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Topic: processor

Mitsubishi Semiconductors - Provides chip, chipset and system-on-chip solutions for computers, communications, consumer, industrial, Internet-enabled, automotive, and visual applications.

Motorola Semiconductor Products - Producer of embedded processors. SPS processor products are based on PowerPC, M-CORE, ColdFire, M68k, or M68HC cores.

Honeywell Solid State Electronics Center
Supplier of specialized integrated circuits, as well as pressure and magnetic sensors, for RF/Microwave, aerospace and commercial markets.

Amberwave Systems - Produces high-speed, high-transconductance devices that are optimized to perform in digital, analog, or mixed signal systems.

Atmel Wireless and Microcontrollers - ICs for innovative solutions in RF, automotive and communications.

BOPS, Inc. - Develops and licenses scalable, broadband DSP cores used in communications, mobile multimedia, and wireless SOCs.

ClearSpeed - Microprocessor system-on-chip development specialists, developing architecture and intellectual property for network processors.

Electronic Engineering Design - Design of FPGAs and boards using C, Verilog, OrCad and PADS.

IDT - Silicon design company involved in MIPS technologies.

MIPS Technologies, Inc. - Makes popular RISC CPU used in consumer electronics, SONY Playstations, some SGI workstations. Initiated MIPS instruction set. Now an independent company developing microprocessor cores and intellectual property to license to other firms.

Rabbit Semiconductor - Fabless semiconductor firm. Focus: microprocessors and development tools for embedded controls. Rabbit is low power, high performance 8-bit microprocessor, clock speed to 30 MHz, integrated development tools support remote coding.

Silicon Access Networks - Specialized network management processors.

Siroyan, Ltd - Developers of a scalable VLIW processor soft-core, combining RISC and DSP elements, for SoC and convergence applications.

Synergy Microsystems, Inc. - Manufacturers of VME and CompactPCI SBCs with dual or single PowerPC 750 or G4 microprocessors. Produces the powerful quad processor, VME DSP with Linux Symmetric Multiprocessing.

Upgradeware Technology - Manufacturer of CPU upgrade products.


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