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USA manufacturer database

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City: Bothell
Category: Digital Security
Aladdin is a leader in digital security, providingsolutions for software Digital Rights Management and Internet securitysince 1985.

Serving more than 30,000 customers worldwide, Aladdin products include:eToken(tm), providing cost-effective strong user authentication andpassword management solutions; the eSafe(r) line of integrated contentsecurity solutions, protecting networks against malicious, inappropriate and nonproductive Internet-borne content; and HASP(r), a Digital Rights Management (DRM) suite of protection and licensing solutions featuring the No.1 one hardware-based system in the world.

City: San Leandro
Category: Sensor/software Products
Alameda Applied Sciences Corporation (AASC), a CaliforniaCorporation, was founded on March 31, 1994 to conduct cutting edgeresearch and development (R&D) for the Federal Government and PrivateSector customers, and to develop commercial products out of this R&Deffort. AASC is committed to delivering consistently excellent researchand to creating commercial products. AASC presently has 15 employees and operates out of a Head Office in San Leandro, CA and an office inEncinitas, CA. Our primary activity is Federally funded research anddevelopment, with limited product sales (diamond radiation detectors(DRD) and custom data analysis software (SIGNO)).

City: Long Beach
Category: Bearings & Bearing Materials
Alamo Metal Supply is a full service metal distributor. We are specialized in the field of bearings and bearing materials. We offer many different metals including but not limited to Copper, Brass,Bronze, Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloys, Titanium, and Steel Pump Shaftmaterial. We also can search our vast data base of suppliers for hard to find materials. Please use our web site as a information site we have great links for information on different materials, and services.

City: Hollywood
Category: Professional Motion Picture & Video Equipment
Alan Gordon Enterprises, Inc. is one of the most completeMotion Picture and Video Support Equipment, Rental and Sales facilitieslocated in the heart of Hollywood, California.

We have a large inventory of competitively priced, new and usedproduction and post production equipment to meet all your needs whilestill staying within your budget.

In addition, we manufacture a variety of proprietary products such asthe popular Academy award winning Mark V Director's Viewfinder as wellas motion picture, photogrammetric, and stereo plotting instruments.

City: Columbus
Category: Attenuators
Alan Industries is located in Columbus, Indiana; a cityTime Magazine has described as "a bustling, vital community that liesbetween Indianapolis and Louisville."

Columbus has a national treasury of dozens of buildings designed byworld-renowned architects and can boast that it has one of the finestschool systems in the country. Alan Industries became a part of thiscity's mutual effort for excellence when it was established in 1971.

Quality has always been central to our manufacturing process with aQuality System approved to MIL-I-45208 in the 1970's. Our current ISO9001 compliant Quality System was implemented in the mid 1990's.

Typical applications for Alan Industries' products can be found incellular base stations and simulation testing, instrumentation,electronic warfare, radar and general lab usage. Most companies in theelectronics industry working with coaxial devices are potential Alancustomers.

City: Sikeston
Category: Building Wire Products
Alan Wire Company began nearly 30 years ago, selling barecopper wire to electrical distributors in the Midwest. Today, AlanWire's modern manufacturing facility, utilizing state of the artequipment and a well stocked warehouse, provides electrical distributors with a dependable source for a wide range of building wire products. Each order is completed with impeccable accuracy and speed, delivering customer orders complete and on time.

At Alan Wire Company everyone strives to get the job done right thefirst time. From the time your order is placed, until it is deliveredcomplete, our staff is doing everything possible for a smoothtransaction every time. This dependable, consistent service savesdistributors time and money.

City: Deer Park
Category: Security Equipment
Manufacturers of quality security equipments.

City: Pepperell
Category: Laser Products
Our focus is to provide customized laser etching equipment, software and services for the laser marking industry.

City: Seattle
Category: Corrosion Resistant Alloy Products
Alaskan Copper & Brass Company and Alaskan Copper Works are the Nation's largest combination full service center and manufacturer of corrosion resistant alloy products. Alaskan combines the largest and most diverse inventory of corrosion resistant alloys in the Pacific Northwest with the very latest in material processing equipment and expertise. Our goal is to continue to be a true "service center" for our customers. We provide accurate, rapid quotation services and the ability to deliver material on time preprocessed, if necessary to our customer's exact specifications.

City: Boca Raton
Category: Battery Monitoring & Cell Testing Products
Alber offers a full line of battery monitors and testequipment, battery diagnostic systems, capacity test systems, resistance testers, hydrometers, load banks and micro-ohmmeters, plus seminars on battery maintenance and testing.

City: New Bedford
Category: Ceramic to Metal Assemblies
Alberox is a world leader in the manufacture of ceramic tometal assemblies and metal injection molding (MIM). We specialize insolving difficult application problems, usually involving extremes oftemperature, pressure, operating environment or complicated geometries.

Our products find application in the medical, telecommunications,aerospace, electrical and power, semiconductor and laser markets. Theseproducts usually serve functions vital to the survival of the customers' final assembly where, the cost of component failure is usually very high.

City: Solana Beach
Category: Temperature Compensated Measurement Systems
Albion's many temperature compensation systemapplications, installed since our inception in 1988, have dramaticallyreduced the adverse effects of temperature on precision dimensionalmeasurements (usually by as much as 95%), improved our customers'process capability, reduced costs of scrap and rework, generallyimproved quality and increased production process speeds.

Our instruments are in use world wide at auto plants, aerospacecompanies, bearing manufacturers, railroads, printers and theirsuppliers. We are recognized as being the leader in the field oftemperature compensation. Our approach is practical, proven and customer driven.

City: Albion
Category: Material Handling Products
ALBION... One of the most recognized names in thebusiness. It wasn't always that way. In fact, back in 1947, Albionindustries began as an idea. That idea was to sell reliable solutionsto material handling problems, not just casters and wheels. That meantapplication engineering. It meant innovation. Most of all, it meantsetting new standards for performance and quality.

By the early 1950s, the fledgling company's success attracted theattention of a group of business people who believed that these concepts would revolutionize the industry. These people, John Karmalski, Bud Davis, and Charles Burns, set out to build a distributor organization which would bring the ALBION philosophy of quality and competitive price face-to-face with American industry.

City: Hauppauge
Category: Precision Drill Chucks
The Josef Albrecht Bohrfutterfabrik GmbH & Co., located inWernau, Germany, has been a leading builder of precision drill chuckssince 1908. In 1932, the Classic Keyless Drill Chuck was developed andhas since become known as the most consistently accurate drill chuckmanufactured anywhere in the world.

City: North Haven
Category: Batteries, Switching & Transmission Equipments
Worldwide, demand is growing for reliable standby power.Alcad can offer an extensive range of cell types to meet this demand.

Alcad's real strength lies in its people. Their experience andcommitment will produce high quality, reliable batteries for your back-up system.

Alcad's production sites in Europe bring together over a century ofexperience in nickel-cadmium battery production to the modern,international battery market.

City: Mount Pleasant
Category: Welding Products
Alcam Inc. is a fifteen year old company located in Mt.Pleasant, South Carolina. Its founder and owner has over 25 yearsexperience in the welding and repair field. During this time, we haveencountered some very interesting and unique repair situations that wehave acquired knowledge and experience from, and enjoy passing thisknowledge on to our valued customers.

City: Atlanta
Category: Wire & Cable
Alcan Cable is part of Alcan Inc., a multinational companyand a global leader in aluminum and packaging, as well as aluminumrecycling. With world-class operations in primary aluminum, fabricatedaluminum as well as flexible and specialty packaging, aerospaceapplications, bauxite mining and alumina processing, today's Alcan iseven better positioned to meet and exceed its customers' needs forinnovative solutions and service. Alcan employs over 88,000 people andhas operating facilities in more than 60 countries.

City: Plano
Category: Telecommunication Products
Alcatel provides communications solutions totelecommunication carriers, Internet service providers and enterprisesfor delivery of voice, data and video applications to their customers or employees. Alcatel brings its leading position in fixed and mobilebroadband networks, applications and services, to help its partners andcustomers build a user-centric broadband world. With sales of EURO 12.5billion in 2003, Alcatel operates in more than 130 countries.

City: Hingham
Category: Vacuum Technology
Alcatel Vacuum Products offers you Vacuum solutions forSemiconductor production, Analytical instruments, Research andIndustrial Applications that are designed to respond to your needs,today and tomorrow.

City: El Dorado Hills
Category: Microwave Components
ALC Microwave Inc. is a manufacturer of microwavecomponents and subsystems. Located in El Dorado Hills California in a8,500 square foot facilities, ALC Microwave has invested heavily inautomated assembly and test equipment to support the demand for thehighest quality and on time delivery of RF Amplifiers, Detected LogVideo Amplifiers and other microwave components and subassemblies. While other manufacturers have scaled back and stopped supporting the high reliability military market, ALC prides itself in offering full mil-spec 883 screened components. ALC Microwave offers and supports environmental screening, such as temperature shock, temperature cycling, burn-in, vibration, hermetic laser welding, seam sealing and fine and gross leak capabilities to name a few. Whether your needs are military or commercial ALC is poised to meet your requirements.

City: Pittsburgh
Category: Aluminium Products
Alcoa is the world's leading producer of primary aluminum,fabricated aluminum, and alumina and is active in all major aspects ofthe industry.

Alcoa serves the aerospace, automotive, packaging, building andconstruction, commercial transportation, and industrial markets,bringing design, engineering, production, and other capabilities ofAlcoa's businesses as a single solution to customers.

City: Houston
Category: Industrial Computer Systems
Alcom Industrial Systems is a provider of industrialcomputer systems for industrial, medical, military, andtelecommunications OEM's.

City: Fort Wayne
Category: Copper & Aluminium Magnet Wire & Extrusions
Based in Fort Wayne, IN, Alconex is the largest U.S.manufacturer of copper and aluminum magnet wire and extrusions using the continuous extrusion process.

Continuous extrusion is a state of the art manufacturing process thatallows us to go from copper or aluminum rod to a finished product injust one step.

City: Cleveland
Category: Medical Products
The Alcon group's U.S. headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas,(about 30 miles west of Dallas) is our largest location with over 2,500employees. We continue to build our team for the future across theUnited States and worldwide.

We seek dedicated individuals who share our vision of diversifiedspecialization in the field of ophthalmology -- people who are committed to their careers as a means of securing a successful future for themselves while adding value to the world in which they live.

City: White Plains
Category: Critical Cleaning Detergents
Alconox, Inc. manufactures a full line of critical cleaning detergents for a wide range of hard surface cleaning applications. Our detergents are sold through a network of leading distributors in the laboratory, health care, and industrial fields in the United States and over 40 countries worldwide.

City: Akron
Category: Cutting Tools
Alcon Tool Company - providing industrial knives, machineknives, circular knives, manufacturing knives, shear slitters andscallop cutters to a wide range of customers. Our products are ideallysuited for processing rubber, tires, wood, abrasives, paper, plastics,food, textiles or almost any other material.

We machine, heat-treat and grind in-house and we use the same equipmentfor expert knife resharpening that keeps your knives in top condition.

City: Santa Clara
Category: Semiconductors
Alcor Micro Corp is a semiconductor company that designs,develops, and markets highly integrated peripheral semiconductors andsoftware support solutions for the personal computer peripheral andconsumer electronics markets worldwide.

The technology leader in USB controller ICs, Alcor Micro is a majorsupplier of single chip USB controllers with an embedded hub forkeyboards, monitors and standalone applications. In addition, thecompany has leveraged its expertise in USB technology to develop a USBto smart card reader IC that enables cost-efficient networking andInternet security solutions suitable for integration into notebooks,keyboards, and displays, as well as standalone reader applications.

Alcor Micro is distinguished by its ability to provide innovativesolutions for spec-driven products. Innovations like single chipsolutions for traditional multiple chip products and on-chip voltageregulators enable the company to provide cost-effective solutions forthe peripheral device needs of original equipment manufacturer (OEM)customers in worldwide PC and consumer markets.

City: Chicago Heights
Category: Hot Wound Spring & Heat Treated Products
Alco Spring Industries has been meeting and satisfying thehot wound spring and heat treated product demands of the generalindustrial market, governmental agencies, the transit industry, therailroads and related industries since 1909. Other related products like wear plates, friction castings, restoring mechanisms, gibs, bolster pocket wear plates, follower blocks, yoke pins, center pins, vertical ring wear liners, and horizontal wear liners complete our product mix. ALCO's proud and rich heritage is seen in every one of the quality products that we sell. With its AAR M-1003 Certification ALCO is committed to keeping pace with the rigorous quality standards that are necessary in today's marketplace.

City: Traverse City
Category: Aluminium Wire Products
AlcoTec is the technological leader and the world's largest producer of aluminum welding wire. We are the foremost experts in the production of aluminum welding wire and consistently bring innovations to the application engineering side of the business. Our service is unparalleled and we provide the only single source for all of the aluminum alloys currently registered for welding applications and the only source for development and introduction of new welding alloys.

City: Brockton
Category: Interconnect Products
The Alden Products Company is a manufacturer of highperformance connectors and cable assemblies for instrumentationapplications. Designed to perform in an environment outside the shelterof the electronic enclosure, these interconnects are exposed toenvironmental and mechanical stresses that internal components andwiring never see.

Alden Products was founded in 1929 by Milton Alden as a designer andmanufacturer of thermoset molded components for the communicationsindustry. Inspired by the belief that successful new products could only be produced by having complete control over the development process, Alden has acquired an impressive set of core competencies that are critical to meeting the needs of this demanding market segment.

City: Buffalo
Category: Load Cells
We manufacture load cells, pressure transducers and digital indicators to give you the right information when forces and pressures are measured in your applications.

We make high accuracy load cells with ranges of as low as 1 or 2 gramcapacity and high ranges up to 2 or 5 million lbs., ( 1 to 2.5 millionKilograms) capacity. We offer high temperature options of 450 deg.F.(230. deg. Celsius).

City: Fort Worth
Category: Electronic Cables, Connectors & Assemblies
Alectron specializes in FACTORY DIRECT manufacturing oflower-volume and complex electronic cables, connectors, and assemblies.We accept short-run orders with quick turntime for quotes andprototypes. Products are manufactured to your specifications rather than forcing you to adapt your requirements to existing products.

City: Charlotte
Category: Lubrication Systems
Since 1919, Alemite has been supplying quality lubricationsystems and equipment to meet the needs of numerous industries. With acommitment to provide innovative products that meet the highest qualitystandards, Alemite has achieved an international reputation as a leaderin designing and manufacturing cost-effective lubrication and fluidhandling systems.

As one of the most established fluid handling suppliers in the world, we pride ourselves on having one of the most knowledgeable service andsupport departments in the industry. Our highly trained technicalrepresentatives are always prepared to answer your questions and ourinternational distributor network provides prompt and efficientdelivery.

City: San Fernando
Category: Sensing Devices
Aleph International provides more than 30 years of leading-edge technology, and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to the electronics, automotive, office automation, and security industries. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Yokohama, Japan-based Nippon Aleph, a 75 year old world class corporation and with sales exceeding $220 million, world wide "Blue Chip" corporations rely on Aleph products for the highest quality and most competitive pricing. Aleph International continues to earn the highest reputation for zero defects, ISO 9001, ISO 9002, and ISO 9003 manufacturing quality, and an absolute commitment to deliver the most reliable products in the industry.

We have been manufacturing reed switches for over 30 years, and arepresently supplying some of the needs of every major reed relay, sensorand security manufacturer. Aleph has more than 30 different types ofreed switches that include general applications, high power, highvoltage, high insulation resistance, low thermal EMF and mercury wetted. Most are available in form "A" or form "C".

City: Rolling Meadows
Category: Tank Test Systems
lert Technologies manufactures the premier tank test system for underfill and ullage. Alert is the established source for tank testing equipment and supply. Established in 1989 our performance is proven over time and we bring to you experience in the industry. Our mission continues to be to provide the professional with the best tools to insure the success of your business. All Alert equipment has undergone rigorous third party certifications and meets EPA regulation standards. With Alert, you never have to worry about our competing with your testing service. Our full time focus is the development and manufacture of the best tank testing equipment and tools to supply you, the professional.

City: Los Angeles
Category: Wavefront Semiconductor
Alesis Semiconductor is a division of Alesis Corporationbased in Los Angeles California. Alesis has been, since its conceptionin 1984, a cutting edge influence in the music technology industry. Ourengineers have always sought to do it smarter, and do it for less, formusicians and audio technicians all over the world.

One of our most unique functions of our engineering division is ASICdevelopment. Alesis remains one of the only companies to develop theirown Application Specific Integrated Circuits. These custom designedchips fit an entire printed circuit board's worth of components into asingle package the size of a guitar pick. Custom ASIC design allows usto develop our own processors (instead of working with off the shelfgeneric parts), and makes our products more stable and compact. ASICtechnology also helps to make Alesis equipment the most affordablemusical components available.

City: Alexandria
Category: Extrusion Products
With 36 years of experience, Alexandria Extrusion Companycan help you from prototype development through to final production. The end

City: Orange
Category: Modular Structural Components
A LEX Products, Inc manufactures a wide range of modularstructural components for use in flexible machine building andupgrading.

City: Ward Hill
Category: Laboratory Chemicals
Alfa Aesar is a leading international manufacturer,supplier and distributor of fine chemicals, metals, and materials. Ourproducts are used in a variety of industrial, academic and institutional research, development and production applications. Backed by the global manufacturing network of Johnson Matthey and other key partnerships, we offer customers the highest quality and purity in fine chemical products.

City: Princeton
Category: Electronic Test Equipment
ALFA Electronics has been serving the electronic test andmeasurement industry since 1988. Over 200 high quality products areoffered with the most affordable prices. These products are widely usedin labs, production lines, repair shops and classes by engineers,scientists, field service persons, teachers, students and hobbyists.The products are made by reputable manufacturers and are name brandquality.

City: Cranston
Category: Packaging Products
At Alga Plastics our state-of-the art thermoformingequipment ensures highest quality and productivity.

Our continued investment in technology enables us to provide you withspeed, flexibility and satisfaction.

Alga Plastics is a provider of custom thermoformed packaging solutionsfor leading companies in the medical, healthcare, electronics, consumer& industrial markets worldwide.

City: Milwaukee
Category: Liquid Handling Equipment
ALH is a small, responsive and energetic company with over25 years experience designing and manufacturing liquid handlingequipment for laboratories

Our current products are examples of creative, precise, low-costsolutions to many of your sample handling needs.

ALH has developed a user friendly line of components for automatedsystems and fluid handling that has a unique and patented drivemechanism to ensure a backlash free connection between motor andsyringe. The same technology allows us to give our customers aninnovative linear drive and XYZ motion solutions.

City: Waukegan
Category: Commercial Vehicle & Industrial Hardware
A respected and important manufacturer of commercialvehicle and industrial hardware since 1920, A.L. Hansen Mfg. Co.continues today to supply products long recognized as the industrystandard for quality and dependability. Hansen rotary latches, cab locks and center controls are used extensively by leading manufacturers of step vans, van bodies and commercial industrial bodies. Major trailer manufacturers use a wide variety of Hansen hinges, bar locks, tie downs and grab handles. The wide selection of products are also used in electrical cabinets and outdoor enclosures.

City: Grenloch
Category: Extruders
A.L. HYDE Company was established in 1932, becoming one ofthe world's first processors of plastics. HYDE began processing plastics by utilizing compression molding technology. In the early 1940's, Hyde started injection molding and in the late 1950's Hyde began extruding many of the materials we provide today.

We process many different grades of engineering thermoplastics in rodand slab at our Grenloch, NJ manufacturing facility. In fact, today wespecialize in Specialty High performance materials such as Ultem, Radel, and Polysulfone, as well as proprietary products such as Hydex 4101 PBT Polyester, Hydlar ZF Kevlar reinforced nyon, and the Hydel family of anti-static and conductive plastics. We produce rod in diameters from 1/4" to 8", and slab in thicknesses from 1/32" to 4". We can also provide our Hyd-Cast cast nylon product line, including the proprietary high performance product Nylawear in rod, sheet, and tube in various sizes.

City: Sunrise
Category: Optical Components
Align Optics Inc was formed in June of 1997 by a group ofEngineers and Industry Professionals with the goal to provide highquality optical components at affordable prices for Laser, Telecom andother OEM Industries. Our company has consistently grown each year withtime and experience and is now well positioned to serve the PhotonicsIndustry in the new Millennium.

The Focus of all our efforts is better customer service which we alwaysstrive to achieve. We're committed to providing our customers with fast, courteous and personal attention on all Request For Quotes. In today's rapidly changing marketplace, we realize the importance of establishing solid customer vendor relationships as a key ingredient to the success of any business over a lengthy period of time. Keeping this principle in mind AOI was established in order to simplify the sometimes enormous task of selecting the right vendor for your products.

City: Wheat Ridge
Category: Precision Automation Equipment
ALIO Industries is dedicated to designing and buildingprecision automation equipment for nano precision applications in FiberOptics, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Micro Machining and SemiconductorIndustries. ALIO Industries proprietary (Patented 6,671,975 & 6,769,194) parallel kinematic three and six-axis robots will revolutionize fiber optics alignment and sub micron automation. Linear and rotary stages have been designed and built to complement the robot product and fill a market demand for high-resolution nano precision cost effective motion in atmospheric, clean rooms and vacuum chamber environments.

City: Arcadia
Category: Linear Air Pumps & Vacuum Pumps
Alita Industries is dedicated to the design anddistribution of the efficient and effective air and water movingproducts since 1990. Performance, reliability, energy efficiency andcost effectiveness are the most important priorities in our developmentprocess.

ALITA(r) Linear Air Pumps are engineered for long life, continuous andintermittent operation. In support of diverse needs of both OEM/ODMfirms and end-users, Alita Industries provides a wide range ofperformance options to meet the customer's special applicationrequirements.

City: Franklin Park
Category: Luminaires
Alkco is defined by the uniqueness of our products and theconsistent thread of quality that has run through our products andculture since our founding in 1946. We design, manufacture and assembleluminaires in a 100,000 square foot facility in Franklin Park, Illinois.

City: Fremont
Category: Valves & Fittings
Alkon Corporation has been manufacturing fluid powerproducts from its beginnings in the mid 1950's. It started with a single line to today's extensive product line, that covers a wide variety of valves, fittings and flow controls.

Alkon has gone from a small start in Hawthorne NJ to larger facilities,also in NJ, to our Corporate Headquarters recently relocated to Fremont, Ohio.

The Ohio plant, which is our main manufacturing facility has grown froma 7000 sq. ft. building to close to 50,000 sq feet today thatincorporate offices, warehouse, and production. Our Mexico plantproduces our forgings as well as doing primary machining on many parts.

City: San Fernando
Category: Drill Bushing
All American Products Co. is the largest drill bushingmanufacturer and workholding solutions provider in the United States.

All American Products Co. also offers the nations largest inventory ofdrill bushings, toggle clamps and tooling components such as hoistrings, spring plungers, flat and spherical washers, bolts, screws, T-slot nuts, knobs, locating pins, eye bolts, handles, hand wheels, pads,fixture keys, workholding devices, full contact clamps, tooling plates,and pallets.

City: San Jose
Category: Integrated Semiconductor
Broadcom Corporation is a leading provider of highlyintegrated semiconductor solutions that enable broadband communicationsand networking of voice, video and data services. We design, develop and supply complete system-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions incorporating digital, analog and radio frequency (RF) technologies, as well as related hardware and software system-level applications.

City: Mt Pleasant
Category: Chemicals
All-Chemie Ltd. is a world-wide provider of Rare and Ultra-High purity chemicals & metals, stable isotopes and crystals. We are committed to providing products of the most exacting specificationsrequired by todays's cutting-edge production and R&D technologies.

City: Farmers Branch
Category: Computer Memory & Processor
AllComponents has been providing a comprehensive line ofquality computer memory and processor solutions to the industry since1984. Offering value-added, wholesale distribution options focused onmeeting customers' supply-chain management, automated testing, and"just-in-time" inventory needs.

Strategically located in Addison, Texas, just minutes from DFWInternational Airport, AllComponents' operates 50,000 sq. feet of Sales, Technical, and ESD, environmentally controlled Testing, Materials Handling and Shipping operations, all specifically designed for the efficient, real-time integration of quality product and the quality people who support it.

City: Elgin
Category: Motion Control & Industrial Computers
With over 40 years of industrial control experience,knowledge and expertise, All Control provides innovative solutions forIndustrial Automation in a wide range of applications and markets. Ourcorporate office is in Elgin, Illinois with regional locations inRockford, Illinois and Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Both the Elgin and Pewaukee facility are equipped with training rooms and a staff of customer service and technical application personnel to meet your pre- and post-sales needs.

Represented in the field by a technical sales and engineering staff, weprovide sales, training and application support for the products we sell from our valued automation partners. Products constitute just a minor portion of an All Control sale. Behind every relay, sensor, control system, servomotor or drive we sell is the expertise of All Control's high quality service and support personnel. Our staff strives to answers your questions, provide technical training classes and seminars to provide our customers with every competitive advantage. Most importantly, if something is wrong we are committed to making it right.

City: Seaford
Category: Materials Handling Systems
We are a premier systems integrator and manufacturer ofautomated, integrated bulk materials handling systems. These systemsinclude major, minor and micro ingredient feeding, weighing andconveying of dry powdered and liquid ingredients, designed especiallyfor the chemical, plastic, food and packaging industries.

City: Lester
Category: Underground Mining Equipment
Manufacturers of underground mining equipments.

City: Cumberland
Category: Structural Instrumentation
SI/Allegany is a division of SI TECHNOLOGIES. Fourindustry-leading product families are under one umbrella - AlleganyTechnology, Structural Instrumentation, Lodec, and Evergreen Weigh.

Allegany Technology is the inventor of Electronic Lift Truck ScaleTechnology and revolutionized the Electronic Crane Scale. StructuralInstrumentation is the world's first supplier of On-Board Truck Scales.Lodec developed Portable Axle Scales, tracing back to early work withNASA. Evergreen Weigh manufactures a variety of scales for variousmarkets. The most recognized of these products are the front-end loaderscale and scales for the aviation market.

City: Pittsburgh
Category: Specialty Materials
Allegheny Ludlum Corporation is a world leader in thetechnology, production and marketing of specialty materials - stainlesssteels, silicon electrical steels, tool steels, titanium, nickel alloys, as well as other advanced alloys. Allegheny Ludlum serves customers in diversified consumer and capital goods markets in more than 30 nations.

Our metallurgists regularly visit customers and make joint visits withservice centers to define customer requirements. A thoroughunderstanding is essential so we can deliver a consistent supply of therequired product.

City: Lake Forest
Category: Document Managemnet Tools
Allegria Software, now a subsidiary of netGuru, Inc.provides innovative web-based collaborative and document managementtools for engineering and manufacturing companies, including a fullrange of enterprise-wide solutions that can stand firmly on their own or can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of any existingdocument/data management system.

City: Garden Grove
Category: Industrial Safety Systems
We at Allegro Industries proudly celebrate our 15thanniversary as the premiere supplier and manufacturer of safetyproducts. We have built our strong reputation over the years byintroducing quality products that are innovative in their design andengineering as well as by using the latest in new material technologies.

City: Worcester
Category: Advanced Mixed Signal Sensors
Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. provides innovative system-level solutions in the design and manufacture of advanced mixed-signalHall-effect sensor and analog power ICs serving high-growth applications worldwide within the Automotive Electronics, Office Automation, Industrial and Portable Electronics markets. We offer cutting-edge technology, a commitment to quality, and innovative solutions. Our design and manufacturing teams are ready to work diligently with you to support your needs.

City: Carlsbad
Category: Automation Systems
Allegrotek provides professional engineering services tobusinesses throughout southern California. From design and documentation to integration and manufacturing support, Allegrotek offers a full complement of services designed to meet the unique requirements of each client.

Allegrotek can integrate electro-mechanical components to provideproduct enhancements, add-on modules or complete turnkey systems. Ourintegration experience includes automation systems, motion and fluidcontrol, pneumatic processes and power management.

City: Mineola
Category: Fluid Power Products
Established in 1947, Allenair is one of the oldest,privately-held Fluid Power Manufacturers in the U.S.A. Primary productlines are Cylinders both Pneumatic Cylinders / Air Cylinders, and low-pressure Hydraulic Cylinders, Rotary Index-Tables, includingavailability of unequal index option and a wide range of PneumaticValves.

City: Mineola
Category: Custom Passive Electronic Components
Allen Avionics, Inc. is a major U.S. manufacturer ofprecision LC filters and electro-magnetic delay lines for theelectronics industry. Video product engineers and OEM's have come torely on Allen Avionics as the single source for a complete line ofstandard and custom filters and delay lines. Our strong technicalsupport team is an important part of our service to customers.

Our products, which range from D.C. to 5GHz, are used in electronicequipment found in video studios to satellite communications systems,and everything in between. We are also able to serve you in the fastgrowing field of HDTV.

City: Milwaukee
Category: Industrial Control & Automation Products
Rockwell Automation is a leading industrial automationcompany focused to be the most valued global provider of power, controland information solutions. With a focus on automation solutions thathelp customers meet productivity objectives, the company brings together leading brands in industrial automation, including Dodge(r) mechanical power transmission products, Reliance Electric(tm) motors and drives, Allen-Bradley(r) controls and engineered services and Rockwell Software(r) factory management software. Global technical and customer service is an integral part of Rockwell Automation, with nearly 5,600 distributors, system integrators and agents serving customers in 80 countries.

City: Salem
Category: Precision Motion Control Systems
Allen Datagraph Systems, Inc was founded 1980. We designand manufacture precision motion control systems for the sign making,monument, graphic arts and industrial markets. All products aremanufactured at our company headquarters in Salem, New Hampshire, USA.Our Signmaking/Graphics group supplies the industry with the mostcomprehensive line of material cutters/plotters available. We offer 12high performance models, meeting all application and size requirements.Plus, our large format automated laser and sandblast systems are theindustry's leading solution for imaging on hard surface materials.Additionally, Allen Datagraph manufactures chart recorders forLaboratory and OEM industrial applications. Our background in computercontrolled multi-axis mechanisms and instrumentation is the basis of our continuing development of innovative material processing and testequipment.

City: Macungie
Category: Manufacturing Turnkey Services
At Allen Integrated Assemblies, our first step begins withunderstanding. We know that it is imperative to thoroughly understandyour needs. Our field representatives are experts who will be directlyinvolved in the manufacturing of your product. They will recommend howto most effectively and efficiently design your circuit boards, fine-tuning their configurations to ensure top quality results.

Our corporate motto comes from an old Pennsylvania Dutch saying, GutieArbeit Kummt Sairsht, or Good Work Comes First, which expresses thebasic worker concept at Allen Integrated Assemblies. Allen keeps thebureaucratic structure to a minimum and concentrates on designing andmanufacturing the finest products.

City: Allegan
Category: Welding Positioners
We offer the highest quality welding equipment available.Incorporating only the finest components by manufacturers such as Boston Gear, Baldor, Yaskawa, Martin, KB Electronics, Linemaster and Leeson to name a few. Compare quality.

Our equipment is designed with a high level of standardization ofelectrical and mechanical components which can be purchased directlyfrom local vendors or from our in stock inventory of parts.

City: Norwood
Category: Diagnostic Testing Systems
Advanced Instruments, Inc. is a privately-held businessheadquartered in Norwood, Massachusetts, supporting worldwide operations and a comprehensive distribution network of independent dealers. Founded in 1955, the company is the world's foremost authority for the application of freezing-point depression (FPD) technology. Additional technologies have been developed or acquired, making Advanced Instruments a leading supplier of diagnostic testing systems used by medical and industrial laboratories.

In addition to branding products with the Advanced Instruments name, the company designs, develops and markets diagnostic products for FiskeAssociates (trademark) and Spiral Biotech, Inc. (a wholly ownedsubsidiary).

Since the company's inception nearly 50 years ago, laboratoryprofessionals have always looked to Advanced instruments for exceptional customer support and leading-edge tools for the diagnostic laboratory. Innovative solutions for common laboratory problems remain the mission of Advanced Instruments.

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