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02.Net Internet Services - Providers of dial-up, ADSL, wireless, satellite and frame relay internet.

2000 Computers & Networks - Casual dial-up, permanent ISDN and ADSL connections for the Perth metro area.

3Com ADSL Modem USB (3cp4218) linux & windows driver - Driver and other software to use 3Com ADSL Modem USB at Linux & Windows operating systems

4Front Media - Provider of web design, web hosting, search engine submission, dial-up, ISDN, ADSL and leased lines internet access.

ABCnet Internet Services Ltd - Providers of services including web design, domain registration, web hosting, server co-location, leased lines and ISDN, ADSL and dial-up internet access, site includes a portfolio of work.

ADSL 4 Home - United Kingdom DSL provider offering connectivity as well as equipment.

ADSL 4 Waringstown - Provides information on the campaign to bring broadband internet to the area.

ADSL 4 YOU - Queensland-based ISP offering ADSL and Dial-up service. Partnership between Pacificsearch Pty Ltd and Female Technologies.

ADSL Broadband for Abervalley Campaign - Campaign for ADSL in Abertridwr and Senghenydd using BT pre-registration scheme.

ADSL Chipset Glossary - Terms and acronyms relating to ADSL technology.

ADSL Filters - Offers ADSL microfilters for the UK broadband market. Includes a tutorial on the options for using microfilters and splitters in ADSL-enabled home.

ADSL Forum - A group promoting DSL with explanations on all DSL technologies and the ADSL market.

ADSL Gebruikers - Nieuws, algemene informatie en veelgestelde vragen. Forum voor geregistreerde gebruikers.

ADSL HOWTO for Linux Systems - ADSL HOWTO for Linux Systems.

ADSL In Antrim - Campaign to have Broadband available in the town. Includes pre-registration information and current target level.

ADSL Online - Algemene informatie over ADSL, nieuws, een overzicht van providers, forum en nieuwsbrief.

ADSL Research Report - Report on ADSL, its history, how it works and what the future may hold.

ADSL Service Providers - Offers residential and business DSL service and T1 access nationwide.

ADSLguide - ADSL provider listing with prices, news, technical FAQs and busy message board. Part of the Maximum PC network.

Ace Online - Domestic and commercial dial-up, permanent connections, ISDN and ADSL services covering the metro area. - Linkspagina met nieuws.

Agilent Technologies - Manufactures ADSL handhelds and light portable test equipment for installation and maintenance of ADSL telecom networks.

Alphalink - Internet service provider with dial up access, ADSL, and wireless broadband services. List of plans and prices, user help, points of presence, and contact information included.

Amnet - Specializing in providing permanent, ADSL and dial-up services to the commercial and government sectors.

Arachnet - Dial-up, ISDN and ADSL access for the Perth metro area. Additional services include web hosting and co-location.

Ashmead Training Ltd. - Telecom and Datacomm training company. Providing private and public courses on UMTS, GPRS, GSM, VoIP, ADSL, SDL, IP V6, ATM, SDH, SS7 technologies and others.

BT Openworld - British Telecom's ISP offers ADSL, unmetered access packages (evenings only or unlimited) and subscription-free internet access. Broadband services are being rolled across the country.

Bad Mama - Perth internet service provider offering ADSL, dial up accounts, search engine placement and web design.

Beeline Broadband - ADSL service provider located in the United Kingdom offering broadband services and hardware to residential and business subscribers.

Bigblue Internet - Provider offering both business-grade and residential adsl broadband access, private networks (VPN), national dial-up access and web hosting.

Broadband National - Broadband consultants offering solutions for home and business high-speed Internet access including DSL, Cable, ADSL and T1 lines.

Broadband for Long Ashton and Failand - Encourages people in the area to register an interest in ADSL Broadband. Includes a guide to broadband, exchange trigger level and campaign information.

Business Data - Providers of web and database design, web hosting, domain registration and ADSL internet access.

Cable Telecom (GB) Ltd. - Suppliers of voice, data and ADSL solutions: information and availability checker.

Cairns Net - ADSL broadband provider based in Cairns.

Camalott Communications - ISP (Internet Service Provider). Access via ISDN, ADSL, X2, 56KFlex, 33.6, 28.8, 14.4 modems. Dual T1. Email, telnet, cgi, shell, ftp, eCommerce, site design.

Cayman Systems, Inc. - Manufacturer of 3220 DMT ADSL router compatible with Alcatel and G.Lite.

Com Net Communications System, Inc. - Northwest Indiana's affordable Internet Service Provider. Serving Lake and Porter counties. Fast V.90 dial-ups, Multilink, aDSL, Web/domain hosting. - Providers of nationwide dial-up and ADSL internet services to home and business also providing live setup and webmail from anywhere.

Comtrend Corporation - A manufacturer of ADSL routers.

Connectacom Network Solutions Ltd - Providing low cost routing, inbound services, telephone systems, maintenance contracts, engineering and ADSL to business. Services, profile and support.

Connexus Internet Service - National network with ADSL broadband, dialup and full range of internet and e-commerce services.

Cornhusker.Net - Internet service provider that offers dial-up, ADSL, web design, and web hosting.

Creative Telecoms - Suppliers of freephone, local, national and premium rate phone numbers, SMS text messaging and ADSL. Specialists in marketing analysis and call handling. Product details, client list and contact form.

Cyberconnectics - National provider of Internet services providing fast Dial-up Internet Access 56k, ISDN, and ADSL. Web hosting and E-Commerce.

Dan Kegel's ADSL Page - ADSL information page with many links and brief history of DSL.

Dart Internet - ADSL broadband, dialup access, web hosting and domain registration. Australia-Wide service.

Data Solve Services - ADSL service provider for business users.

DataSafe Services Limited - Providing an offsite data backup and restore service. 'iBUS' software sends backed up data to DataSafe through an Internet service provider using a modem, router, ADSL or leased line connection to the Internet. Free one-week trial offered.

Digigate - Offering dial-ups, isdn/adsl, web hosting and design and other related services.

Dominet Internet Services Melbourne Australia - Provider of National Internet access including ADSL.

EDPnet - An international Internet provider (ISP) specialised in ADSL, SDSL, satellite, free dialup, website hosting, domain name registration and website development. Main site in Belgium.

EFTel - Dial-up, ISDN and ADSL access for the Perth metro area, plus web hosting.

EISP - Internet service provider offering dial-up, ISDN, ADSL and leased-line internet access, web hosting, web development, and domain name management website.

Easy Internet Services - Mackay-based provider offering a wide range of internet services including national dial-up access, adsl and wireless broadband, web hosting and computer hardware sales.

Eci Adsl modem driver for Linux - Homepage of the development team of the HiFocus Eci Adsl Usb Modem.

Eco-Phone Corporate - Specialists in least cost routing, carrier pre-selection, voice over IP, non-geographic numbers, ADSL and mobile telephony. Includes product and service guide.

Enternet Online Ltd - Provider of dial-up, ADSL and wireless internet. [TG]

Enterprize Internet - Local access available most states, ADSL, web development and training services.

Entirety Communications - Internet service provider offering dial-up, ADSL and wireless services as well as web site hosting and equipment co-location.

FairADSL - Provider of ADSL, dial-up and ISDN internet access.

Fast Access Limited - Providers of dial-up, ADSL, wireless and frame-relay internet with webmail.

FusionDigital Communications - Providers of dial-up, ADSL, wireless, frame relay, fibre optic and mobile internet.

Gconnect - Providers of ADSL, ISDN and dial-up modem internet access, domain registration, web hosting and web design.

Global Telecom Ltd - Independent UK company offering ISDN, ADSL, 0800, 0870, 0845, and premium rate numbers.

Globe Internet - Providers dial-up and ADSL internet for home users.

HomeChoice - ADSL access via a serial connection, free technical support and video on demand.

ICONZ - Providers of dial-up & Jetstream(ADSL) for Home Users. While also providing Jetstream(ADSL), ISDN, wireless, frame relay and fibre optic internet targeted at small to large companies.

Internet Lightspeed - ADSL access provider, electronic research and development, web design, creation of Internet business advertising.

Internet Service Providers Japan FAQ - Internet Service Providers in Japan: ISDN, ADSL, FTTH Fiber and CATV Cable.

Iprolink - Provider of dial-up, ISDN, ADSL and wireless connections. [AK, HN, NA, WN, CH, DN]

JemISP - Australian ADSL provider with several plans available.

KPN ADSL gebruikersgroep - Site voor en door gebruikers van KPN ADSL. Voor problemen, klachten en opmerking met betrekking tot KPN ADSL en providers daarvan.

Kencomp Internet - Providers of web design, web hosting, search engine submission and ADSL or unmetered dial-up internet access.

KeyWorld - Internet access services including dial-up accounts, adsl, website design, and training.

Kingston Interactive Television - Interactive digital television services including Video on Demand, high speed Internet access and local link using ADSL over telephone lines.

Kingston Vision - Multi-Channel Television, Video-On-Demand, Internet access, E-mail, and "Local Link" information services via ADSL

Lea - Manufactures active and passive splitters for simultaneous use of high speed DSL and standard telephone services. For DSL, ADSL and xDSL technologies.

Linkcom Manufacturing Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of transformers for telecom, ADSL, VDSL, LAN, transformer, DC-AC Inverter.

Linux and T-DSL - How to use Linux with German T-DSL.

Maximum InterNet Ltd. (Maxnet) - Provider of dial-up, ADSL and frame relay internet services.

MultiThread: The UK ADSL FAQ - Features broadband news, ADSL providers listing and broadband links.

MyCybernet - Access provider for the greater Toronto area, providing dial-up service, high speed ADSL and web site hosting.

NZNET Internet Services - Providers of dial-up, ADSL and wireless internet to home users.

NetLocations - Providers of dial-up and ADSL connectivity, domain registration, web or email hosting and website design, including Flash development, site includes a portfolio of design work.

Netstream Internet Ltd - Providers of dial-up and ADSL internet.

New Zealand ADSL Mailing List Archive - Broadband mailing list deals with ADSL internet connections in New Zealand.

NewNet - Providers of web hosting, server co-location, domain registration, firewalls, leased lines, virtual ISP services, ADSL and dial-up internet access.

Newbridge Networks - Eight-port MainStreetXpress ADSL Line Card for the MainStreetXpress 36170 Multiservices Switch.

Nokia ADSL - ADSL range includes Nokia modems, routers and wireless LAN, filters for self install, and Nokia ADSL Pronto.

One.Tel - Offers ADSL, reduced rate and unmetered dial-up internet access packages and is also a long distance telephone provider.

Orckit Communications - A manufacturer of CPE for HDSL, ADSL, VDSL, FastInternet, Coppertrunk.

Orcon Internet - Provider of dial-up, ISDN, ADSL, wireless, frame relay, optic fibre internet services. Acts as a backbone to many smaller ISP's.

PCNet - Providers of dial-up and ADSL(Jetstream) internet services.

Paradise Net - Providers of dial-up, ADSL and cable internet. (Cable only avalible in Wellington and Christchurch)

Point Topic DSL Project Directory - Detailed profiles of broadband DSL and ADSL services worldwide. Subscription based.

Preferred Internet Provider - Professional ISP providing ADSL, ISDN and modem connections to Sydney Region and Central Coast.

PrimS Ltd - Small Business IT Consultancy and Solutions provider. Specializes in bespoke MIS development, certified network installation, ADSL (broadband) and firewall configuration.

Procmail FAQ - A mail processing utility which can help filter mail, sort incoming mail according to sender, Subject line, length of message, keywords in the message, implement and an ftp-by-mail server.

RH Broadband - Provides details of the various internet access packages offered including ADSL, ISDN and pay as you go dial-up. With self-install guide, FAQ and contact details.

RW Communications Ltd - Internet solution provider, services include ADSL supply, web design, ASP, Flash, HTML, custom screensavers, e-commerce solutions, email, hosting, database design and support. Uxbridge Middlesex, UK.

Redmoon Internet Service Provider - Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) providing access for London residents and business. They also offer access via ISDN and ADSL as well as hosting for web sites including Lotus Domino.

Roaring Penguin Software (PPPoE) - PPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet) is a protocol used by many ADSL Internet Service Providers. Roaring Penguin has a free client for Linux systems to connect to PPPoE service providers.

Scarlet - Telecom operator in Belgium. Offers phone, internet access such as dial up, adsl and sdsl as well as data networks.

Slingshot Internet - Providers of dial-up and ADSL(Jetstream) connections with optional "xcelerator" and Online Protection/Content Filtering.

SmarttNet - Web application development, hosting, domain name registration, ADSL access provider.

Snap Internet - Providers of dial-up, ADSL and wireless internet.

SolNet Internet Solution Provider ADSL - Firmen- und Dienstleistungsporträt.

Southwest Internet Systems - High Speed Dial-up, ADSL and Satellite Internet services for the Southwest region.

Sun Telecom - Goekoper bellen en internetten (ADSL). Virtuele mobiele operator.

Surewest Internet Services - ADSL internet provider. DSL access to the internet in the Roseville and Citrus Heights area. Web site hosting services.

Telecom New Zealand Limited - Supplier of landline, mobile, fax and internet facilities. Technologies like ADSL, Jetstream, CDMA are all supported.

Telecoms Direct - Voice and Data solutions for small businesses including telephone systems internet access adsl isdn lcr bill analysis cost saving integration call centres

Telvia - Provider che pone particolare attenzione a collegamenti veloci quali Adsl, con offerte differenziate.

The Packing Shed - Providers of dial-up, ADSL and wireless to home internet users.

Toledo Telecom - Zoekt voor haar klanten naar de laagste telefoontarieven voor vaste en mobiele gesprekken. Heeft ADSL aanbod en heeft sinds kort ook haar eigen SIM-kaarten voor mobiele communicatie.

UK WiFi Directory - Growing directory of wireless internet providers and/or local community wireless networks.

Using the Alcatel SpeedTouch USB ADSL modem with Red Hat 7.2 Linux - A guideon configuring the Alcatel SpeedTouch USB ADSL modem under Linux. (Distribution specific - Red Hat 7.2)

Vergelijk ADSL - Vergelijk de prijzen van ADSL aansluitingen van vele leveranciers. - Vind de goedkoopste ADSL provider, een overzicht op snelheid en prijs

Vianet - Dial-up, ISDN and ADSL access for the Perth metro, Avon Valley and Rockingham areas.

WAnet - Wide range of Dial-up and ADSL accounts, servicing the Perth metro area.

Waldonet - Internet service provider offering adsl, pay per use and email services.

Web World - New Zealand owned provider of dial-up, ADSL internet connections

WebMachine Inc. - Manufacturer of ADSL/DSL router/modem with built-in PPPoE/PPPoA client and half-bridge support.

WestNet - National provider offering dialup, isdn, and a range of broadband options including adsl, satellite, wireless or fibre.

World Skyline - Plans to ADSL in 25 markets.

World of ADSL - ADSL discussion site featuring news, information, technical FAQs, provider listings, a weekly newsletter and message boards.

World-Net - Provides dial-up, ADSL, leased line, fibre, telehousing, web hosting, domain name registration and dns hosting services in NZ. Supplier of AccessRunner ADSL router.

Xtra - Provides dial-up, ISDN, ADSL, wireless, fibre optic and frame relay to home and business users.

Yahoo! UK News: Broadband and ADSL - Listing of broadband news stories aggregated from a number of news agencies.

Yes Television - Programming and enhanced Internet services delivered via ADSL

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