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All Dinosaurs - Collection of free dinosaur and other prehistoric animal pictures, clip art, wallpaper and electronic greeting cards.

All the Right Stuff - Specializing in dinosaur and space-themed products.

Apollo Leisure Guide: Jurassic Park - Review of the classic dinosaur spectacular.

Bakker, R. T. - Dinosaur paleobiology (Wyoming Dinosaur Adventures, Casper, Wyoming; Interview).

Behemoth or Dinosaur - Giving evidence that the Bible does in fact say that at one time dinosaurs walked the earth.

Beri's Dinosaur World - Illustrated site devoted to vertebrate paleontology and dinosaurs.

Brusatte, S. - Dinosaur writer/enthusiast (Dino Land Website).

Canada Fossils - Supplies and assembles authentic fossils from around the world, ranging from small collectors' items to fully mounted dinosaur skeletons.

Colorado Guide to Dinosaur National Monument - National Geographic Maps' online guide includes facts, history, trip itineraries, and directions.

Combe Martin Wildlife & Dinosaur Park - 25 acre park with animatronic dinosaurs, 250 species of wildlife, animal shows, interactive train ride. Operating schedule, map, group information, seasonal park. North Devon, UK.

Creation, Dinosaurs and the Flood - Author Charles Liebert argues for a young earth and a literal six-day creation week, taking issue with creationists who argue for a longer period of time. Videos, creation science supplies, seminars. Fact of the Month.

DInosaurs at Prehistorics Illustrated - Artists illustrations showing prehistoric life. Also includes extensive links to related resources.

Dakota Dinosaur Museum - Rock, mineral and fossil specimens, including a complete Triceratops skeleton, in Dickinson, North Dakota.

DesertUSA.com - Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry - Guide features color photos, climate, history, hiking, links, and mileage guides to nearby attractions.

DesertUSA.com: Dinosaur National Monument - Includes photos, maps, quarry tour, camping, hiking, auto tours, plants, animals, geology, mileage guides, and links.

Dino Data Database: References - Database of dinosaur publications organized by the paleontologists who authored them.

Dinosaur Adventure Land - Dinosaur themed park with playgrounds, science demonstrations and science camp. Hours of operation, ticket rates and virtual tour available. Pensacola, Florida.

Dinosaur Adventure Park - Theme park based around dinosaurs. Guide to attractions, maps, educational information, opening times and prices.

Dinosaur Central - A quick guide to dinosaurs, including the Dinosaur Hall of Fame, dinosaur quiz, dino grudge match, and T. rex on the silver screen.

Dinosaur Illustrated Magazine - Online magazine about dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Interplanetary Gazette - Articles, recent fossil discoveries and other dinosaur news from the last 245 million years.

Dinosaur National Monument - Official National Park Service web site. Located near Vernal, Utah and Dinosaur, Colorado.

Dinosaur Origin and Extinction. - Origin of dinosaurs and birds, categories of dinosaurs, extinction of dinosaurs.

Dinosaur World - Store in San Antonio, Texas. Kids and teacher resource sections with activities.

Dinosaurs and the Bible - Was there ever a time when men and dinosaurs roamed the earth at the same time? What does the evidence indicate?

Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth - Book which provides an explanation for the gigantic sizes of dinosaurs: the theory of an Expanding Earth which began smaller and thus had less gravity.

Dinosaurs of Colorado - Morrison Natural History's Guide to the Dinosaurs of Colorado. Everything you wanted to know about the dinosaur genera found in the State of Colorado.

Download-a-Dinosaur - Designs for easy-to-make paper dinosaurs. Ready to download and print out

GO-UTAH.com: Dinosaur National Monument - Complete guide with pictures and maps, covering all the sightseeing, rafting, hiking, camping and lodging the area has to offer.

Giant Elephants In Nepal - Article about a group of animals that are either living dinosaurs or genetic freaks.

Jesus, Dinosaurs, and More - Discusses dinosaurs in the Bible and how fossil evidence today does not support human evolution from an ape-man.

Just like Heaven - A dinosaur jr fan site.

Kid's Domain: Science Games - Features a large selection of animal, ecology, space, and dinosaur games.

LifeStones: Dinosaur Fossils - Montana Cretaceous fossils for sale.

M. Richard Associates' Dinosaur Project - Computer generated dinosaur animations and pictures. Streaming multimendia in Quicktime 4 format. Information on some of the more common dinosaurs.

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, California - Third largest natural science & cultural history museum in the US, with more than 35 million artifacts and specimens. Animal dioramas, dinosaur and fossil halls, gem and mineral displays, a hands-on Discovery Center and an Insect Zoo.

Objective: Dinosaur Expedition 2002 - Account of an expedition to Africa to find living dinosaurs.

On the Origin of Dinosaurs and Mammals - A gravity reduction in the early Mesozoic caused a faunal transition from small robust synapsid reptiles (therapsids) to large gracile diapsid reptiles (archosaurs), including many families of gigantic dinosaurs.

Paleoartisans Homepage - Links to paleontology sites, information about paleontology, and scientifically accurate dinosaur t-shirts

Rollingstone.com: Dinosaur Jr - Includes a biography, discography, photos, articles, videos, links and message board.

Royal Ontario Museum - Contains collections in earth and life sciences, decorative arts, archaeology, dinosaurs and artifacts. Includes details of exhibitions and galleries, hours, admission fees and directions. Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Silvercedar - Offers dinosaur and paleontology-themed decals, pins, and car accessories.

The Dinosaur Jr Audio/Visual Archive - Official Fan Site for Dinosaur Jr with live and rare mp3 downloads, and streaming video.

The Dinosaur Museum - The history of the world of dinosaurs is presented with skeletons, fossilized skin, eggs, footprints, and realistic sculptures.

The Unofficial Dinosaurs Page - Episode guide, cast, movie clips, sounds, and pictures.

Zoo Tycoon: Dinosaur Digs - Includes a review, links, and screenshots.


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