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Topic: Servers

ApplianSys Limited - Develops and markets server appliances for IT networks, with optimised hardware, operating system and application software.

Cavalieri Computing - Specializes in the design and build of computer desktops and servers for home and business.

Cobalt Networks, Inc. - Develops and markets server appliances, affordable Internet and intranet servers for non-technical users.

ION Computer Systems - Builds rack mount, Intel architecture servers with 1,2,4 or 8 processors in 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U, 5U and 7U enclosures optimized for high availability.

Maxspeed Corporation - Manufactures Linux desktop hardware devices.

Micronux - Designs and manufactures rack mount servers.

NET Machines - Produces network server appliances, servers, and communications solutions.

Net Toaster Network - A developer of easy-to-use network servers for small businesses.

NetBotz - Network appliance designed specifically to provide early warning of conditions that lead to equipment failure.

Network Appliance - Manufactures high-performance multiprotocol file servers/filers and caching appliances for UNIX, Windows and Web environments.

Network Engines - Develops and markets high-density, scalable internet server appliances that support large web-based applications for web hosting and service providers, application service providers and other e-commerce based businesses.

Perley Systems - Seveloper, manufacturer and vendor of IP and serial networking devices.

Prag Computer - Manufactures web servers for small businesses.

Rackable Systems - Designs and manufactures scalable rack mount servers.

Razer Systems - Produces high performance workstation, server, and enterprise computing solutions.

Replicom - Develops and markets network appliances dedicated to ensure information systems managebility.

Server2Net Inc., - Designs, develops and produces the next generation of ultra high density, scalable blade servers.

Silicon Graphics Inc. - Highly scalable servers with an emphasis on strategic business analysis, Internet applications, and digital media.

Silicon Mechanics - Manufacturers of rackmounted server equipment and workstations and storage solution vendors.

Siliconrax - Manufacturer of custom and standard rackmount servers and industrial computing hardware solutions.

Steel Cloud - Develops turnkey server appliances for world-class software and technology companies and Managed Service Providers.

Sys Technology, Inc. - Manufacturer of high-performance servers. Also manufactures desktop computers and workstations.

Tricord Systems, Inc. - Designs and sells a line of server appliances that enable business services ranging from data storage and content management to eCommerce.

VAR Corporation - Provides computer hardware, software, service, custom systems and servers to VARs.

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