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501 Urhixidur - Nuclear War combined rules booklet, additional cards, additional countries, replacement country cards for the place mats.

A Reminiscence of the Boer War in 1848 - An account of the earliest battles with the Boers and the part played by Sir Harry Smith first published in 1899.

About: War Games - Explore computer and board war games, combat simulations, reenactments and miniatures. Learn strategies, access technical information, and read reviews. From About.com.

American Aircraft of World War II - Provides reference information on US aircraft used or designed during World War II. Includes photos and links.

American Civil War Home - Shotgun's Civil War site - including overviews of many different aspects of the war, biographies, battle summaries, photographs, selected official records, and Fox's Regimental losses.

Battle Spoo - A Babylon 5 Wars Page. Painting miniatures. Examples. Links.

Biafra War - A history of the Biafran War, from the Federation of American Scientists.

Big Red's Stable:The United Fans of Man O'War - Message board discussing the stallion and his legacy.

Buglers in the Civil War - Article by a bugler active in reenactments.

CNN - Cold War - While the Cold War was putting the world on edge, television was coming of age and luring Americans to the living room couch. Examination of the Cold War era through movies, television and books reviews. Take the Cold War interactive quiz.

Car Wars Headquarters at Steve Jackson Games - Official Web site rarely updated but still has useful news archives and links.

Civil War Books - New and used civil war medical books. Also offers reproduction surgical instruments.

Civil War Generals 2 Advanced Strategy Guide - Covers morale, scouting, artillery, offense, defense, ambushes and battles.

Civil War Nurses - Discusses conditions and contributions of the approximately two thousand woman who volunteered in military hospitals during the Civil War.

Coalition of Families of Korean & Cold War POW/MIA's - Families of American POW/MIAs from the Cold and Korean Wars, dedicated to a full accounting of all missing servicemen.

Core War - King of the Hill - The official KOTH tournament.

Dakota State University - Source for collectors researching the Civil War. Categorized links, including archives, bibliographies, books, and "Gateways" category. Provides a list of sites with compiled Civil War links.

Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War - Sororial lineage society comprised of direct descendants of veterans of the Federal US Army who fought in the defense and for the preservation of the Union during the American Civil War. Honoring the memory of those ancestors through service projects which are of benefit to the public in a local, State and National level. Offers membership requirements, state listings, society departments, projects, history, and links.

DoMT's Clan War Page - Picture gallery of CW figures and some battle reports

Dormant Accounts Website of the Swiss Bankers Association - Process to allow Nazi victims or their heirs to claim assets deposited in Swiss banks before and during World War II.

Drug War and Drug Policy Facts - "The 'War on Drugs' is an expensive, destructive, failed sham.

Erik Paulson's Tradewars Project - This project aims to recreate a Trade-Wars style game for the Internet. Instead of calling up a WWIV board with Pro Comm, you'll use a Java client to talk to a server running somewhere on the Internet.

Essays on the Spanish Civil War - First-hand material written by Albert Weisbord in Spain during the Civil War/Revolution.

Frankel-y Speaking About World War II - Stanley Frankel's award winning account of the months he served in the Solomon Islands and Philippines.

Frontline: the Gulf War - In-depth oral history and analysis of the Gulf War based on interviews with political leaders, commanders, Iraqi leaders, and intelligence analysts. Includes overviews of weapons and technology, maps, chronology, press coverage, casualty figures and overall statistics. Companion to PBS documentary series.

Geometry of War - Online catalogue for an exhibit at the Museum of the History of Science, Cambridge, England relating to artillery and fortification during the 16th and 17th centuries. Photographs of range-finding and like instruments, prints from contemporary books, catalogue essays.

Great War Militaria - Includes WWI uniforms, pickelhaubes, rifles, and bayonets. Reenactment supplies and information are also available.

Guardian: The Anti-War Movement - Ongoing coverage, commentary and links for related resources.

Guide to the Armies of the Great Northern War - A guide to the armies of the Great Northern War, including orders of battle.

Gulf War I Bios - Biographies of POW/MIA's & KIA/BNR from Gulf War I.

Gulf War Syndrome Message Board - Healthboards.Com message boards on health related topics, this board dedicated to discussion on Gulf War Syndrome.

Gulf War Veteran Resource Pages - Offers live chat sessions, discussion groups, and mailing lists. The site also publishes a self-help guide for affected personnel.

HARO Online: The Fog of War - Review and pictures.

Independence War - Official site. Contains news, downloads including patches, modifications, and joystick files, forums, and story, features, screen shots, tips, and gameplay and technical support FAQs for each of the series games.

Irish Tug of War Association - The officers, the judges, the committees, the clubs and the irish champions.

Jetsaredim's Japanese Star Wars CCG - Images of cards for the Japanese version of the Star Wars CCG.

Kilroy was Here - WWII & Korean war sites and stories. An attempt to find, catalog, publish and save remaining historic sites & memoirs.

Korean War Veterans Association - Chapter 2, Department of Missouri - Information on the Association and its Missouri Chapter 2.

Machen First World War Memorial - Great War Memorial to men from Machen (Wales).

Monash Power Tug of War Club - Dedicated to the popular club in the Australian, email based Tug of War League. You send in orders for your team and receive results. The team with the most heave-ho's wins.

NetSword: Swords, Medieval Weapons & History Discussion - Discussion group for Medieval and Renaissance weapons of war as well as modern replicas of historical swords and other types of weapons. Additional forums on various aspects of the Middle Ages.

New York Public Library Online Exhibition of the Spanish American War - Companion website to "A War in Perspective, 1898-1998: Public Appeals, Memory, and the Spanish Conflict," a 1998 exhibit at the New York Public Library.

Peloponnesian War - English translation by Richard Crawley [ICA].

Pen & Paper - News and reviews for current and upcoming roleplaying games. Also features a RPG Database, release dates, message board, fonts, and gaming databases for D&D, Star Wars d20, Exalted, and World of Darkness.

Persian Gulf War Veterans' Information & Referral Center - Research and reference site for Gulf War veterans, family members and students.

Potf2.com - Detailed pictures of Star Wars Episode I and POTF2 toys. Includes variation and production error information, and the Star Wars Episode I: Master List.

Prisoner Of War - Eyewitness account by Dr. Paul Ashton, medical staff of the US Bataan force, contained in two books, Bataan Diary and a section called And Somebody Gives a Damn.

Prisoner of War - Samuel Adams, Thomas Moore, Charles Dusing POW/MIA's - A tribute to three US Air Force men captured on Oct 31, 1965 Samuel Adams, Thomas Moore & Charles Dusing.

Research Office for the War Crimes Tribunals for the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda - Provides legal support and assistance in prosecuting individuals responsible for serious crimes and atrocities committed in the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda. From the Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, American University.

Richmond Arsenal: The Civil War Shop - Selection includes bullets, buckles, museum quality weapons, accoutrements, uniforms, swords, muskets, and carbines.

Robot Wars US - Mechanical sporting event that features radio controlled robots in a contest of destruction and survival. Rules and guidelines, the history, and videos.

Ronald Reagan and the Soviet Union - Examines the last few years of the Cold War, with a particular focus on Ronald Reagan's policy towards the Soviet Union. Includes pictures and a comprehensive speech section.

Star Wars Deckplans by Frank Bonura - Features deck plans for freighters from the WEG sourcebooks and adventure journals for SW player or GM.

Star Wars Gamer - Includes reviews, cheats, and strategy guides for PC games.

Star Wars Miniature Battles - Mailing list for discussion of gaming rules, modeling, and terrain based on SWMB.

Star Wars Pez Dispensers - Offering mint-sealed vintage Star Wars Pez Dispensers.

The Anime Auditorium - Record of Lodoss War - Images, episode information, and a review.

The Art of War - Official site with plot and character information.

The Art of War by Sun Tzu - Complete chapter-indexed hypertext and downloadable e-text from Literature Project.

The Crimean War - Accounts of the war and its battles, illustrated with maps and contemporary photographs.

The Triple Alliance War (1864-1870) - Maps, images, key figures and battles, and statistics on the war that pitted the Argentine Confederation, Brazilian Empire, and Uruguay against the Republic of Paraguay. Includes bibliography and related links.

The War Times Journal - An on-line magazine of military history which features original articles and archives covering wars and campaigns of all periods.

The War for Bangladeshi Independence, 1971 - Account of the lead-up and course of the war from the Library of Congress.

Total War Center - Unofficial site offers forums, screenshots, reviews, cheats, guides, downloads and articles.

Trojan War - Mythmedia - Images of the Trojan War in ancient art.

U.S. Forces Korea : 50th Anniversary of the Korean War - General information, maps, photographs, artwork, and bibliography on the conflict and events commemorating the war. Includes links to battle studies, travel tips for veterans, United Nations Command participation, New Zealand Korean War chronology, and veterans' FAQs.

U.S. Navy in the Vietnam War - Student-maintained socal issues site honoring the people who fought in the US Navy.

Videogames.com: The History of Star Wars Video Games - Overview, features, and development history of titles in the series, from 1982 to 1999. By Skyler Miller.

Vietnam: The Impossible War - Find pictures, unit patches,facts, histories, discussion panels, links.

Virginia War Museum - Interprets American military history from 1775. Located in Newport News, Virginia.

War and Anti-War Films - Discussion of war and anti-war movies from pre-WWI to the present day. Provides a comprehensive listing of war films.

War of 1812 - Methodist Meeting House - This building was known as the Battle Ground Methodist-Episcopal Church, which was occupied by General Stricker the night preceding the Battle of North Point and was used as a hospital by both armies, during and after the the battle which took place on September 12, 1814.

Why War? - Organization that is honestly and rationally attacking pro-war arguments in order to show that the current "war on terrorism" is unjustifiable. Serves as a hub for communication between groups on campuses that are questioning the war. News, articles, FAQ, events, and resources for activism.

Wiz-War Unofficial Home - Contains rules, message board, card descriptions, and also reproduces the FAQ from Jolly Games official site.

World War II Veterans - Historic group 1st Czechoslovakian Tank Brigade - East


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