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USA manufacturer database

Are you looking for information on USA manufacturers. Then check out the previews of data we have available in our database. Price is only 250 euros
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instructions to download the complete database.

Previews of data we have available:

City: Milford
Category: Computers & Home Entertainment Sound Systems
Altec Lansing is a leading manufacturer and marketer of high quality computer
and home entertainment sound systems and a line of headsets, headphones, and
microphones for personal digital media.

City: Silver Spring
Category: Precision Graphic Digitizers
Altek is the leading manufacturer and supplier of precision large format graphic
digitizers and scanners. Since 1970, Altek has built a 30 year reputation for
excellence in manufacturing the highest accuracy digitizer systems available.

City: Liberty Lake
Category: Precision Molds & Production Machining
Altek is a full service manufacturer providing engineering and product
realization services to high tech industries such as medical, communications,
aerospace, instrumentation and fitness. Focused on integrated product
realization solutions, Altek's depth in services include full value added
operations, collaborative project management and engineering design, precision
machining, supply chain management, tooling, plastic injection molding,
electromechanical assembly, custom finishing and quality assurance. Production
facilities are located at our corporate headquarters in Liberty Lake, Washington
and in Portland, Oregon.

City: Rochester
Category: Calibrators
Altek Industries Corp was founded in 1979 as a manufacturer of single function
handheld calibrators for the process control industries. Producing handheld
calibrators for several variables encountered in the process control industries,
Altek provides high- accuracy standards for calibrating devices used by the
chemical, power production, food processing, pharmaceutical industries and many
other types of processes around the world.

City: San Jose
Category: System-On-a-Programmable-Chip
Altera Corporation is the world's pioneer of system-on-a- programmable-chip
(SOPC) solutions. With annual revenues in CY 2003 of $827.2 million, Altera
combines the reprogrammable logic technology originally invented in 1983 with
software tools, intellectual property (IP), and design services to provide
high-value programmable solutions to approximately 14,000 customers worldwide.
Altera is headquartered in San Jose, California, and employs approximately 2,000
people in 14 countries.

Committed to helping customers achieve their business goals, Altera aggressively
invests in research and development efforts despite global economic pressures.
Altera's FPGAs are uniquely positioned to displace costly, high-risk solutions
such as ASICs and ASSPs, and offer a viable, more flexible alternative to
digital signal processors-delivering value to a much broader market than was
previously addressed by programmable logic.

City: Plano
Category: Measurement Instruments
We have assisted a variety of manufacturers, from platers and painters to
printed circuit board fabricators and high technology firms for over 20 years.
We have even equipped the national laboratory of a progressive developing
country and trained their staff.

Alternate Systems will work with you in the most convenient and personalized way

We offer the best instrumentation, standards, calibration, and training services
for printed circuit board and connector manufacturers as well as OEMs, and other
manufacturers of electronic packaging, components, aerospace, and defense

City: Marcellus
Category: Endoscope Components & Replacement Parts
Alternative Endoscope Instruments has a global network of specialists that
design, develop, and manufacture vision products and accessories for medical and
industrial markets. We offer a consulting resource to access this network.

City: San Jose
Category: Broadband Communication Solution
Integrated semiconductor solutions that enable broadband communications and
networking of voice, video and data services. We design, develop and supply
complete system-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions incorporating digital, analog and
radio frequency (RF) technologies, as well as related hardware and software
system-level applications.

Our diverse product portfolio addresses every major broadband communications
market and includes solutions for digital cable and satellite set-top boxes;
high definition television (HDTV); cable and DSL modems and residential
gateways; high-speed transmission and switching for local, metropolitan, wide
area and storage networking; home and wireless networking; cellular and
terrestrial wireless communications; Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) gateway
and telephony systems; broadband network and security processors; and
SystemI/O(tm) server solutions.

City: Brea
Category: Signal Management Solutions
Altinex Inc is a leading ISO-9001 certified manufacturer of signal management
solutions for the audio/visual communications industry.

Signal management solutions are used to handle the routing of computer video,
broadcast video, audio, and control signals in presentation systems.

The current product line includes a full array of designer solutions,
interfaces, distribution amplifiers, switchers, matrix switchers, converters,
special application products, cables, and accessories.

City: Atmore
Category: Clutch Plates & Transmission Parts
Alto Products Corp is the oldest and largest independently owned and operated
clutch plate and automatic transmission parts manufacturer in the world. We
manufacture the most complete line of friction and steel plates worldwide.

We specialize in the complete design and manufacturing of bonded friction
materials, stamped steel separator reaction discs, brake bands and gasket & seal
kits. Our capabilities include bonding, stamping, engineering, in-house tooling
and design services. Over a billion Alto clutches have been installed in
Automotive, High Performance, Heavy Duty On and Off-Highway, Marine and
Motorcycle applications for over fifty years.

City: Hockessin
Category: Advanced Performance Products
Our philosophy is to use entrepreneurial initiative to provide the advanced
performance products at highly competitive prices to customers in North America.
To date, we have primarily obtained our products from excellent companies around
the world, included EKSMA and EKSPLA. We are highly responsive to the needs of
leading edge researchers and others to require customized features. So if you do
not see exactly what you want, please ask anyway. A search function is provided
on our site to help you find the desired products.

Altos was founded in 1995, and has also been involved in the acquisition and
licensing out of key technologies to assist both start-ups and welll established
companies. For example, Altos has licensed rights to AdvR inc. for 16 KTP
(Potassium Titanyl Phosphate) waveguide related patents.

City: Crystal Lake
Category: Magnetic Components
Altran Corp is located in Crystal Lake, Illinois, 50 miles northwest of Chicago.
Our main offices and production facilities are conveniently accessible from both
Chicago's O'Hare Airport, and Milwaukee's Mitchell Field. Driving time from
either facility is about one hour.

As designers and manufacturers of quality magnetic components, we provide many
facets of the electronics industry with an array of bobbin, toroidal and printed
circuit-type transformers and inductors.

Altran's engineers and technicians develop the optimum design to always meet
your requirements of performance, size and cost. Our objective is to give our
customers exactly what they need...when they need it...and do so within
budgetary limitations.

City: San Fransisco
Category: Flooring & Walling Solutions
For over forty years, we have developed products for all walks of life. Altro
manufactures floor, wall and ceiling products for commercial, institutional and
industrial applications. We have led the way in slip resistance with Altro
safety flooring.

City: Yellville
Category: Broadcast & Communication Equipments
Welcome to Altronic Research Inc manufacturer of products for the broadcast and
communications industry.

A leader in product development, Altronic Research was the first to design and
produce a water cooled coaxial load resistor (dummy load). We continue to
innovate, recently introducing our air cooled RF coaxial load resistor (dummy
load) for UHF Digital HDTV, which uses our own advanced tuning techniques
(patent pending). Altronic Research actively seeks customer input for product
improvements and the development of new products.

City: Anoka
Category: Electronics Contract Manufacturing
Altron Inc supplies contract manufacturing services including Circuit Board
assemblies and complete Box Build and Test Services for manufacturers of Medical
Electronics, High End Computers, Telecommunications, and Industrial/ Commercial

Since its inception in 1974, Altron Incorporated has been engaged solely in the
contract manufacture of electronic and electro-mechanical assemblies and

City: Sunrise
Category: Industrial Automation Systems
Altus Automation Systems Corporation is the US subsidiary of Altus Sistemas de
Informática, a leading supplier of industrial automation systems in the
Brazilian market. Its products and services enable Altus to deliver high
quality, flexible solutions in several industries.

Established in Brazil, Altus is the first company to apply his own technology on
Industrial Automation and Processor Controler market. With its programmable
controllers developed and manufactured in Brazil it has reach the top and its
now a lider.

Founded in 1982, the company was the first to develop and manufact programmable
controllers (PCs) and computer numerical controls (CNCs) in Latin America. Thus,
it was the first company from the estate to earn the ISO 9001 certificate, in
1993, from an international group - the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).

City: Wylie
Category: Identification Products
Aluma Graphics was formed in 1973 in Garland, Texas. Our primary function was to
furnish award products to the trophy industry. Soon afterwards, we made a switch
to original equipment manufactures as a customer base. Today, we service several
hundred customers in a variety of industries with a wide range of identification

We are a leading edge manufacturer of functional identification products such as
nameplates, decals, overlays, panels & much more. We can manufacture
identification products out of a variety of materials, including polycarbonate,
vinyl, polyester, paper, and aluminum. Aluma Graphics utilizes the latest
manufacturing technologies available to make your identification products
including several digital processes assuring you a superior quality product that
is delivered quickly at a competitive price.

City: Windston
Category: Ergonomic Lifting Devices
Manufacturers of ergonomic lifting devices: Lift, lower, move, position and hold
objects too heavy for the unaided human. Custom built to solve lifting problems
to 2000 lbs (900 kg) and to 10 ft (3 m) high, with an unlimited range of end

City: Minneapolis
Category: Metal Finishing Equipment
AlumiPlate Inc is the exclusive world-wide supplier of metal finishing services,
technology, chemicals and equipment specifically focused on the world-wide
patented AlumiPlateSM process for the electrodeposition of aluminum on a
commercial basis.

We help our customers to achieve lower life cycle costs for their products by
enabling users to take advantage of the attractive surface properties of high
purity aluminum (such as excellent corrosion resistance), while still benefiting
from the physical properties of virtually any basis metal.

City: Peekskill
Category: Versatile Wall & Enclosures
Alusett offers a variety of highly versatile wall and enclosure systems. Using
our exclusive aluminium extrusions, with internal steel connector technology, we
can construct framework for a variety of uses.

Alusett also manufactures a variety of precision metal products from sheet metal
fabrication to complex precision machine parts, to all customer expectations.

City: Millersburg
Category: Tools
At Alvord-Polk Tool, quality is built into our tools, not added on. The process
begins with the purchase of high-quality United States-produced high-speed
steel. Proven salt bath heat treating gives our reamers their strength and
superior wear characteristics, and national aerospace standards are followed for
geometric specifications.

Flute diameter, O.D. relief and charmer relief are all ground between
carbide-lapped centers. This provides constant margin widths, concentricity
between chamfer and OD and the capacity to resharpen between centers.

Since 1881, Alvord-Polk Tool has manufactured the highest-quality standard and
special reamers in the industry. "Aircraft-Quality Reamers" is not just a
saying-it's a commitment to you, our customers, to provide reamers which meet
the industry's most critical inspection standards.

City: Aston
Category: Linear Drives & Motion Assemblies
Founded in 1952, Amacoil helps its customers save time and money with "rolling
ring" linear motion systems. Serving a broad range of industries, Amacoil is the
value-added distributor for Uhing rolling ring drives which are used for
reciprocating, positioning, and indexing linear motion processes. For some
applications, in particular for spooling and winding, Uhing rolling ring drives
are unmatched at lowering production and maintenance costs while boosting
productivity. In broader linear motion markets, such as the OEM design
engineering market, Amacoil provides expert rolling ring linear motion guidance
to explain when and how to use Uhing rolling ring technology to improve
productivity and efficiency.

City: San Jose
Category: Storage Products
Amacom Technologies Ltd was formed in 1994 to address the growing market for
high capacity, external storage products and since then has gained a reputation
for producing innovative solutions that best meet the needs of the data user.

Amacom ground breaking products include the Flipdisk, the industry's first cable
free device that did away with the need for external power; the Flip2disk, the
world's first true disaster recovery system for desktops and notebooks; and the
Ministor, the most secure USB flash memory device on the market. And people are
paying attention. Our customer base is large and growing. Major companies like
Microsoft, Oracle, British Telecom, Royal Bank of Scotland, Motorola and many
others look to us to provide them with industry leading portable data solutions.

City: Buena Park
Category: Precision, Sheet MEtal Fabricating Equipment
Amada America Inc sells a full line of precision, sheet metal fabricating
equipment including CNC turret punch presses, lasers, press brakes, shears,
flexible manufacturing systems and software. The majority of our turret punch
presses are manufactured in La Mirada, California, while punching cells are
produced at our Covington, Georgia, facility.

Amada America has provided American industry with a steady stream of innovative,
productivity enhancing sheet metal machines since its inception. We have
accomplished this by carefully listening to you, our customers, and then
engineering and building machine tools that solve your fabrication needs.
Markets served include: Aerospace, Air Conditioning, Appliance, Buses,
Computers, Electronics, Farm Equipment, Gaming Industry, Medical Equipment,
Metal Office Equipment, Restaurant Equipment and Telecommunications.

This is why we place so much emphasis on our Technical Centers, which features
permanent exhibits where our users interact and discuss manufacturing trends,
new applications and cutting-edge technologies. In addition to demonstrations,
seminars on leading-edge topics are presented by industry leaders. The many
functions of the centers are illustrations of Amada America's commitment to the
customer. Some 2,000 customers visit our facilities annually.

City: La Mirada
Category: Machine Tools
Amada Cutting Technologies Inc (ACT), established in 1987, is located in La
Mirada, CA, about 25 miles south of Los Angeles. Additional manufacturing and
distribution facilities are located in Japan, China and Austria.

ACT is part of the Amada Group, the world's largest machine tool manufacturer,
founded in 1946. ACT sells and distributes band saw machines, bi-metal band saw
blades and parts to manufacturing facilities, steel service centers, forges and
foundries, machine shops and other metal-related industries throughout North

City: West Allis
Category: Filaments
Founded in 1966, Amalga Composites Inc, Milwaukee Wisconsin, is a leader in the
design, engineering and manufacturing of filament wound composite pneumatic and
hydraulic cylinder tubing, pressure vessels, food grade tubing, booms and masts,
tubular cores, rollers and shafts, electrical tubing and fuse components, torque
shafts, magnetic coil forms, launch tubes and other engineered composite
components built to specification. Doctoral-level engineering provides the
design expertise to meet the toughest requirements and also to offer immediate
technical customer support from prototype through production.

Amalga Composites is one of the country's largest independent filament winding
operation. With an 80,000 sq.ft. manufacturing facility, consisting of three 200
x 40-foot overhead crane bays, six separate production lines, three
coating/painting areas and complete machining capabilities, the company provides
high volume output for both domestic and international orders.

City: Amarillo
Category: Gear Drives & Fan Drives
Amarillo Gear Company has been in operation in Amarillo, Texas since 1917,
manufacturing the largest range of spiral bevel right angle gear drives in the
world. Amarillo Gear Company is a member of The Marmon Group of companies. The
Marmon Group is an international association of more than 100 autonomous
manufacturing and service companies with sales of $7 billion.

Each series of Amarillo Gear right angle drives is offered with a variety of
ratio options. Rated power ranges from 5 hp (4 kW), to over 10,000 hp (7457 kW).
Amarillo Gear maintains a strict quality program which encompasses each
employee. Every gear drive is manufactured to precise specifications and top
quality materials. Permanent records are kept on each drive for future referral
when quick and accurate replacement parts are required. This added feature of
maintaining accurate parts history for each drive increases the value of your
Amarillo Gear investment.

City: Ogdensburg
Category: Distributed Control Modules
Amass Data Technologies Inc is a dynamic and enterprising company which designs,
develops & manufactures microprocessor-based distributed control modules for the
industrial control marketplace and data acquisition systems & related sensors
for the environment. Our products provide effective and reliable solutions to
your needs by way

City: Santa Clara
Category: Electronic Manufacturing
We are an Electronic Manufacturing Service Company providing Businesses with
Quality Conscious Solutions Specializing in the production of Custom Cable
Harness Assemblies, Chassis and RF Coax Assemblies.

In addition to our Manufacturing services We Distribute Wire, Cable and
Associated Products.

City: Dallas
Category: Industrial Transient Suppressors
Manufacturers of industrial transient suppressors.

City: Eugene
Category: Conductivity Instrument Manufacturers
Manufacturing Conductivity Instruments for Research and Industry since 1976.

Amber Science offers a range of portable and bench top instruments for measuring
the conductivity, resistivity, salinity, temperature, and total dissolved solids
of aqueous solutions. Our instruments are sold direct as well as through certain
scientific catalogs and distributors. We offer technical support, service and
repair for all of our products.

City: Woburn
Category: Semiconductors
In recent years, the industry has recognized the increasing challenges
associated with following Moore's Law. As a result, today's semiconductor
manufacturers are looking for new methods to achieve performance improvements as
a complement to traditional scaling techniques. AmberWave has the solution -
Strained Silicon.

Strained silicon increases the mobility of charge carriers in semiconductor
devices by "stretching" or "straining" the atomic structure of silicon. The
technology can increase the operating speed and/or reduce the power consumption
of a vast array of semiconductor- based products. In addition, device
manufacturers do not need to invest in new fabrication or design infrastructure
to realize the benefits of strained silicon since it is a natural extension of
standard CMOS manufacturing. This ease in implementation enables device
manufacturers to reach high volume production of advanced devices quickly and

City: Santa Cruz
Category: Surface Measurement Products
Since the founding of Ambios Technology Inc in 1996, our principal goal has been
to provide industrial and academic researchers with affordable, world-class
surface analysis instrumentation. 2002 was a landmark year for Ambios Technology
Inc. As a company, we made huge strides in establishing ourselves as a leading
supplier of surface analysis and measurement instrumentation and proudly.

City: Franklin Park
Category: Engineered Materials
Founded in 1890, A M Castle & Co provides highly engineered materials and
value-added processing to a wide range of industrial companies within the
producer durable equipment sector.

Our customer base includes numerous Fortune 500 companies as well as thousands
of medium and smaller-sized firms spread across a wide spectrum of industries.
Within our core specialty metals business, we specialize in the distribution of
carbon, alloy and stainless steels; nickel alloys; aluminum; titanium; brass and
copper. Through our subsidiary, Total Plastics, Inc., we also distribute a broad
range of value-added industrial plastics. Together, Castle Metals and its
affiliated companies operate over 40 locations throughout North America.

City: San Diego
Category: Communication Infrastructure
AMCC delivers comprehensive system solutions spanning communications
infrastructure and enterprise storage networking. We blend systems and software
expertise with high-performance, high- bandwidth silicon integration providing
OEMs with reduced development costs and faster time-to-market. For end users,
our products improve manageability, reliability and reduce total cost of

City: Carlsbad
Category: Load Cells & Scales
Acells Corp manufactures and supplies standard load cells for the industry.
Custom designed load cells to fit unique customer needs are also a speciality of
ACells. ACells' load cells have capacities ranging from fractions of a pound to
in excess of several hundred of thousand pounds. Load cells are available in
various materials including stainless steel, alloy steel and aluminium.

City: Schiller Park
Category: Enclosures
To design engineers, system integrators, those on the leading edge of the data
and electronics industries - to virtually everyone involved in the packaging of
sophisticated electronic systems, the name AMCO means quality and reliability;
the kind of performance you can count on day after day after day. AMCO has set
the industry standard by responding to the evolving needs of its customers. For
over 60 years, AMCO has crafted enclosures - designed and engineered a product
to withstand the most exacting industry specifications. These products have been
manufactured and delivered to successfully meet the urgent demands of our
customers. America's best and broadest line of electronic system enclosures,
from those meeting the most basic requirements to our Survivor 4 Seismic Series
cabinets designed to protect your mission critical equipment against Zone 4
Seismic activity. Our 235,000 SQ ft. Manufacturing facility is nestled on 5
acres in Schiller Park, IL - and located just 5 minutes from Chicago's O'Hare

City: Toledo
Category: Light Stampings
Amcraft Inc is a full-service manufacturing facility that specializes in light
stampings, smaller metal stamping dies, machining, and some welding.

Amcraft began as a subsidiary of American Metalcraft Corporation, which was
founded in 1939 by A. F. Hebbeler. In 1976, Mr Hebbeler sold American Metalcraft
Corp. and kept Amcraft and its product line. Then in 1993, we purchased our
supplier, renovated the facility and added new equipment. We presently supply
many local companies and want to supply your future requirements.

We offer quality workmanship with on time delivery. Amcraft is very competitive
on runs from 500 - 100,000 pieces. We would appreciate the opportunity to quote
your manufacturing needs.

City: Sunnyvale
Category: Microprocessors & Memory Devices
Founded in 1969 and based in Sunnyvale, California, AMD provides
microprocessors, Flash memory devices, and silicon-based solutions for our
customers in the communications and computer industries worldwide.

However, our focus goes beyond integrated circuits and transistors. AMD is
committed to helping our customers - and their customers - take advantage of the
phenomenal capacity of silicon to add value and help differentiate their
offerings. To that end, AMD products are developed with customer needs always in
mind and not for the sake of innovation alone. Stated more plainly, it means
that AMD exists to provide real solutions for real customer problems that exist
in the real world today.

City: Holland
Category: Ergonomic Workstations
An extensive range of industrial workbenches and ergonomic workstations for
manufacturing applications are available from All Metal Designs, Inc. (AMD). Our
modular, adjustable workbenches and industrial workstations can be custom
engineered to meet your particular requirements by using both standard and
specialized components and accessories. AMD workstations are delivered mostly
assembled - ready to position and use within minutes.

All Metal Design specializes in providing operator adjustable benches, tables,
and stations that meet the challenges of furnishing your facility with the very
best value in workstation ergonomic solutions.

City: Anaheim
Category: Inductive Components
Since 1971, Amecon has been an undisputable American pioneer in the research,
design and manufacturing of inductive components, and has earned a globally
recognized reputation as the premier industry leader in energy saving, medium to
high power toroidal transformers, inductors/chokes, magnetic amplifiers,
instrument transformers and more. In the real word of toroidal technology we
stand as its icon! This is where the buck stops! Should Amecon not be able to
solve a toroidal problem of any magnitude then it is simply unsolvable. Seeing
is believing. Check us out under history. At Amecon from concept to completion
it all happens, impeccably planned, under one roof. Amecon is privileged to have
been offering it's extensive, popular heavy-duty proprietary toroidal product
line for nearly three and a half decades, and to have found a world-wide
acceptance and customer loyalty amongst our customer base we have had and have
several transformer manufacturers and we sincerely thank them for their
confidence and trust in Amecon.

City: Towaco
Category: Rubber Parts
Manufacturer of custom and standard high precision elastomeric parts including:
Switch Seals(boots), Self Sealing Fasteners (Screws, Nuts, Bolts & Washers),
Tapered Stoppers, Plugs & Caps, & "O- rings".

City: Santa Clara
Category: Networks
In plain English, this means that every home, apartment, school, and business
can receive their own secured 100Mbps connection over fiber for voice, data, and
video services with guaranteed levels of quality. We believe that this is the
most effective way for both well- established as well as for new network
operators to offer today's services to their customers, and we are seeing an
increasing consensus around this opinion.

City: Redondo Beach
Category: Microelectronics
After a decade of supporting R&D efforts at large commercial enterprises and
universities, we're forced to cease our microelectronic business activities. We
proudly provided materials and technical expertise for companies to develop
their prototypes; unfortunately few would use our materials for their production
runs. When after successful prototyping these companies took the material specs
to US based corporations for material orders we know it was because purchasing
managers doubted our ability to fulfil multi-million dollar orders in a JIT
environment. Additional problems occurred when companies outsourced
manufacturing without including our materials in the manufacturing specs. We
provided this prototyping assistance in good faith at exceptionally low cost in
hopes of securing the material contracts once production began. In some cases we
provided free materials for prototyping. While deployed to ONW/OEF/OIF it was
decided that we would cease operation and will no longer supply materials to
companies who do not commit in writing to production run material contracts.
This change and subsequent reorganization required us to initially close our
operation to all activity.

City: Deer Park
Category: Sealing Requirements
Ameraflex Rubber and Gasket Co Inc was established in Houston, Texas in January
1966. The company has grown over the past years as a result of experience, and
longevity of key people.

Ameraflex was established to service the Petro-Chemical, Refining, and select
O.E.M. markets. In recent years our growth has allowed us to sell products to
other gasket cutters and selected distributors.

Our company's history of successful experience in the petro-chemical market has
been led by our ability to maintain a 24 hour, 7 days per week program. This
specific industry can live with nothing less. Our production crews are on
scheduled call-out duty and our sales department does not believe "We can't."

City: Brooklawn
Category: Mechanical & Molded Cables
Ameral International Inc is your number one choice for innovations in cabling.

We are leaders in the industry offering quality-manufactured mechanical and
molded cables and top branded products. We will customize cables to fit your
specifications or find you what you are looking for from other top manufacturers
like AMP, Tyco, Molex, JST, Brady, Assmann, Madison, and Cable Matic.

You can expect competitive pricing, engineering and technical support, plus
superior customer service.

City: San Diego
Category: Wireless & Internet Based Solutions
Ameranth Inc is a leading provider of wireless and Internet based solutions for
the hospitality, health care and financial markets. Its broad suite of
innovative applications include Wireless POS, Table Management, Reservations
Management, Mobile Concierge, Electronic Menus, Guest Surveys, Inventory
Management, Health Care Services and Enrollment Assistance.

Ameranth has been awarded five "best product" awards in the Hospitality Market
and has been mentioned in numerous prestigious publications such as the Wall
Street Journal, New York Times, Chicago Sun Times, USA Today, Business Week,
TIME, CNN-fn, US News & World Report, and many more. Headquartered in San Diego,
California, Ameranth's wireless systems software delivers advanced functionality
to WiFi-enabled Pocket PCs and tablet PCs -moving activity from fixed computer
terminals to where it belongs- by the customer's side.

City: El Dorado
Category: Flexible Electrical Power & Control Cables
AmerCable, based in El Dorado, Arkansas, is a leading, world-class manufacturer
of flexible electrical power and control cables for use in severe operating
environments. Products are manufactured for specialized applications which
include underground and surface mining, tunneling, shipboard and marine
installations, offshore drilling rigs, transportation systems, automobile
assembly robotics, and a variety of other specialized applications.

City: Largo
Category: Network Products's American Best Value Network Pyramid, is famous in the industry for
its three points of value: Amer Best Practices(tm), Amer Best Technology(tm),
Amer Best Prices(tm). Our pyramid of value goes beyond just selling the latest
technology network products at the best prices. Best practices means Amer
Lifetime(tm) - a lifetime warranty on most products - and knowledge support:
what we call Amer Know-How(tm). In this website you will not only find our brand
name network technology at best prices - available for online purchase through
our convenient Amer Shop(tm) - you'll find an extensive, and growing, knowledge

City: Trussville
Category: Portable & wheeled Extinguishers
Beginning in 1971, Amerex Corporation has grown to become the world's largest
and most innovative manufacturer of hand portable and wheeled extinguishers for
commercial and industrial applications. With the introduction of state-of
the-art gas detection systems along with pre-engineered fire suppression systems
for vehicles, commercial cooking operations and paint spray booths, Amerex has
earned a reputation for excellence in the fire protection industry.

The fire protection industry has seen sweeping advances take place over the past
50 years and most test standards have been revised to keep up with modern day
fire hazards. While other companies have been in the fire protection industry
longer than Amerex, no other company has surpassed the quality, service and
innovation provided by Amerex Corporation in recent times. With quality
products, constant innovation and excellent customer support, Amerex Corporation
is unsurpassed in its pioneering efforts to provide better fire protection
throughout the world.

City: Bloomington
Category: Cables & Networks
When it comes to network solutions, APA Cables & Networks terminates, manages
and protects better than anybody in the marketplace. >From the APACN Fiber
Distribution System, to the highest quality fiber and copper cable assemblies,
APA Cables & Networks' products have been used by thousands of customers over
the past 20 years.

Founded in 2003 with the acquisitions of Computer Systems Products (CSP) and
Americable, Inc., APA Cables & Networks combines the passive optic technology
expertise of its founding members and parent company, APA Enterprises, to offer
its customers a personalized approach to their cable and network requirements.
The company has become a documented leader in optical performance, harsh
environment performance stability and port density.

By listening closely to the needs of its customers, APA Cables & Networks
designs cable management solutions to the precise requirements of the
application. The APACN Fiber Distribution System offers panel density from 12 to
288 ports as well as a suite of complementary products including WDMs, DWDMs and
passive optical components. In addition, APA Cables & Networks provides a
complete line of fiber and copper assemblies for controlled and outside plant

City: Elk Grove Village
Category: Machine Tools
Excel Machine Tool Ltd is a Singapore based Machine Tool Company which designs,
manufactures and markets metal cutting, waterjet and laser cutting CNC machine
tools worldwide. Excel initially opened its doors for business in 1986, and
today is one of the only Singapore homegrown machine tool manufacturers to
achieve national and international recognition. With an initial capital
investment of $150,000, Excel is now listed on the Main Board of the Singapore
Stock Exchange at a market cap of almost $200 million.

Excel has 13 subsidiaries in 8 countries, strategically located to serve its
customers needs, Singaaore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hungary, India, China, Europe
and the USA, just to name a few. Its commitment to customer satisfaction and its
continued investment in research and development has enabled Excel to advance as
world class machine tool builder with very impressive results.

Through our subsidiary companies, Excel offers many types of services including
major overhauling and retrofitting on all types of CNC equipment, factory
automation and robotics. Excel received its first Award in 1988 presented by the
Singapore Government, and now Excel had received over 16 Major Awards both local
and internationally.

City: Altamonte
Category: Enclosures
American Access and Chatsworth Products Inc have teamed up to bring you
Enclosures For Zone Cabling. For more than a decade, Chatsworth has provided a
level of service and support that is the industry benchmark. Now get quality
enclosures and quality service from a single source- CPI.

City: Stamford
Category: Magnetic Gauges
American Actuator Corporation manufactures AAC Magnetic Gauges and AAC
Electromagnetic Fingers for Press Brakes. AAC Magnetic Gauges offer Increased
Safety, Accuracy and Productivity in press brake operations. They are flexible
and can be used with all brands of press brakes and press brake gauging systems.

AAC Magnetic Gauges hold metal in press brakes so that the operator can take his
hands away from the dangerous point of operation. As the part is formed, the
electromagnets automatically shut off. Each contact point is also a
"flip-finger" which moves away when pushed by a return flange. The
"flip-fingers" can also be rotated for accurate micro- adjustment of the gauge

City: Farmingdale
Category: Electrical System Measurement & Controls
In 1965 Robert M Gitlin established AAC, created the company's products, and set
the high standards that still guide the firm today. From the beginning the focus
was on electrical system measurement and control solutions.

Early products designed for application specific requirements established a
reputation for compact rugged designs featuring low power and weight. Experience
gained help develop new technologies and evolved the company's "Customer
Focused" strategy. Today the company provides AC & DC current, voltage, power &
frequency transducers for industrial, laboratory, rail transit, defense and
space applications.

City: Tustin
Category: Microprocessors Debugging Tools
American Arium, a privately held corporation, offers its customers many years of
experience in the field of microprocessor development and debug tools.

The combination of American Automation and Arium Corporation formed American
Arium in March of 1991. American Automation, which began its business in 1977,
developed expertise in providing engineers with reliable and inexpensive
in-circuit emulator tools for the development and debug of embedded
microprocessor designs. The in-circuit emulator line, called EZ-Pro, offered not
only the necessary hardware to connect to many different microprocessor targets,
but offered many assemblers, linkers, compilers, and debuggers, as well.

Arium Corporation had its roots in Integrated Digital Systems, a consulting firm
founded in 1977. In 1983, the company officially changed its name to Arium and
introduced to the logic analyzer market a very low cost, easy-to-use, portable
logic analyzer, model ML4100. In the course of a few years, well over 5,000
ML4100s were sold worldwide.

City: Rockford
Category: Power Transmission Products
Established in London in the 1930's, GIB Precision as it was originally known,
is justifiably proud of its roots. Evolving aspirations and goals saw the
company change name to Autogard, and move from manufacturing aircraft
componentry through to advanced torque limiters, couplings and torque sensors.

Maintaining the quality for which we have become renowned, we continually strive
to meet the growing demands of the ever-changing market for engineered power
transmission product development.

Torque Limiters continue to be the backbone of our company. With our recent
development of new and innovative products, Autogard has reinforced its position
as market leader of Torque Limiters.

City: Ft Lauderdale
Category: Batteries
With over thirty years in business and over twenty of those years at our current
location, American Battery, a subsidiary of East Penn MFG, Co Inc, has gained
local, national and international recognition in the battery industry for a
totally committed program of superior product, quality and unmatched excellence
in obtainting the highest of standards in both our sales and service.

American Battery is a progressive company committed to the future. Our integrity
and commitment to excellence is instilled by our belief that we should always
give the customer the satisfaction of getting the best service and products at
the best price possible. We ship throughout Southeast Florida, the Carribean
basin and South America.

City: Houston
Category: Marine Equipment
Since 1979, American Block Manufacturing Company has been manufacturing high
quality, cost-effective equipment for the oilfield and marine industries. Our
standard product offering includes: Pressure Gauges, Wire Rope Sheaves up to
144" dia., Horizontal and Vertical Guide Sheaves, Wire Rope Fairleads
accommodating 5" dia. wire rope, Chain Fairleads accommodating up to 5-1/2" dia.
chains, Rock Bits up to 24", Hammer Unions rated to 15,000 psi, and custom
manufactured products built to suit your specific needs.

City: Chino
Category: LED
With the same intensity that our products display to meet the demands of
emerging applications seeking refreshing new brilliance and information, we
align our intensity of commitment to serve our customers and to provide the
highest quality product at a level not before experienced, a new level of

We distinguish ourselves from other LED manufacturers by focusing on solving
difficult LED display problems using the combined total capabilities of our
organization. We are committed to excellence of responsiveness and unique
solutions. We have established a cadre of products ready for off-the-shelf
delivery, while also offering an ability to quickly create custom product
solutions to exact requirements, which has become recognized as one of American
Bright's greatest assets.

Today's technological and market achievements in the field of visual display
must be formed by a partnering relationship, which we encourage. By merging your
ideas with our engineering capabilities and experience, we can create
imaginative new product solutions to meet emerging applications. Our theme is to
be "Your LED Solution and Perfect Supplier".

City: Ann Arbor
Category: Broach
American Broach & Machine Company was founded in Ann Arbor Michigan in 1919 by
F.J. Lapointe who has been called the father of modern broaching. He held many
of the basic patents that introduced the modern broaching techniques now used.
The company was purchased by the Sundstrand Corporation of Rockford Illinois in
1937. The broaching tool division was purchased in 1961 by the present American
Broach & Machine Company of Ann Arbor Michigan organization.

During its many years American Broach pioneered the development of numerous
broaching applications in use today. American's completely modern plant
facilities and unbroken tradition of experienced craftsmanship assures you of
broaching tools of the highest quality. Each broach is guaranteed for accuracy
of dimension finish and quality. American supplies a complete engineering
service for the design of broaching tools and related equipment such as fixtures
holders and pullers. The company also produces a full line of broaching machines
and CNC tool sharpeners.

City: Irwindale
Category: Capacitors
American Capacitor Corporation serves the film capacitor market with both high
volume catalog styles and special designs. Film capacitors can be supplied in
all dielectric systems, including SuperMetallized Polypropylene, Metallized
Polypropylene, Metallized Polycarbonate, Metallized Polyester, Metallized Mylar,
SuperMetallized PolyPulse, Metallized Polysulfone, Metallized Teflon, Metallized
Paper, Polypropylene & Foil, Polycarbonate & Foil, Polyester & Foil, Mylar &
Foil, PolyPulse & Foil, Polysulfone & Foil, Polystyrene & Foil, Teflon & Foil,
Mica & Foil, Paper & Foil and other dielectrics and dielectric systems.
Capacitor designs include combination Metallized and Film & Foil types as well
as multi series constructions. Case styles, include Wrap & Fill (Oval & Round),
Epoxy Case (Rectangular & Round), Metal Hermetically Sealed (Rectangular &
Round), all Case styles are available in both Axial and Radial Leaded as well as
special terminals. The manufacturing facility located in Irwindale California,
utilizes the most modern equipment in a controlled atmosphere. Class 100 flow
hoods are utilized in the winding process enabling the manufacturing of
extremely high quality capacitors. Specially made and low cost custom capacitors
are our specialty. American Capacitor is an approved Mil-I- 45208 manufacturer,
FSCM 59366.

City: Minneapolis
Category: Adhesives & Sealants
American Chemical is a manufacture and distributor of adhesives and sealants
located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with sales worldwide. We work with many types
of adhesives and sealants such as hot melts, hot melt glue sticks, glue dots,
glue guns and dispensers, water based adhesives, solvent based adhesives,
cyanoacrylate or super glue, anaerobic or thread locking adhesives, epoxy
adhesive and potting compounds, urethane adhesives, potting compounds, tooling
and mold making materials, silicone, and multi color RTV including red high
temperature and neutral cures. We can even provide you with citrus adhesive
cleaners, mold releases, lubricants and degreasers-all in aerosol cans. Some of
the things that make us stand out is our knowledge of Mil-Spec, & UL Materials,
medical adhesives that are USP Class VI approved and FDA approved adhesives for
direct or indirect food contact. We have the capabilities to custom formulate
your adhesive needs, even if it is adding a tint, dye, optical indicator, or
simply adjusting the viscosity. If you want it packaged in a 2 gram tube or a
tote, just ask. When calling us, you are greeted by a live person, and we can
have a technical person answer you inquiry within 24 hours.

City: Charlotte
Category: Printed Circuit Board
ACI has recently purchased an additional 14,500 sq.ft. facility to better serve
our customers. This new facility offers us new fabrication capabilities not
previously available in-house.

Adding these capabilities to our state of the art equipment and work force with
an average experience in the industry of well over 10 years, allows us to be a
turn-key PCB supplier.

We, at American Circuits, are here to fulfill all your printed circuit board
needs. ACI has a "One Stop Shopping" philosophy to the manufacture of PCB's.
This approach offers our customers a "Turn-Key" solution where we can take them
from Design, to Manufacture, through Assembly (including wire harnesses and
cases). ACI can also build just bare boards, or do just assembly or testing.
Customers can choose to use just one service, several, or complete one stop
shopping. This approach gives our customers the greatest possible flexibility.

City: Rancho Santa Margarita
Category: Clean Room Systems
Being a manufacturer we understand today's production schedule demands. This
makes American Cleanroom Systems the right choice for your cleanroom needs.
American has a complete factory warehouse with several lines of stock material
to accommodate your project specifications. Our high purchasing volume and
strong industrial background provides us universal access to material suppliers.
These resources allow us to meet even the most unique material specifications
while providing you the highest quality.

Our current production line offers complete in-house laminating, product
fabrication and assembly, and an array of automated equipment. Handling all your
cleanroom needs is our advantage-from wall, floor, ceiling, and air handling
systems all to exact tolerances.

At American, its our focus to provide you with the best product, service, and
delivery to suit your goal. Proper equipment, financial strength, and a sound
management approach assures you a quality project that is completed on schedule
and on budget. All from a single source- American Cleanroom Systems.

City: Garner
Category: Connectors & Electronic Components
As a leading connector manufacturer Conec develops, produces and markets
connectors worldwide to the electronic and communication industry. Conec is
committed to contribute to progress in interconnect technology, and to satisfy
and delight customers through innovation, quality manufacturing and superior

Conec provides global account management in a customer's home country and
combines the information received for product and design and delivery of the end
product to the customer's multiple manufacturing locations worldwide. Local
sales and engineering support around the globe provides the customer
knowledgeable assistance in their own language to fully communicate and to
understand the needs of their business environment.

Conec designs and manufactures a wide variety of electronic connector products.
Conec provides reliable and effective solutions to problems faced by electronic
equipment manufacturers, contract manufacturers and cable assembly operations.

City: Westmont
Category: Hose Fittings, Pipe Fittings & Couplings
Established in 1929 and acquired in early 1999 by Dixon Valve & Coupling Co.,
Chestertown, MD, American Couplings Company (ACC) has established a deserved
reputation as the industry standard for brass hose fittings, couplings and brass
pipe fitting adapters. ACC's general offices and manufacturing are located in
Westmont, IL with Warehouse service centers strategically located in major
markets throughout the United States.

City: Waukesha
Category: Cryogenic Processor
ACI brings cryogenic processing to companies of all sizes and means. You'll find
ACI processors throughout North and South America and reaching into Europe.
Technology developed for the aerospace industry has allowed us to increase the
overall quality of our units, while making them more affordable for you.

From our largest front loading unit to our smallest top loading units, you'll
find each ACI cryogenic processor is fabricated from the same durable
components. ACI was born in the brutal metal treating industry and so we build
every unit solid enough to take the punishment that metal treating dishes out.
For starters, we only work with twelve gauge hot rolled steel, car channel and
angle iron reinforcement. Even the inner vessels are built out of twelve gauge
304 stainless steel, as are any components that are subject to corrosion. Rugged
is a unit you can pile automotive engine blocks in, without denting. Accurate is
a unit that passes a government survey for processing aerospace components.
Trials like these are part of "business as usual" at ACI. Striving for
excellence, each and every ACI processor is designed to be both rugged and

City: Dalton
Category: Cutting Dies
American Cutting & Die of Dalton, located in the "Carpet Capital of the World"
has always been known throughout the textile industry as the leader in the
manufacturing of cutting dies. In 1993, we began offering contract die-cutting
to our customers. Many of our die customers were in need of an outside source to
help convert their products during peak production levels or when they had press
breakdowns. Today, a large percentage of our cutting business continues to come
from customers for these same reasons. We have continued to expand our contract
service offerings; adding heat-transfer, binding, serging, warehousing,
fullfillment and more. We have also diversified our customer base in all these
areas. Today, servicing the leather, rubber, automotive, chipboard,
point-of-purchase, and many other industries. Our most recent endeavor is the
offering of several textile Product Lines tailored to the decorative floor
matting industry.

City: West Carrollton
Category: Cutting Tools
American Cutting Edge is a member of the Biehn Family Group of Companies,
founded by Charles Biehn in 1965. We have grown from a small blade distributor
into a multinational manufacturing and marketing company that serve many needs
of the Industrial and OEM sector. While knives and blades remain the main staple
of our business, we now provide many different products and services.

We realize that Service & Quality are paramount in today's business world, and
we pride ourselves on giving this to each and every customer. We also add value
to your business by providing cost effective products.

City: Peotone
Category: Fluid Power Distributors
The American Cylinder Company was founded by experienced people with a strong
belief in values, and a determined commitment to excellence. Product lines are
sold through a network of independent stocking fluid power distributors located
in every major industrial market and backed by American's Customer Service

American Cylinder listens and responds to buyer's demands for reliable, quality
products. Through high tech tools such as CAD engineering systems, CNC
manufacturing equipment, modern inventory controls and dedicated people,
American Cylinder Co. meets the demand and performs.

City: City: Los Angeles
Category: Hoist Rings, Tooling Components
Manufacturers of hoist rings, tooling components & bushings.

City: Elkhart
Category: Electrical & Electronic Components
American Electronic Components designs and manufactures a broad range of
specialized electrical and electronic components, including highly engineered
custom sensors, high-performance industrial relays and switches, as well as
other electromechanical products. For over 65 years, AEC has served automotive
and industrial (under the Durakool Brand) companies, developing a strong
tradition of technical innovation, agility, rapid response and high reliability.

AEC has earned a reputation as a designer and manufacturer of highly reliable
electronic sensing solutions. In addition to our industrial switch and relay
business, we have developed a wide array of speed and position sensors primarily
for automotive, heavy truck and off-highway applications. Our extensive
experience with harsh environmental packaging concepts, creative engineering and
high-quality products has positioned us to support your most challenging

City: Los Angeles
Category: Materials Science
American Elements is the world leader in commercializing developments in
materials science. Decades of expertise in engineered materials, including ultra
high purity refining (99.9999%) and nanotechnology (Mono Atomic Elements) scales
allows us to meet the needs of a wide variety of industry groups, including
energy, aerospace, automotive, optics, and pharma/cosmetics. We supply over
3,000 elemental metal, metallic compound, ceramic and crystalline catalog items
and numerous customer proprietary formulations from our manufacturing facilities
in the United States and China and distribution centers in the U.S., Europe and
Brazil. Our U.S. operations are fully staffed and equipped to cost-effectively
manufacture the advanced elements in virtually every purity and physical
morphology that nature and current technology commercially allow, including the
entire rare earth series, ultra high purity forms of most metals, complex single
phase doped structures using either co-precipitation or calcination/re-
crystallization processes, macro, meso and nanoscale powders with highly
specific particle distributions, shapes and surface areas and custom grown
single and polycrystalline crystal of the III-V and II-VI compounds with special
orientations, purities and dopants.

City: Kalamazoo
Category: Humidity Control & Recovery Equipment
American Energy Exchange Inc (AEX) manufactures air-to-air plate heat exchangers
and is an experienced manufacturer of HVAC equipment, energy recovery
ventilators, dehumidification and energy recovery ventilation equipment for
schools, commercial buildings, industrial facilities and institutions. From
common to custom, AEX has everything you need to improve your indoor air

City: Bronx
Category: Epoxy & Metal
Since 1990 we have been servicing customers in the electrical, electronics, and
scientific markets. We offer a wide assortment of custom-made thermoset plastic
shapes and sizes for electronic and mechanical applications.

City: New Windsor
Category: Felt & Filter Products
It is the goal of American Felt & Filter Company to be a world class supplier of
felt products to all our customers. We will achieve this goal by utilizing the
principle of continuous improvement throughout our organization. This will be
accomplished by open and honest communication which addresses new issues related
to quality. technology, delivery, cost and management. We will never lose our
focus that customer satisfaction is our "Number One" Goal.

Our company has steeped in the history of America"s rapid technological and
industrial growth. We have also been responsive to change, anticipating the
needs of our customers by refining our engineering expertise and introducing new
capabilities and technology. As a result we"ve grown with twentieth century
America, from the dawn of the automobile to space age technology, helping
engineers to solve problems. Our research and development staff, supported by
modern laboratory facilities, is an effective way of keeping pace with change,
enabling us to speak your language and to turn your concept into reality. We
continue to investigate and experiment, seeking the new roles that felt will
play in the products you are planning for tomorrow. We would like the
opportunity to put this experience, technology and creativity to work for you.

City: Corona
Category: Electroforms
With a widely varied customer base, providing electroforms and related
electroforming services since 1994 to both governmental and commercial sectors,
American Galvano is helping to define the state of the art of Electroforming.
Here we use computer linked metallurgical samplers and electroforming power
supplies not only to monitor the desired metal qualities of the electroform, but
also to control those qualities.

At American Galvano we have created both sensitive and demanding electroformed
components before, however, each new electroform usually presents some
interesting deviations from the types of electroforms we have created
previously. All successful electroformed components have one inherent basic
requirement: Knowledge of the problems before they occur and not hunting for a
fix after they do. American Galvano firmly believes in an open line of
communication, even though most of our electroforming technology is proprietary
- our customers may take an integral and active role in the planning and
production of their electroformed component.

City: Melrose Park
Category: Gaskets
American Gasket Technologies Inc (AGT) was established in the mid-1980's under
the name of RichCor Gasket. It was a small two- person operation that began
manufacturing in a small 3,000 ft. manufacturing facility on the North side of
Chicago. Although the company enjoyed little financial success at the outset, it
developed a strong reputation in the Chicagoland area as a premiere die cutting

After moving to a 36,000 ft building in Melrose Park, IL in the early 1980's,
RichCor expanded their manufacturing capabilities to include slitting,
laminating and rotary die cutting. With business continually growing in the
early 1990's, RichCor changed its name to American Gasket Technologies. Around
the same time, AGT added a Point of Purchase (POP) division that, for the most
part, served the display strip and hang tab market. Since then, our POP division
has expanded and become one of the largest POP display and fixture manufacturers in the world.

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