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Topic: freeware

A1B2C3 Free Computer Software
Medium-sized library of freeware organized by category, along with some free services.

Absolute Freebies
Recommendation on the best Windows freeware.

Absolutely Freebies
Software for Windows, organized by category. Other free services and freebies available.

Absolutely Freeware
Categorized listing of titles with brief descriptions.

Acme Widgets and Gadgets
Small collection of free Windows software organized by category.

A large selection of utilities, application programs, and related files for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000.

Hand picked freeware, files listed by category, some freeware can be downloaded directly.

Around fifty downloads for Windows in Audio, Network, Programming, and System categories.

Anonymous Software
Many freeware viewers, players, network tools, e-mail tools, and setup tools for Windows.

Azian Paradise
List of sites offering free downloads with reviews.

The Best Favourite Freeware
Links to software with short review of the program.

Utilities to boost the operation of the operating system for Linux, MAC, and Windows, provides short review for each product.

BrainStormer's 100
Searchable collection of 100 freeware programs, organized by function.

B.T. Square Peg
Free software and services reviewed by category. Including freeware graphics editors, text utilities, anti-virus, system utilities and tutorials.

Cajun Freeware
Windows enhancements, system tools, and programs with descriptions and links.
Listing of web software tools and useful utilities for Windows and Linux.

CoMa's Freeware List
A collection of good freeware programs for Windows 9x/NT

Completely Free Software
A searchable index of Windows and DOS freeware, reviewed and rated. Organized by platform and function.

Categorized reviews and links to Windows programs.

Long reviews with links to downloads and websites for mostly internet related programs.

Freeware resources for electronic musicians, an up-to-date directory of applications, plugins and online instruments.

Download This - Freeware for Windows-based systems.
Links to freeware, games, and browser plugins for Windows.

Driver Guide
Database of drivers and resources for a variety of devices.

Driver World
Collection of device drivers.

Drivers HeadQuarters
Device drivers. Freeware
Reviews and links for Windows with no ad-ware.

FatBill's Page of Links to Windows95/98 Freeware
A small collection of links to software selected for size, utility, and quality.

Free 4 U the 6th
Categorized Windows collection of links to files with reviews.

The Free Site
Some freebie software to browse through.

Free Software
A few good freeware and shareware programs.

The Free Software Download Site
Free downloads of PC utilities, security apps, graphics, net tools, CD burners, mp3s, and movies with descriptions.

Free software for developers
A few programs from Anand Rajiva. Not just for developers.
Categorized with brief reviews, operating system requirement, and download sizes.

Freeware program downloads and links to other freeware sites.

They surf the Net looking for quality free software to add to the link archive for your convenience.

Freeware and Free Resources
Collection over 15 software categories and WWW selected resources with reviews.

Freeware Arena
Software with reviews, also has listings of useful services, for beginners and pros alike.

Freeware Download Directory
This directory includes MP3, audio, multimedia, graphics, games, information management, home and education programs.

Freeware Downloads
A directory of freeware programs indexed by topics like business, games, and internet.

Freeware Everywhere
All kinds of freeware all over the place and a newsletter to keep up to date.

Download the latest free software for Windows. Games, utilities, screen savers, themes, net tools, Desktop, Mp3/multimedia, drivers and libraries.

Freeware for Windows 95/98/Me
This site contains freeware version of games and programs

Freeware Group - Software with no nags or ads, arranged in categories. Search function available.

Freeware Hits
Freeware and PAD supported freeware, scans of a 50īs Trixon catalog, and Midi files.

Freeware Home
A large, diverse collection of links to free software and Internet services in more than 140 categories.

Freeware Network - Extensive database of Internet utilities, business tools, video and audio players, and desktop graphics.

The Freeware Posse
Hand picked freeware programs, focus on free security software and information.

Freeware Pro
Collection of freeware downloads for Windows 9x/NT/2000/Me and XP.

Freeware Programs by Harry Kakoulidis
Includes freeware, and delphi components.

Freeware Publishing Site
Provides links to several categories of Internet tools and Windows freeware programs.

Freeware Sites Unlimited
Links to 1000 freeware sites. They even have links to link sites. I link.

Freeware Software
A directory of freeware software. Includes HTML editors, offline browsers and useful utilities.

Freeware 4U
A collection of freeware for Windows and DOS.

Freeware World Team
International Database of freeware programs, for Windows OS, from all around the world.
Categories of business, desktop utility, and game freeware for Windows and Linux.
Internet, FTP, graphics, MP3, zip, encryption, system utilities, fonts, screensavers.

Net apps, games, desktop tools, screen savers, and wallpapers. Even a newsletter and FTP Search.

Windows software for web masters including html editors, html tools and graphics software.
Directory of Windows tuneup programs and some games.

Descriptions and links to a dozen Windows titles.
Categorized listing of software.

A wide variety of business, Internet, desktop utility, and game titles.

The Group's Favorite Freeware Collection
A collection of software and sites recommended by others. Find or request a free program that does just what you need.

The Hawk Studio
Non-profit organization. Feel free to download anything in Hawk Studio, it's free, we love you.

Howard's Freeware Site
List of freeware sites and recommendations for top freeware in several categories.

Hoy Software
Games and a telescope utility.

A comprehensive archive of software for the J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition) platform: MIDP, CLDC, CDC, Personal Java.

JograData Software
Listing of many freeware downloads and includes general descriptions of each one.

Josh Bosh's Favorite Freeware
Categorized links to recommended free Windows software.

Software organized by category, featuring applications that are completely spyware free, plus free web tools.

Kids Freeware
Internet freeware just for kids. From toddlers on up. Included is a parents only area, with sections like safe surfing.

Killer 2000
Free themes, screensavers, desktop customization, cheats for games.

Java and Javascript graphics editors, converters, amateur radio software, animation editors, pc diagnostics, and troubleshooting utilities.

KLM-HP Jornada Pocket PC Freeware
Screenshots, descriptions, website, and downloads of programs for handhelds.

Lisa's Favorite Utilities
Windows utilities to make life easier with descriptions and links.

Mega 16 Bit Freeware List
Win 3.1/DOS freeware, 200+ programs, FAQ, and Windows 3.1 tips, tricks, and undocumented features.

Mel's Website
Reviews and links to freeware, also includes free wallpaper links, some tips and tweaks, and a very thorough Search Tools page.

Mihov Freeware
Assortment of small free and useful graphic and utility programs for download.

Moochers Freeware
An extensive archive of Windows 95/98/NT freeware available for direct download, plus reviews and daily updates. - Specialized in hard to find and abandoned freeware.

Freeware and shareware that doesn't stop running after a certain number of days; organized by function.

NoBuck$ Freeware
Reviews and links for Windows software in over a dozen categories.

Downloads and links to Windows software web pages. Every program is tested and rated.

Only Freeware
Large Windows repository organized by category.
Desktop, internet, MP3, and system utilities for Windows.

PC Utilities
GUI and command line utilities for Windows.

Pelles Download Site
Links to programs with names and sizes.

PH's Freeware Links
Links and reviews of sites that offer downloads.

Download free programs from developers' sites. Website with no obvious focus.

Pocket Download
Downloads for popular handheld formats such as Windows CE, Palm OS, and Symbian. Listings by title and then genre, with descriptions, sizes, and download links.

List of the favorite freeware programs of readers of Usenet newsgroup alt.comp.freeware.

Prof Dr Mark H. Overmars
Freeware for people of all different ages, both kids and adults.

Quality Freeware for Windows 3.x
A selection of tested and reviewed freeware for Windows 3.x (some DOS too). Reviewed thoroughly and only the best listed.

Rene Gurrero's
List of freeware, shareware, and software sites for Unix, Macintosh, OS/2, DOS, and Windows.

Scrumpy's Hangout
Freeware and Opensource software with reviews listed in categories.

List of freeware games for the SGI platform.

Siruis Freeware
A collection and links for Windows.

Solway's Page
Not all freeware, some are shareware, but enough good freeware programs to make going here worthwhile.

Son of Spy Freeware
Macintosh and Windows freeware listed in categories with a short description. Links to other freeware sites.

5 Star Freeware
A United Kingdom Download Site. Hundreds of Freeware Windows programs for download.

Super Freewares - A categorized collection of useful freeware downloads, includes ebooks, games, and add-ons.

Reports free software that the author deems 'innovative'.

t- Sofotex
Directory of freeware and shareware download sites, with rated descriptions of available programs, utilities, and scripts.
A directory of free programs for Windows 95/98/3.1 and Macintosh, with reviews.

Top 15 Free Utilities
List of Windows programs with descriptions and recommendations.

Top Quality Freeware
20+ categories of downloadable freeware including PC games, themes, icons, desktop, system, graphic and internet utilities.

TSM Soft
Developer resources and screenshots, descriptions and downloads for Windows.

Quality freeware, less than 5% of the software they test makes it to the site. Requires email address and list sign up to access.
Programs for DOS and Windows less than 1 Megabyte in size. Categorized by topic.

UNIX-like software for MS-DOS
Includes links to emacs, textutils, ghostscript. Includes pointers to many mirror-sites.

World Of Free Games
Download archive with hundreds of DOS/Windows games. Includes ratings, screenshots, and descriptions.

ZDNet Downloads
Web tools, programs, multimedia files, screen savers, and games.


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