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Topic: animation

21st Century Forensic Animation - Forensic computer animation of motor vehicle accidents, murders, aviation and product liability.

3D Animation By Ian Crowe - Project using Softimage XSI 2.01 to create a realistic Boxer dog. Demo Reel of pre production, images, and movie. To view the movie Divx 4 codec is required.

3D Cafe - Resource for 3D computer graphics and animation enthusiasts. Includes galleries, tutorials, models, classifieds, and message boards.

3D Canvas - A freeware real-time 3D modeling and animation tool that incorporates a drag-and-drop approach to 3D modeling. Features: Imports many popular 3D-file formats, animation with spline-based Interpolation, and inverse Kinematics.

3D Nature LLC - World Construction Set and Visual Nature Studio are photorealistic modeling, rendering and animation of landscape elements. Foresters, Land Planners, Golf Course Architects, Cartographers, Natural Resource Managers and others rely on these software products. [Win32, PowerMac, DEC Alpha]

3D Virtual character actors for animation - 3D Cartoons, CG Animation, Virual Actors, Characters and Performers. Illustration, Design and Stop Motion animation.

3D Visualization Graphics and Animation for Engineering and Science - Products from CEI, Inc. EnSight post-processor for scientific/engineering data, EnVideo animation viewer, EnLiten 3D animation viewer. Support stereo and VR environments.

3D animation guide - Tutorial on how to produce character animation in OpenGL.

3D visualization software for GIS data - openGL 3D GIS data viewer with real time animation, zoom, and Fly-by capabilities. [Windows]

3DotDesign - 3D, virtual reality and animation galleries by Michael Bossuyt.

3d Studio Beginners Modelling and Animation Guide - This shows the process of modelling and animating a 3D cartoon man DJing.

A.R. Wilfley & Sons, Inc. - US based manufacturer of centrifugal pumps for chemical and mineral processing. Features videos and animations to explain benefits, assembly and operation. Troubleshooting guide helps to locate problems.

A:M Resource Matrix - The official tutorial resource for Hash's Animation: Master.

AERO - Animation Editor for Realistic Object movements - AERO is a simulation program based on rigid body systems. With the built-in 3D editor you can create a virtual scene consisting of spheres, boxes (cuboids), cylinders and plains. These objects may be connected with links like spring, damper, rod and joint.

Aardman Animations - Film and television animation company that produced the Wallace and Gromit series. Includes company news and showcase, online film library and merchandise store.

Absolutely Anime: A Beginner's Guide - A beginner's guide to the world of Japanese animation with FAQ, terms, reviews and recommended titles.

Access Animation - GIF animation and editor, also includes screen capturing and image resizing capabilities; rotate, and zoom functions.

Acme Animation - Disney - Showcases animation cels from many Disney movies.

ActionScript The Definitive Guide : Mastering Flash Programming - For web developers and web authors who want to go beyond simple Flash animations to create enhanced Flash-driven sites. The book is divided into three sections: ActionScript Fundamentals, Applied ActionScript Code Depot and Language Reference.

Advanced 3D Animation Technology - Intelligent Modeler develops software products based on advanced 3D model and animation technology. The AIM product allows users to develop movies using multiple 3D models and backgrounds with 3D effects.

Alchemy Mindworks Inc. - Creator of graphic and desktop applications for business, school and home. Software to edit and manage image files and TruType fonts. Create web animations and build screen savers.

Alex Animation - A collection of violence done to animated characters. Features include Brain Mashers, That Was Close, and Doctor.

All Game Guide - "While some of the quests will disenchant players looking for more action and battles, the detailed world, excellent voice acting, and beautiful animation should keep younger audiences spellbound." Review by Scott Alan Marriott with scores.

Animate - Simple animation package to enable those with artistic talents and lumps of plasticine to make animated films.

Animation Books Area - Florida suncoast offers animation books at discount price as well as links to resources, models, textures and animation master software.

Animation Cels Collecting Guide - Reprints of articles from the popular UK magazine 'Collectable' concerning the purchase and care of animation art cels.

Animation Direct - Creates broadcast quality animated graphics for the video, T.V. and multimedia industry. Located in Lancashire, England, and offers services to companies worldwide.

Animation Factory - Thousands of free 3D animated gifs, clipart and graphics. Flags, buttons, dividers, icons, bullets, animals, and people.

Animation Grove - Features stories, games, downloads, word searches, and puzzles. Includes section for very young children.

Animation Guide - Keep up with developments in online animation for all skill levels. Download tools, and seek inspiration from brilliant online work. From

Animation Math in Lingo - Guide to animation programming with Lingo, covering the fundamentals of animation math and programming techniques.

Animation Pit Stop - Offers free models and textures, as well as a Animation:Master user database.

Animation World Network - Provides information resources to the international animation community. Features include searchable database archives, monthly magazine, web animation guide, the Animation Village, discussion forums and other useful resources.

Animations By Scapino - Original animations, as well as games, a newsletter, forums, and links.

Animations In Anim8or - A gallery of computer generated renders of images from real life by Rob Scott.

Animations Unlimited - Services include 3D animations, kiosk interactive multimedia, architectural fly-throughs, and animated media for Web content.

Animations from Andreas Freise - ASCII animations, instructions for making animated ASCII and links to other sites with animated ASCII.

ArtRampage - Providing line and airbrush illustrations, print design, Flash animation, 3D graphics, clip art, and oil paintings.

Artist For Hire - Animation Directory - Dozens of free original animated GIF.

Artwork and Animation by Daniel Hunt - Animated gargoyle.

Banana Park - An animation production company with its own studio facilities, specializing in commercials for television. Also produces title sequences, TV channel idents and programmes - both Animation and Live Action.

Bannershop GIF Animator: Selteco Software - Create, edit, and optimize animated GIFs for the Web. Animate images, shapes, and texts, using predefined animation effects.

Become a Cartoonist - Find out how to get hired to create comic strips, editorial cartoons, comic books, greeting cards, or animation in the guide to become a cartoonist.

Behrnes, Walter - 3D animation and models, digital painting, and drawing.

Bolex H16 Camera Guide - Information on Bolex H16 film cameras for animation, time-lapse and general film-making, lenses and accessories, information, buying and selling, books on Bolex and Paillard-Bolex.

Burke Studios - Graphics and animations created with 3D Studio Max.

Butch Patterson: Private Dick - Animation TV series made in Ottawa. News, cast information, clips and episode guide.

Chrome Studios - 3-D animation, web design, and illustration for discerning clients and tight deadlines.

Clay Animation & Sculpture - Stop motion animation movies and pictures created with clay. [Some pages from this site not viewable with some browsers]

Clay Animation How-To Page - A brief tutorial on how to make clay puppets and animate/film them. Many links to stop motion/puppet animation related web sites.

Clint's ASCII Animation Gallery - Animated ASCII art. Taking suggestions for more animations. - Java multi-media, animation, and utility applets with free download kits. [Freeware]

Colorchips - services feature 2D and 3D animation, post production and SFX, video games, and motion capture.

Computer Graphics Lab - LIG is mainly involved in computer animation and virtual reality and teaches computer graphics, virtual reality, and computer vision at the diploma and the doctoral level.

Concepts for Animation LLC - Animated video to spice up your business or development presentations.

Concise Limited - Delivers presentation graphics for corporate events conferences and roadshows. Offers 2D and 3D animation.

Condon Production Associates - Offering services including medical illustration, computer animations and modeling, biomechanics and cut-aways, for use in litigation.

Cool Connections - Categories include holidays, anniversary, get well, graduation, and love. Animations available. Select emoticons.

Cooler Animation Tech - Professional graphic and web design. Traditional and computer animation, 3-D backgrounds and layouts, character design, voice monologues, digital color copies, posters, and technical support.

Curious Labs, Inc. - The creator and publisher of Poser, 3D character animation and figure design tool. Reviews, tutorials, examples, and user guide.

CyD WEB Animation Studio - Maximize the compression and optimize the color palette of GIFs. [Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP]

DNALC: PCR Animation - An animation explaining how the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) works, from the Dolan DNA learning center, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

DR digital Co.,Ltd. - Animation studio in Seoul for manga and anime.

DYMOLA - Simulation tool for dynamic systems - Handles large, complex multi-domain models. Faster modeling by graphical model composition. No manual equation manipulation needed. Faster simulation - symbolic pre-processing. Open for user defined model components. Open interface to other program. 3D Animation, real-time simulation.

Dave Mackey's Guide To Schoolhouse Rock - Includes history and episode guide.

Design, animation, graphics by Tiia - A creative designer of interactive websites with original graphics and navigation. Unique branding and identity development for fast-loading user-friendly personal and corporate websites.

Driving Rules Network - Driving rules and study guide with practice tests, animation, safety tips. For learners permits to CDL students and parents of teens.

EasyAnim - An animation program.

Ed Stephan's front door - My personal website: online book of my research, vitae, brushes with celebrity, animation projects, stamp collecting (baseball, census), guides (Mary Renault, Steinbeck), contributions to Internet Movie Database, other interests (baseball, opera, poetry, politics, etc.)

Efficient and Realistic Hair Modeling and Animation Using Sparse Guide Hairs - Yizhou Yu, Johnny T. Chang and Jingyi Jin presents a unified framework for modeling and animating curly hairs.

Elliott Design - Magazine and web illustration, animation and comic strip work.

Engineering Systems - GIS, mechanical, structural and highway engineering. Architectural and engineering design, animation and video post processing. Support, training and resources.

Facial Animation - 3d facial animation for performance, character and facial animation. Powerful software for performance animation and facial animation.

Famous Technologies - Facial Animation. Software Tools for Facial Motion Capture. - Famous Technologies makes software that allows easy input of facial motion capture data onto 3D animated characters. FAMOUS has plug-ins available for Filmbox, 3D Studio MAX, Maya, LightWave and Softimage.

Field Guide to Irish Fairies - Multimedia website introducing seven different types of Irish fairies.

Flash Animation Studio - As a leader in internet Flash animation, Flinch Studio provides character animation, episodic animation, and flash-enhanced web design services.

Free gear design website development guide - Flash buttons, website creation guide, javascript, hit counter, forms, animation, and tutorials available.

Gary Carlson: 3D - Illustration - Animation / Medical and Biological - Contemporary medical and biotechnical illustration and animation for advertising and publishing.

Geographica - Film and video production company specializing in documentary, corporate and broadcast solutions including production, post, animation and graphics.

Georgia Tech Animation Lab - Animation Lab at Georgia Tech. We are interested in the simulation and animation of dynamic motion such as running, diving, and bicycling.

Glenbrook (Illinois) South High School Physics - Offering help for the high school physics student with dynamic animation examples, problem sets and a comprehensive guide to the material.

Graphic Pulse Medical Illustration, Animation and Web Design - Includes examples of realistically rendered figures, hands, faces, anatomy, medical instruments, editorial, and biological work. Capabilities in flash animation, 3D modeling/animation, interactive design and web site music composition also demonstrated.

HotWired: Animation Express - Animation Express features dozens of original, Web-based animated shorts - updated twice weekly.

Image Studio - Litigation presentation specialists offering animation, legal graphics and courtroom demonstrative exhibits and web pages for attorneys and experts - Tallahassee, Florida

Impulse - Impulse, Inc. has been a leader in the 3D industry since 1986 when we introduced our first 3D rendering and animation product, Silver for the Amiga.

Insta3D - A 3D scene authoring and animation tool for creating 3D text and true 3D charts. Scenes can be saved into an image or a video file for web graphics and business presentations.

Interactive Grrrl - The adventures of Marc Grobman and friends (both real and imaginary), featuring Interactive Grrrl, the reluctant multimedia hero. Riot Grrl Flash animation.

Jamie's Johnny Bravo Page - Features and episode guide, downloadable desktop themes, movie clips, and screensavers, show images and sounds, and background information on the animation creator.

JavaComet - Multi-layer animation applets designed with original graphics in a variety of themes.

Jitterbug Animation - 3D modeling and animation, graphic and web design.

Joschi Films, Ltd. - Group that produces Lego Star Wars movies using still frame animation.

KWorld4 - 3D real time scene editor, user friendly and simple to use. Using DX8.1, animations with lots of effects. Beta, participate in its development. Web Design Studios - Professional web services specializing in web site design, new media, graphic design, animation, flash, hosting, on-line advertising and banners.

Kaleido Design and Animation - A dynamic design facility specializing in creative visualization, 3D model construction and animation, website design/implementation, and graphic design.

Katzenberg USA Inc. - A film, video, television, and multimedia production house including animation, special effects, and post production.

Kevin Spencer - Site of animation TV series made in Ottawa. News, episode guide, cast information and fun downloads.

Kisekae World - Have fun with Japanese animation. Here is a completely integrated development system for creating and playing with KiSS paper dolls.

Kit Development, LLC - DePere, Wisconsin-based web design, 3D modeling and animation, Flash, e-commerce, intranet and mobile applications.

KoolMoves - Web animation editor, exports Shockwave Flash movies and frames for animated gifs and imports clipart, sounds, and bitmaps.

Lazy Cat Animation - Official site of the collected animation works of Lazy Cat, created by DiniSink.

Loose Moose Animation - Stop motion animation using puppets, clay animation and CGI.

MaZtudios - 3D art, illistration, and animation. - Jason Wiener's 3D art, including modeling, texturing, and animation, created using 3D Studio Max and Pulse 3D.

Magiera, Rob - High end silicon graphics based digital studio specializing in 3-D illustration for print, web design and animation.

Mayers, Jason - Illustration,Animation, Web design. Producing Digital images for use in advertising and editorial print and electronic

McGarvey, Tim - Features realistic illustration and animation for advertising and broadcast.

Memento - A puzzling film site that utilizes flash animation to guide one through a murder mystery. Starring Guy Pearce and Carrie Ann Moss.

Michael A. Mayda - Expert in the fields of visibility analysis, photogrammetry and computer animation. Based in Sacramento, California.

Online Cartoon Guide - Recommended websites to download classic cartoons and animation on the web.

Orbit Comics Presents - Interactive stories involving all multimedia elements using java and Macromedia Flash. Combines animation and comics related elements.

Osmosis Solutions - Digital Animation and Multimedia - Osmosis Solutions provides a digital animation and new media service. The studio delivers client requirements as compelling video, digital or web media.

OtherWorlds - Tour the universe with a Dragon guide. Free orginial scifi graphics, and animations backgrounds.

PCR Animation - Explaining how Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) works. From Dolan DNA Learning Center, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, USA.

PCR animated - Animation illustrating the principle of PCR, from the University of Ghent, Belgium.

PIP Animation - Complete 2D animation services from scanning to finishing.

Pasion Simulation Software - Programs for discrete event and continuous systems reproduction, queuing models, bond graphs, manufacturing scenarios, signal flow graphs, and animation in 3D. Includes free demo.

Perspective Media Group - Specializing in cost effective forensic animation and courtroom graphics, technically accurate event reconstructions for your civil and criminal court cases.

Picture Time Communications - Provides DVD authoring, content development, video duplication and production services. Pictures to video transfer. Specializes in Indian movies and 3D animation.

Pioneer Animation: Hand Maid May - Official site, with character profiles and episode guide.

Pixels 3D - A 3D graphic and animation software package. Web site provides users and people looking to buy the software some excellent resources.

Polly Pocket - Watch animations and play games and with Polly Pocket in her cyberworld. Requires Shockwave.

Q'tZ Animation - Fast fun and free Java animations, easy to use on desktops and web pages.

Rainbo Animation Art - Offers collectible toys, art pieces, phone cards, and autographs.

Reliable Greetings - Categories include love, miss you, hello, anniversary, and congratulations. Flash animations available. Desktop wallpapers are also available.

Rostami Animation - Software company offering a 3-D computer animation program that designs video graphics and includes color and sound.

Round World Media - Animated Tutorial on Flash 5 - Use Flash 5 to learn Flash 5. This self-paced tutorial uses animation and narration to guide you through the creation of a humorous interactive e-greeting card that you can publish or send. On one side of the screen you watch the tutorial, while other side, you work in flash.

Rubberfish Creative Animation Experiments - Showcase for alternative Flash animations, including "The World of Ms Swat," our animated latex lady of leisure.

SOFTIMAGE - Softimage is a leading developer of high-end software for all areas of professional visual content production, including tools for 3D and 2D animation, and for creating, editing and finishing video programs.

Select Physics Topics - This physics online ebook covers basic physics from Newton's laws to electricity and magnetism. Lots of applets and animation included.

Stage Nine Movie and Entertainment Memorabilia - Focuses on Disney animation art, also includes autographed items. Site features online ordering and pictures of and information about products.

Star Wars Asciimation - Star Wars in an ASCII animation movie.

Stick Death - Animation archive, greeting cards, and graphics featuring stick figures being killed.

Strata 3d - Software for 3D multimedia and animation. Products include MediaPaint a video painting and special effects program. VideoShop a digital video, audio, animating, compositing, and editing application.

Subvision - Provides integrated solutions for visual services, including video production, computer animation and graphic design, in house. Details of products and services, company news and contact information.

Symbolman, the International Symbol Animation - A story told only using international symbols

Teddy Ruxpin FAQ - History of the toy and a character guide, as well as the television show. Features an episode list, production and animation credits, and audio files.

The 10 Second Club - Monthly 3D character animation competition includes current competition files and previous winners.

The Animation Foundry - Tips and techniques for making great animations, reviews of animation software and how to articles.

The Animation Master Handbook, Third Edition - Covering the new features and changes to Animation Master. Charles River Media publisher.

The Art of Stop Motion Animation - Overview about stop motion animation and general how-to aspects. Covers films and television shows using stop motion. Also, behind the scene photos of professional animator's work.

The Big Cartoon DataBase - Episode guide, cast and crew archive, and animation lists.

The Cel Block - Offers samples of an animation art price guide. Also includes gallery of private collection and pieces for sale..

The Gallery at Sagemore - Authorized dealer of animation cels, drawings, limited editions and sericels, fine art prints, posters, lithographs, and serigraphs from The Walt Disney studio.

The One Academy - School providing design, multimedia, animation, advertising, graphics and illustration education. Gives overview, courses, admissions, campus guide, services, news, and international student information.

The Ultimate Simpsons Fan Site - Pictures, sounds, animations and an epsiode guide.

The Unofficial Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Page - Jon Cooke's tribute to classic animation with news, cartoon checklist, censored cartoons guide, video guide, forgotten character gallery, and other information.

Thorogood Illustration - A team of 30 international illustrators in the fields of advertising, design, publishing, editorial, animation and TV.

Traffic Cone Preservation Society - A humorous study of traffic cones. Field guide, pictorial history, evolution, popular culture, membership information and links.

TruFlite's 3D World - 3D landscape rendering system to create animations and high resolution images of landscapes.

Trueview Rendering and Animation - Provides computer generated rendering and animation, including the translation of CAD files and blueprints into life like images.

UXL Technology and Innovation Consultancy Scotland - CAD data and virtual reality computer animations and renderings. Utilizes Solidworks, 3D Studio Viz and Pro/Desktop.

VSE Animation Maker - Create impressive animations with this popular GIF animation tools for Apple Macintosh computers.

Versalife - Animations and images made in 3D Studio Max.

VirtualLand Animation - Provides free original animated GIFs including alphabets, buttons, bullets, flags and others.

Visualogix Courtroom Exhibits and Computer Animation - Visualogix specializes in producing graphical exhibits and computer animation for trial and arbitration use.

Visviva Software - Graphic software that integrates distinctive elements such as object design, animation composition, 3D modeling, image painting, vector drawing, and hypertext editing.

WebMD Interactives: Stroke - Six-part consumer guide focusing on strokes due to athersclerosis. Features include animations of plaque formation and blockage in an artery supplying the brain.

Wolf Video - Provides corporate video production, digital editing, animation, web design and CD Rom/DVDs.

Xvivo, LLC High-end Medical Animation - Film quality animation for pharmaceutical and medical device MOAs, museum exhibits and broadcast. With an award winning team, we design our projects from script to screen.


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