop has the ability to
custom design and produce all of our products to meet your unique needs.

City: Hatboro
Category: Wire & Cable Products
Welcome to Cobra Wire & Cable, Inc. Cobra Wire is a world leader in developing
and producing high quality wire and cable that can meet virtually every
electrical application. We carry an extensive line of cables and custom made
wires for varied applications.Cobra wire products may be found in every major
national, international, private and corporate electrical devices, around the
world. If you're looking to match a wire and or cable for your type of
application and need fast, knowledgeable answers to your questions please take
advantage of our Contact Us form.Cobra Wire & Cable, Inc. was formed as a
Pennsylvania Corporation in February 1988. The staff, (The Nucleus), from
inception to present consists of individuals that have been in the wire and
cable business for a period of at least fifteen years. The sole owner is Mr.
Paul Jesko. Mr. Jesko is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the company and is
active in the business. Mrs. Joyce Jesko is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO),
Mr. Brian Holtzman is the Chief Information Officer (CIO), Mr. Bart Reitter is
the President and Mr. Dave Swiren is Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

City: Burlington
Category: Automated Equipment
Since 1986 Coco Engineering Inc. has been designing and building custom
machinery for customers who demand innovative thinking and exacting quality at
an affordable cost. Our ability to exceed these requirements on a consistent
basis has earned us a reputation of being an outstanding supplier of specialized
equipment for manufacturing. We manufacture automated equipment and special
machines as well as fixturing for manual assembly of prototypes and production
runs. Our specialty is making automatic and semi-automatic equipment. Our
capabilities range from building turnkey systems to simple inexpensive
semi-automatic machines. We build all types of machines

City: Maple Grove
Category: Processing Systems
Codema Incorporated, established in 1970, helps Flour Milling, Grain Processing,
Bulk Conveying and related companies improve their production efficiency,
capacity and quality at the most reasonable cost. We do this by offering
comprehensive Consulting, Design and Engineering services and follows up by
combining this with a wide range of processing equipment, mill supplies, as well
as reconditioning and manufacturing services.Our headquarters is located 20
minutes North of Minneapolis, near Maple Grove, Minnesota, and contains nearly
35,000 square feet of office, manufacturing and warehouse space.

City: Los Gatos
Category: Data Input Devices
Codestar is the leader in ESD-compliant industrial data input devices. Our
unique conductive plastics combine superior electrostatic grounding, and low
contamination, specifically for clean manufacturing environments.Comparative
analyses show that Codestar scanners have fewer hot spots overall than other ESD
scanners on the market.Codestar Electronics now has developed the first ESD Safe
keyboard used for clean manufacturing environments. Due to customer demand and a
desire to develop a suite of ESD Safe data input devices, Codestar developed the
ESD Cleankey, which has been in development for several years with a major
keyboard manufacturer.

City: Sterling Heights
Category: Air Feeds & Coil Cradles
Coe Press Equipment Corporation commenced business in Rochester, Michigan in
1976, manufacturing air feeds and coil cradles. In 1980, the operations moved to
a larger facility in Sterling Heights, Michigan, and our product line expanded
to include coil reels and power straighteners. Our customer base has continued
to grow as we concentrated on being a service-first company. In 1982, Coe Press
Equipment introduced its first servo feed. This technology launched them into
their own line of servo feed controls and eventually set us on a current path of
producing customized packages and complete automated feed lines.

City: Fremont
Category: Cooling Fan
At Cofan USA, we pride ourselves on giving the best possible customer service,
the highest quality products with the shortest lead-time in the industry, at a
fair price, again, with a total commitment to customer service. We provide
innovative products for the most complicated thermal challenges using
state-of-the-art fan and heatsink technology utilizing various alloys at very
competitive prices.We provide U.S., European and Asian market based design and
fabrication for sheetmetal, plastic and machined parts and assemblies quickly
and very competitively priced.

City: Wadesboro
Category: Coffing Products
Originally estabilished in Danville, Illinois the Coffing Hoist Company of
Charlotte, NC in 1955. Manufacturering of Coffing products was moved to
Charlotte in 1960 and then to its present facility in Wadesboro, NC in 1966.
Since undergoing three plant expansions, the 180,000 sft. Wadesboro facility
currently employs 175 associates.

City: Oldsmar
Category: Water & Wastewater Treatment Equipment
Over the past thirty-eight years, Coffman has brought innovation and continuous
product improvement to water and wastewater equipment throughout the world.
That's why Omega, BIF, Chemco, and others have used Coffman's designs.Today,
Coffman Systems Inc is introducing the "next generation" of innovative system
designs. Utilizing a "Total Systems Approach" to water and wastewater treatment
plants to assure reliability, low maintenance and trouble-free operation in new
installations or retrofits.We specialize in the design and fabrication of
storage bins, feeders, lime slakers, mixing tanks, and a wide assortment of
peripheral equipment for the storage, feeding, and mixing of chemicals.

City: North Kingstown
Category: Single Board Computers
Cogent Computer Systems Inc has been designing and manufacturing Single Board
Computers (SBCs) since 1992. We originally produced SBCs for software developers
but as more and more functionality has been integrated onto the CPU it has
become economically feasible to design and produce boards, which can be used for
both OEM use and software development.The Cogent Single Board computers (CSB)
are based upon today's most popular integrated CPU's such as ARM, PowerPC, MIPS
and ColdFire. Our SBCs are small in size and price, fully featured and easy to
use. The CSB series provides a cost effective platform for integration into
custom equipment as well as for software development. Our boards derive much of
their functionality from the CPU but supplement that functionality with selected
off-chip peripherals.

City: South Pasadena
Category: Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems
We are a leading provider of Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems, or
AFIS, and other fingerprint biometric solutions to governments, law enforcement
agencies and other organizations worldwide. Our AFIS solutions enable customers
to capture fingerprint images electronically, encode fingerprints into
searchable files and accurately compare a set of fingerprints to a database
containing potentially millions of fingerprints in seconds. For over fourteen
years, we have researched, designed, developed and marketed fingerprint
biometrics technologies that incorporate advanced concepts in fluid dynamics,
neural networks, image enhancement, data mining and massively parallel
processing. Our proprietary software algorithms, together with optimized
hardware, enable our customers to cost-effectively achieve what we believe to be
industry-leading accuracy rates and performance. We support the latest standards
in fingerprint biometrics and have based our systems on cost-effective
industry-standard hardware and software platforms. We are focused on enabling
our customers to expand the capabilities of their systems as their biometric
needs evolve.

City: Natick
Category: Machine Vision Systems & Sensors
Cognex the world's leading supplier of machine vision systems, or computers that
can "see". Our machine vision systems gauge, guide, inspect, count, and identify
products on the fastest production lines.Our proven technology, application
expertise, and worldwide support mean customers can rely on us to deliver
machine vision solutions that work every time - even under the most difficult
factory floor conditions. In the industrial machine vision market, Cognex has
supplied more vision systems ... over 225,000 ... than any other
company.Customers rely on Cognex as a long-term partner, working alongside them
to continually find new ways to improve the quality, productivity, and
profitability of their manufacturing operations. Cognex is the machine vision
leader that industry relies on!

City: Lugoff
Category: Chamfering Tools
FlipCut tools perform back-spotfacing and chamfering operations in one set-up.
The cutter flips open to machine a back spotface or back chamfer, and flips back
to the closed position for withdrawal.The tool can also be used for cutting
front chamfers. No refixturing or repositioning of the workpiece is
required.Other Cogsdill products on display include tools for burnishing,
hole-deburring and chamfering; percision reaming and boring tools; automatic
recessing and grooving tools; generating heads; and modular boring, facing, and
contouring systems.

City: Santa Clara
Category: Laser Products
In the highly sophisticated industry of photonics, Coherent, Inc. leads the way,
offering reliability, cost, and performance advantages for the widest range of
commercial and scientific research applications. Founded in 1966, Coherent has
production and research facilities spanning the world, supplying everything from
laser measurement and control products to precision optics and laser systems in
over 80 countries. Notably, many of its customers are Fortune 500 leading
manufacturers and scientific researchers from numerous universities and
institutes across the Americas, Europe, and Pacific Rim. Approaching almost $500
million in sales in fiscal 2004, the company has attained a scale unrivaled by
most of its competitors.Coherent is organized around two reportable business
segments, Electro-Optics and Lambda Physik. In the Electro-Optics segment,
markets for Coherent's products include microelectronics (which includes
semiconductor test and measurement, and advanced packaging), scientific research
and government programs, materials processing, OEM components and
instrumentation (which includes such areas as biotechnology and medical
imaging), and graphic arts and display.

City: Lafayette
Category: Laser Radar Technologies
Coherent Technologies Inc (CTI) is a world leader in the development and
demonstration of State-of-the -art laser radar technologies. We develop
prototype, custom systems and we manufacture laser radar systems for military &
commercial customers. CTI and its commercial products division, CLR Photonics
Inc (CLR) is a full service company capable of generating new laser - based
technology concepts from technology development & demonstration through product
engineering to product manufacturing.CTI is committed to developing and
maintaining the complete set of core competencies required providing our
customers with products and services that cover the spectrum from innovation to

City: San Diego
Category: Test Handling Products
Cohu is a leading supplier of test handling solutions used by the global
semiconductor industry. The Company also designs and manufactures closed circuit
television, metal detection and microwave equipment. Cohu Inc is the result of
an evolution from a tiny laboratory partnership created in 1945. This
partnership was incorporated as Kalbfell Laboratories, Inc in 1947. In September
1954 the corporate name was changed to Kay Lab.In June of 1956 the company
issued 400,000 additional shares in its first public financing. In 1957 Kay Lab
was liquidated and all of the assets and liabilities of Kay Lab were acquired by
Cohu Electronics, Inc., a Delaware corporation. In 1972, the name Cohu
Electronics Inc was changed to Cohu, Inc.

City: Cary
Category: Inductors
Our privately held company was founded in 1945 as a custom coil maker for the
television set manufacturers clustered around the Chicago area.Today we produce
inductors for a long list of customers in telecommunications, computers,
instrumentation and consumer electronics.

City: East Brunswick
Category: Pneumatic Air Tools & Air Line Controls
Coilhose Pneumatics is the Industry's Leading Manufacturer of Air Tool
Accessories and Air Line Controls. From hose and tubing to blowguns to FRLs to
quick disconnects, we have it all. We pride ourselves on providing unsurpassed
quality, superior product design, outstanding customer service, and a vast array
of products.East and West Coast facilities ensure nationwide coverage so that
you get the assistance you need, regardless of the location of your business.
Each warehouse has ample supply of your product, enabling us to ship your order
quickly, and both locations are staffed with knowledgeable professionals to
assist you with any questions you may have.

City: Houston
Category: Custom Springs
Welcome to Coiling Technologies Incorporated (CTI). We are an American
manufacturer of custom springs with the highest level of craftsmanship in our
industry. CTI specializes in carbon, inconel, stainless, MP35N and many other
exotic and non-exotic type materials.

City: Bronxville
Category: Inductors & Transformers
Coil companies in general, avoid talking about temperature coefficient (TC),
since it is not easily controllable over a production run. In addition, this
parameter is difficult to measure with any degree of accuracy.At Coil-Q Corp we
not only measure this parameter, but we guarantee it to be less than 30 PPM/°C
for the Q2 version and under 35 PPM/°C for the minature Q3 type. We can custom
design any coil. We find solutions for the hard to find, complex, discontinued,
retrofit utilizing industry standard forms, i.e. 5mm, 7mm, 10mm, potcore,
toroids, etc. We make the highest quality inductors and transformers for IF / RF
filter applications. Precision, stable mil-standard, quick turnaround, short
lead-time, no minimum quantity.

City: Costa Mesa
Category: Inductive Components
Coiltech was formed from the inductive product line of Ecliptek Corporation and
will strive to uphold the strong legacy left before us. Our goal will be to
develop and market leading edge products that our customers demand with the best
in quality, customer service, and price.All of us at Coiltech hope you will
continue to visit our site often. We will always strive to be the best
manufacturer in the market today and your number one choice for inductors,
chokes, and coils.

City: Tigard
Category: Electromagnetic Products
During our 25 plus year history Coiltron has earned the reputation as the global
authority for electromagnetic engineering & manufacturing. Coiltron customers
value our outstanding customer service, speedy turnaround times, and ability to
produce precision quality parts in small or large quantities for virtually any
type of application.What make Coiltron unique is our highly innovative
engineering and design capabilities. We routinely become part of our customer's
engineering and design process, which improves efficiency, reduces time to
market, and lowers their cost. Our clients include Fortune 100 companies,
government, utilities, and independent inventors. >From small custom orders to
high volume manufacturing, Coiltron makes the parts that power the world's
greatest devices.

City: Enka
Category: Polyester Based Nonwoven
Colbond's product range includes Colback , a high-standard, durable
polyester-based nonwoven - for demanding applications in mainly the flooring,
automotive and construction industries.Colbond works in close cooperation with
business partners actually within the different customer industries worldwide.
Production facilities on both sides of the Atlantic allow to serving customers
efficiently and economically.Colbond is headquartered in Arnhem, the Netherlands
and employs some 660 people worldwide. The nonwoven production facilities are
located in Europe (Arnhem-NL, Emmen-NL), and in the USA (Asheville).

City: Santa Monica
Category: Microwave & RF Delay Line Instruments
Colby Instruments is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of
high-precision programmable microwave and RF delay line instruments and modules.
Our products include a patented design that offers the highest precision
resolution available for any instrumentation electromechanical delay line while
also offering excellent repeatability. Each delay line model in our Programmable
Delay Line (PDL) series is programmable via remote interface or local control.
Only the highest performance products and components available in the industry
are used in the design and manufacture of all of our products. Delay Lines are
also used as Phase Shifters in many microwave and RF signal applications where
the requirement to delay or phase shift signals to a high degree of accuracy and
precision is of critical importance. Our PDL Series of models lead the industry
in offering delay resolution down to 0.50 picosecond accuracy.

City: St Paul
Category: Couplings & Fittings
Machinery and equipment designed in modules will benefit from the use of CPC
quick disconnects. If you assemble at different times, different locations, or
use assemblies from subcontractors, CPC quick disconnects will enhance the
flexibility of your manufacturing process by reducing assembly time when you
need to connect and disconnect plastic tubing and hose.CPC quick disconnects
engineered specifically for your application, simply click together versus
fastening clamps over fittings and hard plumbing. No tools are required to use a
one-hand push-button CPC quick disconnect coupling.

City: Largo
Category: Hot Fire Extinguishers
For more than a decade now, a product has been on the market that enables super
quick and safe quenching of fires of any kind, from grease fires to oil refinery
fires to tire fires. There is not a fire it cannot put out -- and it does so
much faster and more effectively than any other methods on the market. On top of
that, it neutralizes the hydrocarbon particles, drastically cutting the smoke
damage and danger that typically accompanies a fire. The smoke turns from black
to white; and visibility increases. What's more, it is non-toxic. As a plant
based substance, if you accidentally swallow some, breath its evaporative fumes,
or spray it in your eyes, it won't hurt you.Other remarkable features are that
it leaves no residue that has to be cleaned up after the fire is extinguished.
It has an indefinite shelf life at temperatures between 32º and 150º F.
Freeze-thaw does not effect its stability. It is biodegradable. It is not
slippery. It is inexpensive.

City: Terryville
Category: Fasteners
Coldform manufactures fasteners, nuts, screws, rivets, specialty fasteners, and
numerous cold-formed components. Trademarked products include: Barrelnuts,
Pushlok, Plastech, and Magnacore (relay cores).

City: Red Ash
Category: Electric Motors and Pumps
Cole Electric of Virginia Inc is a privately owned and operated corporation
located in Southwest Virginia.Andy Cole, the company's principal, has over 20
years experience in rewinding and rebuilding electric motors and pumps. He
oversees all jobs that come into the shop to ensure the highest standard of
workmanship and quality control. Collectively, the shop's staff has over 50
years of experience.

City: South Boston
Category: Electrical & Electronic Switches & Connectors
We're a leading manufacturer of electromechanical, electronic and digital
switches and connectors, designing dependable products for a broad range of
vehicles since 1920.

City: Santa Ana
Category: Rotary Switches
In industries and environments that are constantly evolving, Cole Instrument has
remained a trusted partner in the development of innovative switching solutions.
With over 35 years of industry experience that has produced revolutionary
results, Cole answers the stringent demands of nearly all commercial, aerospace,
and military applications. Into each switch produced, Cole combines imaginative
engineering, quality construction, and exceptional customer service.Cole
Instrument employs 80 people and occupies 24,000 sq. ft. in its Santa Ana,
California plant. A small privately held business; it uses the latest,
state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing equipment and is staffed with people
dedicated to providing the very best.

City: Waukegan
Category: Wire & Cable Products
Coleman Cable Inc is a leading manufacturer and innovator of wire and cable
products, servicing the electrical, electronic and automotive markets. With
extensive design and production capabilities and a long-standing dedication to
customer service, Coleman Cable, Inc. is the preferred choice of cable and wire
users throughout the world.

City: Rochester
Category: Gear Products
Gear Inspection and manufacturing equipment, tools, training and systems.

City: Vernon Hills
Category: Scientific Instruments & Lab Supplies
Manufactures 43,000 laboratory and industrial instruments.Instruments Test

City: Akron
Category: Static Control Equipments
Cole Static Control makes static control equipment for manufacturing
environments where unwanted static and dust can cause quality problems, slow
machines, cause operators shocks and cause fires.

City: Lincolnshire
Category: Wire & Cable Products
In 1979, Shel Cole saw an opportunity to provide superior customer service as
well as high quality products. Since then we have built up a loyal following of
satisfied customers by providing fast competitive quotes, same day shipment from
our own warehouse and Extensive inventory, cuts to exact lengths at no extra
charge, value added services such as coloring and striping, paralleling, and
respooling from bulk. Cole Wire & Cable is one of the largest stocking
distributors in the country and inventories virtually all types of Electrical
and electronic wire and cable. Reflecting the diversity of our industry and the
changing marketplace, you are now viewing an online sample of our comprehensive
electrical and electronic wire and cable catalog. CWC employs the most
experienced and knowledgeable sales staff in the industry and are always happy
to help with your wire and cable requirements.

City: Sully
Category: Metal Stamping
Co-Line Welding Inc is a family owned and operated business that began in 1979.
A small 1,620 square foot building served as a home for Co-Line back then.
Initially, Co-Line's focus was on farm equipment repair and livestock products
for the local farm economy. Through the livestock equipment emerged the
Sure-Latch. The Sure-Latch was developed to meet the needs of local hog and
cattle buying stations. As the Sure-Latch demand grew beyond what could be hand
fabricated, it became evident that Co-Line needed to stamp its own parts for the
Sure-Latch. This is what introduced Co-Line into the metal stamping industry. As
word spread of Co-Line's high quality stamping and fabrication skills, many new
job shop services were added.

City: Campbell
Category: Fiber Optic Products
CHI is a leading provider of customized fiber optics and collimated hole
structures for science, industry, and medicine. Investigating this site will
give you general information about our capabilities. For specific information,
please contact CHI directly.

City: Angleton
Category: Precision Machined Parts & Products
For over 50 years, Collins Instrument Company has provided the industrial
marketplace with superior quality, close tolerance, precision machined parts and
products. Utilizing the finest available precision equipment, our skilled career
craftsmen produce machine parts swiftly and economically with a high degree of
quality and reliability.We stock and inventory our own line of specialized
control valves, flareless tube fittings, grounding rings, and a large number of
precision-machined control valve trim parts, as well as many other products of
special interest to chemical and process industries.We also welcome the
opportunity to tailor to your specifications products required by your company.
If you are interested in establishing a reliable source for needed parts, please
let us show how we can save you time and money.

City: Bristol
Category: Springs
Colonial/Han-Dee Spring has 60 years experience supplying coil springs, flat
springs, four-slide parts, torsion springs, stampings, assemblies and custom
metal parts to the aircraft, electrical/electronic, transportation, packaging,
small appliance, photographic, medical, hardware, machine tool and mining

City: Loveland
Category: Crystal Products
Colorado Crystal Corporation excels in experience and craftsmanship in crystal
manufacturing. Colorado Crystal Corporation provides the highest quality, most
reliable and most stable frequency control devices available in the electronics
industry today.C.C.C. is an established leader in the highly technical design
and manufacturing of crystals. We concentrate on providing our customers with a
quality product.We invite your inquiries about our precision line of AT, SC, IT,
AC, and other singly and doubly rotated crystal cuts, and we hope you will let
us introduce you to the fascinating world of Colorado Crystal technology.

City: Boulder
Category: Video Equipment
Colorado Video is a privately held company in Boulder, Colorado. Since its
founding in 1965 it has pioneered the development of unique video
instrumentation and communications equipment. As both a manufacturing and
research firm, it has an extensive line of catalog items as well as an ability
to provide custom designs for special requirements. Our friendly staff has an
unparallel depth of experience in the application of video technology in
science, industry, and government.Catalog products include instruments for
measuring dimensions, intensity, and position. Crosshair, box, and circle
generators superimpose reference marks or targets onto real-time video displays.
Image enhancement and modification equipment provides easy to use, stand-alone,
operation. A specialty of the company is its line of stand-alone video frame
stores that are used in many research and inspection applications. These
products are integrated into systems for video microscopy, industrial quality
control, image modification, low light level television, and scan conversion.

City: Atlanta
Category: Multi-Video Cards
Welcome to Colorgraphic, pioneers of multi-screen technology. Since 1988 when
Colorgraphic designed the first multi-videocards for PCs, we have set our
industry's standard for excellence in design and customer service.With our broad
support of Microsoft WindowsTM and our innovative driver software, Colorgraphic
gives you the tools you need for expanded desktop solutions. Our newest product,
Voyager VGA CompactFlash, lets you use your handheld PC for mobile
presentations.Colorgraphic Communications Corporation is privately owned and
operated. We are large enough to undertake new design ventures and small enough
to offer all our customers personal attention. We excel in after-market sales
and customer service with our tech-support staff.

City: Springboro
Category: Color Selection Products
Established in 1991, Color Savvy manufactures hardware and publishes software
for color reproduction applications. Color Savvy licenses customized software
and instrumentation technology to a variety of scanner, monitor, and printer
manufacturers. In 1995, Color Savvy introduced its first spectrophotometer, the
ColorMouse™. In 1997, Color Savvy created the ColorMouseToo!™ series to meet the
growing need for accurate and affordable color. The focus of the company is to
provide customers with a complete range of hardware and software solutions that
reduces the need for expensive trial and error color matching.

City: Eden Prairie
Category: Digital Inkjet Printers
MacDermid ColorSpan designs, manufactures and markets performanced-based wide
format digital inkjet printers for the pay-for-print segment of the graphic
communications market. Since 1985, ColorSpan printers have pioneered innovative
features such as the Big Ink Delivery System®, use of six, eight and twelve
color ink sets and on-board cameras for automated calibration. Our inks, media,
and printers routinely earn top awards in industry competition.Today, our large
format digital color printers include the fastest, widest, highest resolution
(apparent 1800 dpi) and most versatile printers available on the market. >From
our line of 12-color thermal inkjet printers using water-based dye and pigmented
inks, to the highly successful "Gator" products using piezoelectric print heads
and solvent pigmented inks, to the new DisplayMaker 72UVR flatbed printer using
UV-cured pigmented inks to print directly onto rigid or roll-fed materials.

City: Amherst
Category: Imaging Products
Located in Amherst, New York and founded in 1981 by Paul Crawford and Thomas
Gangloff, our philosophy has always been to provide superior quality and offer
diversity in our services to meet the needs of our professional customers and
help them grow their businesses. These goals have led to consistent growth for
Color-Tech and has repositioned us from a local lab to a regional lab.At
Color-Tech Imaging, we have differentiated ourselves from other labs by
initiating customized programs like our Guaranteed Overnight Proofing, Senior
Seven Day Express, and Portra Film Rebates. Our most recent programs include
Kodak's 14 N Rebate and the Summer Film Giveaway. These programs have provided
faster turnaround times, increased studio sales and provided greater customer
satisfaction.As early as 1994 we realized the importance of digital imaging
services and the impact that digital would have on our customers. Our knowledge
and experience over the years have enabled our customers to have a better
understanding of digital output, digital cameras, color management and digital

City: Jonesboro
Category: Casters
In 1885 George Worthington, William Fay, and Fred Colson formed "The Worthington
Company" in Elyria, Ohio. They made tricycles, invalid chairs, and wheel chairs.
In 1910 Fred Colson (Secretary Treasurer of Worthington) purchased the company
and changed the name to ..."The Colson Company". He expanded product line to
include hospital wheeled equipment & industrial material handling equipment.In
1953, lawyer/business man Jay Pritzker & his 26 year old brother Bob, an
engineer, bought Colson and eventually moved the manufacturing and management
offices to Jonesboro, Arkansas. In 1964 Colson combined with The
Marmon/Herrington Company, successor to the Marmon Motor Car Company, to form
the Marmon Group. The Marmon Group of companies is an international association
of autonomous manufacturing and service companies with collective sales of over
$6 billion.The next few decades marked worldwide growth of manufacturing
facilities, market share and capabilities for Colson Caster Corporation. Finally
in 2002, Bob Pritzker purchased a majority interest in all of the worldwide
caster companies that were member companies of The Marmon Group. He named the
new company Colson Associates, Inc.

City: Altamonte Springs
Category: Data Products
Columbia Data Products, the leader in True Image® storage solutions, develops
live primary data protection for Windows and NetWare environments.Since its
inception in 1976, CDP enables its OEM partners, such as Microsoft, IBM, Veritas
and Dell, to deliver robust yet easy-to-use snapshot and open file storage
solutions.An award-winning company, CDP's Open Transaction Manager™ and
Persistent Storage Manager™ products have been widely adopted and have an
installed base approaching one million. Columbia Data Products is a privately
held corporation headquartered in Altamonte Springs, Florida.

City: Vancouver
Category: Robotic Palletizers
Columbia/Okura LLc is your single source for robotic palletizers and turnkey
material-handling needs. We provide four-axis, multi-articulated robots, proven
end-of-arm tooling, controls, conveyors, guarding... everything you need to
increase your productivity and seamlessly integrate a palletizing system to meet
your specific needs.

City: Woodlyn
Category: Sensors
Since 1953 Columbia Research Laboratories, Inc has been a leading manufacturer
of sensors for use in Aerospace, Military and Industrial markets. Located in
Woodlyn, Pennsylvania just minutes from the Philadelphia International Airport.
Our 20,000 square feet in-house manufacturing facility provides for 98% of
Columbia's production processes, reducing our dependency on outside contractors
and thereby enabling us to provide our customers with the highest quality
products, timely delivery and reasonable pricing.

City: Hillsboro
Category: Weather Stations
At Columbia Weather Systems we manufacture and distribute the Capricorn line of
weather stations around the world to professionals in public safety, research,
meteorology, aviation, and industry.A small, privately held company, CWS offers
customers flexibility and quick response in product development and packaging,
as well as personal customer service.

City: Columbus
Category: Research Instrumentation
Columbus Instruments manufactures research instrumentation for the life
sciences.Our product lines include behavior, physiology and environmental
instruments. Each product line offers instrumentation that has been designed as
a solution to the specific needs of life science researchers. Within the
behavioral line you will find products for use with small laboratory animals.
Our line of physiology instrumentation is suited to animals of all sizes. The
environmental line contains a unique range of products for monitoring low level
respiration most often associated with, but not limited to, bioremediation and
waste water research.

City: Hallock
Category: Sensors
Comag IR is headquartered in North America with operations in USA and Canada,
with a vision to lead the world in infrared gas sensor technology. This is being
achieved on the basis of our advanced R&D and the industrial and marketing
expertise of our personnel.>From its inception, Comag IR is introducing the
InfraRapid IR emitter and the associated SmartScan IR gas sampler.Comag IR and
our associates are now making this revolutionary IR technology available
throughout the world.Already, Comag IR is expanding its capabilities into new
infrared technologies, as well as into new product developments. Indeed, it is
our ambition that Comag IR will continue to broaden the canvas of IR
technologies, to the benefit of our customers and partners.

City: San Diego
Category: Fans and Blowers
Rotron Inc. was founded by J. Constant van Rijn in 1947 when he identified a
need for small, highly reliable fans and blowers in the electronics industry.
Two years later, the company was formally incorporated due to expanding
business. The Commercial Fan Division of Rotron became Comair Rotron in July
1986. The company relocated from New York to San Diego in 1990. Comair Rotron is
a privately held firm, owned since 1995 by Howard Industries, Inc., a private
investment firm based in Connecticut.Since the name Rotron first appeared, over
100 million fans have been produced by the company for commerce and industry.
Headquartered in San Ysidro, California, Comair Rotron also has two assembly
plants in Mexico, with approximately 1,000 employees in the U.S. and Mexico. A
Comair Rotron fan module includes a complete assembly consisting of fans,
controller, printed circuit board, sheet metal enclosure, harnessing, and
electronic and air filtering. Comair Rotron has set the worldwide standard in
the design of forced air electronic component cooling devices.

City: Medfield
Category: Industrial Computer Products
Comark Corporation is a Massachusetts-based manufacturer of high performance
computer products, targeted at marine, industrial, and commercial applications.
The corporation conducts its sales activities on both a national and
international level through its corporate offices located at 93 West Street in
Medfield, Massachusetts. Comark Corporation designs and manufactures custom
industrial workstations, enclosure systems (NEMA 4/4X/12), ruggedized chassis
(PICMG, compact PCI, PC/104), embedded processing solutions, distributed
input/output systems, operator interfaces, process control/SCADA software,
industrial panel and rack mount units, CRT and TFT displays, industrial
keyboards and pointing devices. Products span from distributed
microprocessor-based I/O systems to high-performance dual Pentium® IV

City: Beaverton
Category: Test & Measurement Equipment
Comark Instruments Inc based in Beaverton, Oregon, USA, is a leading supplier of
electronic measurement instruments including food and industrial thermometers,
thermocouples, temperature probes, data loggers, data management systems and
timers plus humidity and pressure instruments.

City: San Diego
Category: Chemical Compounds
Combi-Blocks is a major manufacturer and a worldwide supplier of a series of
chemical compounds called combinatorial building blocks. Our major products
include various kinds of boronic acids, imidazoles, indoles and oxindoles,
anilines, nitrobenzenes, tetrahydropyrans, thiazoles, pyrroles, pyridines and
carboxylic acids. You may find compounds by browsing through our product lists,
Searching by Keywords, or Searching by Structure.

City: Burbank
Category: Micro-Abrasive Blasting Systems
Since Comco introduced the MicroBlaster® model abrasive blaster in 1968, we have
expanded the use of micro-abrasive blasting applications in a variety of fields
including medical manufacturing, micro-electronics, precision machining, and the
aerospace industry. We are experts at understanding how to utilize this
precision technology.Our engineering and production departments have the
expertise to provide you with our full line of standard products as well as
customized solutions. The equipment we design is built to exacting standards and
is easy to operate, ensuring you years of profitable, productive operation.
Comco blasters are in daily use on production lines throughout the world.

City: Gloucester
Category: Power Supplies & Generators
There are many reasons why Comdel Radio Frequency (RF) power supplies, DC
generators and matching networks are used by the leading semiconductor equipment
manufacturers and IC makers throughout the world. Our customers value the
breadth of our RF generator product line, as well as our experience,
entrepreneurial spirit and commitment. Our combination of products and people
provides customers with advanced power supply technology, proven techniques and
product reliability ensuring lasting partnerships.Trust the reliability of
Comdel's RF power supplies, DC generators, electrostatic chuck power supplies,
and matching networks.

City: White Marsh
Category: Metal Fabricating Machinery
We are the exclusive North American distributor of world-renowned metal
fabricating machinery. Located in White Marsh, MD (in the Baltimore Metropolitan
area), our operation is housed in a 50,000 square foot building with new machine
display, testing, storage and shipment areas serviced by a 20 ton/5 ton x 100'
overhead crane; two floors of offices; a continually updated, state-of-the-art,
all-inclusive computer system; large lecture/seminar areas; a 5,000 square foot
showroom; service and repair facilities; parts inventory, storage and shipment
areas which enables COMEQ to better serve its customers in the quickest, most
efficient way.

City: Charlotte
Category: Mechatronic Solutions
Mechatronics is a new branch of engineering that integrates mechanics,
hydraulics, electronics and information technology to develop advanced products,
processes and systems.In the power transmission sector, the mechatronic approach
produces compact and intelligent solutions allowing for design flexibility,
optimized machine performance and lower overall costs.Mechatronics is the
foundation upon which Comer Industries has built its new mission. This strategic
choice will enhance our technological leadership and keep us competitive on the
global market.

City: Dayton
Category: Automation Systems
Comet Automation Systems is proud to offer the most innovative solutions for
plastics processors in the industry. We supply a comprehensive selection of
equipment used for drying, blending, conveying, monitoring and bulk handling.

City: Dexter
Category: Electromechanical & Hydro-mechanical Turn-key Control Systems
FCS Control Systems is a spin-off of the world-famous Fokker Aircraft Company.We
design, manufacture, deliver and support high-fidelity electromechanical and
hydromechanical turn-key control systems.The company is run by technology driven
people who understand the needs of customers. We regard technology as a basis to
provide solutions. Nowaday more than 250 customers in Europe, North America and
Asia count on our products and services as a vital part of their day-to-day
operations.Aerospace, Automotive and Virtual Reality are the market areas we
concentrate on, where we deliver flight and vehicle simulation equipment,
structural test systems and haptic devices.Our sound control technology basis
provides us with many diversification opportunities which we will be tackling in
a controlled manner in the years to come.

City: Santa Clara
Category: Engineering Services
Established 1992 in Silicon Valley, Comit provides complete chip, board,
software and system engineering services to customers across the USA, Europe and
Latin America.Comit provides FPGA & ASIC design services from specs to GDS-II,
down to 90 nanometer. Hi-speed complex board designs down to 3-mil separation,
Embedded software including protocol stacks and device drivers, and complete
systems as diverse as special purpose single board computers, medical
electronics for health care, and cash machines.ASIC / FPGA engagements cover
Architecture, Spec generation, RTL coding, Verification, Synthesis,
Backend-Handoff, Place & Route and Packaging & Test House interface. Board
development services include schematic entry, layout, prototype fab and assembly
and board bringup. When you need it, Comit offers combined chip design, board
design and software development services for your complete turnkey product

City: Chino
Category: Computer Enclosures
Comix Computers Incorporated, the North American subsidiary of Comix
International Company Limited, is an OEM distributor of high quality industrial
computer enclosures. The Comix advantage is its direct supply link with Taiwan.
This allows COMIX to afford its customers versatile OEM services, yet still
providing products which have been proven on the global market.

City: Elgin
Category: Hydraulic Cartridge Valves
Command Controls Corporation was started in January 1993 by Constantine (Connie)
Kosarzecki with the intended purpose of manufacturing a complete line of state
of the art, high pressure (5000 P.S.I./350 bar), high performance, screw in
cartridge type hydraulic control valves for the fluid power industry. In 2003,
Command Controls' celebrated its 10th Anniversary, became a member of the NFPA,
and gained official recognition as a woman owned and operated business.To keep
up with industry demand, we continuously add new products, concentrating our
efforts on high quality, cartridge type hydraulic valves with interchangeable
piece parts. >From approximately 400 individual parts, we can build over 10,000
different valve combinations. Command Controls' goal is to be the world leader
in cartridge valve technology through a superior construction and innovative

City: Ramsey
Category: Tooling Systems
Command was founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1981. Our dedication to
precision CNC toolholder products propelled us to our current position as
America's premier toolholder manufacturer. Since forming a strategic alliance
with Urma AG Werkzeug of Switzerland in 1988, Command has marketed Urma boring
tools throughout North America. Urma is noted worldwide as a premier
manufacturer of high performance modular boring systems.

City: Duarte
Category: Printed Circuit Board
Comm Con Worldwide, founded in 1982, is a U.S. based designer and manufacturer
of PCB board to board connectors. We offer connectors for board stacking,
PC/104, EBX, CompactPCI, CPCI, Disk Drives, VME, Industry Pack, IP Module, and
automotive. We specialized in this market and as a result, have the capability
to produce millions of variations of .100", .050", 2mm, 1mm, and 0.8mm spacing
connectors. We also offer related products such as board spacer hardware, front
panels, and ejector handles. Our web site makes it easy to find, specify, and
order connectors on line directly from our factory for shipment anywhere in the

City: Wheeling
Category: Industrial Motion Controls
Industrial Motion Control LLc also known as IMC, is a leading manufacturer of
precision cam-actuated index drives, parts handlers, in-line conveyors and
custom cams. RDM-Cut (26K)We serve designers, builders and users of specialty
automation equipment worldwide with manufacturing facilities in both North
American and Europe. Sales offices are in North & South America, Asia and
Europe.With the merger of Commercial Cam Co and Ferguson Co in 2001, IMC offers
an extensive family of quality products under the Camco and Ferguson brand
names. We are an ISO-9001 registered manufacturer and provide Quality, Value &
Service to machine builders and users worldwide.

City: Cleveland
Category: Electric Products
Founded in 1929, Commercial Electric began as a service company providing
electric motor repair and electrical wiring services to the commercial and
industrial marketplace. Soon, the customer base expanded to include telephone
companies, leading to the design and manufacture of telecommunications power
equipment. During the 1950's, the company began to add inventory of new motors
and control panel components to supply an increasing base of industrial and OEM
customers. In 1970, connector manufacturing operations were established to
assemble a new line of electro-mechanical devices. Today, Commercial Electric
continues to provide our customers with a unique mix of quality products and
services through five divisions.

City: Huntington
Category: Optical Parts
Commercial Optical Manufacturing Inc was founded on April, 1 1946, and for over
50 years we have been a quality manufacturer to both military and commercial
customers. Our optical parts have been used in nuclear submarines, survey
equipment, archery sights, medical instruments, automotive alignment equipment,
photoelectric controls, audiovisual equipment, planetariums, to name a few
applications.We employ 25 men and women, many of whom have been with us for over
three decades. Our associates take pride in their quality of workmanship and of
our customer service. We believe that our future and our customer's future
depends on, not only these factors, but fast just-in-time delivery and after the
sale responsiveness.We are a custom lens manufacturer located in Huntington, WV.
The production facilities of Commercial Optical consist of ten departments,
which includes our machine shop and coating department. Our overall production
area is approximately 25,000 square feet.

City: Clark Fork
Category: Measuring Total Dissolved Gas Pressure
Common Sealing Inc is a small company, which is the original developer of and
specializes in the measurement and/or continuous monitoring of Total Dissolved
Gas Pressure (TDGP) or the parameter P T, which represents the sum of all
dissolved gases including water vapor in water. Standard instruments provide
eight (8) parameters including the Barometric pressure, PT, Temperature, pO2, %
Saturation of TDGP (relative to Barometric pressure) and % Saturation of Oxygen
(relative to Air pO2). Any pumped and/or well-sourced water system can become
supersaturated, resulting in mortality and stress to fish and aquatic life.
Federal agencies, aquaculture and wastewater treatment activities all use this
equipment for water quality monitoring in fisheries, aquaculture and industry.
Consulting services are also available.

City: North Adams
Category: AC Capacitors & Power Saving Products
Commonwealth Sprague is a manufacturer and international marketer of AC
capacitors and power quality/energy savings products for industrial markets. Our
products include single phase AC capacitors for motor run, lighting, filtering,
and general purpose applications as well as 3-phase power factor correction
cells for use in power factor correction and harmonic filter assemblies.

City: Hickory
Category: Cable & Connectivity Products
CommScope is a world leader in the design and manufacture of 'last mile' cable
and connectivity solutions for communication networks. Through our SYSTIMAX®
Solutions and Uniprise™ brands we are the global leader in structured cabling
systems for business enterprise applications. We are also the world's largest
manufacturer of coaxial cable for Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) applications.
Backed by strong research and development, CommScope combines technical
expertise and proprietary technology with global manufacturing capability to
provide customers with high-performance wired or wireless cabling solutions.

City: Los Gatos
Category: Wireless Communication Products
CommStack is a privately held company that designs, develops, markets, and
supports advanced wired and wireless networking technology for semiconductor,
computer, and consumer electronics manufacturers. CommStack licenses
intellectual property (IP) and provides design services for the development of
telecommunications applications. With engineering expertise in communications
systems design, implementation, and integration as well as extensive product
marketing experience, CommStack is uniquely positioned to help its customers
develop and bring to market innovative products.CommStack addresses the needs of
semiconductor houses, OEMs, and system design houses that wish to accelerate
their product development cycles. By licensing IP and contracting services from
CommStack, you can speed your time to market and time to revenue, augment your
in-house engineering resources, complement your existing technology, embed new
capabilities into your own designs, and gain control of your sources of

City: Eden Prairie
Category: Credit Card Readers
CommStar Inc designs, produces, and markets electronic products for the data
communications, financial and ID markets.CommStar, a private company, was
incorporated in 1986 in the State of Minnesota by persons with engineering and
marketing backgrounds and extensive experience designing niche products for the
Point-of-Sale (POS) marketplace.When first incorporated, CommStar concentrated
on custom design products for the financial community. These products were
primarily POS access devices or data communications transmission and protocol
conversion units.

City: West Chester
Category: Communication Products
In 1987 Communication Automation Corporation introduced the first PC plug-in
board to break the $100 per MFLOPS price barrier. Based on the WE-DSP32 from
AT&T, the first single-chip floating-point DSP, it opened up new fields
previously restricted by the PC's performance and prohibitive costs of
floating-point accelerators. Since then, we have expanded our line to include
fixed-point and floating-point DSPs from Texas Instruments, IDT's RISC
processors and a variety of telecom interfaces. Our VME, cPCI, PCI, SCSI and
PC-card boards span the price and performance range from a $20/MFLOPS PC board
to a 32,000 MIPS 6U VME board. Our latest product line, QuicKit Telephony,
combines the highest-density DSP products available with a most flexible
architecture to offer OEMs a rapid prototyping system for leading edge DSP

City: Schiller Park
Category: Magnetic Components
Since 1944, Communication Coil has been a quality supplier of a wide spectrum of
magnetic components and passive networks. We work closely with our customers
from the design stage to your completed system insuring optimum performance in a
quality finished product. We pledge to deliver on time at a competitive cost.
Customers from a cross-section of industries demand the best in service and
reliability. We are positioned to meet those demands. Let us include you as our

City: Park Drive
Category: Passive Microwave Filters
Communications & Energy Corporation (C&E) designs, manufactures and sells custom
passive microwave filters within frequency ranges 5 MHz to 13 GHz, for Wireless
Television (MDS/ GWCS/ MMDS/ ITFS/ OFS), Cable Television (CATV), Low Power
Television (LPTV), Cellular Telephone and Personal Communications (PCS).

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